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  1. Storms would be great content Imo!!! Possible additional decissions captains could face in heavy weather: - how many sails should i set (full sails in storms would sooner or later cause masts to break)? - which gunports (deck-wise) should i open up for how long (open gunports under water would cause fast leaking and eventually sinking)? - which bearing should i steer (big waves hitting the ship at it‘s long sides could damage its hull)?
  2. Even with the actual "waves" there should be (more) spray comming over the bow of a ship that sails 10kn + imo.
  3. First of all: Yes, there are more pressing concerns than graphics, because the overall graphics of NA look fine imo! I especially like the detailed ship models and the water is also ok! But i wonder if graphics couldn't be done even more vividly and thus immersive: If i watch videos of sailing ships or boats i notice some details that make sailing so dynamic and enticing for myself: 1. If ships sail in a certain angle to the wind they heel over. 2. Ships rock / pitch when climbing waves and going down again. 3. With increasing speed a vessel also throws up a bow wave of increasing size. 4. Depending on how fast a vessel sails and how high the waves are, bow waves turn into quite impressing splashes of water, when the ship crashes into waves. Imo NA captures 1. in a satisfing way! But 2. and 3. could be done better (more dynamic) and 4. is missing completely! @admin Could you enhance 2. and 3. plus implement the splashing water to make this game's graphics even more immersive!?
  4. Tested with an Ingermanland. If these bonuses exist, i haven't noticed the difference.
  5. Would add ... 1. spatial awareness and ... 2. timing to that. Meaning e.g. the knowledge if you have enough space to tack, if you have the right angle and are slow enough to get a good rake or if you have enough time to load double shot before you pass your enemy.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if thier priorities in the last few weeks have been „vacations“!
  7. @admin That would be a good step forward! Plus: It would be rather easy to do, isn’t it!? I really wonder why you haven’t fixed the PvP zone and reinforcement zone problem yet!
  8. @admin Where is my critical comment gone? I posted it about 2,5 hours ago in this thread and even got one like for it. Technical issues? Would appreciate it, if you would be able to restore it!
  9. Ok, last attempt - I promise! 😉 I‘m not speaking of one on one engagements! If this captain would have sailed his 64 in our NA patrol zone he rather would have faced four 1st rates and six 74s than one 80 gun ship. I bet he would have tried to escape if he saw a chance. What do you think?
  10. Yes but no sane frigate captain would attack a fleet of 74‘s or even 1st rates alone - that‘s the scenario you face in these wonderful patrol zones! Would that we had such amazing content! But again: There is no such context inside the patrol zones! There‘s just a stupid brawl and die for marks context! And again: I doubt that an insane captain who sails headlong into his ship’s doom for the sake of nothing would get a single mark / coin or whatever as a reward! On the contrary: If he hasn‘t already been ripped into pieces during the battle he would need to justify his deeds in front of a court or war council!
  11. Would be a pleasure! I've already written you ingame.
  12. But thier duty was also to safe thier ships if they knew they couldn't win.
  13. Sigh ... i'd say yes and no at the same time! The primary purpose is to get some PvP going imo! The rewards are secondary to me - although i like them! --> Atm i don't think these zones do a lot to get PvP going. They limit PvP tactically! ... and as far as i know they don't even lead to a significant increase of PvP - do you have numbers? But what the zones in thier current form do imo is: a) Creating an artificial feeling (why the heck do i have a shrinking circle - did they have it too back in the days ... when they were drunk?). b) Reward gankers to no ends - if they still find some prey that is.
  14. It doesn't matter how much area was used in single fights - the claim that room to manoever was crucial wouldn't be falsyfied by fights on close and limited quarters imo. The more space the more possibilities! Circle of death = only possibility: Brawl for your life (at least for the last 15 minutes).
  15. Room to sail and manoever was crucial in the age of sail!
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