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  1. not the most original post... 🙂 Of course it will sound like any DLC=P2W post if you delete all it's content, thus leaving it devoid of any originality it might have had. If actually read it you might find that I am not opposed to DLC on principle.
  2. I run the game on an i5-4670 and an RX580 8GB GPU, seeing as my CPU is quite a bit older you should be more than fine. The game runs in 1080p on mostly high settings (can add setting screen at a later time) on about 70-80 fps. For large fleet battles (20v20 or more) I tend to lower a few settings like shadow quality, as the framerate will otherwise drop to around 20 fps. Being used (and sensitised) to higher framerates I try to keep it above at least 45. Any more than 60 is not really needed as the game's overall movement is relatively slow, so input lag due to frame times within those ranges is not of importance...
  3. L'Egyptienne, I guess? I would strongly advise against creating a DLC 5th rate that has an even stronger (if only slightly) armament than the current top of the class 5th rate (being the Endymion), which will be exceptionally rare after release. DLC ships must always have an equally strong, freely available counter or you will step ever further along the slippery slope that is Pay2Win...
  4. @van der Decken for as long as I have been active in RvR (about 1 year) there has never been talk of any formal alliance between GB and VP. And for sure not between us and the rats You got ganked by a bunch of gankers. Nothing more nothing less. And btw. even the very few formal alliances we had in that time were all RvR only. OW PvP is fair game.
  5. After having a look through the API today I realised that the formerly uncapturable ports (e.g Belize, Nouvelle-Orleans, Vera Cruz etc) still have the parameter "ImprovedCraftChance" set to false. Is this just an update missing in the API file or are those parameters still the same ingame as well? If so, any chance this can be remedied with the coming patch? Thanks in advance 😀
  6. last rare ship might be the santa cecilia? we will find out soon enough
  7. Your first argument holds weight, I give you that. Taxes won't be coming from those ports though. It's the county capitals that consume goods and mostly only they produce the high value goods as well. As for the most clans thing. Maybe we will see. My view on that may well be biased by current player numbers.
  8. or can peacefully flip a regional port in the shadow of the mighty county capital^^ assuming there will be enough players to want those ports
  9. Small clans will always need to band together with others in order to stand a chance in RvR. They always had. SNOW is the best example. Elitist, picky PvPers who then need help defending their ports because they lack numbers
  10. defenders have the same BR limith...i suppose your fleet's combination choice is wrong then. if the defenders can defend, attackers can attack. choose proper ships You know well enough that it is easier to kite than to catch a kiter Defenders don't need to generate points, they only need to stop the attackers from generating. So they have the option to kite in the current system. Attackers must make points so they must get kills or drive the enemy out of the circles in time.
  11. One question: If you need to own the county capital to flip the regional neutral ports and a clan can make do with, let's say three ports in the new system (one for trading, one for resources one for shipbuilding): Why would anyone want to flip the remaining regional ports from neutral and rid himself of easy AI grinding spots? A ton of ports would be of no use again unless we get a very large influx of new players and clans who want their own living space.
  12. the rank is not the problem. the knowledge books are. ranking up again is easy compared to getting all those again.
  13. Can honestly say I never once lost a ship due to the 20 minutes timer. I rarely sank ships due to it either because I generally try to stay out of ganks. They aren't fun in my opinion. The reason I contest your statements is because the current RoE is too easy to exploit by all sorts of asshats. And you can show screens of you beating the crap out of newbies and or noobs 1v6 all day long. Truth is if those were SNOW tags ( or HAVOC or ALOHA or any other above average skilled PvP clan) you would end up sunk every single time without getting a single kill. Any average player would end up dead regardless of who ganks him because fighting those odds takes a lot of skill as well as completely inept enemies.
  14. sigh..... Yes, you and I both would probably be able to pull that off, depending on who the enemies are, as would quite a few other players on this forum. But we cannot measure the whole playerbase with the same stick as the experienced PvPers.... But trust me... I can kite your Ocean in a Bellona for the full 90 minutes without getting even close to being in danger of being sunk. So can others. That is what essentially breaks the current RoE by making it fully exploitable.
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