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  1. After what Keen did with Medieval Engineers, I hope, the forum-move will be the only similarity... 😉
  2. Archer11

    Barrack Ships

    some more there: http://www.usgwarchives.net/va/portsmouth/shipyard/ships/constitution/constitution.html
  3. Archer11

    Barrack Ships

    http://www.usgwarchives.net/va/portsmouth/shipyard/ships/constitution/constitutionpc3f.jpg Somehow sad to see the Constitution in this state, but on the other hand, that's probably the cause for her still being around.
  4. got kicked out of the game, just when I hit the mission-symbol... Wow, just when I hit submit, I was able to log in again. All good.
  5. Great! Wanted to ask about this for quite some time now, but decided not to, because of all the work you already did... So I reworked the pdf myself, bit stressy when you're updating
  6. Had to laugh, sorry. Coffee out of my nose...
  7. Nice! Keep it coming! Thanks for doing this. It's been (too) long since Jeheil went into his hiatus...
  8. Wow. Great job, man! Thanks a lot! Already printing for my boys. No more "How does this..." or "What is ...". I just will point at their print of your guide. 👍
  9. 3 weeks? Are you serious? Hope everything's okay on your side!
  10. Yep, same here. I'm giving up for tonight. Going to bed now.
  11. I know, but my post was an answer to Catellani. Hope you get your problem fixed soon.
  12. https://steamstat.us/ steam is down
  13. Ran into Ygnn's (BLACK) prince yesterday. Lost connection during the fight and although it was only a t-brig, he stopped the action, till I had restarted. Damn fine move! 👍
  14. http://simhq.net/downloads/air_combat/eech/keyguide2.pdf there are always some possibilities
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