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  1. J'ai loupé u truc là ! Pour info, l'Hermione va bientôt bouger de Rochefort au port de commerce de La Pallice (La Rochelle) pour un carénage de un mois ! Elle se prépare pour l'an prochain !!!
  2. Naval combat has changed a lot over time. There are changing fighting habits. Fighting between naval armies is not the same as between two or three isolated ships. Moreover, one cannot compare a fight of the XVIIIth century with a fight of today! The fights in NA do not really reflect a fight of the time. You don't think the same and you're not "afraid to die", not to mention the interests (politics, honour, etc.) which are not comparable between a game (where everyone does what they want) and reality. Sailing on a real ship is not the same as sailing on NA. There are book
  3. Will the acceleration of ships be less than in NA? Will the inertia to move the ship be more realistic?
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