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    Game inbalances or cheating?

    So you have one slot on this ship - nearly no experience. WO/WO is really crap. It might be usefull on some special ships, but not on this one. Slow and not thick enough. I do not wounder any more.
  2. Sir Loorkon

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Lowering the Connis class to 3rd rate will be a nerf because some of the books you can use will perform worse (e.g. Powder Monkeys). So if you want to buff her, this would be the wrong direction. Second thing that comes to my mind is: Would the Aggamemnon stay 4th rate than? I always thought the Agga was a little stronger than the Conni an the Conni should be a little faster, but making Conni a 3rd rate and let Agga be a 4th rate feels not good.
  3. Sir Loorkon

    What am I doing wrong?

    The best training is hunting AI Traderbrigs in the Basic Cutter. Its free. if you make mistakes or repair, it costs nothing and you can train tactics. The worst mistake is to leave Basic Cutter to early. If you are ready to sink a le Gros Ventre in your Basic Cutter you should try Exam again. Do not give up! This game has a great combat mechanic but is hard to learn.
  4. Sir Loorkon

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    A big „thank you“ to the Dutch fleet and sorry mates that we could not help you in the battle against pirates inside the reinforcementzone near Philipsburg. One (maybe drunk?) swedish captain joined the pirat side so we could not join the battle on your side any more.
  5. Sir Loorkon

    Join Time/Space Solution

    ... well, if I would be a trader, I would not sell you anything anymore 😉 because you just made my long time sailing even longer. Do not increase the time waste.
  6. Sir Loorkon

    Join Time/Space Solution

    The most important point is to avoid easy abusebal mechanics. If you leave the habour or lock in you should not be able to join a battle that has started before or at the same time. The actual system works but I think both timers are a little short and make OW PvE relatively save. I like the idea with the swords but where would you join? It might be dangerous because if you position a ganking group around a single target there is no direction this target can escape if you join where you are by clicking this sword. Look at the join circle in reinforcementzones. If a superior group manages it to join within the 2 1/2 minutes, they can position around a target. A death trap even for the owner of the reinforcementzone. That is not good and could be done with the „click on swords“ easiely everywhere. Not a good ROE on OW.
  7. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

  8. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Sonds good. But dont you think a PvP player has a wider base for empirical evidence refering to PvP than you have?
  9. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Because I am adressed and I answer.
  10. Hi Bumsebiene, ich finde es super, was du für uns deutschsprachige leistest. Bezüglich der von dir angesprochenen kürze, wie ist es mir „Anker lichten“? Recht frei übersetzt, aber doch irgendwie seemännisch. 😉 Danke für die tolle Arbeit!
  11. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    It is important and it is working atm. No need to annoy people with this in threads that have nothing to do with repairs. Its the same with the skill/gear thing. Everybody has the right to express his opinion within the rules of this forum but dont you think it is a lack of respect to bring this every time everywhere?
  12. Good to hear that you are out there, I miss our chats😉. The other thing with the patrolzone is that I miss the OW feeling. Sailing out alone in OW to find the unexpected, that's the thrill for me. Sometimes a good fight, sometimes a gank, sometimes nothing. In patrolzone I expect and find an annoying gank. But you are right, maybe as a part of an group it might feel different. But to stay on topic, I am leveling some ships for my new US account atm and I can confirm that the doubloon drop from AI warships and traders is really high. Playing 3-4 hours gives 7500-10000 doubloons and some rare books or upgrades or wood. I level 4 and 5th rates, so the amount would even be higher by using leveled 1st rates.
  13. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Well, I am not laughing while I type this because you did it again. And you will do it again. Repairs and gear/skill. I am getting tired. You have the last word as always:
  14. Hi Pala, killing AI to get doubloons is boring but it works fine and I find it better to be bored than to be annoyed by the ganking in the patrolzone. Patrolzone reminds me of NAlegends - a game I find so boring that I never would play it again. And the ROE of the patrol zone is not working.
  15. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    @Slim McSauceYou have made several threads refering to the repair system. Other players made threads refering to this. Why do you not reaktivate one of the threads to repeat your ideas. It is annoying to discuss the same thing again and again in all threads. There are good and bad arguments for both sides in all of these threads. The developers will pick what they need. Trying to turn every thread into an „anti multirepair thread“ is not very respectfull in my eyes.
  16. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    So Slim has managed to turn an other thread into a „anti multi repair“ thread. OK. I am getting used to it. Repairs are limited by their weight. Players used to carry repairsunits to repair 2—4x each. If Slim carries units to repair hull and rig 8 times he will be so slow that he will never get a fight against an other player. But may be that is not the intention. Endless kiting and running or fights ending after 12 minutes will be the result of Slims suggestion. I like the current repair system.
  17. Sir Loorkon

    Flags Flags Flags

    Exactly. And the swedish flags we have atm will not motivate me to buy the DLC for my Swedish account. I bought it for my US account because I like the rattlesnake flag. Jakob Kettlers suggested flags look great. I would like to see them and the HRE flag havelock suggested for Sweden.
  18. Sir Loorkon

    Battle chat

    You can turn it off. Just open nation chat or help chat and make the window as small as possible. —silence — I do this sometimes when I get insulted.
  19. Sir Loorkon

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Slim, I completly agree what ROE in patrolzone is concerned. There should be a limit like e.g. 1,5. I disagree with limiting repairs. In your example the Requin repaired once. Than it returned. If you limit repairs, all the ships that enter patrol battle first will have a big disadvantage because they will have used their limited repairs. They would be easy kills for those that join later.
  20. If you would have read @Licinio Chiavari s excellent post you would have recognized that he is postulating exactly the oposite of what you have postulated. Fitting a ship with the right gear is a skill. The fitting skill makes gear shine. I told you before but...
  21. How could you see it? You stated some weeks ago that you do not play atm and I have seen you only in the US nation chat and here.
  22. You are right. It has no chasers in game and it will have no chasers in game.
  23. ? Have you fought against an Essex (a player, not AI)? This is one of the best PvP ships. With its very good turnrate and its good sailing profile and its armament it is a strong ship. What do you want to buff? Have you sailed an Essex? And please do not bring your „give Essex chasers“ idea in again. It would make all other 5th rates obsolete. 3rd rate is a cheap Bellona and usefull in RvR because of less BR. Ingermanland is a little week but in the right hands and equipped properly it is a very good brawler in close fights because of the turnrate. It could need some HP or thickness, like the Wappen, but if you increase the stats of Wappen or Inger to much, they would become to strong very quickly. Wappen and Inger are strong against Frigates, esp. those with bad turnrate, like the Endymion. They are very week against Bellonas and maybe to slow to escape from 3rd rates. But look at the Wappens history. She was an convoy escort with big cargo hold. She was slow, maybe she should be a little more tanky. I like the idea with the increased cargo hold of the Wappen.
  24. Sir Loorkon

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Thank you very much for the outstanding work you do for us. Your map is not a map, it is the best tool for this game.
  25. Sir Loorkon

    Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction at the Margins

    At first I disliked RNG crafting. Now I like it because players produce more ships to get a special one. That makes a lot of cheap 3/5 ships for the market. The only reason why this is not working atm is the low playerbase and the fear of an upcoming wipe. I personaly do not like gold ships because I care to much about them (so I am not full concentrated to win but not to loose when fighting) and most of them rotten in habour. I started sailing them when the „wipe talking“ started because I want to loose them in PvP myself, not by a wipe.