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  1. I like the idea that the weaker side of the battle stays open. How about implementing PvP ranks to use them as a factor with the BR? So it could be possible for beginners or average players to use more BR against an skilled PvP player? If you use pure BR, the new mechanic would favour skilled players. But I do not think most of the skilled players would even like this „favour“ because most of them like a challenge and not an easy kill. BR in factor with PvP rank will also encourage beginners to fight. This could also be a great anti ganking mechanik because if Beginner(s) with 2xBR fight an average player, this is not a gank, if average player(s) with 2xBR fights a skilled player, this is not a gank but it would be a gank vice versa. This is only a simple example. @admin would it need alot of coding to do this? You have the data already.
  2. Thank you Sir, but its spelled Lord Loorkon ( my first character in a phantasie game called Midgard 30 years ago) 😉👌
  3. I agree completely. If we would have PvP ranks and not only PvE ranks we could have a nice system with „PvP rank x BR“. That would make the good idea of only the weak side staying open in battle be practicable.
  4. Those are very interesting ideas. The only thing I could not live with is the circle of death in OW. I mostly sail alone. I do not want to join teamspeak or groups to often because I am talking with my wife or I am afk for a while. Forcing me into group action will kill the game for me because it will force me to be present and communicating all the time. Impossible. I have no problem to be attacked by superior numbers but if I am forced to join a ganking group to stay competitive, I will quitt this game. I do not like the circle of death. It's like playing NA legends and has nothing to do with OW PvP.
  5. Sir Loorkon

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    The most interesting part of this game is that it is skillbased (experience based). Gear is important, but it is not the center. The most facinating part about the gear is that you can move the performance of a ship in a direction that fits you style of playing the game. This makes gear matter. You like boarding, fit your ship for boarding. You like disabling, fit your ship for penetration and accuracy. You like it the brutal way, go for reload. You have to have the experience to know what your personal style is and what ship fits to your style best. You have to know that it is better to increase the present good abilities of a ship than to increase the weak. Fitting a ship and finding a ship that matches the play style is experience/skill. A golden ship with expensive gear - even if metafitted - will not do any good if it does not fit your style. So a good fitted ship in good hands can be a monster. I agree to @Durin and @Licinio Chiavari with there posts and I completely disagree with @Slim McSauce and I assume his opinion that everything is gearbased is founded in a lack of experience. A player with skill knows what skill is worth.
  6. Sir Loorkon

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Experience is no feature.
  7. Sir Loorkon

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    So you have one slot on this ship - nearly no experience. WO/WO is really crap. It might be usefull on some special ships, but not on this one. Slow and not thick enough. I do not wounder any more.
  8. Sir Loorkon

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Lowering the Connis class to 3rd rate will be a nerf because some of the books you can use will perform worse (e.g. Powder Monkeys). So if you want to buff her, this would be the wrong direction. Second thing that comes to my mind is: Would the Aggamemnon stay 4th rate than? I always thought the Agga was a little stronger than the Conni an the Conni should be a little faster, but making Conni a 3rd rate and let Agga be a 4th rate feels not good.
  9. Sir Loorkon

    What am I doing wrong?

    The best training is hunting AI Traderbrigs in the Basic Cutter. Its free. if you make mistakes or repair, it costs nothing and you can train tactics. The worst mistake is to leave Basic Cutter to early. If you are ready to sink a le Gros Ventre in your Basic Cutter you should try Exam again. Do not give up! This game has a great combat mechanic but is hard to learn.
  10. Sir Loorkon

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    A big „thank you“ to the Dutch fleet and sorry mates that we could not help you in the battle against pirates inside the reinforcementzone near Philipsburg. One (maybe drunk?) swedish captain joined the pirat side so we could not join the battle on your side any more.
  11. Sir Loorkon

    Join Time/Space Solution

    ... well, if I would be a trader, I would not sell you anything anymore 😉 because you just made my long time sailing even longer. Do not increase the time waste.
  12. Sir Loorkon

    Join Time/Space Solution

    The most important point is to avoid easy abusebal mechanics. If you leave the habour or lock in you should not be able to join a battle that has started before or at the same time. The actual system works but I think both timers are a little short and make OW PvE relatively save. I like the idea with the swords but where would you join? It might be dangerous because if you position a ganking group around a single target there is no direction this target can escape if you join where you are by clicking this sword. Look at the join circle in reinforcementzones. If a superior group manages it to join within the 2 1/2 minutes, they can position around a target. A death trap even for the owner of the reinforcementzone. That is not good and could be done with the „click on swords“ easiely everywhere. Not a good ROE on OW.
  13. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

  14. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Sonds good. But dont you think a PvP player has a wider base for empirical evidence refering to PvP than you have?
  15. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Because I am adressed and I answer.