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  1. What will the paint be im really excited for that mmm a red ESSEX OR CONSTI wich will look like this.. <3
  2. Me and my mate getting this game 3 years ago and playing it 11 hours straight from the get-go and then loving life when we both got the consti...
  3. I really want something new aswell )))
  4. I feel the indiaman will be the expensive trader and the la gros ventre is in the middle and the one i chose or other you show me
  5. I really want a weak trader for cheap money or something that will be effective and fast and also double as a 6 rate ship with 80 - 100 crew or something. Mass And pls send more suggestions of ships that can be added.
  6. Wow i want to see this too
  7. Mass

    Ships in the game?

    I would like to get info`d on what ships are in the game ATM i have been afk for awhile so im not sure about what ships that has now been introduced.
  8. ohh yes something that i miss seing and i liked that it was very like the. Lady Washingthon
  9. As an Norwegian i like laughing at Sweden.. no hate
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