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  1. What? having ship insurance will only increase that risk factor since you actually only have one ship and no magic durabilities!
  2. well the insurance would be proportional to the cost of the ship. Basically Eve online insurance.
  3. The more I play the more I see a need for ship insurance as well. Instead of the magical replacements we get now. When you lose a ship you should feel that you actually lost that ship. The positives are that you do get some money back from the insurance depending on which type of insurance you purchased for your vessel. This money can then be used to purchase the vessel again or try a different one. This will force players to be less aggressive with the ships they currently have imo.
  4. yeah I used freecam, that makes sense.
  5. I've found that even players from other nations than your own will gift you captured vessels if you join their battle on their side. I guess its nice and should continue even on actual release.
  6. I doubt it. Not even sure what F11 does.
  7. Where did you get the dvd info? Also, yeah he is doing a voice over for the Witcher 3. His voice is so epic.
  8. Maybe we'll never get to hear from him again xD
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