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  1. Thank you! And a deep apology for any impatience; it's been a stressful month.
  2. For sure, I'm not arguing against where they're placed gameplay-wise, just wish it didn't take a bejeesen long time to play the lowest battleships, if they add more from here. Like many, I can't put in the dedicated hours upon hours and tons of money in premium time to grind in any decent time. I mean, to get to the USS North Dakota, it's 1,253,200 RP and 1,760,600 SL. You make about 1200 RP in an average game (or at least I ever have in ground forces), and those games can take upwards of 15 minutes apiece. It's just too much to do for free. edit: I'm aware there are probably beefi
  3. idk man. I came from wows where you can play bbs at the onset, better matched against the competition, and still have fun along with the grind. The war thunder grind ain't fun, but darn it they have awesome graphics and a butt-ton of machines.
  4. Got onto the war thunder dev server. Don't get your hopes up. BBs are top tier, just as unreachable as everything else. You have to research every ship in the tech tree to get to the new BB's. Same ol' Gaijin, putting everything new at top tier.
  5. Here is a picture of my cat while we wait.
  6. Yeah. I mean, the last update was a couple of fixes two months ago and I can't even remember when 7 came out. Just been a little dry recently.
  7. I think they really need to open this up to modding soon. With how spaced-out these updates are, we the ever-needy public need stuff to placate us before we go nuts. xD
  8. People gettin' dramatic up in here and we're just like "... quad guns pls?"
  9. Or in an "ahistorical" campaign, perhaps? :3
  10. Can I put in a vote to have 20in. guns on dreadnaughts? And the ability to put big ol' guns in every open space on deck? Edit: And gold accents, please.
  11. Nah nah I mean where I'm imagining these things. I'm thinking of their "armor viewer" in the port as an example of changing the various thicknesses of armor. It's a very approachable presentation of how armor is laid out.
  12. What'd be really cool in the future would be being able to select a portion of the ship and manually change the armor thickness, depth of the citadel and "bullet sensitive" components, shape of the citadel protection, etc. I admit a lot of this comes from playing wows, but these (armor designs of ships) were design choices that engineers made way back when, so with the freedom that this game allows, we should see what boundaries of creativity can be hit!
  13. I mean you got to admit, they have some really, really good looking ship models
  14. Honestly, what'd be really cool is being able to customize what type of turret you can use, as in what model. Usually they're just locked behind the research year, I suppose, but I like those early dreadnaught turrets :3 Edit: I mean like a list like you see with the caliber, so you can pick what turret type you want.
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