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  1. Sicherlich, 2-52 Wochen Weis aber nicht ob es für das Game so gesund wäre.
  2. Then leave it with the game and give people the money back when you are tired of developing the game. You should just be more responsive to the community
  3. I am happy when 300 players are online every day 😂
  4. One of my clan members! It is getting annoying that te home fleets are increasingly tagging outside their zone
  5. Die nachfolgenden Posts haben mit der preußischen Zeitung nichts zutun! Wenn ihr euch wörtlich bekriegen wollt, macht doch bitte ein extra Topic !
  6. The DLC should be removed. It just doesn't bring balance. One should go to a new nation naked.
  7. Hat jemand genaue Angaben wann nun das neue Update kommen soll?
  8. When will the new update finally come?
  9. In fact, I think that such updates come much too late. But with hostility it was really necessary.
  10. I think you should just take the PB out for a week to find a solution. But that's how the game is made dead again.
  11. Then there will again be 300 players from day to day with your ignorance
  12. This is the very last thing they do over and over again.
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