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  1. And now, hopefully even more people will know it 😃 His original questions was already answered above
  2. Spanker = Gaff sail on a square rigged ships mizzen (=aftmost) mast. Staysails are just that. Sail that are attached to a stay (see wikipedia links in my other answer for more info) Square sail = Sail that is rigged square to the ships longitudinal axis as opposed to fore-and-aft sails that are rigged along that axis (=gaff sails, gaff topsails and staysails). there are other numerous sail configurations but those few cover most of what you see in game. TL;DR: What Malcolm3 said
  3. In general every sail has a description of it's shape and position in it's name. In case you wanna know more here are two starting points: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sail_plan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standing_rigging
  4. To elaborate on Gregory's post: The amount of recruits carrying SNOW clan tags is, at all times, limited. We presently have reached that limit. Once current recruits are fully initiated and become full members, official recruitment will open again. This does not mean that people interested in joining should not contact us. Sail with us so we can get to know you, and at some point clan tags may come your way. 🙃
  5. Started as a 10v3, Liq joined our side after 2 minutes. Our only plan was to start a demasting spree. The other three joined one by one over the next 10 minutes. An estimated 40 masts were destroyed by @Gregory Rainsborough, @Sneakypanda, @Liq and I. One of the weirdest battles I had in a long time, but great fun. EDIT: If someone wants to watch (part of) the carnage:
  6. Normally ships cannot sink while in boarding. Even at 0 structure, with a ship full of water and survival turned off, it will only sink after the boarding is either finished or interrupted. Did you have a look at the battle timer? It may have been just the time running out and the battle thus finishing with the enemy ship not actually sunk, thus not granting you the rewards. Tip to make it all go a bit faster and the boarding/decrewing easier: Learn mast sniping. Especially on lighter ships it is an incredibly valuable skill. So much so that the better ones at it find themselves regularly
  7. Indeed MONKS are always nice to fight against. Though they are a bit of a wildcard. Sometimes we steamroll them, sometimes we are the ones that get trashed... Just be wary, a few of them tend to really hold on to old grudges...
  8. I think he means generally for everyone playing the game with language set to english 😃
  9. Now we know how you have time for all your alts 😜
  10. Oh no! He's showing symptoms! Everybody panic!
  11. wait.... I copy-edited this shit. Not sure whether I missed that or just forgot again already EDIT: lol right... that one... not sure that was even intentional
  12. Really? You are surprised to find spies in clan mails even though said clan has well over 150 players and came into being (and grew) by conglomeration of different smaller clans? I'd be more surprised if there were no spies in there
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