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  1. Recruiting NOW MONKS ist a US Nation Clan with more than 50 Players in US, EU and AUS timezone! We communicate in english, although not everyone is a perfect speaker. Our way is to be considerate towards those who try. Our main focus is PvP (Player versus Player) content - hunting in groups or alone - but we also engage in RvR (Realm versus Realm), the port conquest. PvE (Player versus Environment) is not actively pursued. Our logistics group is well organized by a couple of volunteers but everyone contributes to the clan. We are looking for players that are interested in PvP. You don´t have to be a pro, all we ask for is a will to learn and a readiness to go out there and pump iron into enemy hulls. Learning alongside others is fun! We have a strtuctured recruiting process. You have to register on our discord, this is our platform for organization and announcements. You will sail with us for a couple of weeks so a lot of people in the clan have a chance to meet you. We want to protect our jolly and effective battlegroup from any type of toxic, disruptive, unteachable or simply incompatible person. They all exist in video games, but we don´t want them to play with us. We want to protect the fun of playing this game. You are interested in PvP, feel mentally older than 18, are using Discord and Teamspeak and are able to communicate in a group? Ask for a MONKS member ingame to start the recruiting process! Stay healthy and best wishes Sir Loorkon Commander (Komtur)
  2. BR should have more variety, maybe dynamic and oriented on the points and the income of a port as multipliers. There should be a heavy penalty for raising hostility and not showing up at the portbattle. Best thing would be to make hostility missions cost Doubloons which will be refunded after a victorious battle or being given to the Defender when PB fleet is not showing up. There should also be a system to detect screening / battle activities around the PB port so screened out PB fleets count as a „show“ in the PB with no penalty. I do not know if this is doable coding wise but it is a pain - and we had it yesterday at Las Tortugas - when nearly 100 players are waiting inside and outside for a port battle attack fleet and no Spanish player is ( again) showing up. If you multiply the efforts of every player involved, such a „no show“ ruins several hundred gaming hours. That’s more than just bad taste. I would also suggest a more dynamic frontline system. How about making the hostility for the nearest enemy port cost e.g. 50.000 D, the second nearest 75.000 D, the third nearest 100.000 D ... ?
  3. I am not a big fan of bringing everything to the tribunal and this is my first tribunal thread. I reportet the player Jon Silver ingame several times now because my team mates and me being constantly insulted by him in a really primitive way and it starts getting on my nerves that this has not being stopped jet. I want to have fun when playing this game. I do not mind if I lose. I do not even mind being insulted, but not deliberately constantly.
  4. In my opinion port bonusses should be removed or all ports should be improvable to 55 points by investment. The current system only causes frustration and the majority to join the two-three zerg nations which is just boring and counterproductive.
  5. Can we please have much less storms in the game. It’s boring and a waste of time to sail around with reduced view range and I personally see zero content in it. Same applies to storm battles.
  6. I bought the Redoutable and I sail it very often. I like the DLC idea of making things easier if you pay for it. I also think if the income you get from those ships motivates the development to develop the game, its fine for me. Thats the reason why I bought nearly all DLCs. Nevertheless I see an imbalance at the moment. It is good to make things easier when paying real money for stuff but I think it should not be to hard to stay competative if you do not. I think you solved a part of the problem by increasing the wooden chest drops and by adding them to the PvP mission awards, but the way seasoned woods can be produced is to hard in my eyes. Especially for those who have no good access to Privateer fleets it is a hard grind enough seasoned woods to craft a ship that is competative with the seasoned wood redeemed Redoutable (even with bad bonusses). With a first rate as an DLC or - as you call it- imported ship - this imbalance will increase. To reduce it, the access to seasoned woods should be increase, especially by cheaper production cost. Labour contracts are - in my personal opinion - much to expensive, tools drop to rare.
  7. @Gregory Rainsborough OK, deal. I will get in touch with you this weekend to give you the Doubloons.
  8. Hallo @Gregory Rainsborough, can you publish that one? What do I have to pay?
  9. When the drop rate and ammont of seasoned woods chests is increasing, I recommend to increase the crafting options and amount, too. The costs (tools) and labour hours needed are high at the moment, they might be to high after the chest drop is increased. I personal like the frigates PvP. I hope your plans to rebalance the 3rd rates will not cause 5th rates and frigates to be obsolete.
  10. That’s an excellent post @John Sheppard. Sadly whenever I read something like this I ask myself why the RvR is in the game the way it is and why I should participate in it. It is supposed to be the end game content but I have the feeling that only a minority is enjoying it because in the end it only feeds the ego of a hand full of people on the server and for me in personal it used to cause frustration and other negative feelings. The time of Christmas truce was nice. 100% pure PvP without all that time consuming frustrating RvR stuff. Sadly we have to deal with the frustrating collateral damage RvR inflicts and the way you did it in this post is the only appropriate way, thank you for that.
  11. The port BR is fine. It might be interesting to have a ship rate limit with some ports to have more smaller ships (and more players) involved. The background amuses me. First you provoked my clan with your shallow-mania attack in the Bahamas, than you removed us from the friends list (for a while) after you took Maracaibo when Cabal dropped it (well knowing that it was MONX main crafting port) and than your interesting negotiations with the Brits makes MONX lose Jeremie. Than you repeated this very seldom way of diplomacy with Lions and now you wonder why lots of PvP players might have gone and you might not be able to fill a 10.000 BR PB? I read your impressive Williamstad Gazette (awesome work btw) but the most interesting articles are those that are not printed there.
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