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  1. What will the paint be im really excited for that mmm a red ESSEX OR CONSTI wich will look like this.. <3
  2. Me and my mate getting this game 3 years ago and playing it 11 hours straight from the get-go and then loving life when we both got the consti...
  3. Ah i remember that poll and Christian VII has been anticipated long before other ships was introduced so do you guys know when cirka cirka it should be added? Mass
  4. So the Pandora is a ship coming soon i guess? Mass
  5. I searched for naval action ships and then *HMS PANDORA* showed up and actually i didn't know what *Diana* and *Kepler* was too, could someone care to explain what and how these ships look and such that would be much appreciated Syren MASS
  6. I want to make a new character and currently im french and i want to have an den-nor aswell but does it delete my old account? Or does it do anything at all? Mass
  7. Oh my lord thats the ship ive been waiting 2 years for !
  8. I haven't been on awhile and i loved the Wappen von hamburg, and im wondering if there is any ships on the way into the game that i have forgotten? Mass (Jachen Syren Mass ) Ingame FRANCE :))
  9. I really want something new aswell )))
  10. I feel the indiaman will be the expensive trader and the la gros ventre is in the middle and the one i chose or other you show me
  11. I really want a weak trader for cheap money or something that will be effective and fast and also double as a 6 rate ship with 80 - 100 crew or something. Mass And pls send more suggestions of ships that can be added.
  12. In the game u are but in real life ur from where? Mass
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