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  1. I am eargerly awaiting the return of the campaign mode as well
  2. Naval battles were never balanced. Arena style games: WoWS and WT. this game has a chance to do something that's not already been done. And with RTS campaign I mean turn based on campaign map, battles in real-time.
  3. I used to be a TeamNF Serverhead on the NF EU Hood server. Good times...
  4. Open world isn't what I'd like though. I'd rather see a multiplayer turn-based (co-op)campaign mode like in the total war games.
  5. **laughs in french super dreadnought**
  6. Monitors And I mean slapping a 15"twin turret on a box hull XD
  7. I'd reccoment RĂ¼ger and Rose for a great historical background.
  8. Impressive how badly outdated torpedo protection and flooding protection has an impact in the sinking of a ship. Outdated ship, still passable for surface combat, but the more powerful torpedoes was its achillesheel. Just like in the attack on Pearl Harbour the aircraft torpedoes wrecked havoc on the USN ships.
  9. Narratives are constructions and as such both not entirely true and not entirely untrue. Same for the term "good guys".
  10. I agree 100%. The status quo needs to be wrecked every once in a while to keep rvr fresh. A punk clan like SORRY is needed from time to time.
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