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  1. The ships you've mentioned are too old for Naval Action, I think. As for opening the game up to other modelers, the developers apparently tried this but stopped because it became necessary to do more work converting the community ships into things usable for the game than to make new models "from scratch." I know that if the developers released quality guidelines for community ships, I'd submit one for sure... but I can understand why they would be hesitant. Steam workshop to me would be great but only for flags, maps, and things like that
  2. Will we see a more authentic color for this Victory? Contrary to popular belief, Victory was not painted with "yellow ochre." I'm not sure what she would have looked like in 1778 (when she was launched), but the famous 2013 study by Peter Goodwin that challenged her traditional Trafalgar appearance and the scientific tests which followed confirmed that Victory was painted with "bands of graphite grey and in a colour that ranged from a creamy-orange to almost salmon pink" on the day of the battle. (http://hms-victory.com/restoration-log/hms-victory-repainted-battle-trafalgar-colours) Here's an artist's depiction from 1779, which shows Victory to have been payed with a yellow-brown paint above the wales
  3. I thought this was the implementation of some models that were teased but haven't been put into game yet... scratch my comment. Still looks good though
  4. Sir John

    Quarantine Stories

    Wishing everyone a safe quarantine I've started flying my own flag in-game to suit the occasion
  5. Sir John

    Quarantine Stories

    Connecticut has a toilet paper shortage right now... yeah, don't really know how to feel about that, hah. Another Connecticut(ian?) here. My school closed indefinitely today... no gatherings of over 100 people, either. The US is definitely not ready, though people are starting to take things more seriously. My friends in the medical field inform me that there is still a serious shortage in respirators and other critical hospital equipment that will begin to show itself when more cases start coming in... the CDC's decisions about testing kits and testing requirements also baffle me. But, things could certainly be worse. My best wishes to everyone in China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, and other countries in similar emergency situations!
  6. The bug report tells the story - it would seem my loki rune malfunctioned. I used the rune and my screen faded to black, but immediately faded back in to port Thank you Edit: the rune is back. It seems to have been refunded automatically. Sorry about the hasty report!
  7. We really may as well have dreadnoughts if junks are added to the game... and the ships in that stamp are far, far older than the 17th/18th centuries I'm glad admin has not announced any plans for them. It's true what they say: the Qing had even less of a chance of developing a Napoleonic navy than Poland-Lithuania. I really don't know about this proposal of a Qing invasion, but I do know that we cannot have junks in this game. I can't say it enough, fighting junks in Napoleonic warships would be more one-sided than fighting Napoleonic warships in a dreadnought. The only historical Asian threats to European warships of which I am aware were those posed by pirates who sailed in such ships of such antique designs as restricted their combat-effectiveness to swift boarding actions in China-Sea calms. I am, admittedly, running on a small database of knowledge on this region, but the few engagements which I can recall involved dhow-ish or junk warships crammed to the wales with men for boarding. I can imagine that gunboats were in limited use by pirate clans as well... Maybe admin could add some Chinese pirate options or flags? Aside from the realism bonus, this stops dividing the playerbase further by adding another nation. It could also revitalize the pirates, maybe bring more meaning to them. There is some information here about pirates of the South China Sea: https://oxfordre.com/asianhistory/abstract/10.1093/acrefore/9780190277727.001.0001/acrefore-9780190277727-e-32 So it's complete fantasy to add another navy which did not exist (and could not have existed)... but if admin wants the game to be fantasy then at least for sanity's sake I hope that if they reject the pirate idea they make the 'Chinese faction' hired European-built men-of-war (Qing privateers) and not imperial junks.
  8. I'm not sure what Reverse uses, but I recommend StreamLabs. I've only streamed once or twice, but I'm satisfied with how it worked. https://streamlabs.com/
  9. +1 It will create easy RvR that is accessible to new players and small clans/nations... something desperately needed. It could also be another special reason to visit the Bahamas. Naval Action's best features come out with small ships, so I would love to see this suggestion made reality It also makes sense: there are arguments that can be made for the frontlines system when capturing clearly defined regions which might realistically have been linked together. In the shallow area, the system currently in place seems very much random... I could certainly not look at a map without the zones labelled and know whether Watlings was controlled by George's or Pitt's Town (to name one example in a fairly large sea of them.) From what I've seen many of these islands were uninhabited during this time period partially because they were so remote (and unimportant)... So why not have a mini-Caribbean where it's chaotic, fast, and fun? Content for all who care to flip a small port at little expense and train for the slow, important ports of the large islands.
  10. Pictures: http://jbriggers.se/east-india-man-gotheborg/ What wonderful news! Where can I stay posted for more information about this?
  11. Of course Yes, all the ships flying that particular flag will fly your edited version - so I often edit the least-used flags. DLC Flag Location As @Charles Edward Stuart says, the basegame flags are located in the file titled ' sharedassests0.assets ' . The DLC flags, however, are accessed through the file titled ' resources.assets ' . Following the same path that Charles offered before, choose this file instead. Finding a Particular DLC Flag Once you have opened ' resources.assets ' , I recommend beginning a search for your flag. I have found success searching by using the name of the flag given in game (omitting the word 'flag') Here are two example searches: As in the basegame tutorial, be warned: You are looking for the ' .tex ' file with a size of approximately 174,000. It may be necessary to click ' Find Next ' once or twice to locate the proper file. Prinse Geus: Find Next Not this one: Click Find Next: This one: And if you were to click Find Next again: Not this one: Other Interests in resources.assets Using this folder, I have begun editing my map... Location: Hopefully this helps! The paint files can be found in resources.assets... I am not experienced enough to edit them myself
  12. I may be missing something, but it would seem that there is no difference between 'Diana - Classic Green' and 'Diana - Nordic'
  13. Sir John

    US Brig Niagara

    Reviewing the drone footage My pictures were in the wrong format, so I will show some screenshots from my videos... The race...
  14. Sir John

    US Brig Niagara

    Thank you gents for the love! Thank you! I am not a member of the professional crew - this is my first voyage aboard Niagara. I am aboard as an apprentice, learning more about tall-ship sailing perhaps someday... Certainly! Thank you! Kalmar Nyckel looks like a beautiful ship. I would love to sign up for a day sail, if I'm ever over your way! Last batch of July pictures incoming now that we are tucked into Bay City...
  15. Sir John

    US Brig Niagara

    Hello all Today I mean to humbly present a few pictures i have taken aboard Niagara this past week (and those I will take in the coming week) for any who might enjoy them. I found Niagara on this forum thanks to a post from someone who had completed the same program I am now taking part in - I therefore hope to inspire more people to take to the sea as I was inspired. I will attempt to keep my descriptions as brief as possible... Also, after watching Surcouf's splendid Hermione thread for so long, I couldn't help myself 😀 If anyone finds these pictures useful, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a higher-res copy - I'm fine with anyone using these, just let me know - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BUFFALO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride of Baltimore, docked astern of Niagara for the Buffalo tallships festival - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 10 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - At anchor off Buffalo, early the morning of the 10th From the fore crosstrees, around 5 bells in the forenoon, en route to Cleveland Becalmed en route to Cleveland OH late in the afternoon of July 10th (ran into some technical difficulties uploading these ones, they may be a bit green now ) Late that day, Pride of Baltimore (our 'prize') hull-down from just beneath the fore crosstrees - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 11 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Calm weather led to extraordinarily clear stargazing - I had the middle watch the morning of the 11th Wind returned back before I regained the deck in the afternoon Taken at the same time as the previous image, Pride (our 'prize') was now hull-down from the deck, but flying away to windward The day progresses and the storm foretold by our barometer and the day's calm approaches... Wonderful views of Pride as we approach the storm Almost upon us... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 12 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The morning of the 12th brought experiences I will never forget... I made my first passage around the futtock shrouds (as opposed to passing through the lubber's hole) with lightning flashing off both beams and seas rapidly increasing... climbing to take in the main topgallant to ride out the storm None of my pictures of this incredible experience came out, so I will keep them private until I try to coax something out using photoshop back at home. Niagara flying along during the Cleveland parade of sail, some hours after the storm had passed to the north - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CLEVELAND - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride in the foreground - then Empire Sandy, Fair Jeanne, Picton Castle, Bluenose, and Niagara. HMCS Oriole is just behind the buildings. Tomorrow in the am we will leave Cleveland and begin racing towards Bay City (actually racing the other tall ships part of the way,) having tuned the royal masts and the flying jibboom in preparation these past few days. In any case, I hope some have enjoyed my pictures from the last week aboard Niagara thanks for scrolling through
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