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  1. DAS is back and we're going to Traumatisée people!
  2. Guys try to keep it down a little, I will update the post tomorrow. Thank you for the info. Ps: Countries are in an alliance if they formally state that, if thet don't state it but still help eachother, they are mentioned as very friendly.
  3. Changelog: *Dutch politics are now up to date *American politics are now up to date
  4. Well I need someone to give me information on spain on regular base, If you are willing to do that, that would be great
  5. Greetings captains, I'm planning to start this one up again and get it up to date, so people can use it again. Cheers, Bram Luijken
  6. I'm very sad to hear that the good old news and political situations will be gone
  7. Thank you very much, I have no words to describe how thankfull I am.
  8. This was a while ago before Early Acces and we didn't have those problems because we were with so few players.
  9. Well its not only my graphics card (the graphics card is pretty horrible tho) but just my entire rig. Here are the specs: Proccesor: duo 3.4 ghz RAM: 4gb Videocard: 2GB GRAM 600mhz core (the GRAM is not bad but the core is just so slow) 300W power supply So I think a single graphicscard won't help me out
  10. Dear readers, 40K views and still rising is amazing and never expected my post to become so succesfull (people even made them for the other servers), and I'm very sorry to announce that I am quiting, I had a great time providing this information and I'm very thankfull for the good discussions and fun to read posts. The reason for this is that my old PC just isn't able to run the game above 10fps on the lowest settings anymore, so I stopped playing the game that I really liked. I want The political situation ot become a tradition that will last and therefor it is better that one or multiple active players take it over from me. After spending lots of hours on it, it is very hard to let it go now, so people people who want to take over please send me a PM and reasons why I should let you take over my work. Cheers, Bram Luijken
  11. Hey guys, due to personal and medical reasons I wasn't able to update the post and im still not able to do it, if there was a vital change I hope a moderator can update it but until I am back home I can't update the post. Cheers, Bram Luijken
  12. For the people who didn't merge, if your clan has the numbers to be called a major clan, then please PM me with the info. Edit: Due to time reasons, I will from now update the post every thursday/friday.
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