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  1. Captain Clark

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    agree with Canor Jax just had this happen to me, needed to unload back to 4 k to move. with the perk
  2. Captain Clark

    Am I seeing new weather

    I have notice a number of changes in the display of weather, admittedly on a 4k monitor. This including fog on the mountains and much better display of the clouds Great work Dev's keep it up, but please bring back lightening in storms
  3. Captain Clark

    Can't start the game

    This is the same for a number of players currently trying to log in. Steam Authentication server error
  4. Admin We do want rvr to matter and we KNEW it will be unpopular but we want players to organize and fight. Old players are the most disappointed but we do want old players (who are already skilled) to take start influencing and teaching their nations to fight and win, and if they are not forced to do it they will never do it. You are going to force people to the change the way they play. what sort of fools are you guys you think you can force players to play the way you like.
  5. What are you dev's thinking Victory marks (marks received for winning the map) conversion is now only available for the PVE server total positive feedback loop how stupid is this , make the strong people stronger. only top three nations get victory points. you keep changing the rules when you don't have a clue.
  6. Captain Clark

    Port Glitch deleted wrong port!

    In places with very high pings (300+) the slowness of the database which stores things like ports causes problems like this. for anyone used to reasonable pings they cannot see the problem, for me it mean waiting for the system to catch up all the time. ink is the man if anyone is, but it is a problem when accessing most of the UI for some of us with third world infrastructure..
  7. Captain Clark

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    While you may not want to admit there is a server side problem Ink, these issue have been experienced by Australian players on Global and it appears to be getting incrementally worse by the day, as per Red Dragon 13 above as well as stupendous lags and being kicked from the game . I am keen to see the results of all the updates received over the last weeks but stability issues seem to be creeping in. Great work by the way, love the game.
  8. Not sure what you have done with contracts in shop but It seems to be totally broken, my contract to sell don't appear in shop then if redeemed and re placed they still don't appear, the port takes the fee, but no contract, oh that right who cares about the economy silly me
  9. Captain Clark

    naval no action

    I think naming a few ports on one server does not address the issues raised, stop making excuses and using selective examples these issues have been raised for a reason. While the economy is improved the investment to replace looses is getting more than boring
  10. Captain Clark

    Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    Devs are labour hours a problem? No what is a problem is the silly prices to craft basic commodities + labour hours, such as oak which are now need in larger quantities, that is what you need to adjusting down by 30%.
  11. Captain Clark

    Mega Patch 10.0

    like burningsails.com it is best when you are plotting a course from a know point, but still better than nothing, like an hour ago
  12. Captain Clark

    Mega Patch 10.0

    protractor is a great step forward good work dev's
  13. Captain Clark

    Mega Patch 10.0

    I think I would have to ask that on earth were they trading three day just initial production from forest eta al , so perhaps the knew where the real money making commodities are located , your economy is stuffed unless you understand that this game will fail very quickly because you cannot see the wood for the trees. you think national action will supersede the basics of economics, I really now understand the problem ,
  14. Captain Clark

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Man if the an average player like Sir Texas Sir, has issues with cash then perhaps there is a real issue. National cooperation will be hard to achieve. we are too busy trying to stay afloat. perhaps you have never studied history, "the sinews of war is gold and more gold" , think that was Caesar of the roman world and nothing has changed.
  15. Which world are you living in clearly not the NA economy as it is written, you want crafted ships to be cheaper than NCP. have you completely lost you mind, as a very long term crafter that total ridiculous. gather resources, transport them, get the marks for the BP, get the marks for the permit, husband your labour hours, you need to actually do some costing before you state rubbish like this. Even with the best clan in the world giving up all the pvp, conquest marks, resources and labour hours this is just silly.