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  1. Indeed, Admiral, the only reason for any common ancestry is based on their ancient lust for conquest, invading our peaceful farms and seaside villages and doing as they would with our women. There would be no shared blood at all if they had simply stayed home one thousand years ago.
  2. It's not discrimination because they're not refusing to hire them or whatever. I think "bigotry" is probably more accurate. But they've also said some things against Jews, apparently, so it's really both.
  3. What a shock that a New York newspaper is filled with Federalist nonsense. Even in 1806 we had chickenhawks!
  4. On a similar tack (see what I did there?), don't expect help from someone in a guild when you attack what they consider an ally. You want to go to war by your lonesome? Have at it.
  5. There's a name for people who attack ships regardless of the political policies of their home nation....
  6. Was it the missions thing where it stays open? I know you had talked about that bug recently. Also thanks for the updates!
  7. Devs: Please cast a magic spell to violate the laws of physics and make pings equal, thanks in advance
  8. I like most of this, but as you're fond of pointing out, this is a game. So there needs to be a balance. Perhaps as suggested, while the admiralty issues the ship, we can fudge a little reality and choose from a list. Also, I would point that captains did make money selling and capturing ships. Prize money was how captains and crews really made money, their salaries were rather pitiful. They wouldn't get the FULL amount, obviously, but they'd get a percentage based on their rank. That would allow them to spend money on things like replaceable upgrades (extra gunnery training, say, because the Captain could afford extra powder to train with).
  9. Incidentally, I experimented with turning to pirate yesterday with a USA alt. After the combat, I was still on the USA channel and couldn't join the Pirate channel. I still can't use F11, so I'm reporting it here instead.
  10. I think they'd be decent merchant vessels, but I don't see them standing up to the current vessels in the game for very long. It's be like taking a WWI landship up against a Tiger II.
  11. I think it would have to be somewhat moderated, or "pick elements from a list", elsewise you'll end up with the stupid stuff like "xXxJackSparrow420xXx will pay you 10000 gold to take your turn in the barrel on the way to Cuba" (but probably more vulgar).
  12. Thanks for that document. I'm putting together a reenactment group based on HMS Phoebe, so it's nice to read.
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