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  1. What ropes is where? From right to left: mizen topgallant-yeard halliard (with boat painter) main topsail-yeard brace mizen-topsail leech-line mizen-topsail buntlines mizen-course, throat halliards (with boat painter) mizen staysail sheet mizen topsail-yeard lifts crossjack-yeard lifts mizen-topsail clue-lines main topsail-yeard brace In the shrouds from right to left: mizen-topgallant clue-line mizen-topgallant-sheets mizen-topgallant reef-tackles fish-tackle By night...
  2. The schooner la Recouvrance and l'Hermione in the bay of Brest.
  3. L'Hermione and la Recouvrance in Brest
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