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  1. 1. I‘m neither tiered of the game nor do i dislike it - i think i already mentioned that above. 2. Nevertheless I must say, that i‘m utterly disappointed because i didn‘t expect a real time strategy game without the above mentioned save game option. That is quite unusual as far as i know! 3. I don‘t know how you play this game and were you have your data from, but i‘m in the middle of the british campaign (glorious ... of June) and at the Cheseapeake in the american campaign. I played on middle / normal difficulty and had quite a few battles that lasted 2h plus (yes i use the „pau
  2. @sterner Well, am i able to get a refund?
  3. That is very sad to read! ... because it basically means i‘m not able to play this game anymore - the battles in the later stages of the campaigns are just too time consuming to get them done before real life interrupts me. I‘m really disappointed about that, because almost every single game has such a savegame feature. Imo you should be willing and able to realize that, to satisfy your customers! Moreso because i‘m quite sure i‘m not able to get a refund!?
  4. @sterner I don‘t want to annony you, but could you clarify If you intend to implement the possibilty to save the game inside of battles (anytime soon)?
  5. How do i find the Naval Action Discord?
  6. Is there also a UA: AoS Discord?
  7. Admittedly i haven‘t played for a while and i’ve never had been a good pvp-guy, but aren‘t the hp of the Victorys mast top sections a problem in pvp? Comparing the values of the 1st rates by using na-map.netlify i see that the Vic only has about 1/3 of the other ships top mast hp - thus dismasting that section seems highly propable to me.
  8. I’d guess it’s the way you suggest, But i haven’t tried it yet. Tip: Create a custom battle, equip the ships you want in the way you want and see for yourself.
  9. @sterner Thanx for the fixed French Re-bored!
  10. @sterner Played again yesterday, „Glorious June“, couldn‘t finish it because of rl interruptions, thus i spend 3 hours to no avail, concerning ingame progress. I decided not to play again until the save game option is available in battles - please confirm that it’s comming (i like your game)! Imagine all the bugs which could be detected and solved thanx to more casuals starting to play this game, because they know they are able to save progress when they want!
  11. @sterner Checked it again, it’s still the same, waiting to get fixed.
  12. Imo it would also be nice If players could clear for action without opening the ports and running out the guns. This would make sense e.g. if players had the possibility to pretend beeing friendly or unprepared, when in fact they were not.
  13. @sterner Imo it would be awesome if the game could be saved inside a battle. That‘s because battles tend be be quite time consuming in UA: AoS and everytime rl intervenes (e.g. childreen cry, friends visit unexpected) players need to quit and later on restart the battle all over again. In such cases the ability to save the progress already made would be very helpful!
  14. Just checked it in the beta version: It worked, when I clicked onto a certain button. Thanx! @sterner Sorry, I didn’t know!
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