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  1. Hum, un vrai marin ne peut aimer cette bête là ! A mort les pollops !!!!
  2. Oh oh !!! une bouteille à la mer j'aime ça ! Je n'ai pas la mono, et je ne me suis jamais penché sur les galères, essais avec Gallica de la BNF, tu pourrais peut-être trouver des infos intéressantes. Sinon G. Delacroix à sévit sur ce type de navire, mais pas forcement sur les portés des canons, ça sera plus comme les autres mono, à savoir de la construction navale et de l'histoire : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/galere/plaquette.htm http://5500.forumactif.org/f27-la-fleur-de-lis-1690-plans-gerard-delacroix
  3. Nouvelle, non mon bonhomme Pierre et Sophie l'ont édités il y a quelques années (5, 10 ans ?) http://5500.forumactif.org/f71-le-bateau-canonnier-de-l-an-xii-plans-gmd
  4. Unfortunately, it's not my job! But it's a huge chance to be able to sail on l'Hermione!!!!!!!
  5. Video of Hervé Thomas on the passage of l'Hermione in the Raz de Sein. Very nice video!!!!! https://youtu.be/bEgYiE0fs2w
  6. Landing on the island of Hoedic!!!!! Better than a movie, reality!
  7. Yes !!! We weren't very discreet at the same time.... Moreover (to be checked) it seems to be the first time that a frigate of 12 (or another frigate) has passed the Solent with a tricolor flag deployed! We shot at everything that was moving, and we're not really sure that our "best enemies" are appreciated... Usually everyone hits a foghorn, a cuckoo or something, but nothing there!!!!!! No reactions!!!!! We think they didn't like our passage. Even the pilot and the pilot sulked at us. Offshore at the southern tip of England we found in the early morning a refuelling at sea between three Royal Navy pertoliers/suppliers. when they separated, one passed by us. He was greeted with a cannon as he should have been. No answer.... During a salute, the laws require that you respond normally! Only one Spitfire made two passes with figures above us. That's not surprising. And it was beautiful! We saw from afar the HMS Victoty and the HMS Warrior. There was supposed to be a stopover in Portsmouth or Southampton, but the British did not follow up. What a pity. (The pilot for the Solent passage costs 1100€!!!!! it hurts...)
  8. A few days ago, l'Hermione under the colours of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. American, Canadian, English and French flags high and clear!
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