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  1. Ja know. Its been almost 20% of a year without so much as a peep from the devs. WTF? Like I jumped ship on the forum and decided to just abandon the game until it had a campaign a while ago, and I come back and the communication between the devs and the community has gotten even worse. At this rate I'll have finished highschool by the time this game actually gets finished.
  2. Literally been waiting for this since I was 15 lol
  3. Nah there was a video that went over more of it than that. It was like country and year selection screen or something. IDK.
  4. I saw a leak some time ago of someone who managed to get a look over some of the campaign UI but it's been so long I've forgotten what it looked like.
  5. The 3D camera can be exausting to get proper info and a good idea of where you are going, what we need is a sort of top down map mode where you can effectively hand out orders to your units similar to RTW.
  6. This post was so bad, that it brought me out of retirement from using this forum just to say. OP you are either too young or stupid to be on the internet or own a computer. I absolutely can not stand spoiled brats who complain about things they dont understand. Ugh.
  7. Been here since like November of last year and havent played the game in months, I just want a campaign
  8. Coming from RTW 2 this game is very limited, however most of these problems could be resolved by an overhaul of the ship designer. As of right now some hulls are objectively better than others such as how one of the pre-dreadnought hulls can hold 3 (main) guns instead of two. Now this would not be a problem if it was like RTW 2 where you actually can build a ship of similar style if you so choose, but in UA;D since the hulls are locked to certian countries this means that say as Japan, you could not build a 3 turreted Pre-Dreadnought even if you wanted to. I'm not saying that it should all be
  9. Is campaign still set for release in November/December?
  10. Ever played RTW? There's a reason why all ships above destroyers require at least 1 inch of armor on *all* parts. It's to suck up small secondary hits.
  11. Similar to how people call the Jagdpanzer 38(t) a Hetzer, it's easier to remember.
  12. Exactly. Like how in Rule The Waves I might use a coast line to "corner" a fleeing ship
  13. Is the campaign still on track for release in November?
  14. Not nessisarily releasing an update with every announcement, rather releasing info on the next update more often. For example, for the upcoming Uboat update, here is a list of their most recent update announcements/content announcements. August 7th Hello Community! During the last two weeks, developers were reworking the in-game map. There were major technical improvements done in this area and the map looks better. There are now three distinct skins to choose from and mod support to add more. Kriegsmarine grid system on the map is now more faithfully reproduced with full sup
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