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  1. Don‘t get me wrong, I don’t want to have fancy fantasy pirate ships or something like that! I also want the „real stuff“ to get into the game, but I think there are better choices than USS Pensylvania, because of the following reasons: That‘s what I found on wiki about the USS Pensylvania: „Launched in 1837, her only cruise was a single trip from Delaware Bay through Chesapeake Bay to the Norfolk Navy Yard. The ship became a receiving ship“. That seems a rather unimpressive record! I would rather have (more famous) ships of the age of sail implemented into the game. Ships t
  2. @sterner @Husserl Would it be possible to implement the opportunity to switch Adaption on and off and / or change the level of difficulty in a running campaign (via fleet management overview -> options)? Imo this would be a nice asset, because players could adjust the level of difficulty to thier abilities without restarting a campaign. This might also minimize negative Steam reviews, even further, as the difficulty of the game seems to be an important factor for lots of the negative reviews. What do you think devs?
  3. @sternerSpeaking of difficulty: Does the chosen level of difficulty have an effect on the strength of every single enemy unit, or does it only effect thier numbers? I mean, is e.g. a single Bellona class 3rd rate stronger on medium difficulty than on easy?
  4. Impressive! But too late imo to be included in a game that covers something like the golden age of (wooden) fighting sail. In 1837 the days of wooden warships were (almost) over. It might just be my personal view, but I’d rather have those warships in the game, that had thier share in important battles of the age of sail (e.g. HMS Captain, HMS Vanguard, HMS Victory, Redoutable, Buccentaure, l‘Orient, ... Santissima Trinidad).
  5. @sternerUnfortunately it happened again: Saved Fireworks right at the start, tried to load and was thrown into the management overview again. ☹️
  6. But it also allows for choosing the level of difficulty for each battle anew, doesn‘t it?
  7. Could somebody explain the mechanic of „adaption“ to me please? Does it simply enable me to chose the level of difficulty before each battle, or ist there some more to this mechanic?
  8. Hey devs, I played „Snakes and Powder“, saved mid battle, tried to load this savegame a day later and was thrown into the management overview instead of the actual battle. It would be cool, If you found the reason for this missfired save und fixed it. Thanx for your efforts in advance!
  9. Hey devs, Thank you for the Christmas gifts! I like the golden Christian the most. Stay healthy and have a Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers, Navalus
  10. Well, it‘s up to each and every player how to handle things, but the asset of mid-battle saves is a very different one imo - as you can doubtlessly glean from posts above!
  11. 2. If you really want to learn how to PvP there‘s no use in stickig with PvE imo. Take a cheap ship nevermind the knowledge slots, go out and ... well, sink. That‘s what most likely will happen very often, but that‘s how you learn things. Because this is to be expected you rather shouln‘t PvP in ships which are the apple of your eye. The only exception from this path of learning is manual sailing imo: Fight a PvE battle, sink the enemy and stay in battle to practice every possible manoeuvre (tacking, stopping with backed sails, sailing backwards, getting out of irons) until you‘re able to
  12. Hey Rebeka, 1. Perks: I‘m not a very good PvPer, but having the Expert Carpenter perk is a must have i think. Beside this i‘d also take Double Shot for larger vessels and close brawls as well as Determined Defender. If you‘re goal is to get to close quarters with a 5th rate or lower though, you should equip it with carronades and take the Carronade Master perk instead of the double shot. Other perks depend a bit on the occasion i‘d say: a) Prepared is very useful for OW PvP but useless in PB. b) If you‘re goal is to demast enemys you need Double Charge. But this might also
  13. @Ink Hi Ink, just wanted to ask If there is another channel beside this forum and steam, where you share news about the development of this game (more frequently)? Greetings, Nav
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