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  1. The port BR is fine. It might be interesting to have a ship rate limit with some ports to have more smaller ships (and more players) involved. The background amuses me. First you provoked my clan with your shallow-mania attack in the Bahamas, than you removed us from the friends list (for a while) after you took Maracaibo when Cabal dropped it (well knowing that it was MONX main crafting port) and than your interesting negotiations with the Brits makes MONX lose Jeremie. Than you repeated this very seldom way of diplomacy with Lions and now you wonder why lots of PvP players might have gone and you might not be able to fill a 10.000 BR PB? I read your impressive Williamstad Gazette (awesome work btw) but the most interesting articles are those that are not printed there.
  2. A happy new year gentleman. I am leading the MONKS clan. I tried to get in touch with Waldron to inform him about this tribunal accusation. He told me recently that he will be offline for a longer period so I hope I will get in touch with him. Before that happens, I will not comment here.
  3. Thanks for keeping the RvR peace while everybody is busy in real live.
  4. Merry Christmas and thank you very much for the nice gifts!
  5. Upgrade: Full Studding Sails doubles/prolongs the time of being wind boosted in the open world disadvantage (in battle): - ships can not use the prepared perk. - -15% turnrate in battles needs: 1 sealed bottle, t.of square sail trim, 5 Spanish square sails clan: MONKS/MONX
  6. @HullabalooI love your irony and you hit the nail on the head.
  7. If I remember correctly it was said a while ago that the maximum rate of DLCs will be 4th rates. That was is the context of the introduction of the Rättvisan. Thats the reason why I bought it. I like the DLC idea as long as they are not overpowered. At the moment I think the DLCs are quite good and balanced, fare better as in the beginning where Requin and Hercules where - in my opinion - overpowered. I hope that the DLC introduction continues if it helps to the game.
  8. Why do you need an alt? Just follow the advise Beeekonda posted above. If you do not want to build ships (which is really easy even if you play alone and even easier if you play in a group), cap ships from the AI. Do PvP with cheap ships. You will capture really nice crafted ships from players.
  9. I agree on that. A Trincomalee should never been catched by a Wasa speedwise. But look at the facts. I can take a lone hunting fitted ship which will be very expensive. I sail to a hot spot. I fight. I have to be fast because 90% of the players run. Also I need to be fast to escape from specialized gankers like Signore M. who sail speed modded Christians in large groups with smaller ships. With luck I can escape some times but now guess what will happen if they just catch the wind bonus and wait outside. They can do this repeatingly and I was reported by clan mates that this is happening already. So what do you guess will happen? But again, I am also completely against all the upgrade magic. Every Trincomalee should be faster than a Wasa and every Wasa should be faster than a Christian.
  10. There are some left. 😉 Sadly there are way more soft balled gankers here (and I except you because I fought against you many times and I know you are an excellent player). To answers your question: otherwise lone hunters will disappear in a long run as traders will. And who should be ganked than with super wind bonuses Christians catching Trinkos that left battles recently. Bad for all.
  11. I would like to suggest two additions. First a player that leaves a PvP battle should have a wind bonus for at least 5 minutes to avoid being tagged over and over again by wind bonused ships waiting outside the battle. There must be a chance to escape from a gank. This would promote PvP. Second the time for the wind bonus for trader ships should be doubled to promote trading activities.
  12. Hallo Ink, will I not loose may books when I do so? I thought changing ship will cause the knowledge slots to be resetted?
  13. @Sven Silberbart I completely understand your point. On the other hand there are most interesting ways to adapt. E.g. I do not care for ports and brick war with 25:25 1st rates. Infiltrate a Zerg and produce your stuff in what ever nation is leading. The PvP options on the war server are still good. Who cares if a nation has some good PB Fleets if there are no Port battles. The good think with this game is that you have several ways of playing it. If the game would necessarily have RvR I would have stopped playing month ago. There are several ways to bypass the (in my eyes broken as stated in many of my posts) RvR system. PvP is still big fun. Adding new nations seems good as long as it brings more players. Important in my eyes is to have less or at least not more magic in the combat system.
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