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  1. Sir Loorkon

    Empty sea

    I do not like the way RvR works and I do not like how portbattles work. It is very time consuming and I find it very hard to spend time for something I do not like. I find it boring to sail around in a 8,5 kn concrete brick and being told in witch direction to sail and when to push the fire button. BR changes bring a little change to the better but if this is the endgame content, its no fun for me. I always arranged with that and participated in some portbattles to support my nation. What matters to me is OW PvP, no RvR, no patrolzone PvP, no PvE. I will like every mechanic that will increase OW PvP and if RvR or patrolzone PvP or PvE leads to OW PvP, I am fine with those.
  2. Sir Loorkon

    Empty sea

    RvR is not realy happening atm... so following your approach there should be enough OW PvP. But it is not. PvP of the PvP interested players seems to be concentrated in the patrol zones.
  3. Sir Loorkon

    Empty sea

    I like OW PvP and the concept of this beautifull age of sail game but the OW seems to be deserted. Most of the seldom enemys I encounter on OW run away and only do fight when they can outnumber. 1-2 fights in 5 hours!? Feels so boring. I sail around and have nothing to do. Lots of PvP players I know have gone or play much less. The only PvP I can find is in the patrol zone. I do not like the patrol zone because of the ROE and the ultimate ganking. It is just boring. And why should I try to get doubloons? I like the idea of doubloons and I like patch 27 but atm I do not need doubloons. In the patrol zone I can sail (captured) 5th rates with low upgrades (no need of doubloons to produce) and there are no battles where I need a ship crafted with doubloons. I am swimming in doubloons. The only reason why I drove to the patrolzone yesterday (and was sunk in a nice 1:3 directly in front of aves outside the zone) was not to get doubloons but that I wanted to see a ship sailed by a human and not by a bot. I am sad to say so. Given that we players are the main content of the game, I do not care if one of the „running-away-players“ or „PvP-avoid-players“ is leaving the game. They are no content for me (in my very personal view of this game). But I do care when a lot of the remaining PvP players seem to be concentrated in the Patrol zone and the OW is deserted. That leaves no contend for me and my way of playing the game. I do not have a solution and I do not want to be right or wrong, I just express how I feel when I play atm.
  4. You are right. So there will be timed empty battles...
  5. I wounder if we would be able to test any RvR mechanism properly at the moment. We have a very low playerbase and RvR seems pointless. I also wounder if the flag system would work with the united server. The playerbase at night (european timezone) seems to be very low, but it might get problematic with „nightflags“. All after all a difficult if not impossible situation.
  6. Sir Loorkon

    Identify your enemy

    In my opinion the main problem is not that you do not see the players names. It is that you can not talk to them. I give you examples: I mostly sail alone and I use fast ships (no fir/fir crap of course). I am in a Endymion and I encounter 6 enemy 5th rates. I run. In former times when messages where allowed I would have sent a message to one of them like „I will fight 2 of you, but not 6. If you agree I turn and fight.“ This mostly works and gives nice fights. I stand outside Tumbado with and unknown brit. Player. Two spanish leave Tumbado. In former times I would have sent a message to the brit. player like „is it you Massimo/Nethros/William/xxxx and shall we get the spanish together?“ Today I will not leave the port because I will end up in a 3:1. I am so fed up with that lack of communication 😒
  7. Sir Loorkon

    Should the Cerberus be given Shallow Water Access?

    I like your idea. What about Surprise and Renomee? Together with the Cerberus they are almost useless after the introduction of Herk and LaBroken.
  8. Sir Loorkon

    Identify your enemy

    I like the Idea with the rank because I do not want to attack players under the rank of master and commander. On the other hand, knowing the rank could be abused by those who want to sink beginners. I see no reason why we should see the clan of a ships captain. With clan and rank the idea of devs to encourage fighting because of the anonymity of the target is lost. Over all, I think it should stay as it is. It would be better to bring back the OW communication. I miss this feature (messages to enemy ships) very much.
  9. Sir Loorkon

    Battles closing under watch

    The short timer stops disconnected ships (trap) from joining or players waiting in port from joining. That is good. It would have been better to extend the time of the „not able to join timer“ to 4 minutes for connecting ships or ships leaving a habour.
  10. Sir Loorkon

    Patrol ROE

    I do not like those exploits but I do not care to much. Those two players in your example do exploit themselves without knowing it. They waste time without the fun of a fight. They gain doubloons but they do not gain experience and they bore themselves to death. What will they do with those doubloons? Buy goldships to repeat the exploit and repeat and repeat? They will not be competitive in a real fight anyway. Those players are punished by themselves.
  11. Sir Loorkon

    Patrol ROE

    I understand. Sadly my son did not play any more but it was great fun to sail together with him. How about implementing a PvP rank? It could solve the problem. The main point should be to get more ballanced fights. Atm I do not sail in the patrol zone because it boars me to get ganked again and again.
  12. Sir Loorkon

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    When the shoe does not fit you, why do you put it on? Did you PvP or PvE when you where „cought“? If you did PvP, its fine. But why do you conplain? I was cought and sank by 6 american french yesterday. I had a very expensive ship. It was a nice gank. Who cares? It is the warserver. If you did PvE on some ege (sorry corner“) of the map, why do you complain? You could have done this riskfree on the peaceserver.
  13. Sir Loorkon

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    Very good! So where is your problem? I read the posts but I do not understand the logic. You can have the butter or the money for the butter. Both is impossible.
  14. Sir Loorkon

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    I do not care about those people leaving because they do not fight anyway. „Risk“👌! Why are the most viewers of a motorrace standing at the most dangerous curves? They want to see the risk but they do not want to drive the car. Personaly I do not need players that want to look and talk about PvP and feel a „risk“ when staying in the reinforcementzone and watch enemy players sail by. This is not television. A player should be part of the fight, not just watching it. Those watchers and runners are no content.
  15. Sir Loorkon

    Patrol ROE

    The main issue with the patro zones is the ganking. A good limit to denie joining the high BR side and start with 1,3 to 1,5 BR difference should fix it. Maybe it could be a good idea not to use BR but a new PvP rank system (the actual rank system is PvE based and worthless for PvP). There are very good suggestions to do both things in this and other threads.