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  1. Sending AI traders by players is a great idea. It would save time to do other stuff. I see no argument against it, only pro.
  2. Do you realy think there will be a lot of crafting before the wipe/release of the game? Most players I know try to wipe ships themselves in fights atm. Why should anyone craft?
  3. So how would you describe it? „Very intelligent“ or „great“ or ... . I mean what is your suggestion to keep up diversity of ships? Using permits seems intelligent to me. Look at this forum. The best (attention, that is ironic) posts are those where people complain that with the permits and fine woods changes they can not (?) run the best wood PvP ships any more. Of course without doing PvP (or maybe RvR) it should be hard to get those ships, but if a player does not participate in PvP he does not need those ships anyway. The best ship to run away can be made of fir/fir. New players should use cheap oak/oak ships or shop ships first, they will get sunk 100 times any way so it is better to sink in a cheap ship and after that those that stay in and learned will have found ways to get better ships. We will all use oak/oak ships at release.
  4. In my eyes we only have one currency: reals. Duobloons feel more as a tradegood than a currency and CM and VM more like a token. If CM and VM are refered to as currencies (because you need them to craft some permits to craft some ships) conquently e.g. permits would be a currency, too.
  5. I just boarded an player Ocean with my Santissima and than I sunk it (because I was surrounded by enemies and knew I would not make it out). I did not get any medals. Is that intended? edit: Just logged in this morning and I had 5 medals. So there might be a delay but it worked.
  6. I think the whole game is going in the right direction now. Economie war (rare woods) for clans and nations and people that like RvR with more micro management for clans that own towns. PvP medals that make it possible to live better from PvP again by selling them. Keeping the ship diversity high by making the best ships rare with the intelligent use of permits. I like that. It is considered to remove the reinforcement zones (maybe by keeping the capital zones). That is also a very good move but I would recommend to combine it with the remove of the patrol zones (patrol zones would not be necessary any more) and give players only the duel zone/area. So all mechanics that hurt OW PvP and RvR would be removed. I am looking forward to the release.
  7. Great news! With this the PvP in OW might increase again. It was difficult to find any OW PvP in the last days and I had the feeling that most PvP was concentrated in the PvP zone. Btw. I read that you are considering to remove the reinforcementzones and leave a capital zone. If you do this, do you also consider to remove the patrol area? This would be a consequent move in my eyes to increase OW PvP. In my personal opinion only the duel zone should stay for those players that like duels and all the other PvP should happen in OW PvP or RvR.
  8. @admin Can I only get combat medals when I am in the PvP zone or doing missions -as stated in some posts above -or can I get them for a "normal" PvP kill (without mission and outside zone), too? I did not find any PvP yesterday and the day before yesterday on OW so I could not test it.
  9. @admin will there be a change in the boarding game in future (before or after release)? If the boarding game stays as it is, could we have at least a semi transparent boarding screen like we had before?
  10. I do not see any problem with the woods. Those players that run away with T/WO ships today will run away with whatever ship (T/WO or oak/oak) tomorrow. Those players that fight today in whatever ships will fight in whatever ships tomorrow. Adapt! Don't stay fokussed on old metas.
  11. If you are willing to spend the money for an very expensive kirimati mast or you are willing to sacrifice some perma slots to stack average mast protection, the mast should be save. My point is that an average player with an average ship and average money and an average mast protection should have a better chance against a mast shooter. Mast shooting (and hitting) is just to easy atm. My suggestion is nerfing the accuracy, not to the bottom but to an ammount that you need maybe double the time and shoots to hit and bring the mast down. Refering to the theme of this thread I do think that solving the problem in the way Liq suggested might solve the problem for the duel zone but create a much bigger problem in the OW. I agree to HachiRoku that masts are completly broken.
  12. You are right. We know that stacking mods or very expensive mods can make masts immune. Thats OK for me but that was not my point.
  13. Thats why I suggested to nerv the accuracy. A normal french and a nerved accuracy should be a good protection. Not invincible, but good enough to make every player think if there could be an alternative to dismasting.
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