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  1. I should have mentioned I have the perk on as well. Lets hope the devs buff the pick ups of Sealed bottles to at least make this aspect of the game slightly enjoyable.
  2. Has anyone else noticed a drop in sealed bottles? I think they have nerfed them. I was getting one every third day and now nothing for a week and a half. If anything they need to buff them to give us some interest!
  3. We have to have something like this to spice up the absolute boredom of long sailing when trading. Devs give a lot of thought to pvp but don't forget us traders..too boring at present. Not fun!
  4. Skully, that is the address I was given, will run the tracer again and re post.
  5. The up and down sail problem is a known issue, I've had it happen to me.
  6. Global server, early Am, so traffic is lightest.
  7. Ping jumping from 328, to 800 to 1000+. Yesterday 4000 + and disconnect, or could not connect at all. Early morning here so not much congestion.. yet.
  8. I've mentioned this elsewhere, but an undersea cable off Hong Kong has been damaged and ISP's have rerouted to server address. The game is unplayable for me at present on Global, I am in Australia. A traceroute for me shows that (server) it's in .de, Germany. And that it's via London, via the US, at the moment.
  9. Due to the cable damage off Hong Kong Optus, my ISP appears to have rerouted the address. Actually a traceroute shows that it's in .de, Germany. And that it's via London, via the US, at the moment. The fix is around 6 weeks, or so they say.
  10. Great, that will delay the already delayed repairs..lol.
  11. Same with Global for me (Australia) ISP's here are warning ongoing issues to come due to undersea damage to a cable out from Hong Kong due to typhoon. Getting 4000+ ping and disconnects. Going on now for nearly three days. With Optus. Below is the tracet tracker info. Doc1.docx
  12. Apparently a cable 56km from Hong Kong was damaged in the Typhoon and hence internet issues. Don't think it's a hoax. Might effect you? https://www.itnews.com.au/news/aussie-internet-pain-after-asian-subsea-cables-cut-472070
  13. This is my tracert tracking to the server. Doc1.docx
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