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  1. Speaking of: DK owes us a bit of screening. Seeing as you are active in both RU and DK will you screen against yourself, Reverse? ^^
  2. @sam121252 I think by now almost everyone active in RvR and on this forum know not to take Thonys too seriously @Captain Reverse Who knows what X will do with their port... We will see. Some of our EU time players would actually like it a bit earlier than it currently is
  3. Not giving attackers the 20 minutes to reinforce was advocated by players a lot to not make bait-ganking as easy. But it was never implemented. Dev response usually was something along the lines of "RoE is final. Live with it."
  4. I destinctly remember people telling me OW battle timers as "1:49:15" and some such when giving me pointers on whether I can join before the battle (on roughly even BR) closes. <<- faaaaaaaaaaail EDIT: Whoops my mistake. Battle obviously starts at 1:30:00 So, dear @OjK, the battle would have closed at 1:10:00 and not earlier^^
  5. Look at the in battle timer: 1:16:28 If I am not gravely mistaken battle timer starts at 1:50:00. 1:30:00... duh... Current RoE has been stated as such: The side with lower BR at a difference of more than 13% can be reinforced for 20 minutes after the battle started. See here: The battle shown above had been going on for well over 30 under 20 minutes. So it should be closed no matter the BR difference. open
  6. You will find few that are smaller. The most common size for full HD monitors atm is probably 24”.
  7. but but but.... what about all those players whining about the game being based on better gear alone? could it be that they a plain wrong?
  8. @Ink Can we get any definitve information on the fate of the Diana? Is it a note dropped from chests only? Will it be craftable, maybe permit locked?
  9. I disagree with your disagreement Depending on choice of game even on lowered settings 4GB can be too little. Just look at all the Unreal Engine 4 games lately that don't even look that great on lower settings and still have atrocious hunger for hardware (think ARK or PUBG etc). Especially memory of all kinds is treated as virtually infinitely available more often than not. If @contact want's to have the option of trying out other games in the future 8GB VRAM is a more solid choice. @contact this PC is a bit pricier than the one you posted above but has newer, more powerful components and will be able to run most stuff in FHD for the near to mid future. You can use it as an orientation if you want to look for a new build. Also, buying comparable components and building it yourself might save you a few bucks (and can be great fun, if you like that kind of stuff).
  10. What is your budget and how much would the build you show above cost you? From first look this smells fishy. Why anyone would say that a PSU upgrade is reccomended for VR Gaming is beyond me as it basically only depends on the built in hardware and not what type games you play with it. Don't know which shop that picture is from but it seems... weird...
  11. VP chose to not defend the port. We have no immediate use for it and some enemy AI spawning in the area is quite welcome 😃 If WO had wanted to keep it they'd put a timer on it.
  12. It depends on choice of ship and play style. On 6th rates and light 5ths I personally tend to favor 32pd Carronades over 9pd long guns because of their greater damage potential in ranges below 250m. I have also sailed hunting Wasas without anything mounted on the top deck in order to save weight, thus gain speed. Ships like the Prince work well with 6 pounders. Stay at range and whittle your enemy down slowly. If a ship has a fully mounted upper gun deck as for example the Constitution has, it should never go empty as you lose too much firepower. If your aim is to build for speed and hunt lighter ships, longs or even mediums will do you just fine as 12 pd guns have decent penetration on smaller ships at range. If you expect to face heavy ships use 42pd Carronades. You need the damage and at longer ranges the 12s will often bounce anyway. Only ships where I would always chose Carronades are the Victory and the Christian. That deck of 68 pounders (or the 1.5 decks of 42s on Christian) massively increases firepower.
  13. Die Wendigkeit einer Victory ist zwar besser als die der Océan oder Santi, aber wenn man nicht sehr sehr vorrausschauend agiert, wirds zum Anwinkeln schon recht knapp. Besonders gegen Océans muss man ziemlich flache Winkel zum Feuern haben, wenn man die Beplankung durchschlagen will. Da rechtzeitig wieder rauszudrehen, kann schon in kleineren Linienschiffen eng werden. Und ist auch generell eher in kleineren Gefechten wichtig. Für größere Schlachten ist die Océan nach wie vor das Arbeitstier, weil sie im Linienkampf schlicht am längsten durchhält. Die Santi bringt zwar mehr Feuerkraft und etwas mehr HP, dass meiste davon kommt aber vom durchgezogenen obersten Deck. Die 12-Pfünder oder 42er Karronaden die man da anbringen kann wirken nur auf kürzeren Distanzen. Die HP gehen dadurch wieder flöten, dass man steiler anwinkeln muss als mit der Océan, dafür im Zweifel aber nicht den Platz hat.
  14. Not my timer game Not GB anymore since release...
  15. Funny how people are pissed about EU clans using 11-14 timers when GBs EU fleet could defend 4 out of 8 flipped ports in the Bahamas in that exact time frame
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