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  1. Another big factor of visibility is contrast, wether an object is silhouetted against the horizon or not or is a significantly different color from the surrounding makes a massive difference. Why do you think most navy vessels are painted gray? In this case a destroyer that doesn't break the horizon could be less detectable than a battleship that does, even if the destroyer is actually closer. In the extreme size difference example, there are many anecdotal examples of shipwrecked survivors on floating debris or even half sunk ships or brightly colored rafts that could clearly
  2. You can just type any armor value in those boxes
  3. Yes pls and wile you're at it pls do the same for towers. These are the two single most limiting factors in designing ships and tend to make most designs rather samey.
  4. Well that's why i'm talking about a mode, a game in the game. I agree it would not be fitting to put it in the main campaign, but seeing as we have the naval academy that would be the logical place for such an experimental section. And yeah i would prefer pre-dreadnoughts over modern battleships just because that's way more steampunk and because you can actually see the enemy ships at engagement distances. But it's clear that ship has sailed, looking at what is already in the game.
  5. Someone here obviously doesn't understand the premise of a 'what if...' secenario, or just plain hates fun! Every naval warfare enthusiast has at least once imagined what it would have been like if naval aviation had not developed like it did in real life, or what crazy ships we might have seen if the arms race had gone on longer without the london and washington treaties or WW2 to restrict or cut it short. We already have a pretty good historically acurate game, couldn't hurt to add a 'what if mode.' And nobody would force you to use it, so pls stop trying to convice us that we
  6. Actually, they died. 😉 But yeah, tnx for the fight guys was great fun. Could have gone either way, at some point both Tac and me were as good as dead. Ps. Pirates initial BR was 6000-ish i believe
  7. Desmoines without a head (and more importantly a mouth...) could only be an improvement...
  8. A well worded and thought-out reply. Except you don't have all the info. KURUC had plenty time to capture the port they wanted. (Santa Marta) They tried and failed for days with one guy and later with 2 or 3. At some point the asked for help and CABAL came to help them. They kept sinking to AI and generating negative hostility so it still did not get raised. When we advised them to sail away and repair so they wouldn't get sunk their reply was: 'Repairs?' Finally we were done with their incompetence and simply wanted to close our frontline to protect carta so we took santa
  9. well duh, that's cus admin is one of our alts. i thought that was obvious.
  10. 2000 hours in the game. Yet after failing to successfully raise Santa Marta for days (some time after release) we came to help you and advised you to sail away and rep when damaged so you would not continue to sink to npcs in hostility missions and generate negative hostility, your reply (or atleast KURUC members) was: 'Repairs?' It is a war game. If you cannot take a port (from npc!) you do not deserve that port. Period. Btw, if we are fraud for not defending Santa Marta, what are you for not defending Barranquilla? Either you are fraud yourself, or just incompetent. Either way you
  11. I have been arguing for regular map resets or 'seasons' for years now. To me it's the only way to counter act eventual domination by a few big nations. Not sure why it has never even been considered or seriously discussed. To preempt some obvious objections: map reset would not need to mean xp/skill/ship reset. In fact i would argue against it. As has been suggested a reward could be awarded to the winner, preferably just cosmetic or commemorative.
  12. Cabal are such noobs that they can only make combat medals by ganking
  13. Can somebody fill me in please? If i delete my character will the exact same name be available for use immediately. Can I change nation this way and still have the same name?
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