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  1. I feel Loki should not be allowed in battles inside capital waters. Loki are still a problem and when you're new and learning, pvping a loki is probably not the best experience. I saved a guy who just left his computer running, mad because he was losing to a Loki. I just happened to not have a whole lot of time and was piddling around seeing if new players needed some help.
  2. A 5 - 10 USD DLC that adds slots, maybe even a 3$ per 5 slot DLC. We don't have enough ship slots at 30 (I know right?) especially for those of us that like to collect ships. Would be easy to add, an added revenue stream for the team and would help us get more ship slots!
  3. Luvstruck

    Server down

    Can confirm, connected but under the waves.
  4. the battle just happened to position me behind a de-masted Essex. So naturally I started stern camping it. Here's pics after probably 10 salvos this is the 11th.
  5. but seems to have righted itself now.
  6. would load into the 2nd picture, then the game would reload with the right picture.
  7. PVE server shows 143ms ping while War server shows 7000~ ms ping
  8. 1. Looting via 'longboats' - An option within 300m that allows you to loot ships via 'longboat'. The further away the longer it takes 100m, 200m, 300m. Where you stop, an option comes up with a spin up then a cool down similar to interacting with things on the OS. You're stationary the entire time sails down, so if you do this during combat there is risk. This would also mean crewing ships but to crew a ship takes longer and disables sails and cannon during this time. Moving or canceling the act would cost you those sailors you left behind, taking them from your crew pool for either crewing or
  9. Connection test done and submitted
  10. Now Pvp server shows -ms and Pve 8000 ms ping, not my connection to the internet.
  11. Kept getting disconnected now all I do is reload open world. Would see ocean with no ship and the game would go back to the 'loading open world' screen. Restarted both PC and client.
  12. The irony is, as you say that two trincs went up Jamaica sinking low levels, about 12 of em
  13. Let's talk about the new player experience, there's absolutely no counter mechanic to camping starting zones. It used to be with the R zone you could have a chance at getting help. Now with the R zone gone, there's absolutely no reason not to camp new player zones. Imagine buying the game to get killed constantly by endy's and trincs. There either needs to be a reward gap so that players under a certain rank provide ZERO pvp perks or bring back the R zone so we can pile in on seal clubbers. I'd like to see how many refund requests there are.
  14. To promote small ship engagements and make large ships more of a tactical ploy than just a stomp all unit, I think adding ship wear and ship age would make a difference. These two mechanics would have multiple things that are added to the game, ships sailed a lot become lower quality, meaning used ship market would see an increase and prices reflecting the quality of the ship would add some immersion. As ships aged and they were replaced they often were auctioned off. Up coming captains can use ships that have seen better days as a lower cost entry into larger ships, but would also keep the
  15. There should be more to finding out which ships are on the OS. Historically you would have to make contact to see which nation or who they were. Right now you see a ship, you click and it'll tell you nation and if it's an enemy player. My proposal is at max visual, it's a generic ship, could also add an audible 'sail ho!'. Closer you get you see the size of the ship, small/med/large. Closer you see nation, and finally you see AI or player. This gives reason to 'identify' ships instead of instantly knowing who is who.
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