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  1. Yeah, except if the PVP chasers out-BR the player(s) heading in to the mission. If it's ONLY open to enemies, it means friendlies can't help me not get ganked. At the same time, it's really annoying when I am fighting a single cutter in my admiralty mission and 3 friendlies come in. I would say the best option, in my opinion, is to ONLY allow group-mates in to an admiralty mission, but keep the 5 minute timer in them, and if PVPers join the enemy, open it up for another 5 minutes for friendly reinforcements only.
  2. Indeed, Admiral, the only reason for any common ancestry is based on their ancient lust for conquest, invading our peaceful farms and seaside villages and doing as they would with our women. There would be no shared blood at all if they had simply stayed home one thousand years ago.
  3. Repair kits for one Snow can't be moved to another snow, and their cost is not reflected in the sale price. There's no way to recover the cost of repair kits, and if they can't transfer, it's a waste of cash if you get a better version of the same ship.
  4. It's not discrimination because they're not refusing to hire them or whatever. I think "bigotry" is probably more accurate. But they've also said some things against Jews, apparently, so it's really both.
  5. What a shock that a New York newspaper is filled with Federalist nonsense. Even in 1806 we had chickenhawks!
  6. Yeah I think the disengage mechanic needs some work, too. I thought that morale was supposed to make the crew surrender, but that doesn't actually seem to have any effect. Instead, the AI automatically disengages unless I can kill off the rest of the crew in a boarding action, and I have literally no way to stop it. Sure, I can just spend extra time graping them down, but that still seems unrealistic because that crew would surrender once they're down that far on men.
  7. On a similar tack (see what I did there?), don't expect help from someone in a guild when you attack what they consider an ally. You want to go to war by your lonesome? Have at it.
  8. There's a name for people who attack ships regardless of the political policies of their home nation....
  9. Yeah, of course they did, that's exactly how officers gain experience, even today. And those things combined make up the derring-do that get bold officers recognized and promoted.
  10. Was it the missions thing where it stays open? I know you had talked about that bug recently. Also thanks for the updates!
  11. To counter that (and what even I said myself), we've never had as many people on as we're about to, either.
  12. I was on EU all day yesterday, even with a "high" ping, this game isn't about who can click the fastest. It's not that bad. I wish there were a way for them to be like shards, where we could connect to whichever server and still play together with our friends on the other server. I'm assuming that isn't possible, or the devs would have done it that way already.
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