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  1. I've been meaning to ask, how did that turn out? One half of the Cold Waters team is working with MicroProse (!!!) on a Cold War title, and I understand the other half worked on War on the Sea. I've been meaning to try it but haven't gotten around to it yet. How did you find it?
  2. I figured like RTW it would be a dice roll that has modifiers applied to it as technology progresses for the sub and escorts, with bonus and penalties as each advances. I would guess that the pool of dice would be subs present in a zone, again with modifiers applied for range, speed, detection etc.
  3. Oh the Germans won? Did they break the blockade? No? Did they sortie out to contest the North Sea blockade against the Royal Navy again? No? Did that cause the High Seas Fleet to mutiny at Kiel? Yes. Did Germany surrender because the blockade held? Yes. Whose fleet was scuttled at Scapa Flow? The Germans could only have won at Jutland by ending the blockade. Sinking ships literally made no material difference to the outcome of the war. The mission of any Navy, ultimately is the preservation of the nation state. For nations under blockade, that means the only thing th
  4. "Knows nothing about naval warfare" 🤔 "a different worldview" 🤔 "National Socialism" 🤔 Stop wasting my time and follow your leader.
  5. Which is why the mechanic needs to be fixed 😴 (It's on the roadmap for 2021)
  6. @Elrerune The Honorbound good sound design is effective on all setups. If developers need you to have "A dedicated internal soundcard with a built in headphone amplifier of 150 ohms and good over-ear studio monitoring headphones of minimum 2x56 ohms. Minimal setup." then their design philosophy is unsound.
  7. Those of us who have been around and contributed are party to an NDA and the testing forum. You know, to provide feedback. Stay in your lane. This understanding of naval warfare and history is why I'm comfortable shrugging off your little tirade, by the way.
  8. Oh great, another anime ship waifu who can derail discussion and hasn't read any of the sources. While they can't articulate why Dogger Bank lead to the ammunition handling process that doomed the battlecruisers at Jutland, they sure can tell us which ships need to be "buffed" (whatever that means) and of course, which ships are the prettiest. Good grief.
  9. Does this mean that ballistics are getting a re-work and will finally approximate the firing tables this community has been digging up for almost two years now? Ballistics: Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition, Third Edition provides the relevant information on propellents and bursting charges and of course Naval Firepower : Battleship Guns and Gunnery in the Dreadnought Era is the definite source. @Nick Thomadis at this point if you don't have a copy of Friedman's book, I will happily buy it for you. So many of the community's concerns could be rectified because nearly anything you
  10. I haven't been on the forums in a year because, as any of the old hands have seen, nothing has changed about the development process. If anything, things have gotten worse as in addition to Anime Ship Waifus and the arcade crowd we now have open Third Reich apologists on the boards. Disgusting. I had hoped to find several other military and naval aficionados here, and indeed I have. The reading list I have picked up from discussing warships with some of you has greatly increased my understanding of naval warfare and architecture. Which makes it even more frustrating that - despite an eng
  11. But that's exactly what I mean. I don't think the mechanics are ready to be "locked-in". In fact, I think they need real work and consideration. I'm happy if the extra time is put to good use, but I hope that use means real work done on core mechanics.
  12. I'm sorry I haven't posted in here earlier. I have posted so frequently about gunnery in so many threads, it really is as @Cptbarney said at the point of burn out. There is no point taking hours to read about naval gunnery, on top of a career as an artilleryman, and now working on defence projects, reading about how gunnery is simulated in my spare time, and condensing that into posts for it to all fall on deaf ears. I am happy to read firing tables and Admiralty reports, if I think that contributing that research is a useful exercise. If not, I could devote my spare time to other intere
  13. That's the point of contention. Are there armour, gunnery and propulsion systems done satisfactorily? Quite a few would say no. These are not small things that can be hot fixed by tweaking values, these are pretty serious problems. They are not insurmountable, but I think they are absolutely worth considering. Again, that doesn't mean they can't be done, it just means that as they are now, with speeds, hit rates, and armour models far removed from any reality, there is serious work to be done under the hood to get ready for primetime.
  14. I thought Rule The Wave 2 was quite clever with setting parameters for each class. What would you tweak about this list? It certainly accounts for larger guns on protected cruisers.
  15. This board is rife with popular misconceptions plus confusing World of Warships for reality. I don't care about how things feel or balance. Let's just get it right. The historical sources are out there. As you learn more, your feeling and understanding of how things balance out will adjust. The only way to match historical results is with historical inputs and that means stamping out misconceptions.
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