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  1. This would increase the time sink. No thank you. How about reducing the BR limit of PB and the stacking of those „over the top“ bonusses?
  2. I hope the developers find a way out of this bonus systems. All those port bonuses combined with the books and upgrades are just to much in my eyes. I like the idea of port bonusses to create a „meaningfull“ RvR but all this is over the top. Creating an area like the hidden islands with a given bonus like you suggested here will make the situation even worse. Nerv all bonuses of ports, books and upgrades. Give each ship rate its own speed cap and lower the BR of the PB. Make standard blue 3/5 ships playable again. I do not want a grinding hell.
  3. Lower the BR for PB. No game set coalitions.
  4. The old boarding game (I can not believe that I say this) untill a new one is created that does not feel like boarding with an Imperial Star Destroyer. I have to set the screen bigger because I am a little older and all I can see is this boarding screen I personally dislike.
  5. Hmmm... mir ist ganz neu das mein Clan wegen Spionageverdacht keine Spieler aufnimmt. Du hattest mich (nach deinem post hier) vor ein paar Stunden erst angeschrieben und ich habe dich gerne und umgehend als Gast zu uns auf den discord eingeladen. Fakt ist allerdings, dass wir ein reiner PvP clan sind und auch keine Spieler aufnehmen, die mit dem Spiel grade begonnen haben. Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass wir nicht helfen. Ich hatte dir angeboten zu reden und hätte auch gerne das, was ich grade schreibe gesagt und mit Rat und Tat zur Seite gestanden. Empfehlen würde ich dir einen nicht nur auf PvP spezialisierten (und damit Anfänger/Wiederkehrer geeigneten) deutschsprachigen Clan. Grössere Gemeinden mit wirklich guten und sehr netten Spielern findest du auch in Schweden (HRE) oder Preussen (HANSA). edit: nach der Lektüre deines posts hier habe ich mir erlaubt, die Einladung auf den Discord rückgängig zu machen, du scheinst ja weiter ziehen zu wollen.
  6. With the new crafting bonus system the system of redeeming this ship and all DLC ships should change, too. It should be possible to redeem a Rättvisan note that could be converted without crafting that will lead to a ship without port bonus and a Rättvisan permit that could be used to craft a ship (requiring all crafting assets) that will lead to a ship with port bonus. Without that the Rätt feels to weak.
  7. A good point but when the port gets captured by an other nation the new owner could destroy all the upgrades when he knows that he can not hold the port for long. So maybe there should be a delete option, but there should be an delay when being used.
  8. Beside the question if some cases are intelligent but questionable uses of loopholes or just violations of rules you should try to imagine what this kind of playing style is doing with the population of average players. You are an excellent veteran PvP player and you know the rules and the loopholes by heart. You know that the player population in your time zone is not high. Don't you think some actions are just counterproductive if we want a game with a high player base?
  9. ...St. Mateo PB just happened. What is the consequence?
  10. Why do you mix up things here? And why do you misquote me on purpose that I intended to say only ALTs are a promlem? Of course there should be a change to avoid "friends" doing the same thing ALTs could do. Admin posted a solution to that in the other thread just some hours ago.
  11. There are rules referring the abuse of ALTs in RvR (look at the thread sparkydog posted in). As long as the rules are in force, there is a clear conclusion and a announced punishment if there is a proof that an ALT was used to exploit RvR mechanics. No crying, no drama, just rules and the necessary consequences.
  12. There is There is no drama, just rules. If the rules are still in force, the conclusion is clear. The PB should be cancelled. The ALT should be dealt with according to the rules. Where is the drama?
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