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  1. What I would love to see is a system similar to what Graviteam Tactics Mius Front has, where you cannot order your soldiers unless that squad has an alive squad commander, or you have moved a commander nearby them. Basically this means that a bridge hit could mean that unless the ship is within visual/radio range of your flagship it gets taken over by the AI and does what it thinks is best. You could also train crews to be "squadron commanders" where let's say a squad is away from the flagship, then the ship in front of the squad commander gets hit on the bridge/conning tower. You can still order both of them since there is a squad commander nearby in visual/radio range.
  2. Oh yeah also, to the people who just got keys, make sure to check the "promotional" and "spam" sections of your email as it might show up in there. Also you can install the launcher on any computer you need so long as you keep the email saved and know your username and password.
  3. I bought early edition but haven't played in months just because I'm waiting for campaign.
  4. Welcome to the Ultimate Admirals Dreadnoughts forum. This is something that literally *every* person on here has said. Supposedly saving ship designs has something to do with campaign IDK the details.
  5. Is campaign development still on track for November/December or will the training of the new team members mean that it's delayed further?
  6. One thing I'd like to see is instead of showing a percentage of how much weight a module or thing will add, show the actual amount of weight that the item will add.
  7. we already went through the exposition with the early in game betas, and the punishment arc with the delays and lack of communication, but now we are in the redemption arc with some great communication so far, and more devs on the team. I am quite excited.
  8. It seems like we are finally getting the communication we asked for and the things we were requesting between the adding of more devs and the long list of issues thread. I'm quite excited.
  9. Is campaign still on course for release by the end of the year tho?
  10. https://youtu.be/-FT23AwNPOM One month has passed.
  11. No-one seems to be asking but can we get an update on those Steam keys?
  12. @Nick Thomadis Lots of people have been asking for this, what are your thoughts?
  13. It's the Kerbal Space Program of shipbuilding. It's meant to get you interested in ships, with modular design, cool looks, and acceptable physics, it's not a true simulator, rather it leans more so on the fun factor, after playing KSP I certianly couldn't go out and build a rocket, but it's a wonderful introduction to rocketry, same for this game.
  14. Damn Barney I've never seen you solumn? Serious? IDK the word but it ain't usual Barney posting.
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