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  1. Will we have maintenance reports (at sea) and will we have to put sailors to work?
  2. The French ASW frigate Latouche Treville with l'Hermione (2015).
  3. Will we be able to carry an anchor to anchor it in a specific place?
  4. Will we be able to make repairs in the harbour, or even upgrades (copper lining)?
  5. Commit yourself to l'Hermione!
  6. This is not true when the current (drift) has more effect than the wind (windage). And in some cases, the captain may want to stay in the direction of the wind rather than being blown away by the current. And the commander chooses to do this to avoid "running on his anchor". The current could push the ship forward and it would pass over the anchor. We mustn't do that! So if the direction of the wind allows it, we put against (I don't know if it's the right word in English ) the mizen-topsail.
  7. Will we be able to be at anchor with the mizen-topsail against it to stay into the wind?
  8. Will we be able to establish the studding sails?
  9. Will we be able to assist vessels in difficulty?
  10. Will there be coastal boats such as ferries?
  11. A leap in time, in Marseille.
  12. Will there be dynamic animation in the harbours?
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