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  1. In which mission it happened? Design the H-class How much time passed since start of mission? Not much, first ranging shot were just fired. How many other missions were played before crashing? 4, I played both ironclad missions twice. How many ships were engaged for you and enemy (Many/Few/A specific nbr. if you remember)? Only the battleships were engaging. What was the distance between engaging ships (close/medium/long range)? Long range. Which speed boost you used? x10 Were there a lot of gun shootings, or few (e.g all main guns firing plus secondaries)? main guns (17"triple), secondairy, (8"triple and 5"triple) Have you ever experienced this error-message outside of a mission? If yes, where (Main Menu, Custom Battle etc.)? Nope.
  2. I usually load HE and watch the structure disappear. But yes, destroyed structure shouldn't stop shells.
  3. Even though I'm not active anymore, these theads are still the reason why I visit this forum daily...
  4. Where would you put the AMD RX 5700XT? It's a very capapble 1440p card, in the range of the 2070 series.
  5. XD This is just too funny... Land battleships confirmed!
  6. I am eargerly awaiting the return of the campaign mode as well
  7. Naval battles were never balanced. Arena style games: WoWS and WT. this game has a chance to do something that's not already been done. And with RTS campaign I mean turn based on campaign map, battles in real-time.
  8. I used to be a TeamNF Serverhead on the NF EU Hood server. Good times...
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