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  1. Where are the privateer fleets protecting capitals, they seem to have suddenly disappeared, it would be nice to see some consistency or does this only apply to some nations
  2. This is the same for a number of players currently trying to log in. Steam Authentication server error
  3. In places with very high pings (300+) the slowness of the database which stores things like ports causes problems like this. for anyone used to reasonable pings they cannot see the problem, for me it mean waiting for the system to catch up all the time. ink is the man if anyone is, but it is a problem when accessing most of the UI for some of us with third world infrastructure..
  4. While you may not want to admit there is a server side problem Ink, these issue have been experienced by Australian players on Global and it appears to be getting incrementally worse by the day, as per Red Dragon 13 above as well as stupendous lags and being kicked from the game . I am keen to see the results of all the updates received over the last weeks but stability issues seem to be creeping in. Great work by the way, love the game.
  5. I think that the weather in game has moved from the sunny Caribbean in it early release to a foggy dull English channel sort of weather, it is really be coming a put off. Enough with the dark brooding atmospherics, we are a few degrees from the equator and the weather should reflect that. It was suggested to me that a short holiday in the Caribbean would do the developers and staff the world of good. I also like realistic weather so storms and the odd fog are fine but not all day every day this is not Kiev, please look at the weather forecast in Jamaica or Cuba it is not always ove
  6. Honestly I think this one dura update will be a disaster of epic proportions, after 4000 hours in game the only really exciting time was when ships where actually free based on rank (close beta) you simply didn't think of ships cost. I think if the test server need 3 dura 1st's, then what makes anyone think that 1 dura ships in game will work, even if resource cost are cut dramatically, the current restrictive trade good model (silver and compass) will make one dura ships a waste of time for the average player. The only one's who will benefit are the rats who just cap everything and me who cr
  7. Domax, man I really miss you site hope this is only temporary, it shows up the lack of navigation tools in NA in a big way. Thanks for all your work in the past.
  8. As a 50 crafter and long time player, I think there is a desperate need to adjust either the drop rate of fine woods or the quantities of fine wood needed to craft a non basic ship. I only need to look at the price of exceptional ships to see the mechanism is broken. from making 3 ships a week I now am lucky to make 1 every 10 days. honestly I am not interested green or basic ships they are a total waste of resources now all getting difficult to find with the simplified basic mats economy. I used to purchase 1-2 k of craft hours per day from noob players to make me ship parts and so support
  9. hi devs whats the story I cannot create an outpost in a national port, since Maintenance today on PVP2, have the money have the slot this only appear to apply in Port Morant which was recently re acquired by Britian other player report not being able to delete them I hope this can be sorted quickly sorry worked it out me bad lol
  10. Thanks devs for keeping us informed, f.. up happen all the time at least you are keeping us in the loop
  11. re installed everything at least once, took the machine back to formatted disk, not much more reinstalling I can do. Perhaps if devs look at the 30 or so crash reports that have been automatically sent each time, them perhaps I might have some where to go.
  12. No just NA this machine built just for NA and FSX, super stable until the last week or so then crash after crash, painful
  13. I have flag that my NA has crashed in the past, and that endless crash reports have been sent automatically by NA. I have reloaded windows 10, Steam, NA, read the forums, measured GPU temperature but it was never above 60C reduced the resolution , set OW frame rate to 30 frames as per dev suggestion, but honestly I am over it completely. I play as Captain Clark on PVE us the total lack of feed back is probably what really annoys me, but just for the record please find attached error log Unity Player [version: Unity 4.6.8f1_583461196f73] Unknown caused an Access Violation (0xc00
  14. This is just flag that port information is stored on a players PC, if you reload Naval action or play on a different machine then all port information collected in the past disappears into the ether. So unless you go back to the original install it is gone, pity if you have crashed, burned and reloaded the game. Is this a feature or a bug, for me it has been a total pain in the ass. as I play on two different machines, a desktop and a laptop depending on where I am physically. My suggestion to the developers, is that like craft and xp, the map be stored with the player on the server.
  15. I have followed you advice re GPU-Z but another day,10 min in game another crash, couldn't get the gpu over 60c. I have checked the steam game cache with NP This must be the 20th crash report the game has sent under the name Captain Clark, it is client.exe which appears to cause the crash, how do we progress this. seems odd it is done in a public forum, I have rolled back my machine a week, reloaded naval action and updates, windows 10 updates, graphics card drivers. and had no crash so far after 1 hour, is it fixed only time will tell. Well that lasted a couple of hours then crash out a
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