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  1. @Guardian54 I don‘t understand much in terms of the technical requirements, but cool that you already have ideas and examples of other games! @sterner What do you think about the ideas mentioned above?
  2. @Guardian54 Nice proposal! I also would like to have an editor to create own maps and missions (similar to the editor Age of Empires for example had back in the days). @sterner Is such an editor possible?
  3. @admin According to the informations of this link (74 guns, 14knt downwind and 10knt close hauled!) the Montañés is more than worth of including her into NA! Did you consider and decide her ingame fate already?
  4. Thank you for the quick answer! Looking forward to that!
  5. Yeah, you’re right: better to do the game properly, than to hurry into a hastily release.
  6. Ok, ... thanks for the guess! Seems like a good opportunity to learn to be more patient then. 😉
  7. Dear devs (@sterner, @Ink), I‘m really looking forward to play UA: AoS - it seems to become an amazing strategy game! But because of the lack of time I won‘t be able to play it more than once, I think. That‘s one main reason for me, waiting at least for the steam release, if not for the completion of the game. Thus my question: Could you give an estimated (steam) release date yet, or do you prefer to keep silent about it, so that nobody could be mad, if you wouldn’t deliver the finished game in time? It would be cool to have a statement of you. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
  8. @admin Could we get ... 1. patchnotes for today’s changes and 2. a release date for the Redoutable please? Merry Christmas to you!
  9. 1. I like the idea of privateer fleets! 2. Aren’t 20-25 ships a bit too strong? Might need some testing and tweaking (maybe reduced speed for them?). 3. What do you mean with reinforcements? - Will the AI or players be able to call reinforcements? - If so, under which circumstances?
  10. @Ink Finally solved the problem: It was a matter of having the admin rights of the network it seems - I don’t know why, but it seems so. Thank you for trying to help me!
  11. Thanx again! I‘ll try that later on when I have the time for it.
  12. And of course: The game is and was allowed to communicate with the pc.
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