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  1. With ship insurance you can still get most of the money back from the original cost of the ship. The real loss comes form losing the upgrades and cannons. Prater I realize at this point that NOTHING I say will EVER be agreeable with you but that will not stop me from giving feedback.
  2. wow Admin, highly unprofessional response. You really think I haven't played this game? who has 250 posts and not play the game? It doesn't take a genius to realize how this feature could be abused. Neutrals basically get a get out of jail card. They can pick and choose which battles they want to fight since they can just join an ongoing battle. "You can enter ANY pvp or PvE battle and still PvP (when you want it)" you did say this yourself. Keep attacking forum members, Admin. Way to appreciate community feedback.
  3. Get outa here that loos awesome!
  4. idk, I feel like this could be abused. Gotta love people for always finding a way. Fight some player and have neutrals teammates join in your side. Rinse, repeat.
  5. But at the same time everyone should get some money to help the player base get new shiny objects XD
  6. You should try mirillis ACTION, it's really good, I've been using it for 2 years.
  7. Definitely agree with those who say that First rates should be really rare. And most likely they should not be able to be purchased as an AI ship escort because it could be abused.
  8. forum simulator, google maps simulator naval action? Yeah having tools for navigation would be nice. But it shouldn't be like in any other MMOs that basically hold your hand the whole way.
  9. Definitely agree with the need to add things for Lynx's to fight.
  10. That's so awesome did you get a video of it?
  11. Right, you can have all the money in the game but that isn't worth much if your rank doesn't allow you the benefits of having a full crew. Good luck!
  12. I'm really liking the idea but replace magical durability with ship insurance and I'm sold.
  13. yeah with lynx you basically have to sink. The whole point of the lynx is to profit by suicide as to make the most xp and gold as possible. There is no penalty for losing your ship, not even statistics to keep track of that.
  14. Once we have at least 1600 average players active at any point during the day OPs complaint will seize to exist. But the main issue is that the time to join a battle is wayyyy too long 10-15 minutes now? The window should be a minute or two imo.
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