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  1. The diplomats of Britain have already agreed that the entirety of Mexico, and the western and northern coasts of the Yucatan will revert back to US possessions. While Britain is currently caught up in multiple wars, versus Denmark-Norway, France and Spain, as well as the perpetual pirate menace, and thus it would be an opportune moment to take British ports, the question must be asked: to what end? To occupy those ports that the British have already agreed to let us have? To overextend ourselves deeper into British territory, putting ourselves into literally the same position that we would be
  2. The American campaign against piracy is the single oldest conflict in the game. The only war I know of that is as long as that one would have been the British war against the United States, when the British declared war on the United States the very first day of EA launch (which had roots in a pre-EA Launch war where the British were also the aggressors), but there was a peace agreement about a week or two ago. Either way, an act of war and a negotiated hand over of ports are rarely the same thing. It seems the only people speaking of war between Great Britain and American are people who a
  3. I don't think that the British will necessarily want Spain to fight the United States or the Pirates. I think Britain just wants to close that Cuban front so they can focus their efforts on the other two fronts (Jamaica and Panama). The two ways they think they can do it is either by (1) negotiating a peace with Spain or (2) re-establish the British-Spanish Alliance so that the British at least have some allies against the Danish-French Entente. The second option is laughable, I don't think anyone with any understanding of British-Spanish relations is seriously considering that kind of diploma
  4. The meeting in which nothing was decided and nothing was agreed upon yes? If that's the meeting you speak of, then there has obviously been no violation of the non-agreement.
  5. The Dutch hold Gibraltar right now. Check your in game map, right south of Maracaibo.
  6. Like you should talk, Mr "anyone who fights the British is dumb". Where was the might of the Royal Navy when the Danes invaded Jamaica? Where was Albion's might when the Antilles fell? Where was Britain when Spain lost thirty ports in a week? What wars has Britain even won? Against the remnants of the Spanish Armada? Against undefended French Haiti? There's a trail of failed diplomacy and lost ports leading straight to Port Royal/Kingston. Perhaps if there was the slightest bit of trustworthiness among the British, then the US could consider rapprochement, but as long as Britain keeps breakin
  7. So arrogant... maybe the US still considers you hostile, hmm?
  8. You can try and twist my words however you like. But I was referring to the treaty in which Spain refused the return of their ports in the Yucatan because of... well, who knows, really? (see: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10733-news-from-the-north/?p=193399).Spain couldn't hold on to the Yucatan, the US didn't hold on to it, and the only reason why Britain is holding on to it is because it's uncontested. There are too many avenues of attack, only a handful of freeports to organize a defense and the locations of the freeports are disadvantageous for such defense. Spain could've he
  9. I have never intentionally written untrue information my newspaper! I just don't let little details like facts get in the way of truth.
  10. Fine, us Americans are more concerned about Pirates than the Spanish, which is why we unilaterally stopped the offensive in the Yucatan two (three?) weeks ago without a peace treaty. The southern Gulf is militarily indefensible without controlling Cuba and Florida. The only way to hold it is by diplomatic agreement, something we could never achieve with Spain.
  11. Uhh, that same huge pirate fleet that was attacking the American possessions in the Bahamas at the same time the Danes wiped out the French and Swedes? I guess the mighty, mighty Spaniards must've been keeping you busy in South Cuba.Edit: I guess the Spanish weren't actually at war with the British at the time. But that begs the question; what was Britain doing on Black Friday? Where was Albion when the Antilles fell?
  12. No one would ignore the maniac in their home to focus on a sane adversary across the street. The maniac must prove they are not a threat or be appropriately restrained before anything else. No one wants to fight Spain. It's boring and the Spanish just don't put in the effort. It is like fucking a girl who just lies there. But as long as the Spanish are out in the Gulf, they are too dangerous to ignore as what they say and what they do rarely align. What the faction says they want changes daily, there's a new "official" Spanish diplomat every other day, disavowing all previous negotiations tha
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