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  1. BLOODY CHEATER! 😜 It's really funny. On our sailing-trips (mostly in the mediterranean) I sleep like a baby from the first moment, where I can find some nap-time. All the swaying, the ship's noises, the talking by the rest of the crew, all fine and even helping. First night at home after 1 or 2 weeks -> no sleep at all...
  2. I bet you miss all the noise when you sleep the first night at home after a trip..
  3. Nice! Just two questions: 1. What about wind? Will it be modeled in some sort of way? 2. Singleplayer for campaign I guess, but could there be multiplayer for some single battles, are you thinking about it? ? Just 1v1? Please! Thanks!
  4. Including an original drawing handmade by Teutonic and admin-explanation
  5. Now that's absolutely AWESOME! Only thing: after watching the video, my boys asked, if we will be able to play against each other. Told them, it's single player. Will get it anyway, but still hoping of 1v1.
  6. Nice! Gladly looking forward to play this.
  7. PvP1 full, 45 mins in queue? Nope, didn't want to wait, started on the PvE. Took a mission in the cutter , sailed to location, stood beyond the crossed swords for 10mins. Nothing happened. Sailed back, took another one. Same result. Finally found out, what to do... Found my home later on PvP3. Enjoying NA ever since (with some ups and downs of course). I still get the same feeling I had on day nr. 1, when leaving port, the sails going up...
  8. Changed nation once on PvE Server, as my boys wanted to be Pirates there. Worked flawless and didn't change my PvP-char at all.
  9. Often I'm sitting here in the office and "Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul... " (Melville, Moby Dick), I visit this thread. It's just beautiful. Thanks a lot!
  10. Sometimes I have this too. Solutions which worked for me (but not always): unplugging my HOTAS and/or restarting NA. Got used to it by now Yesterday I noticed in harbour, that moving the chat-bar makes selections scroll up to top in all other open windows with lists (fleet, outposts, crafting items, contracts etc).
  11. Thanks a lot! A Merry Christmas to everyone and Happiness for everybody, free, and let no one be left behind!
  12. Looks really good! I hope there'll be a multiplayer (not MMO). This title really cries for it.
  13. Had that sometimes, only real help for me was to unplug my joystick, throttle, rudder-pedals
  14. As much as I like the view of the current ship in harbour, it's just an unnecessary load on the gpu, as the view is hidden most of the time behind the windows I have opened to do my stuff.
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