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  1. With a selling price of 8600 Reals selling 4 full Indiamen (160 units) of Historical Artifacts (consumed by Maracaibo) a single player would generate about 130k tax per trading run. Assuming he trader bought the stuff for market price in a port that drops the stuff, he would makejust under 800k reals in net profit. So I would under no circumstances say that trading is not profitable. Make two or three runs of that and you easily reach the 360k tax. I'm not sure however that the port can consume the stuff fast enough. Only way I see to cirmcumvent that fact is by having a warehouse in port and stocking all the goods there to sell in one go. Ofc selling one Art of Shiphandlig book for a few million will easily generate the same tax....
  2. Hello Gents, probably every clan leader and diplomat knows what exactly I am talking about. Searching through the list of clans in you nation, looking to find a newer clan to add to the friendlist but not findeng them because the list is not correctly sorted. Sorting of a list that is stored serverside from a client is probably not easy to implement. My suggestion for a workaround is adding a sorting routine for every nations clan list, that gets executed once everytime the server restarts. So any clan created before the last maintenance window would be in order. Seeing as this is one of the last remaining parts of the legacy UI I thought now could be a good point in time to make this suggestion. Exemplary screenshot of the problem: Now noone in their right mind would search for a clan called WAVE at the beginning of the list. People will use the scrollbar to get to the end fast and search from there, resulting in 20 minutes of scrolling to find it. Cheers, Tom
  3. Tom Farseer

    BAITY + repp.

    And we both know we sure as hell have kited before 🤣
  4. Tom Farseer

    Unterschied "Thickness" und "Armour"

    Prinzipiell beschreibt Armor die Anzahl an Schadenspunkten, die die äußere Beplankung aushält. (Kanonen/Karronaden machen je nach Kaliber unterschiedlich viele Punkte Schaden). Thickness entspricht seiner direkten Übersetzung, also der Dicke der Beplankung. Auch hier gilt: Größere Kaliber durchschlagen größere Dicken, wobei zwischen langen und normalen Kanonen und Karronaden auch nochmal große Unterschiede bestehen. Die zwei Werte sind aber nicht ganz unabhängig von einander. Je weniger "Armor" übrig ist (sprich: der zugehörige Balken im Spiel wird kleiner) desto geringer wird auch die Dicke auf der Seite. Ebenso ist Durchschlagsfähigkeit Winkelabhängig, wie Holm gesagt hat.
  5. The game seems to make a difference here between "Hunt" and "Search and destroy" mission types. The Wasas and Bellonas I sank in kill missions count towards the completion of my SaD missions. So them not counting for "Hunt" may well be a bug...
  6. Tom Farseer

    Can't teleport

    I'm just speculating here: "Slots 30/30" probably means that all your dock spaces are full not counting the ship you are on because that ship is not in dock. So with the one you are sitting on thats one too many...
  7. Tom Farseer

    Operations: Welcome to the Caribbean - suggestions

    False. I spent the first 300 hours almost exclusively doing PvE stuff, now I am diplo in a Clan that is exclusive to Captains with experience in PvP. I got into PvP late. And while most of my PvP still happens in RvR stuff I still go on the occasional hunt. I am not a pro duelist like you or havelock. But considering me a non-PvP player is just wrong. (I am still a carebear though 😛)
  8. @admin I can understand well enough that you want to incentivise new players to leave the reinforcement zones and that ports only spawning ships of their nation will do that. I can however understand as well that this results in newbies (and I am talking actual newbies with less than, say, 30 hours in the game) having a very high rate of frustration, because it will take much longer for them to find viable targets and they will be at a higher risk while searching for them. Therefore I suggest the following: While warships of any kind should still only spawn in ports of their nation and only rarely penetrate deep into enemy territory, traders should not be part of this restriction. Or at least they should run further into enemy waters more often (passing as smugglers). While not neccessarily realistic this can give new players more targets of a size they can take on.
  9. I agree in that it takes a lot more time to get dubloons by simply grinding kill missions. However, if you actually sail for a bit to the edges of your nations homewaters, set up an outpost there and start hitting OW fleets and AI traders you will significantly increase your dubloon income because a) a single AI ship can drop ludicrous amounts of dubloons, though that is dictated by random number generation (something that should at least be adjusted in my opinion) b) search and destroy missions which you can take in port and will automatically complete over time give higher rewards. The risk is a bit higher but the rewards are as well. To be honest, attacking OW AI fleets has long since been the way to go with Combat Orders only being viable for the very beginners. Even before the patch AI in Combat Orders dropped only the most basic upgrades and low amounts of repairs while OW AI had chances to drop very rare knowledge books (worth several millions) and high-end upgrades. Also it get people out of the gank zones where they were usually just slaughtered by veterans looking for easy marks. The safe zones only give a false sense of security. Newbies are much safe in quieter areas spread around the map.
  10. Overall I like the new UI and once I got the hotkeys memorised everything works rather fluenty. My biggest problem at the moment is that a lot of different items use the same icons because they are in the same class. With a full warehouse that is not as big of a problem because I will use the search bar anyway. For smaller or less crowded inventorys, adding small texts to the icons in question would go miles for ease of use. The screenshot was taken in 1080p and still easily readable at only 60% of the original resolution so I think for most resolutions the small font size should not be an issue. I made little mockup to clarify the suggestion. Tell me what you think guys! Great Idea!
  11. Now come on. Two Bellonas, while obviously not able to catch and sink the requin should it decide to stay at range with the weathergauge, will hardly be in any actual danger. And even if they bring out more ships in time they will have to decide whether to sink the ones left behind or try to harass the main fleet that continued hostility. And yes, ultimately that is the decision you have to make. "Sacrifice" one or two Ships and risk them being sunk or boarded by more shallow ships coming in to ensure finishing hostility, or stay with them and risk the port not being flipped. We made that same decision when being delayed by spanish reqs while flipping Batabano. An enemy with disadvantage in raw power will resort to irregular tactics. That's part of any war, be it real or simulated for fun.
  12. Tom Farseer

    Weird Mods

    While we are talking about the new mod system (anything that helps against stacking is a positive in my book): It seems there are some new mods that can be found in Mission chests, I recently got "Extra Chain" and I saw some "Extra Shot". "Extra Chain" states "Ship extra chain units: 1" on it's description. Is this one extra broadside of chain or one extra chainshot per gun? Or just one extra chain shot period, which is improbable but would be hilarious
  13. SNOW has some prerequisites to joining the clan, but you are more than welcome to join our Discord, sail with us and learn 😀 We are always happy to find potential new members that are willing jump in at the deep end and learn by doing! SNOW recruitment post SNOW Discord (link expires after 24 hours)
  14. Because of the traders actually carrying stuff between ports it seems fairly random which goods drop where. I recently found 44 Oregon Beaver Coats in Batabano which brought in a great profit in Belize. Also buying prices for trading goods seems much more random too, because of that.
  15. Tom Farseer

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Hey @Felix Victor, I really like the new functions of the map!. Good Job! I do have one little bug/wird feature however (using up to date Firefox): On lower zoom levels (zoomed out) I cannot click several ports because the mouse turns from pointer into the text cursor. This does not happen when I zoom in. My guess is some of the text on the map, specifically the large region names like "West Cuba" or "Central America" are on an upper layer and get moved out of the way by zooming.