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  1. Docks are absolutely massive. The entire hull of the frigate fits under them with room to spare, docks are easily as high as a threedecker. It's a real shame cus it makes the big ships look tiny. I don't like that you need a building to craft reps, especially since reps are basically semi finished products anyway that are made to fit by the carpenter and bosun and their mates.
  2. Are you hello kittying serious? The Swedes have too many allies!? Reason we stopped doing port battles is every time we tried we got screened out by multiple fleets allied to the target, and sometimes by nations who weren't even allied but just looking for a fight in the empty gameworld. But now i'm sure you will comeback with an argument that once again shows you know better what's going on as an outsider than the people involved...
  3. All the new ships wer always first given to mods before they were released to all. It's just that atm heth is the only mod thats actually playing...
  4. No counter to my statement no other 5th rate fleet could have done that? Or maybe even you are having trouble explaining this? Maybe the herc is massively OP?
  5. Go on @Hethwill the Harmless, tell us how an all trinco or surprise or any other 5th rate fleet could have done exactly the same.
  6. recovering crew shows up as - kills in Ok for the other dude look at the 8th round, that's when the attacker started surgeon positive kills in Ok just means that his friends were graping the attacker
  7. Still threatening to destroy nations with nightflips, even as player numbers drop down below 400 at peak. So glad to have you wonderful sportsmanlike players back on our server.
  8. That about tells us how much your analysis is worth if you don't even know what your own clanmates are doing...
  9. Knobby

    War and Peace

    And yet what we got is some bastardized form of half nation, half clan based RvR mechanic that simply does not work.
  10. Knobby

    War and Peace

    RvR has never been a solo or beginners activity Is al i see is people with a different opinion than yours, it's your own views that color it thus... Fact is that diplomacy without in game mechanisms will always lead to conflicts within nations or between alliance partners, simply because it is impossible to enforce. Every nation has had one or multiple conflicts that were solely caused by current (lack of) mechanics. You think it's a coincidence that virtually all experienced RvR players in this thread agree that (national) diplomacy as it is doesn't work? These guys never agree on anything!
  11. We want to fight the french, but the day french hide the important ports behind night timers.
  12. This, and the french love to hide there strategic ports behind shitty timers, hoping we will attack other targets that don't require us to sacrifice our sleep
  13. It only takes one random dude attacking Raxius' indiaman for him to declare total war and rant about wiping a nation of the face of the earth in global for 2 hours. That guy is stark raving mad, and to let him dictate policy according to his violent moodswings that in turn are dictated by the procession of moon or some shit is even worse.
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