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  1. Is campaign still set for release in November/December?
  2. Ever played RTW? There's a reason why all ships above destroyers require at least 1 inch of armor on *all* parts. It's to suck up small secondary hits.
  3. Similar to how people call the Jagdpanzer 38(t) a Hetzer, it's easier to remember.
  4. Exactly. Like how in Rule The Waves I might use a coast line to "corner" a fleeing ship
  5. Is the campaign still on track for release in November?
  6. Not nessisarily releasing an update with every announcement, rather releasing info on the next update more often. For example, for the upcoming Uboat update, here is a list of their most recent update announcements/content announcements. August 7th Hello Community! During the last two weeks, developers were reworking the in-game map. There were major technical improvements done in this area and the map looks better. There are now three distinct skins to choose from and mod support to add more. Kriegsmarine grid system on the map is now more faithfully reproduced with full sup
  7. Is the campaign still on track for a November release?
  8. IJN Kawachi (I believe) was designed before HMS Dreadnought, they were ordered at similar times. Let's say Kawachi launched first, do you think Dreadnoughts would be called Kawachis?
  9. Is the campaign still on track for release in November?
  10. We seriously need more customisation outside of just "plop down one of a set of prefabricated superstructures" make it where you can customize mast type, (as in tripod, quad, etc...) conning tower type, and some other things. Also, make middle superstructure, this will add customisability where if you don't want a barren ship you can add some extra meat to the superstructure. Make the built in barbette's optional, or put in a superstructure type to cover them up. Either way, don't Segway people into certian ship design like this. Also make it to where there isn't any one "best"
  11. Chill Barney, we gotta be welcoming to new members of the forum.
  12. As of right now, outside of torpedoes smaller ships do not have much of a use, this is because any time a cruiser is put against a BC or BB, it will lose, and so on. But smaller ships are very necessary for power projection, coastal defense, escort, etc... If it wasn't necessary to have so many ships in so many places at once, then you would just end up building a super Yamato and calling it a day. So the campaign will need to simulate the feeling of always needing to be a step ahead of the curb, the need to have many ships doing many different things at once, and budget constriction
  13. I usually go for the biggest most accurate guns available, and fewer of them. Being able to hit your target is the most important thing, and I am usually willing to sacrifice everything else in the name of distance and accuracy.
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