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  1. PB for Walker's Cay: VP Commander: Gregory Rainsborough (part time Ghello Card), advised by yours truly. RU Commander: Anolytic (I assume) Summary: After having quite some trouble with overall cohesion in the PBs the day before, we kinda got our act together this time. Niquesse did a splendid job of demasting Zarskaya in the first few minutes, killing him before reinforcements arrived, keeping B in our control for the time being. After Lenin (God of Multiboxing ) got both his accounts into B Niquesse had to retreat to the tower and eventually left, being in no position to fight anymore. Saved us the points we would have lost if he sank. I tried to harass Slaughterer and Imperator Aleksandr in C but with our own Square Fort demasting me (nice positioning, Slaughterer) I chose not to engage and instead bide my time for the next wind shift. Main fleets met at A after an initial waiting period, VP had the wind by a hair's width and a slight numbers advantage. The brawl went less than ideal but much better than last time. Greg had to step out and Ghello Card kindly took over command for a few minutes until his return. After not seeing an opportunity to sucessfully conest C I went to join the main battle, the Russians from C coming in behind me. The additional two ships vs my one were not enough to tip the balance however and with a few minutes to go we sank all remaining enemy ships. Thanks for the nice fight to everyone involved. Farseer PS: Repair stack STRONK (you know who you are )
  2. Tom Farseer

    Fix login

    Unlikely. Never had that problem on any other steam MMO game I ever played. It seems to be a communcation error between the game client/server and steam. But I'm willing to bet it's not on steams side^^
  3. Does anyone have a magnifiying glass to read thos screenshots? Oo
  4. The title says it all, basically. Hotkey options to immediately open cargo holds of fleet ships would be a nice little quality of life improvement and should not be too complicated to add.
  5. NAB-94261 Could not select a bopok for 4th (last open) slot on Wasa. Upon selection the book immediately disappeared again in the UI as well as leaving ship stats unchanged. Temporary fix for players: Hopping outof port and back in resolved the problem for me.
  6. Check the last two posts then. Granted, not much but it should suffice for some poached eggs 😁
  7. But... but... but... what about the salt? How do you expect me to season my food? 😦
  8. Judging from the battle timer in the screenshot you sailed about 6 minutes and 45 seconds before the enemy joined. Sailing 6.75 minutes in a straight line at an average 13 knots will get you as far as 1.46 nautical miles or 2.6 km. If I remember correctly, the tagging circle around a ship in the open world map denotes a tagging range of about 500 m inside the battle instance meaning 1 km in diameter. The join circles are a fair bit outside of that initial circle. So I'd say their joining right next to you is very much possible, especially when considering that you probably did not sail the full 13 knots in a straight line all the time. PS: The screenshot also shows the 3rd rate they joined next to, doing just above 8 knots on a broad reach with auto skipper enabled. Which reduces distance traveled in battle to 0.9 nm (=1.6 km). So if you want accuse people of hacking, please don't start by stating imaginary speeds...
  9. If you speak English, maybe contact CRED. Good sailors. @John Sheppard might have some info for you =)
  10. Erm... I think the math on that one does not quite check out... 10% being 7k damage means in total he would have to have had 70k HP all repairs included. Trincomalee's HP cap at just over 11.6k. And that is white Oak frame and planking, so definitely not a hunting build. Assuming you went the full 90 minutes and he repaired whenever possible that is 8 or 9 cycles. Since you cannot even reach close to 100% HP repaired per cycle, there is absolutely no way that evens out to 70k HP worth of damage received. In general the game still is and always has been much more dependent on skill than on gear. Just look at the actual numbers of the port boni: For example the difference between Hull 4 and no bonus at all on a White Oak Ocean is 1400 HP on each side. That is the equivalent of 8.3 hits with a 42pd long gun (168 dmg). Are you seriously telling me that is the deciding factor? Same goes for all the other boni, especially when comparing 45 point ports to 55 point ports. The only part where gear can really make a difference is indeed repair stacking. But that only works when the captain has the skill to time his repairs, chose what to repair and when to disengage to repair. And it also needs an opponent who let's his enemy disengage to repair. So even here skill and decision making plays a huge part.
  11. Ich wünsch euch viel Glück. Mal abgesehen von CRED ist in GB wenig an guten Spielern übrig. Und deren Führung hat es dezent satt Dinge zu organisieren und zum Dank geschmäht zu werden (Hitler-Bezeichnungen inklusive) Stellt euch also erst mal nicht darauf ein viel aktive Hilfe von außen zu bekommen. (von Zugang zu Crafting mal abgesehen.)
  12. It has become easier. You face two buffed Cerberus at the same time. Your ship is a Surprise. Use what you learned in the demasting exam. Or rage board. Straight up sinking them works as well but takes more time, patience, repairs and in general a bit more combat skill (managing angles, keeping track of multiple enemies, focusing one side of the enemy while trying to split the received damage on both of your sides to reduce structure damage etc).
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