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  1. please god no. all this is is yet another pointless grind. pointless because those who want it will eventually have all the blueprints again anyway and all you will have accomplished is the same situation as we have now but with hours and hours of lost time spent clicking buttons to build ships just to break em up again to get to the blueprints you want. how anybody caa think that's a fun feature is beyond me.
  2. Actually, they died. 😉 But yeah, tnx for the fight guys was great fun. Could have gone either way, at some point both Tac and me were as good as dead. Ps. Pirates initial BR was 6000-ish i believe
  3. Love the new paints. Please though make the preview function work even when the painter is on cooldown, thank you!
  4. Paints when? *ducks* Thanks, they're awesome! Just a tiny nictpick though, would love to be able to use the preview function while the painter is on cooldown. Again, they look great!
  5. Desmoines without a head (and more importantly a mouth...) could only be an improvement...
  6. A well worded and thought-out reply. Except you don't have all the info. KURUC had plenty time to capture the port they wanted. (Santa Marta) They tried and failed for days with one guy and later with 2 or 3. At some point the asked for help and CABAL came to help them. They kept sinking to AI and generating negative hostility so it still did not get raised. When we advised them to sail away and repair so they wouldn't get sunk their reply was: 'Repairs?' Finally we were done with their incompetence and simply wanted to close our frontline to protect carta so we took santa marta. They capped some smaller ports near santamarta and around puerto espanga area. Then they started ranting, raving, threathening on national discord because they wanted on some clans friendlist to be able to craft in developed ports, without actually helping to build it up like the rest of the nation's clans were doing (small clans included, a truly national effort). Not once did they actually ask. They just went full retard from the get go. When they did not get their way (either because friendlists were full or because they didn't invest, i'm not sure) they decided to blackmail the nation by opening pedernales to all. As if blackmail was not enough to get on our bad side, they also proved themselves untrustworthy by not actually closing the port after they got put on the friendlist. So when they tried the same trick again at santa marta by putting baranquila open for all they got instead put on the blacklist. So the tl;dr earlier in the thread was spot on: Stupid games were played and stupid prizes were had.
  7. well duh, that's cus admin is one of our alts. i thought that was obvious.
  8. 2000 hours in the game. Yet after failing to successfully raise Santa Marta for days (some time after release) we came to help you and advised you to sail away and rep when damaged so you would not continue to sink to npcs in hostility missions and generate negative hostility, your reply (or atleast KURUC members) was: 'Repairs?' It is a war game. If you cannot take a port (from npc!) you do not deserve that port. Period. Btw, if we are fraud for not defending Santa Marta, what are you for not defending Barranquilla? Either you are fraud yourself, or just incompetent. Either way you have proven again that you are not worthy of having a port.
  9. a most concise summation.
  10. I have been arguing for regular map resets or 'seasons' for years now. To me it's the only way to counter act eventual domination by a few big nations. Not sure why it has never even been considered or seriously discussed. To preempt some obvious objections: map reset would not need to mean xp/skill/ship reset. In fact i would argue against it. As has been suggested a reward could be awarded to the winner, preferably just cosmetic or commemorative.
  11. Cabal are such noobs that they can only make combat medals by ganking
  12. if only he would share it here... /s
  13. Can somebody fill me in please? If i delete my character will the exact same name be available for use immediately. Can I change nation this way and still have the same name?
  14. Good to hear. I'm assuming a full wipe on launch. Is anything excluded from wipe, like rank and craft xp?
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