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  1. Same problem here
  2. Looked up the stats again and a bit more thorough: The crafted Vic might even become the new meta ship for pb if her weakness of getting leakshoted is solved actually!
  3. @admin I haven't played the Vic since the latest update, but looking at the new stats i need to say "thank you" for ... 1. the way you buffed her and ... 2. implementet her 1765 version as a dlc! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Provided she's not that much prone anymore to get leakshoted she now seems to be a good alternative to Santi and l'Ocean: - Vics have the best thicknes, speed and turn rate values, plus the second best damage output with carros. - Santis have the best damage output and the largest hp pool, plus the second best turnrate (leaving out the dlc Vic, see below)*. - l'Oceans take second places in thickness, hp and speed values*, but including the shape of thier hull they should still provide the best tank of the first rates. 2. The Vic dlc seems to be the weakest first rate by stats. Compared to her later and craftable version she's got lower speed (worst of the 1st rates), turn rate (second best of the 1st rates) and thickness values (second worst of the 1st rates). The only stat that is better compared to the craftable version is her damage output with carronades (second best in game). With her visuals (best looking 1st rate imo) and her easy availability when bought she's still a nice big boat to have. Sidenote: Imo it would be good for the game, if you'd nerf the Redoutable to a similar level compared with the other 3rd rates (leaving out the vessel named "3rd Rate" maybe), because she seems to be rather overpowered (i own her too)! Lower speed or at least a sailing profile with more distinct weaknesses could be a way imo.
  4. @sterner Ok, I get it: You want to keep the Battle at the Saintes for an upcoming French campaign dlc isn’t it!? 😉
  5. 1. Could you state the buffs please? 2. Will the dlc Victory and the actual crafted one share thier stats or will there be any differences apart from the visuals?
  6. It might be a bit too early to ask, but I’ll try it nonetheless: Do you already know if the success of the game allows you to produce future dlcs like ... - a French campaign or ... - a Campaign editor?
  7. @sterner Dear Devs, imo you’re doing a great job with the game so far! As I understand both campaigns are finished in terms of the number of missions they contain, right? Is there anything more content to come until release (e.g. new ship models or gameplay features or types of battle implemented)? Or do you intend to focus entirely on fixing bugs and smoothing things?
  8. @sterner Thanx for adding l‘Ocean and Barfleur to the custom battle setup!
  9. Is it possible now to get to know the exact week, when this beauty will be released?
  10. @sterner After the recent update I noticed that the British campaign doesn’t feature the Battle of the Saintes. That’s a pity imo! I‘d like to have it ingame as a sort of happy end to the lost American Revolutionary War - a final reckoning with the French, concerning thier support to the USA so to speak. I think that such a mission could be done similar to the Cheasepeake of the American campaign: - story line: after the evacuation of Savanna our chosen admiral to be sails to English Harbour (Antigua). There he stays with the british fleet to fight Compte de Grasse in the above mentioned battle. - gameplay / mission: let us attack the French vanguard or rearguard with the fleet we have accomplished to muster during the previous missions ... and add a few SOL to our command temporarily to get this mission accomplished (this would be similar to the Cheasepeake gameplay, just on a smaller scale) What do you think?
  11. @sterner Just noticed that there is a Santi and a Victory class 1st rate to chose from, when you want to do a custom battle line fight. What about the l‘Ocean class? You’ve already implemented it into the US campaign, couldn’t the l’Ocean also be included into the custom battles?
  12. @sterner Updated my steam version today and saw that you added custom battles! Haven‘t tried it yet, but THANK YOU!!! That‘s great news!
  13. @sterner Do you intend to bring the Barfleuer into the game as it was - see the posted pics above? That would be awesome! But If not - because of causing too much extra work for instance: What about using the classic Victory or the Christian model from NA as Barfleur class than? Imo that would be better than staying with the Bucentaure model, because they represent a closer match (3 decker instead of a 2 decker).
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