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  1. admin comment they said they wouldn't do a steam release until campaign. So obviously that means campaign is coming very VERY soon.
  2. campaign is coming out within the next 2 weeks, so I'd hold up on that seeing as how I'd imagine the gameplay difference might fix a lot of issues from the academy missions.
  3. I was bored and had nothing better to do so I went through the previous update news so that I could create an average time between updates. Excluding the outlier of initial release to alpha 2 I got a sample size of 4 items. My three samples are 51,58,41,56 in the order of release with the left side being the oldest release and the right side being the newest release. With this very consistent data we come out to an average of 51.5 days. So mark your calendars and start counting down the days for campaign release, as the wording for this most recent update makes it sound incredibly likely that there will be a campaign in the next update. If we are going by my average it would be 40.5 more days until release. However I wouldn't mind if Christmas came early this year and the update was announced next week. Thank you for coming to my TED talk and goodnight folks.
  4. The thing is about capital ships, is that often times they spend so long being built that by the time they are commissioned they are already out of date. for example if you were building 6 pre-dreadnoughts, and then HMS Dreadnought launches. Your new pre dreadnoughts are immediately out of date as soon as they launch, or by the time you are done building your ship that can out range any enemy on the seas, a better gun with more range has come out and so on.
  5. Maybe things like running live fire exercises could improve the skill of your crews but if you are near another nation say such as Japan is to China there is a chance you could accidently hit Chinese ships and raise tension, or you could have accidental friendly fire incidents. You could also have things like Naval funding increases if the press decides to show said live fire exercises in good light, or negative if they show it as a waste of money. It could also be a good way of intimidating a possible enemy that could either be a success or backfire and further down the path to war.
  6. Ma dudes, ever since the words "The upcoming campaign" were written on the last destroyer update, I've been counting the days since alpha 6 release. I'm so bored with quarantine, I honestly wouldn't mind a buggy as hell half finished campaign so long as we get a campaign at all soon. I literally bought HOI4 "Man The Guns" DLC with BI mod just to cope lmao. Plz send campaign soon before I eat my own computer. PLZ
  7. I'm just not gonna comment on this one as I always go for using up every gram of displacement.
  8. Having disabled all enemy ships engines, and running low on ammo I decided to close the distance to make the most use of my shots.
  9. German heavy cruiser has a really bad tendency to go below the waves any time.
  10. During the campaign I think there should be at least some form of downside to using the absolute latest tech besides cost. For example a ship that uses a brand new engine might have a chance to break down and slow down the fleet. Or brand new guns might have issues with repairs due to lack of barrel supply (similar to why Shinano was converted to a carrier due to a lack of gun barrels). It would further discourage the "ultra fast running in the 90's dodge every shell" type of build than the most recent patch. So stacking expensive maitnence on bleeding edge tech plus high repair costs , and a chance of breakdown means that it would not exactly be the best idea to just slap the best tech on there and call it a day. Just like how Bismark and Graf Spee's recoil damaged their own range finder there should be drawbacks to using experimental bleeding edge tech.
  11. No offense intended. But this is a classic case of git gud. Don't always just slap the biggest baddest guns you can find on your ship, check for accuracy. Look over your stats. This game is closer to RTW than it is WoWs.
  12. since we didn't get real Jutland, I made real Jutland.
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