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  1. I personally think that removing combat medals and XP or any other incentive for players above post captain attacking players below master and commander would be good. Also instituting a global gentleman's agreement across the server to let players trading and fighting against AI of rank below master and commander be on their way, unless they wish to fight by agreement. I certainly agree that in some form seal clubbing does affect the number of people that keep playing and stay on. I tend to think that the solution is un-capturable capitals should have AI that protect players under the rank of master and commander as long as they stay in the capital and it's immediate satellite city area. I am also hoping that the new raid mechanics put pressure on nations that have expanded beyond their active population size. Unfortunately I think that a lot of "can't beat em join em" types have already swelled the size of some nations to the point that this mechanic may not reflect the number of ports a nation should have, if their population was not swelled by mercenary types that join the winning side. I guess another solution might be just to make nations core ports all 20 or so and un capturable but raidable. Then have the rest up for grabs. Meaning that no nation can actually die beyond being economically viable all together. P.S. Sorry if I am a bit off topic. But I think all of the above is directly related to the game being viable in the long term. Especially for those that take a break every now and then to come back. I really would love to see this game keep growing and expanding with more DLC and more maps. It's unique and amazing.
  2. I think the largest factions with the most powerful fleets and ships get hit by the AI RAIDS hardest to prevent them taking the whole map. This would provide an incentive for factions not to go too bananas with expanding. Not sure if my interpretation of the mechanic is correct though. I am sure the AI will lay off after a faction has too few ports left.
  3. It would certainly make it easier in port for when you have more than one of the same ship and want to rush out of port. A few people have changed their in game names to ships names with prefixes like hms. But yes I would love this feature. Perhaps it does not need to be on the ship model. Just under your name in the open world. The reporting function for offensive ship names would be the same as for offensive names. However imagine if somebody sold you a prenamed ship. You did not remember to check and it got you reported because it was an offensive name. I guess in this case names should just not be transferable.
  4. Texas. You don’t need huge fleets of ai. Just some ai that even up the BR rating in capital and ship building capitals. If you are in anything but a trader you prolly should not get ai help. Heck i tried to do a trade run this morning and went to get in the shower ready for work. We t to do a course correction just before jumping in a and was in battle. A guy with two cerbs and a trafing snow jumped in and saved me where i was a trading brig va a trinco I was right outside a ship building capital. This is the kind of thing the ai should do. Just give you an even chance of getting away.
  5. I am thinking the devs only intend ai npcs to attack raiders that are trying to seal club around nations capitals and trade centers.
  6. Any news on a new boarding system or wind strengths? I wonder if this is included in battle sail mechanics? I like all the changes otherwise. As long as the AI is more of a defensive ai around capitals. Perhaps ports could be upgraded by nations eith ai fleets where port bonuses are. But certainly most of the map cannot be ai controlled. But very good to see that the ai fleet should give pause to seal clubbers around capitals. Also with regard to port bonuses. Small clans should also be able to get bonuses I think. My only worry about individuals getting bonuses would be spies farming them and trading them to other nations? Or am I being paranoid. I guess thats why currently only the port capturer and his 15 clan friends list can benefit. On second thought are the bonuses that game changing or is it that large clans need them to fight other large clans? I am looking forward to paint and crew experience systems. This is going to be grand especially if you can choose what number of what trades are on each ship. promoting and switching officers between ships will also be really cool if that is to happen. I also wonder if we will be able to see equipped figureheads in 3d tactical battles soon?
  7. Playing PVP with a clan that has a few Aussies in it at the moment. Don't really play much PVE. Depending on where the server goes in PVP I may though
  8. No I am not asking for traders to teleport. Game would be empty. As for clans escorting... that is not as fair on the smaller bands or lone players. Rather nations should have a way of helping national players.
  9. Good point. A slight flaw in my plan Maybe this could just be done on the sea then on the way as you travel past by private message.
  10. I often wonder whether trader escort missions should be a thing. Because a lot of traders get ambushed while AFK. To make things a little fairer for the trader I was thinking that traders should be able to issue escort missions linked to the trader mission. They could pop up in nation as a message across the screen like when wrecked fleets are announced. You could even join the trader anytime during the journey and link to him\her on the sea. Of course the reward would get smaller and be awarded for the distance travelled with the trader. I guess a TOW button could allow the escort to link in with the traders fleet for travel until they leave\release.
  11. I don't know if their is a definitive clan for Australians anymore. Used to be AUS iirc. The Brits seem to use the antiquated Team speak program.
  12. I saw over 700 online last night in au time zone bout 1am.
  13. Yes. Yards can be frozen at any angle. But with rudder and yards combined a lot more should be possible.
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