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Found 17 results

  1. Thought i'd lighten things up by adding some conversation! Take the poll and tell us what type of ships you prefer! And also what you look for when building your specific ship classes! Very generic poll comment below in more specifics if you want!
  2. I'm not trying to tell Devs what to do with this poll, but rather i want to see what the community thinks. What do you think about adding Multiplayer? For me personally, i would like multiplayer to be implemented because the option to play against someone else on the same terms is just too great compared to AI, especially with game like this, where you can apply your own naval doctrine and design your own ships.
  3. Dear Captains. Especially Captains who spent more than 100 hours in game. Can you be so kind and share your magic moments in Naval Action. Moments that made you stay in the game. Moments that bring you back every day or every week. Moments that make your evenings exciting in our game. Moments that made you say wow. Especially if you played more than 1000 hours. PVE or PVP does not matter. We were so focused on fixing problems that we forgot to focus on magic moments. Information you share here will help us create more magic moments like that or maybe refocus advertising around them to point players to reach those beautiful and exciting things faster. ps. please post your old magic moments if you recently became a hater
  4. Every since the introduction of other currencies, I have wondered why Reals is the only one we can purchase player made items with. Take this poll if you think we should be able to set what currency we wish buyers to pay for our items with. For instance, I'd like the option to sell ships for Reals, Doubloons, Victory Marks, maybe even a specific ship build, or any combination of these, rather than Reals only and having to convert these myself. Just give me the option to choose how I want paid, plz and ty. What do you think? Discuss...
  5. Discuss... I just realized I should have made question 8 multiple choice. sorry
  6. I added more choices because some seem to be taking this poll as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with combat medals in particular. I'm with you. I don't like combat medals. In fact, I think we have too many currencies in game. But I created the poll assuming the devs were going to keep a combat medal system. So.... I don't like it when players farm their alts either. However, to me, those players are more or less wasting their time. I don't view them as farmers, but as targets. Go ahead, obtain ships, mods, and rank. You're still not going to be much of a challenge if you took that short cut. It's sort of the same way I view if we were allowed to bring rank across from the PVE server. Who cares? In the past there has been too much worry and restrictions placed because of what a few idiots are doing to the detriment of the rest of the population that just wants to play the game. @admin Please reconsider:
  7. 1- Let's add port battles to the pve server however with different mechanics. In the pve server it would be the faction king ( AI or the devs or it could be the players voting during the week ) that would pick one port per week for each nation to try to capture. Every port battle would always happen at the weekend in a specific hour and would be open for battle for 1 minute. Now what would make this more interesting to the players? To be guaranteed to always have a big battle. To capture or defend a port can be great of course but the idea behind this is to give all players once per week the fun to be part of a big battle if they wish. So how could make it work? Details: - Every port battle would have 20 vs 20 ships battle. - Doens't matter how many players are in each side. The game will always respawn AI ships in the beginning after the first minute so both teams start the battle with a similar BR and 20 ships in each team.  - If the port battle is between 2 factions , and there are players on both teams we will have pvp but only inside the port battle.  Possible questions: Why the faction King choose where is going to be the attack? - The reason is to not give the clans the power to choose, when , where and who can join the fight. No. Let's keep that system away from the pve server. Instead it will be open for all who wants to have some fun fighting a big battle. Open to all, fun to everybody. Fun to everybody translates to a great game. A great game means more players will join the server. More players in the game , more money to the devs. It is a win-win situation for everybody. But if 26 players from the same faction shows up and there is room only for 20? - The 20 player with the higher BR will join the battle. But only 20 players per battle can be a low number if many more players start to play in the pve server. - The same way your faction king choose a target for a port battle , another faction king/s can choose to attack a port from your faction. So instead of one port battle per weekend you can have two , three or four port battles happening at the same time and of course you can choose only one. This will guarantee that everybody will have the opportunity to join a port battle and have fun. 2- Let's add solo and open to all patrol zones where pvp is allowed. Simple as that. There are no pvp in the OW of course but that doens't mean that players are not interested to participate in some pvp engagements just for fun and to win good prizes.  3- Let's bring AI agression to the game in a balance manner.  So i propose this simple mechanic: - 3 different situations : home waters; open sea ; enemy waters. - In home waters ( 30k range or less from each friendy port ) the player can't be attacked by AI. - In open sea the player can only be attacked by pirates AI. - In enemy waters ( 30k range or less from each enemy port ) the players will always be attacked by that faction AI ships. - Ai ships and fleets will always take into consideration the BR difference to decide if attacks or not the player. - Friendly AI ships near your ship will always join the battle if you are attacked. This will bring more tactical decisions and bigger battles (more fun) to the player when sailing in enemy waters. With this i hope to achieve 3 things. - To give a relax game experience for all the players that wish to play around the home waters. - To give the player some exciting when sailing in the OW but not much. - To give those delivery missions in enemy water or if the player just want to trade in enemy waters a high risk x high reward situation that would bring a fun and exciting gameplay to the players.  In conclusion, 3 simple ideas , that i think are easy to implement and i believe that would make the experience in playing the pve server great and amazing fun to all. Please vote and share your thoughts so the devs can hear your voice. Thank you. Note: I apologize for my poor english, is not my native language.😆
  8. Lets assume the HMS Pickle was never a free ship in NA. Would you buy HMS Pickle dlc? Now you have the chance to buy her for 4.99€/$. Would you do it?
  9. This is aimed to the Developers. Would you pay for an Editor, in a DLC format or whatever? I would. Thanks.
  10. Calling all sailors planning to join the Dutch nation.... With the upcoming major patch and server changes, we are curious to know which server you will join and if you will participate in the DHC. It would also be helpful to reply to this post announcing your new IGN (in-game name) and what clan you intend to be a member of. TY
  11. Weeks ago, @Pagan Pete started a contest to name his future ship, after the wipe, many names were send and he choose 3 of them, now its your turn to choose (I created this poll because Pete can't start polls so he asked me to do it) The contest :
  12. I always ask myself why pvp1 and pvp2 were sharing the same forum on national news. It was propably to hide the few activities on pvp2. now that both server will have enough drama (politic off) and I hope people to share good time should or good fight, do you think it's time to have one server per server to make the things more clear?
  13. Simply to see where the player base of Naval Action is primarily at. -If you wish to also add time zone in (GMT) in comments.
  14. So I've noticed that in discussions about the game, most people seem to discuss playing as the Confederacy. As a Union re-enactor and as someone who plays as Union forces about 95% of the time, I find myself reminded of Civil War re-enacting where the Confederates usually outnumber us Fake Federals, sometimes by a margin of 2:1. So I'm curious, are there more Confederate players here, or am so used to being outnumbered by Confederates that I just see it everywhere I go? ;P So the question is, who do you usually play as? Union, or Confederate? This doesn't mean all the time (we all go the dark side sometimes ), but I mean usually (I know this is rather vague, think more then 60% of the time, or just which side you feel more familiar using). For bonus points, it might be fun to state why we fight for a certain side in the comments! (let's not get political though, there's already a seven page thread debating the issues around the war, no harm in keeping this thread light ) Thanks for participating!
  15. One of my last attempts to try and get some insights. Due to the lack of info what the devs are actually considering at the moment, I tried to adress the issues not 100% somewhat coming in the next patch. Mostly based on the constructive suggestions of Lord Vicous, which post to this day has not had any official feedback. But also points found in various discussions all over the forum. This is not to give suggestions for features in the long-run but for making NA interesting again in the current state, only requiring somewhat tweaking and to give the devs a somewhat overview of the plebs thinking. This shall NOT be a platform for the issues on RvR & Hostility Diplomatics Pirate Nation Rework Crafting Rework but rather the "simple" things. Edit: Trying to show "what" can be touched again (retrospective the last patches) to bring NA back to its old glory NOT specifically "how" it has to be touched to make it better in the future.
  16. Credits to: Whaling - ? Lookout - Zakota Assisting a ship - Similon Drunk crews - Bajadian reduce current repairs - Crankey Increased dispersion at long range. Preview of ships - Joao18 Journal - Me. Running aground - Me The idea with the journals is that the game could automatically put in your log you had sighted a strange sail or engaged an enemy, or run aground which you then read out / give to your superior on heading home The running aground is pretty obvious, if you don't know your waters, you could get caught up in some shallow reef and lose your ship.
  17. I think those info, which contains in SRL, is useless because of few reasons: Place: it always somewhere far from you Time: its always to late Use: You never know how many enemy was spotted. Just one random name But what you say? Poll removed by mod team for being non-essential to the discussion.
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