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  1. Thanx for the tip - I didn‘t notice it.
  2. A pity noone knows how to get the French Re-Bored! 😉 Anyway, @sterner: Speaking of French Re-Bored: The 42pd and 32pd do have the same weight and reload, range and accuracy values - at least in custom battles. That must be a bug, isn’t it!? I‘d think the 32pd to have a faster reload and lighter weight than the 42pd surely!?
  3. @sterner Thanx for adding the possibility to save a game! I‘d appreciate you to consider the other proposal from above:
  4. Got me the actual beta version and tried Grand Hiver again: Still the enemy turns up with Ardent instead of Belloa class SOL (medium difficulty, my fleet: 2x Bellona, 1x Ardent, 1x Leda, 1x Endymion, 1x l‘Hermion, 1x Cutter). Is this intended? Edit: @sterner Tried again after yesterday’s patch (28th of Juli) - there are still just Ardent class SOLs in Grand Hiver.
  5. @sterner Thanks for adding Custom Battles! Imo you could enhance it further with the following (easy to implement) features: - You can chose from a lot of equipment, whilst composing your fleet. This takes quite some time. Please give us the option to create a savegame after this, so we could play certain battles again without the necessity of spending time to equip a fleet once more! - Please give us the opportunity to select between some different maps for each type of battle. For example, if you chose ‚line of battle‘ you could be given the opportunity to chose from an open ocean, coastal waters with some shallows that hamper your movements and coastal waters with enemy coastal batteries (even allowing for a simultaneous amphibious operation). ... There are even more enhancements coming to my mind, but if you‘d realize just these two it would be awesome!
  6. I‘d be able to get along with officer skills deciding the quality of aim and timing of a broadside. But imo it should need a very unskilled officer (e.g. points for cleverness below 20) to command a broadside firing from rear to front when the reverse would be indicated! Apart from that I‘d really hate to lose the ability to select targets, manual aim or hold fire for myself. I know that the micromanagement in this game can be insane sometimes, but imo the possibility of pausing allows for such an extraordinary range of controls.
  7. Nice too actually see the progress!
  8. Do you get feedback on other ways than this forum?
  9. When will it be fixed in the steam version?
  10. Dear Admirals and devs, do you know situations like the following: You outmanouevered an enemy vessel, even shot away it’s foremast and saved your broadside for this special moment: You‘re in the process of crossing that unfortunates vessel’s stern and rake all resistance out of it ... But as the broadside starts your smile and anticipation are turning into an oath: Instead of fireing a rolling broadside from front to rear and thus making sure almost every shot to go home, you witness a desatrously timed one, going from rear to front - half of the shots missing the target. Please @sterner: Change that! It‘s quite frustrating to see cannons start to fire which have the worst angle towards the set target, while those placed in the best position stay silent until thier angle has also worsened! Maybe you could give us the choice how a broadside should be fired... At least set the broadside from front to rear as a default please!
  11. Played Great Hive a few weeks ago and yesterday with the same savegame and difficulty. A few weeks ago there had been a few Bellona class enemy vessels, yesterday there were only Ardent class enemy SOL. Is this intentional or maybe a bug?
  12. I‘d rather have it as before (get the ship with the cannons or give ship and cannons away)! What use is it to get cannons for a fith rate for example, if you need some for the lower battery of a third rate Bellona class!?
  13. If that‘s no bug I dislike it wholeheartedly! Why should the admiralty grant you a warship without weapons?
  14. As i recall, they have better accuracy, but less strength when it comes to a melee.
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