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  1. Could you provide more info on Kickstarter packs I have 2 packs ready to go for a review with others in works. British and Spanish are already in Shipyard waiting. I am ready to put some $ into it even though I think we have plenty of ships in the game. Thanks.
  2. Here is a fix for all these problems of less pvp - Add an Illustrated map with hot zones. Zones that will show minimal pvp action. Ex. Somewhere around Tortuga 15 mins ago 2 fights happened ---> system takes that info and displays it on the world map for 1 hour (red circles) for everyone. People log in check the world map and move to Action Zones (Hot Zones). It doesn't mean players are still there, but it means action was there 15mins -1 hour ago. Boom you have people sailing and hunting. Easy. If I know that area had some fights I will be more than happy to sail there and check it o
  3. It can't be camped if you place a large random spawn circle. if circle is 30mins x 30mins sail then it makes it almost impossible to find players who randomly spawned in it and quickly left the area.
  4. So, before even planing any global pvp I have to craft 3 ships of same type (for my pvp style). After that put them in a fleet and move to the zone where I want to pvp. LEt's say i sail for 2 hours and reach Tortuga. Store them there and start hunting. Once I got killed system throws me into some port where I can purchase whatever #### boat and have to sail back to my outpost that can be 30-40 mins away. So, now I wasted 40 minutes in some crappy boat trying to get back to the outpost, but right before reaching it I got ganked. What happens next? LEt's say I got no money to build another
  5. I am talking from the perspective of a New Player who are going to do such actions.
  6. Could you explain this situation. I sailed for 2 hours in 1 dura ship, set up an outpost and stored my ship there. I went to pvp and got sunk What are my options now? How can I quickly get back to my friends and resume fighting? How much time do I need to invest before I see action again? How can I replace my 1 dura ship? Where will I spawn after I got sunk?
  7. This^ , How can this make NA healthy? Can Devs explain to me please. He is 100% right. This is what I hear from players who are sitting and waiting for NA to release scared that these changes will ruin such beautiful game. I simply can't understand why this game doesn't have spawn locations? Every single MMo does and they help players move around the world faster. Players posted tons of suggestions how to make it work, fix travel problem Devs!
  8. I did suggest this ages ago, no one listened. I simply don't give a **** anymore. I let this game float on it's own. N1 issue is that no one knows what is going on in the world when they log in. There are simply no tools to help players get together and have fun. No one wants to make this product perfect and already jumping to the next one.
  9. This is actually what I am talking about, they decided to limit chat only to regions or in NA world would be 'Action zones' that can be displayed on world map.
  10. 1. They need illustrated world map with Action Zones 2. Once players enter these zones they can talk to each other, but not outside the zone. This simply fixes many things, but for some reason everyone makes it complicated and gets angry showing that they are right. Who needs all this cra@? Let them add their ideas, we will test them and produce the final decision. (In most cases garbage bin?)
  11. Who is going to fund Naval Action 2? Players simply won't do it again unless NA is successful. Or are you talking about 2 games in 1.
  12. Well I work with what I have, sorry. I am glad you see it too.
  13. This is as close as I will get, Even with waves NA needs white spots on water and if there is color present in the skies(clouds) it must reflect appropriately. I am not saying we need to clearly mirror clouds, but we do need to see it: Max Ocean quality - Minimal White/Colored spots on water Low Ocean quality - Maximum Cloud/Color Reflection on water.
  14. We do not have such a big waves anyway. Water looks smooth, but very dark and cold. It's fine, however Caribbean is warm and sunny and I do not feel any sun in the water. Water still looks like it's been effected by grim cloudy day all the time. On the top of that we do not get reflection from beautiful clouds that are present in the game and we do not get colors from sunsets/sunrise that are also present. For some reason water does not see it. I am a Graphic Designer and I can see it instantly. This is just my personal suggestion that will make Naval Action look much much better simply
  15. Not reflections - sea quality on low. It will get rid of waves and expose what is missing. Naval Action ocean color is always in 'cloudy day' mode. Not sure why Devs decided to do it, but ocean is not like that in Caribbean and cloud reflections are present even with slight waves on a sunny day. I understand reflection can not be visible during/after storm or during high waves and that is fine, but they should be present at least 80% of the time. Not only it will add realism, it will add awesome feel to water and skies.
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