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  1. What will the paint be im really excited for that mmm a red ESSEX OR CONSTI wich will look like this.. <3
  2. Me and my mate getting this game 3 years ago and playing it 11 hours straight from the get-go and then loving life when we both got the consti...
  3. Please come to Norway Hermoine i beg you!
  4. Bloody pirates let your dead body hang from Fort Royale "Sudden drop sudden stop"
  5. I can say that when i first saw that ship a year ago on google i was blown away so i wouldnt mind having her defending my merchant ship
  6. I have a friend who played this but hes more into planes and ww2 so hes not active but he wants to play france as well so i just want to insure that he gets to play in this clan aswell is it ok?
  7. That seem like something i would sail and by that i mean something of the heaviest i could sail..
  8. I there is a scandinavian ships that i want i would be no other than Danobroge, Wasa 60 gun and Christian VII it would be awesome to have em all
  9. Yes USS Boston get in the game devs or im jumping from a high place sooner of later
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