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  1. Careful with those caps mate, might startle someone into overreactions [/sarcasm] #plsdontbanme
  2. Yes to both points. As for wealth rising too quickly, I don't think it is too early to tell. I know of several groups who are not even of sufficient rank to crew a first rate that already have enough stock in CWH to immediately replenish a set of at least 10 Oceans should the need arise. The problem here is not making money too fast though. Reducing overall income would only make the game more grindy. Not what we need. We need to combat the limitless increase of wealth by introducing new, rank-related money sinks. For example a periodic cost on active crew. So if an Admiral wants to have the full complement of 1500 men ready at all times they cost a chunk of reals every day as upkeep. Th scale should be nonlinear though with an increasing cost on large crew counts (more crew -> more administrative effort) Lower ranks are then not hit as hard by that and can still make a living and grow because they simply don't have as much crew. Balancing is paramount here of course. Forcing anyone above commodore to do a large trade run each day just to keep their crew fed would obviously be too much and anyone going on RL holiday for a week would likely come back to the game broke. Again: Increasing grind is not the intent. Keep it low enough to not impact time management ingame too much, but high enough to counter the increasing rewards of sinking bigger ships, be they NPCs or players. I know easier said than done...
  3. These 2 posts don't agree with each other. Sure sounds like someone is a bitter betty I don't see the problem.^^ One can respect the effort something takes while disagreeing with the perceived motivation.
  4. Of course you don't. But doing it semi-afk on an alt, gives you the opportunity to actually play it on your main account. It is another case of problematic balancing when it comes to alt accounts. Turns a non problematic mechanic into a money printing machine.
  5. As I see it the main reason why delivery orders are favoured over general trade are risk vs reward doubloons generation suggestions concerning point 1: The original intent (get funding to buy a new ship and some guns) is good and should still be achievable. Slightly reduce reward in reals a bit on longer runs. If the aim is refunding for a new ship noone needs those 150k cargo orders. Drastically reduce the completion timer. 9 real time days to complete a cargo order leads to people stacking them in their warehouse and delivering large amounts in a single run. Increase overall profit for general trading goods. The much higher financial risk compared to cargo orders should be rewarded. concerning point 2: Reward all delivery orders with doubloons but make it based on distance between 100 and 1000. This will set them off from general trading. People can then choose to take less trade goods on a run and instead take cargo missions to exchange reals income for doubloons.
  6. I am fairly certain qw569 has direct access to an actual API as opposed to the daily data dump we get. He also created Mishka, the twitter bot that reports hostility in real time.
  7. Recurring upkeep costs on Crew (and possibly the Ships themselves) sound like a good idea to introduce another money sink to counter inflation. I like it. Same goes for provisions. This could have the added benefit of countering the repair meta by taking up hold space that would otherwise be used for more repairs. Fishing and conversion to provisions give ppl the ability to still sail very far, depending on crew amount and thus provision intake per day at sea. With completely limited ammo I see a problem though: It is another mechanic to the detriment of solo hunters and the advantage of gank fleets. Example: Hunter comes around to, well, hunt in a decent ship. Locals just start throwing crap ships bought from admiralty at him until he runs out of ammo. Once he's out, retag, chain and capture a now defenseless ship. One could argue that a good raider will rarely end up in such a situation by rationing his ammo and pulling out in time and sailing home. The current RoE and possible constant retagging however make it easy to corner and wear down anything but the fastest sailors without risking anything but a few thousand reals for some crap admiralty cerbs etc.
  8. SNOW sind international aufgestellt und setzen Englischkenntnisse voraus. Haben aber auch Deutsche dabei. Ebenfalls unter niederländischer Flagge unterwegs.
  9. Ping can obviously have an impact on boarding. However, I know of North American players with pings around 150 to 200 (The Last Templar/Arthur Dayne comes to mind) who mostly won by boarding their enemies even on the old UI, where you could see the enemies actions clearly. It's a mind game more than a timing game. On the rest of the game ping has little impact as micro timing in a game this slow is not really important, in my opinion. Battles are decided by tactics and anticipation of the enemies behaviour. A few milliseconds more or less make no difference to that. Seeing as the final exam can be completed without a single boarding action ping should have little impact on that as well.
  10. Rage boarding AI also teaches you absolutely nothing useful for PvP encounters. Practicing demasting at least teaches you a skill that is often used and can be very decisive and in order to get it done in the final exams you need to learn how to avoid damage successfully. And yes, you can still bounce complete broadsides in the final exam. The margin of error on your angles is just very small. All in all I'd say the final exam is a great benchmark for new players to test themselves against every now and then. (Hence SNOW making passing it a prerequisite for membership)
  11. Guys.... It is called final exam and not "final tutorial". It is supposed to be hard for new players. Repeat: It is not a tutorial. And by the way, it can be done without rage boarding tactics. It just takes a little longer that way. After a little training most newbies should be able to manage the endurance exam, which already grants them a nice level increase and a set of repairs that will last them weeks on the ships they can crew. The game was always a bit grindy. It is less so with the exam features. The only change that is needed is to advertise the exam not as a necessity for every starting player but as a way for skilled individuals to get around some of the grind. People who cannot manage it yet should just stick with 6th rates and get a bit more practice until they want to try it again.
  12. you do realise I am no longer a GB player? If both parties had fun in battle, good! That's what ultimately matters most. I just think this one hardly gives you guys bragging rights đŸ˜‹
  13. I stand corrected then. 9400 vs 8800 is actually fairly close BR wise Br is indeed meaningless. just not in the way you mean here. Fleets are somewhat even BR wise. But the fleet with lower numbers (GB) also has only 6 first rates compared to 9 on the spanish side. I'd hardly count that as balanced in dps and HP^^ To be fair, I never even talked about how the battle came to be. Who taunted whom and who attacked is irrelevant. Calling it a *great* battle is in my opinion not really that justified. Getting the above result on even BR, even DPS and even HP count. That would be a great battle. This one? Decent win with no losses, but you had a lot factors on your side...
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