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  1. The whole nation concept is not working in my eyes. We lack an alliance system. The worst thing is the high port BR. Its impossible to coordinate the so called „end game contend“ of this game with the low player base and the high port BR. The high BR in combination with the front line system makes RvR impossible for small nations. If player base stays so low, we should get rid of some nations. Allso the port bonus system is demotivating players. The fear to lose all efforts against a zerg... . Most ports are meaningless. To own them is a burdon. Alts ruin the prices and it does not matter who owns the port because it will be flooded by economy alts within short time. PB with 20+ first rates are just boring. Said this and more x-times. Most of my friends are not logging in any more or only for short crafting/transport duties. This game is released. I do not know how the main changes that are needed in my eyes should be done in a released game.
  2. RvR is the intended end game content (in my eyes thats a mistake). To sail 1st rates you need much less skill than sailing e.g. a 5th rate. So to make the end game content available for all it is necessary to have high BR in ports (in my eye thats the second mistake) and give access to 1st rate to everybody (third mistake in my eyes). In the end you feed broken mechanics with broken mechanics. The player base is to low for 20000 BR battles in most nations. The „end game content“ is so time consuming that it is not doable for people that have a job and want to keep it and for smaler clans you can not even rotate players because you need them all to fill the high BR. That is killing my motivation atm.
  3. The RvR was to time consuming before. The port bonuses and the high BR did not reanimate the RvR. They did the oposite. Before the port bonusses RvR was completely meaningless, with the port bonusses the ports might be to meaningfull. Will the new mechanic change this? I do not think so. The main player based RvR mechanics are not working because of reasons mentioned in many posts. The new raid system will be abused by the usual suspects 1 second after introduction by alt clans and agreements. That is sad because I like the idea.
  4. I am looking forward to play this game. Is there a possibility to join in the early access phase? The pictures I saw look really promising.
  5. Port ownership should be set more indirect. We should have some kind of „domination“ value in ports that decides which nation owns the port. Every port should have a populations of people of all nations. The nation with the highest population owns the port. Population and domination should be changeable by special factors like victorious PB, sinking ships near a port, the nationality of the surrounding ports and maybe other stuff. So one PB may not change the port ownership but raise the domination value which - with continuos action - might lead to a change in ownership. With a system like that we could get rid of the static frontlines because ports that are surrounded by own ports should have a much higher domination of the own nation.
  6. No. Intransparent (I would at least want a map like that one posted above), complicated, unrealistic. But its not only the the front line systen. RvR is to time consuming so I can not participate. Allso BR is to high. As @Hullabaloo posted above, everything outside battle instance feels broken and boring for me. Esp. RvR fun factor is low. The combat mechanics in PvP and the nice people I use to play with are the only reason I play atm when I have the time.
  7. Ich sehe es auch wie rediii, die Spieler die kein PvP wollen aber auf dem PvP server herum fahren und herumheulen, sind ein Problem. Leider hat aber das Spiel in Sachen Langzeitmotivation für mich kaum etwas zu bieten, denn die Mechaniken im RvR sind für Spieler, die nicht Studenten, Rentner usw. sind kaum zu handhaben. Ich habe mich aus dem RvR völlig ausgeklinkt, geht neben Familie und Beruf einfach nicht. Und davon ab ist es auch Gehirntot. 20.000 BR sind ein Witz. Nur weil es möglichst viele 1st rates sein müssen weil die ohne besonders viel skill gefahren werden können (eigentlich ist nur der skill des Kommandanten entscheidend) und der „Endgamecontent“ für jeden zugänglich sein soll ... und widersinnig ist es noch dazu, wenn man die 1st rates gleichzeitig für kleine Fraktionen so unerreichbar macht. Genau das gleiche mit den Portboni. Ein statischer Witz. Wer die meisten Spieler hat gewinnt. Die ports selbst sind zu 99% unwichtig und die paar wichtigen ohnehin innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach Besitzwechsel mit alts aller Nationen geflutet. Handelsgüter sind unwichtig und seltene Materialien für upgrades kriegt man nicht, weil die alts die Preise sofort in den Mond treiben. Die Langeweile wird dieses Spiel für mich erledigen, hoffentlich früher als später, denn wegen der guten Kampfmechanik im PvP spiele ich es noch. Dennoch, ich hatte meinen Spass und wenn ich den Kaufpreis durch Spielstunden teile, hat es sich sehr gelohnt.
  8. I think the whole RvR system should be more „indirect“. No front lines, no bonusses for ports, no direct capture of ports by PB. Get bonusses by special NPC characters (ship building specialists or trade specialists with special boni) that „join“ your clan for special activities and give boni. Make those NPC characters combinable for clan associations. A successful PvP clan will attract NPC characters for speed- or gunnery skills. A successful trade clan will attract mast skill and a successful RvR clan will attract NPC that give hull skill (just examples). Those characters can be combined by clans and give port boni in special ports. You have to move them arround. They get lost when e.g. the clan is loosing kill ratio on the clan leaderboard or not gain a special income any more. So they are not static but depend on activity. Next point a victorious PB should not change the port ownership directly but change some kind on „domination level“ for nations (representing the amount of population of a nation in a port). Every nation can have an percentage of domination and the nation with the highest percentage owns the port. Activity (like PB or raids or sinking ships near port) change the domination percentage. Make the access to special goods in a port clan controlled for the clan that caused the highest domination to get rid of the alts in port. ... Just some simple suggestions.
  9. This is a good PvP game with an excellent combat system and I can not (under-)stand this „new player protection“ discussion. We had this back and forth for years. New players can do the Tutorial and level in the Capital zone and do insta closing missions. Further on they can search for a quiet place and if they do not want any risk they can join the peace server. Better this than all the „fake“ PvP players and overprotection mechanics. The PvP machanics are good. The main problem is the RvR. First of all it is just to time consuming. Second the BR in PB is to high. Third the bonussed ports are „to“ important (I am really interested what will happen if they get lost and how many more join the zerg or leave the game). Nearly all ports are unimportant. Alts ruin the prices of rare resources so the only reason to have a port might be the tax income or - of course - the bonusses. But with a good placed alt you can solve this, too.
  10. That would make sense. In my eyes it would be better to work with an economic penalty (as empires that grow will gain corruption and administration cost) but it would be a start.
  11. Ich würde zwei Sachen prüfen: 1. hat er die aktuellen Treiber für seine Grafikkarte geladen? 2. Die Grafikoptionen im Spiel für die Kampfinstanz auf minimal setzen. So könnte man zumindest den Anfangsverdacht bearbeiten, dass die Grafikkarte hier Probleme macht.
  12. I like the idea refering to the realism. The clan size should matter more in your suggestion. But I guess it will not work at all with the current mechanics for two reasons. First of all a lot of players love to sail 1st rates and limiting them might lead to many players to leave the game. Second - and that is only my personal opinion - the game in its current state needs the option for large 1st rate battles because the skill needed to sail a first rate is much lower than the skill needed to sail a 5th rate. So if RvR should be the end game content and everybody should be able to participate, you need the first rates as „skill equalizers“. Btw. do not missunderstand me, I do not like the current RvR mechanics, esp. the high BR in port battles, the time consuming hostility, the huge advantage of the huge nations, but if they stay, unlimmited first rates are (sadly) needed.
  13. Chatting with enemies in OW. Much lower BR in port battles. Player traders that carry trade goods instead of passengers.
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