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  1. Tom Farseer

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Some Hercs just need a Hug. From a Niagara πŸ˜‚
  2. Tom Farseer

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Tack before the Requin gets too close for comfort. Which even a Live Oak/White Oak Niagara can easily do without falling below the speed threshold for boarding.
  3. Tom Farseer

    Better Ships for All!

    While I agree on the problematic with knowledge books, I am not sure that this specific statement is true anymore. When I tagged a spaniard in his R-Zone last week, I was sailing an Indefatigable and the game spawned two (very beefed up) Indefatigables. I take two things from that. Reinforcements are no longer completely laughable. They cannot kill a competent player on their own but they should be strong enough to force most attacker to leave the battle as fast they can by running upwind. That is a good thing. (Going with the wind the AI kept up at 13 knots while being chained to 87%). Good for me that the AI still can't go close to the wind. πŸ˜… It would seem from this limited experience that reinforcements are no longer tied to ship rate but rather spawn the same ship. It would be nice to get some info on those changes from someone who has definite knowledge on the matter (pokes @admin ).
  4. While I wholeheartedly agree that Any forum user should keep it at least somewhat civil and be constructive about things Taking out the banhammer should be reserved for the most extreme cases ('tis a slippery slope), my criticism at you, dear @jpjchris would be that a tribunal is hardly the place for such a suggestion (hint, hint... ). Nonetheless you do have a point!
  5. Tom Farseer

    Signup for localisation help

    Seeing as game localisation will be on our doorstep shortly (first half on 2019 according to @admin's recent post) I thought maybe some members of our community who are willing to help with translating texts can post this here. Obviously a reasonably high level of english (or russian?) will be required to ensure a certain level of quality. To determine proficency levels you can use something like this for orientation, in case you don't have a certificate. Suggested example for signup format in this thread (and simultaneously me signing up ) Native language: German Other languages: (if applicable with level of qualification): English, C2 proficiency (certified)
  6. Sounds definitely interesting. My concern is that if you completely remove the trader tool, without implementing something like the captains logs @AeRoTR mentionen in his comment, the meta listing will just move away from the game and into online spreadsheet that are maintained by players. Resulting in less tech-affine players losing a source of income while those that are used to creating spreadsheets and filtering their own flow of information get another advantage. My advice is think hard about what consequences which change will entail.
  7. Tom Farseer

    Got doubloons for sinking my own fleet ship

    Also would this mean that one could green on green his own AI ships and loot rng dubloons from them? If yes, that's an exploit waiting to happen. Oo
  8. Tom Farseer

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    10 players can flip anything but the highest BR (8k+) ports in 4 missions max. 1 mission takes about 30 minutes if you go at it with a bit of thoughtfullness. The deep water ports that are around 2.5k BR are 2 missions for ten people. Hardly a whole evening. Especially if you consider that people can just leave the mission and start a new one in parallel giving you more ships to sink in total. The BR isn't a problem in hostility. What is a problem is people being discouraged by the whole "wipe incoming" yammering. The wipe is probably a few months away still. The wipe has absolutely NO effect on the quality of content you can have right now. If you don't play now you only lose playtime and gain nothing. So many people whining about having to work their way up again after said wipe. It's a GAME. If it feels like work, you are doing it wrong! So let your hair down, mates and enjoy playing. It's no use to desperately hang on to a few shiny bits and bytes.
  9. Tom Farseer

    War server player stats.

    I think the US has the same problem GB once had, and the Spanish are currently suffering from as well. They are depicted as "easy" nations meaning they attract players that will most likely be less motivated to really get into the details and learn their stuff. Unless they come from a sailing background even the "basics" are not self-evident. Shortly after I joined the game, the British RvR Fleet collapsed with the leaving of EXILE and several other good PvPers to other Nations due to excessive bickering amongst certain clans. Sortly after that HAVOC nicked quite a few of the ramaining capabable PvPers. While we still had some players of quality, and some that were starting to get better and taking up the slack a bit, we basically got our teeth kicked in for a time. The largest part of our nation's (by comparison) extensive playerbase was useless for PvP/RvR engagements due to lack of either training or interest or both. The newbies joining and choosing GB because it was depiced as an "easy" nation got slaughtered en masse in front of KPR and Belize. My guess is a lot of those became mainly inactive after a time. Spain lost most of it's experienced players recently after taking heavy losses against GBs current RvR roster. At least they have the benefits of two "safe" zones both of which are more than one port. US suffers the same circumstances with the added problematic that their only R-Zone has a capturable port right in it's middle and lot's of ex-US players seem to like clubbing seals up there. (that last part is hearsay, can't know for sure as it's usually not my time zone and active area of the map).
  10. Tom Farseer

    War server player stats.

    seriously? what stops you from just hopping into the same free town, sail out a bit so you don't get jumped and have a go at each other? we did that against some poles several times. Only hassle was find enough players for larger fleet engagements. 1v1s sould take almost no time once you both are set up in a mutual free port.
  11. Tom Farseer

    War server player stats.

    Leader boards usually are only good for virtual measuring contests of certain appendages... Still, just seeing the bigger picture in (perceived) skill gap between certain nations would be interesting.
  12. Tom Farseer

    War server player stats.

    Oooooh, any chance we can get reading access to the spreadsheet? So much data to do fun things with 😍
  13. Tom Farseer

    A look at Looting in Battle

    @Angus MacDuff I guess I should've taken a look at your location before asking^^ To be fair, the way the Thor launches it's rescue is far from modern. Only difference is that we launch not from the (nonexistant) main course but use a gantline on the schooner mast to raise/lower the boat and one connected to that to pull it abaft of the schooner's shrouds and backstays. For lack of anything usable as a crane we manually push the boat out over the bullwark. Takes more people and is probably not the safest way for those involved but we have to make do with what we got. Works quite well and we are fairly quick with it.
  14. Tom Farseer

    A look at Looting in Battle

    Ever did a Person-over-Board maneuver? Last time I did one (on this ship) we launched our rescue while going 7-8 knots under sail in force 7 winds. Btw. launching the rescue (which sits just behind the forcastle) is done by hand (by 6-7 crewmembers) with two gantline. This also has to work (and does) in MUCH worse conditions. Think northern Atlantic ocean, with 5m waves. So yes. It is true... Edit: Also, let's try to keep this on topic πŸ˜ƒ
  15. Tom Farseer

    A look at Looting in Battle

    Overall I find the suggestion quite good. I would not go so far as forcing complete immobility. A boat can easily be launched at normal cruising speed so realism is not the issue here. For balancing/gameplay reasons I'd say going below 3.5 knots (not quite an arbitrary number πŸ˜‰ ) for 15-30 seconds could be nice. It forces you to think ab out when to loot, so you don't get boarded while you men are busy readying the boats.