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Found 30 results

  1. Good Devs, First thing, Good job on the User Interface - It is really an improvement over 2018 I hope you're doing good. I have couple of improvements to suggest for your User experience. Sorting things and organizing your stuff if a real pain at the moment. here are the reasons why I find it really frustrating: 1) Sorting Button doesn't do what you want. Have a warehouse full of upgrades? Sorting them out will not sort them in icon order or the picture they represent. Sorting should be called more - Stacking. As it stacks the resources/upgrades. Wouldn't it be great it could sort/stack the the upgrades by the icons in order? 2) No Upgrade Names: Since the upgrades isn't sorted automatically in the icons, You do it that way. But when you want to add more upgrade to your warehouse, It's frustrating to find which stack is which upgrade. For instance I have a shot ration to add to my warehouse but I have 6 stacks of the same icon. powerder ration - guatacca gunpowder - alemeria gunpowder - chain ration etc. All of these have the same icons and you have to move your mouse on the top of each upgrade stack to know on which stack to add your upgrade. So If it could be possible to add names on the upgrade is the sorting isn't improved then That'd be grade. Or let it be a option. like show on/off upgrades/resource name. 3) Shortcuts not working in everything If you didn't know, Control is to select multiples items and then drag and drop moves them at the same time. and the alt button moves the upgrade to the cargo of your main ship. great. But it doesn't work on all cases: Upgrade chest for exemple - cannot control+click the upgrade in there? Cannot move it to the warehouse automatically with the alt button either. Can you make another shortcut to make that easier for the upgrades from your warehouse to the upgrade chest? why not Shift+alt+click to move an upgrade to your upgrade chest? 4) User Interface too big... You cannot fit all the windows at once on the UI. 1920 x 1080 isn't big enough. You at least need 1440p to be confortable. Is there a way to reduce the User Interface please? 5) Doublons Chest Not big enough I do remember doublons replacing Combat Medals. Combat medals was gain by 100th. So reaching 10 000 was not easy. But with doubs today people are spending alot. Whether it's for investements trade you definfetly need more that 10 000. Just see the price of a seasoning shed or a shipyard level 3. How anoying is it having to teleport and spend 12 doublons to move around doublons? Please make the doublons chest bigger. That'll make trading much easier. I hope you take note of my suggestion because there will make the game so much more appeasing. I hope I'll have some support of some players to my post but I feel like this needed to be said. May the wind be with you Kind Regards. Paulo de Antigua
  2. Hi all, The drop-down when you hover over your character name and rank should always be on top of all other windows. Currently it is behind all other windows. When I want to check my labor hours or XP, I want to do it quickly and easily, not have to close all the windows I have open first. Short & sweet, I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing... Devs, thanks for continuing to work on the game, looking forward to the ship/cannon/BR rebalance!
  3. Whenever i click on something the game acts as if i was scrolling. This mostly effects sliders to the point where i adjust displacment and it automatically reduces it back to the minimum. Same goes for the speed of a ship in battle This only happens to ui elements, the game itself doesn't zoom out when in battle. Tested mouse and keyboard inputs to make sure they are working properly. Tried the repair tool and restarting the pc, nothing fixed the issue.
  4. The title says it all, basically. Hotkey options to immediately open cargo holds of fleet ships would be a nice little quality of life improvement and should not be too complicated to add.
  5. I have found myself buying and looking ship stats at port to be way different as when i set the ship as my main ship. I find this very frustraiting when i try to figure wich ships to add to my fleet, as i want toamtch the speeds example. I quess it has something to do whit that i dont have al lthe books maybe? And im seeing the MAX stats the ship can get at? But i think like in every other game i should see the actual stats the ship will actually sail under my command. The max info is only extra info im interested but the main information i want fast from the ships and specially from the shop is the actual stats the ship will have under my command. You can check it out yourself, set your main ship docked and back and compare the stats while its docked. For me at least certain areas differ ALOT.
  6. I like Port Quests ====> Events Tab , but it feels something wrong or immature with this. Every week the events resets, patrol missions reset with server maintenance. So sometimes I forget to redeem my patrol mission rewards, sometimes I forget to take "weekly frigate" or "weekly light ships" missions. I check my status and I see zero kills, I know I have killed few, than I understand I forgat to take the mission. My basic quality of life purposal : 1) All events starts for everyone or everyone who has selected a tick box "automaticaly start event for me". *** Patrol Zone is visible on the map, there is no more "I forgat to take mission" problem, there is no more "where is the patrol zone" question. Everyone is aware of the patrol zone thus increasing awareness for even the new players. *** You can monitor how many frigates or other ships you have sunk on the events tab, no more "oh crap I sunk 5 frigates but forgat to take the weekly frigate mission" 2) Patrol Zone reward is given automaticaly at certain time, may be 1 hour before the server maintanance or another fixed time. Rewards section already available on upper right of port screen. So you can take your rewards directly from there. 3) All missions are announced on your screen with a small achievement tab. "Patrol Zone tier 2 completed, 20k damage dealt", "weekly frigate mission completed", "5/12 snows sunk for search and destroy mission 4"
  7. Very simple suggestion. You've added Important Announcements at the login screen. When you click on it, it's simply a list. The suggestion is put a date on the announcements, so first you remember if you've seen it before when you read it, and secondly so it is more readable when you add more to the list.
  8. A few of my friends (for some crazy reason) primarily play with Y axis inverted. This is a big enough problem that they quit / refund immediately when they discover it's missing I'd love to get my whole crew involved and this low-hanging fruit is a major barrier.
  9. Can't find any of the old posts, and I know it's been discussed in the past, but this suggestion has not been developed even though the UI has been worked on and it really needs to be done. DEVS: Divide up the cost numbers with some punctuation. I don't care if it's commas or periods, but please get some clarification and ease on reading costs. For example, the attached pic is a clear attempt at deception by some troll in Fort Royal. Why do we need to put up with this? In general we simply need more readability, that would apply to every time you list any gold or other monetary figure with a minimum of 5 or 6 digits.
  10. Fleet ships need to be buffed, re crewed with humans or have dramatically improved command options. One of the single most annoying aggravating/infuriating elements of NA is the utter uselessness of fleet ships to do anything more than carry cargo. And before anyone uses the counter "just sail with clan mates", I'm in a clan, a Rear Admiral & rich, yet it is still almost impossible in today's NA environment to find any player in a clan or otherwise, who will escort your 3-4 Indiaman for 3-4 hours at a time.
  11. Suggestion: Radial chat menu with pre-set phrases during the battle instance. Details: It could look like or this But ofc more nautical like ... Would be used for teamchat only. Commands I could imagine: engage more closely reduce sails hoist more sails prepare tack retreat concentrate fire get into formation break formation everyone for himself Need assistance Attack A,B,C Defend A,B,C Pros: less typing in battle clear and easy to understand (especially with localization in mind - english speaking player uses "engage more closely" and the german player will read "näher ran an den Feind") reduces impact of voice chat helps deaf people Cons: Battle chat spam
  12. Players active in the forum hear about game changes. But it's my observation that most players I talk to in game rarely (or never) come here. The game should not be dependent on visiting a separate website in order to learn of new or changed mechanics. I hope the new UI shows the most recent patch notes on login as well as a link to past notes.
  13. Tentative date of its first appearance? After the xmas rush and all the big sailing model changes I can see the server population is now starting to drop off abit. Needs a new spark.
  14. Ok simple enough question from a player less than 3 months into the game I bought a fir / fir plank surprise. This should have a basic speed. Struggling to find any websites or info with up to date information but players have been trying to help added 3 permanent upgrades to try and make it faster, reasons don't matter it was a plan i read about by Mr Koltes before the speed nerf Bovenwinds, Gazzelle and Crooked Hull which should alter the speed by 6% , give me a 14% crew nerf ? ( 7x2) -5% armour ? and boost turning speed by 3% If I hover over the ship in the docks , not in the number 1 position, it says 12.39 + 1.98 in green If I move it to equipped ship, the numbers change to 11.88 +1.90 in green could somebody point out a reason why and I appologise in advance for anything stupid and being unable to sort a screenshot, although I will try again thanks for any help and If anybody has any good links regarding ships, their setups and modules and upgrades, please let me know ty , Hilts GB Global
  15. i like to suggest in the new UI an overview of goods in the warehouse in other ports atm i can only see the port i am in, and miss the numbers of stock i have in other warehouses greetings..o7
  16. Maybe this is planned for when UI gets updated I dont know. But its really needed for quality of life for anyone playing the game on high resolution screen. My current resolution is 3840x2160 and this makes the majority of the UI text unbearable small to read even given the fact the screen is 52 inch! The main areas I have issue are the ship info box top right on OW, the ship condition top left and the sailing info bottom right, I can barely read anything here. The text in the chatbox is just about acceptable on large font. another place this is problematic is the text for example the trader tool in the map window. the trade items and ports text is just painfully small. a basic slider in the graphics menu to scale the UI to your screen is all I see being required to fix this, but the solution is yours to decide if you can do something about it.
  17. Please add a toggle button to switch between the two information views of a brigade. I generally use the panel that indicates the officer/morale/kills, but that means it's hard to know which weapons each brigade has (unless I pause and take the time to click that tiny little "i" a hundred times). A simple feature like this would really cut down micromanagement for me. Currently I rename my brigades after their weapon type to save time, but there's a short character limit and it's not user friendly to have complicated brigade names. Also, I cannot rename my divisions. Please enable this.
  18. So while the ui does give me most of the information i need to command my troops, one addition I would love is an indication of which range they switch ammunition types. For example, while the range tag on a cannon might tell me its 1300, it could for example say 200/800/1300 to tell me the range switch between canister, shell, and round shot. If possible, it would also be lovely to have a dotted line in the range reticule in battle to show the cutoff points for each ammo type. Thoughts?
  19. I know this is a low priority item, but I'm going to share my idea now so people can discuss it. ever since I first saw this Image in the Work in Progress thread I've loved the idea of using a similar scene for the Port Screen UI. I'm not a game developer/programmer/etc.. So I don't know all the technical detials. but making the port screen a small 3D environment with animated water and a skybox that matches the OW time of day. it would be something like this: Obviously in a finished state, but the buildings in the port would be clickable buttons that take the place of the buttons in the current port screen, each would have a border highlight and tooltip that when hovered over told you what the building was and what you could do there. I.E. hover the mouse of the Warehouse and it says "Warehouse; buy and sell provisions and outfit your ship's hold." or the Shipyard "Shipyard; buy and sell ships" etc... The Fort would be the missions tab and politics interactions. The Tavern for managing crew and officers. Workshop for crafting, and so on. Additionally when you click on say the workshop you get, say a cleaned up version of the crafting UI, but over a background that looks like the interior of said building like this: I think that having a UI like this for the ports would add a little flavor and immersion to the open world experience.
  20. Hello, One thing that bugs me out and for what i would like to see a change in the new UI is the possibility to know the wind direction when i am inside a port or after a battle ended, without either having to get out of the port with a ship to see by myself or ask in chat few times after a battle and sometimes getting an inaccurate answer. Captains should know the wind direction while in port, and be able to decide for the best moment to leave it without having to get the ship out now and then and wee if the wind turned enough to be favorable. Captains after a battle, either pve or pvp should see in the end result screen the wind direction and could wait 10 minutes for the best wind to leave, all this without having to ask anyone. I hope the Dev's will add this essential information element to be available all the time in the new UI that is probably already worked on. Thanks a lot. PS: I am a quite a noob at coding such stuff, beside some basic php and batch i can't really do something but this thing is so important to me and missing so much in game that i may start to spend time to learn c,c+,c++ or else and just try to make a small .exe where i can set the wind blowing direction at the start of a gaming session with a small compass having the wind rotating like in game, just to be able to see where the wind is pushing any time i need it. Maybe there is talented people around that could code a small .exe doing this in a blink and it will be nice for now but i would really like to see this implemented in the new UI, this critical information for Captains should be available every time and part of the game.
  21. So i tried to use the fleet feature when i found the ship i put in fleet my redeemed Bucentare did not come with me i tried to dismiss it thinking that it would remove it from the fleet, instead it deleted the ship, Is it possible to get the ship back again? It was redeemed the day before with nothing on it and no dura lose, the logs should show that. There was no warning on the UI that the ship will be deleted no tips or hints on the fleet screen, this is a major issue if it is not addressed with proper tool tips/warnings. Captain name is Blitz on PvE One, Incident happen at around 5 pm GMT 06/08/2016.
  22. Now that Naval Action is in Early Access, when can we expect to see some major changes to the UI? I had a break for a few months and now im completely helpless because the UI doesnt tell you anything useful. At least the map is a step in the right direction.
  23. In a flight sim, players learn "flaps", "ailerons", "pitch" and "yaw". In Naval Action, they could learn "Port", "Starboard", "Fore" and "Aft".
  24. It would be really helpful if we could see the server time easily, especially on OW. If it was part of the drop down menu of your ship, that would be fantastic!
  25. I built a snow to sell at PR and when I put up the price the UI was showing a lower price. Not sure what to do, I added the extra digit to make the UI show the correct price. Now I have a Snow for sale for over 1 million gold and it cost me the original asking price just to sell the ship. I am out all my gold and time and resources to build that ship. I have a life and work so that is basically 4 days of game play down the toilet and I am out 115000 gold. This game has so much potential, yet game breaking in so many aspects, this event being one of them. No way I am going to even attempt to build or sell another ship in this game in fear of it all being just a complete waste of my time.
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