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  1. Ok maybe my post was too harsh. I’ve figured out that I was only looking at the negatives of the game and basing my views on features I don’t use or understand a lot. The game is very complex yes but I guess it’s emmersive and the lack of ships is no doubt temporary. fought a trader snow today and didn’t realise they changed it so traders had full cannons now, boy did I get a shock but it was kinda fun. Guess all I needed to do was get back into the game. honestly sometimes I forget it’s still alpha.
  2. A ship can split in half or even capsize. I dare you to sit there and tell me that if a ships magazine exploded it would remain in one piece in real life. Look at the ww2 wreck of the USS Arizona! I won’t lie when I admit I’m wrong about one thing...the core idea of the game is good contrary to what I said previously. It also escaped my notice that the game is still under development and that most issues I pointed out can be tweaked.
  3. Why did I leave? Where do I start? the game is just one big grind and I never did take to the idea of an open world. I wanted more of a sandbox game like way back in sea trials not a sailing simulator. This whole idea of having a limited amount of crew members do this and that seems tedious, hell even the starting rank won’t fully crew a basic cutter. Gold is plentiful but experience is pitiful. I’m not a fan of trading I want combat which is why I went pirate nation. I don’t get that, I sailed for 20 mins with no ships in sight. This game had potential but I just feel it doesn’t have the community for open world. The new Naval Action Legends beta is what I and many others want not a mostly empty open sea. this is a sailing game during the golden years of piracy and trading yet the seas are bare, a battle should be on every horizon but sadly no. This game was good once but it became too complicated and now if you miss out on the slightest thing everything falls apart! this game has turned into dayZ...that’s the best way I can describe it. Development has become too focused on adding game mechanics such as trading and port battles and crafting but neglected the finer things such as damage models. We don’t see ships split in half or gone missing piece by piece instead we get ships going down straight filled with visual tiny holes. It loses its realism which is the most disappointing of all. This is the game that shouldn’t have been, should have stayed in dry dock. Sea trials was the high point of the game. GameLabs is a hell of a developer but they don’t have the pull to get a title like this populated as say Activision or EA games do. Naval Action Legends is what the game started as and it’s what the game should have stayed...in a year or so Legends will be the main game and Naval Action open world will be the side attraction. i believed in this game I really did but I’m sure that most of the community agree it’s all the same, sail here to pick up or do this, sail back and craft this as a part of this. You can tell I speak the truth due to the fact that servers are scarcely populated when compared to the initial release...even the first call of duty has more active players to date and it came out in 2003! i will stick with Naval Action Legends until I see drastic improvement but alas I fear it’s too late unless devs totally revamp damage, ship sinking, tone down the grinding for exp and crafting and finally add a couple hunded or even thousand more bots. that is why I quit playing in a nutshell.
  4. Well you can play the whole game as a trader so why not play as a fisherman? It is a god source of income and you still need to battle to get XP.
  5. I know that fishing is still in its early stages but I feel that we could upgrade our ship with fishing based upgrades to increase the speed we catch fish. Take for example an upgrade we can call "large fishing net" which doubles the rate fish is caught or even halls the time it takes to catch them.
  6. I was wondering what the odds were of being able to rescue sailors that have been left stranded after a ship has sunk. I feel that this would be an interesting alternative to hiring the 4 or 5 sailors you just lost in a battle, instead scatter some near a shipwreck now that they have been added. Maybe even add a surgeon on board to tend to wounded and stranded sailors. This could also yield a great pirate mechanic as sailors were known to be press ganged into service and adding the crew bonus for additional sailors acceding the max crew for nationals. Basically this could make it so pirates become different from nationals as their ships have more crew as most real pirates did. Honestly, I don't care about the pirate suggestion, just wanted to throw another idea into the mix. Feedback on both ideas, perticularly stranded sailors, is much appreciated. Also if there are any possible exploits with any of these ideas don't be afraid to point them out as I want these ideas torn apart and re-assembled into a great idea.
  7. Wasn't there a topic called OW server status? How come you stopped posting there?
  8. If his native language is German I can say that I am impressed on how well he speaks English. Bravo!
  9. I resent that cow manure remark The British only allied because those tea drinkers ran when we fought them with their knickers down. The French are too snobbish to help other and only care for themselves. The Denmark players are too busy crafting. Those are all the nations we conquered and they all surrendered at the first sign of trouble. The only nations that put up a fight are the US and Spain.
  10. I guess that now I think of it every player is a developer because we shape the game as well as the admin. Most in game mechanics were voted for by us and the devs listen plus provide it when the mechanic is complete or releasable. We vote like a democracy and become involved in the development of Naval action which does in a sense make each and every player a developer of the game.
  11. They cannot close anything down now. The game has already been released in alpha. The time to do what you suggest would have been in closed alpha where we give feedback and they close the game while the changes are made then we come back to repeat the process. This is, in my oppinion, a less productive method. This game has made major improvements since sea trials and some may argue it is going through a rough patch but don't all games at one point? I have 100% trust in the devs that the finished game will be a shining glory and complaining about its current state will only delay this. Before you complain again remember: This game is NOT finished yet, we stil have way more improvements to come be they graphical or in game.
  12. It's comments like that which the devs can do without. Maybe the delaying development statement was an over exaggeration but who knows. Neither you nor I am game developer.
  13. They kinda do share their schedule. Why do you think they start their development priorities poll? They give us a choice to vote on what we want developed next. All options are part of their schedule. My advice is to wait as I'm sure no one wants a rushed game. I will not deny that I want to see pirates seen to but I am more than prepared to wait until the time is right.
  14. If you don't mind me asking, how far down on the schedule is Italy? I figure the sooner people know the sooner they stop asking. P.S-Nice work with the OW spyglass.
  15. I'm a pirate player and even I think we have gone too far! We have captured so many ports that the game may as well be called Pirate Action. This has made me lose interest in the game and I say that a port reset is needed to bring some life back into the game. We currently have an unfair advantage and we need a nerf quick!
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