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  1. Yes. Yards can be frozen at any angle. But with rudder and yards combined a lot more should be possible.
  2. I see. I know what you mean. But you would have to hold your rudder pedals down the whole time. I have rudder pedals for my flight sims. So maybe I will try. THat does not make it very relaxing though.
  3. Is there a way to hold the rudder at whatever angle you want. Currently most people use full or centre rudder for all but slight adjustments. I was wondering if there is a way to lock the rudder at say 10 degrees for a very shallow turn? P.S. I may have suggested this years ago. But just thought of this again after doing some recent battles.
  4. Great news. So looking forward to this! However their will still be periodic world map port wipes right? But not XP wipes? P.S. It would be really great to get a PR campaign going with paid youtubers and advertisements hyping the game to get the community back for release and anybody new in the bag.
  5. Happy to do some testing. I am excited about the modern and age of sail games coming. Good times.
  6. So even though we will not be controlling the yards, will the game have the crew quality and captain quality managing this aspect as well as all other minor detail. So that we have maximum dimensions to differentiate the navies and fighting styles?
  7. I mean as in two games being developed at once are separate or the same teams?
  8. Is this game related to ultimate general age of sail game?
  9. Single player only has me concerned. As does it being so simple like total war naval battles, which were kinda passé. But I love the idea of landings. Will land battles be included? I cannot imagine this will be as good as naval action in terms of immersion? Unless we are building the ships to a complicated plan etc. what of the age of steam game from the same team?
  10. Since STEAM went to AU dollars a day or so ago. I can no longer see pricing in steam for naval action or it's modules. Steam did mention their would be a delay for some titles. This delay would happen when AU pricing was not yet available. Just thought I would let you guys know that given the sales you might be missing out at the moment due to some customers not being able to purchase the title.
  11. Definitely interested. Have been following the other post with great interest. Thx. Destraex.
  12. I don't mind as long as their is a cool down between being able to apply the same paint again. Otherwise particular paint schemes - especially ones that should be rare - will be very common.
  13. Will we perhaps be able to hoist signal flags like the famous trafalgar message in this pack?
  14. This is my first look at the new port interface (with the in game 3D ship as the backdrop). I love the fact that you can drag windows around. That is a really handy feature. However it would be good if the ports buildings did not look so oversized and out of place compared to the ship from an immersion standpoint. The buildings are ok at a distance in the open world but very strange when you are zoomed right next to it. The wooden jetty is the same. Huge and not in scale with the ship. A wharf would be better. Would love to see some actual human elements to the port as well. Like men running around visualising your ship. Maintaining the paint and fixing the ship in general. You know. Something to indicate that you are not actually at sea anymore. But docked in a port. In general though I really love the concept for the port UI. The art work is top notch and really immersive on the card based interface parts. Lovely. A really great job in that respect!! The picture below is an example of a wharf and slips. Also smaller ships like frigates would be docked along the peer rather than at the end. Larger ships would commonly not come close at all unless they were refitting. They would send boats:
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