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  1. No, not exact models, but they look alike. Littorio is a model we plan to add, as a special new hull for Italy, later.
  2. Hello Admirals, We hope you had splendid Easter Holidays and you still enjoy Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. The work on the campaign is in progress but it needs more time to become public in our planned “Core Patch 1”. Therefore, we decided to offer a new major update with stable features you are surely going to like. Here is what we confirm so far for the next patch. *==============================* ALPHA-12 *==============================* NEW HULLS & MODELS 18 new hulls offer countless different new designs. In particular, the new hulls are the following: New mod
  3. Littorio is scheduled. Other are also going to be added. Early to say which exactly.
  4. The campaign is still in progress and we will try to show a first glimpse as soon as possible. In parallel, we add new mechanics, new ships, features that you all might want to play with, until we offer the campaign. Therefore, we will let you know what will be the content of the next patch. It might be not the Core but another major update with all the latest stable features available for you.
  5. Hello, we will investigate the issue and fix. EDIT: The mission should play out, after a longer than usual delay. But we will find and fix the potential problem.
  6. Partial penetrations cannot do internal damage. Overpens can cause flooding, destroy engines and rudder, so on average they are more powerful.
  7. Duplicating hulls is currently causing a serious exception bug and is not advised to use in game as it breaks all sorts of things. Thank you for reporting, we will fix.
  8. You do not need to kill all enemies. All win conditions are connected with OR state, so you can protect convoy for the given time and it should be a success. The interface is WIP.
  9. This is something that will be fixed in a next update, among other component inconsistencies.
  10. This was not intended. Has anyone else got his academy progress reset?
  11. Admirals, This is not an April's fool joke. We just deployed a new update which improves several features and fixes issues that you requested. Check the info. Restart your game client to start playing! *HotFix v84* (1/4/2021) Optimization in Auto-Design code: Fixed issues that could cause either problematic designs or too much delay while building an AI fleet. “Too many threads” error and game freeze during battle loading should now be completely fixed. Fixed a bug that could cause AI to place guns at fully obstructed sections (e.g. in early battleship’s middle sections
  12. Closing Thread Please stop posting images of previous versions, showing issues that have been addressed. EDIT: Re-opening after SonicB request. The post will remain open for as long as it uses images of the latest version of the game.
  13. Hello, you must press the button "Redeem Key" and input the key you received in your email, when you purchased the game.
  14. We thank you all for your reports. If someone anticipates this error again, please do not hesitate to report to us in forum or with the internal bug report button.
  15. Hello, probably I replied to you already on Steam forum? Can you remember for which nations and what year did this delay happen? It is not a consistent issue but your report can help us to find and fix it.
  16. I assume that the bug was experienced prior to Alpha-11 v83? Probably you just need to login again with your username (which should be the email you used for purchasing the game). If you don't remember your password, click the "Forgot your password?" on the launcher window and follow the steps to recover it.
  17. New update has just become available. Restart your launchers to receive it. It includes the following: *HotFix v83* (15/3/2021) Fixed issue that could cause the bug warning "Too many barrels". Fixed issues that could make auto-design to fail at some cases, after many tries. Improved boats and other ship decor so that they are appearing on ships as they should, without disappearing due to interference with other objects. British Super Battlecruiser can now mount up to 20-inch guns (from previously 18-inch guns). A few minor fixes to hull parts. *Bonus Fe
  18. It is part of the technology research limitations of the campaign which works with hard limits in custom battle. It is expected to not support higher displacement of this ship type at this year, simply.
  19. Yes, this is exactly how it should work. We will do as soon as we finish with the most important.
  20. The idea of having a reload module on ship is very good, and we can do a bit later. Until then, we can balance out the present system to be more realistic.
  21. My apologies if I was not clear. Means 2x to 4x loads. So each tube can carry 2 to 4 rounds of torpedoes.
  22. Maximum reloads for torpedoes is 4x and minimum is 2x. So in your case, 15 tubes would carry maximum 60 torpedoes. Probably an exaggeration, more torpedo tubes or a bug? Anyhow, not a big deal to reduce further the max. reloads to span between 1-3 if that would make things better.
  23. Sorry but what is the problem with torpedo reloads? The new update offered so many things and we discuss here about something that has been addressed. Already, torpedoes are not unlimited, such as in other games. Torpedo reloads already cost significant weight and money. In campaign torpedo and ammo rounds will have more impact as there are going to be realistic shortages. So now, exactly, what is the problem? Do we need torpedo rounds to be even more expensive and heavy so that they are even more limited? Usually torpedo rounds are up to 2 on average. You can increase but the weight cost will
  24. Do you remember with which nations you played? Yamato was for Japan I assume. What was the nation for the AI?
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