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  1. If you wanted to do a Venetian DLC you'd have to focus on the career of Angelo Emo, who spent most of his career as a pirate hunter but was the last great admiral of Venice fighting in the Venetian Berber war from 1784 until his death in 1792 after which peace was reestablished. The last Venetian admiral who was Emo's second in command was Tomasso Condulmer who retired from service following the treaty of Leoben, briefly acted as a commander in the resistance to French and Austrian rule but soon gave up as it caused too much misery for the people in the recently annexed lands. Emo isn't really as interesting as a history as Nelson or JPJ, especially as Emo is partly made as significant as he was due to his various reforms and his appointment to Capitano Straordinario delle Navi and then even as Procuratore de Ultra before the senate started to worry about the French Revolution and started to favour Tomasso Condulmer due to Emo's aggressive attitude towards piracy and his costly campaigns in Northern Africa. More realistically I'd prefer to see DLC focussed on the 7 years war or War of Spanish Succession, Especially the 7 years war and its world spanning actions.
  2. This doesn't really work with Constitution as an example, Constitution has far more mass under the water than Agamemnon and Rattvisan, Constitution is slightly thinner but has a much deeper draught. The illusion of Constitution being a much faster ship purely because she is a "frigate" doesn't really make sense. Constitution does have a better sailing ratio but this is only really due to her incredible length as a ship, Comparing hulls, Rattvisan and Agamemnon aren't too dissimilar shapes and aren't really blocky, if anything Constitution is a more square shape than the two ships you are comparing her to who both have some really quite nice hydraulic lines. Measurements: Length Constitution: 63m Agamemnon: 48.77m Rattvisan: 49.6m Width Constitution: 13.26m Agamemnon: 13.44m Rattvisan: 13.59m Draught: Constitution: 7m Agamemnon: 5.19 Rattvisan: 5.79m Tonnage (BM) Constitution: 1576 Agamemnon: 1,383.6 Rattvisan: (Around 1400-1425?) Plans:
  3. Can you please remind me when Spain was ever great in the first place?
  4. While I kind of agree that it would be pretty awesome to have more versatility the Dutch are long past their peak by the game's settings of what appears to be around the 1760s-1805. While its not really the direction the game will take it would be absolutely awesome to have a playable grand campaign where you can pick out from Britain, France, Spain etc. It would likely make for a much more complex project though so I'd much rather have a more focussed highly polished project that I'm anticipating this to be over a more open game that wildly flaps in the wind. Imagine a game playing as a European power projecting your naval supremacy across the world though
  5. How will they compare to the difficulty level from that patch in 2016(?) where the AI was ramped up to be a tougher fight than most humans? I'd love to see that level of difficulty return, especially as their AI model is refined to behave in a more natural way.
  6. I'm quite concerned about the 6 chase guns, it seems a bit much considering her size. Surely 4 is plenty and much more balanced with the rest of the line up. In terms of the rest of her she seems fairly nicely placed although I'm sure the ability to redeem a 4th rate a day is going to have a fairly dramatic effect on the game world, at least there will be more combat. One thing I do love though is her paint scheme, she's quite the sight to behold. Send some love to whoever designed her please. 😍
  7. If you want it to be accurate you would only be able to equip limited number of edinorogs on specific decks, as far as I can remember only a couple of ships were experimentally equipped with them on a full gun deck for a fairly short period of time. Also if I remember correctly the ships armed with these spectacular weapons were all much larger than Cherubim, the smallest of which would be roughly the Russian equivalents to Endymion, Indefatigable and Constitution. Typically speaking they would just be deployed in assignments of about 6-10 on ships of the line. There's no real reason to restrict them to a specific national ship because there's nothing really holding them back from being deployed on theoretical foreign ships captured by the Russians. Ideally if you want to change them to being most accurate in terms of deployment they should just replace carronades on the top decks of the largest ships and probably lose some of their historical prowess and just behave somewhat like a long carronade, even despite their historically high accuracy at long ranges. Alternatively keeping them more accurate to how they performed youd need to be able to mount a few of them on your main gun decks while still relying on using a majority of standard guns. Victory before she was reduced to 32s.
  8. We have removed your meme for being too sexy and relevant - Moderation Team 😎
  9. Under the Mediterranean definition of frigate that's entirely possible, only the lame nations from the north say otherwise and who listens to them anyway. Don't let your dreams just be dreams.
  10. When will someone finally outline the difference between a corvette and a sloop of war 😭
  11. I heard it had she sorts ranging from about 2-12 pounders which was pretty common amongst pirates, you arm with what you can get. but maybe he means this beast of a racebuilt galleon? She's got 46 guns: 20 x 36lb 18 x 24lb 8 x 3lb Broadside weight of 588lb (266.71kg) With the armament she has she's a pretty competitive ship tbf and she looks suspiciously like the generic shipwreck model 🤔 Thats before you even consider the undead crew, she'd be a giant killer in boarding and a hefty opponent in any instance.
  12. A bit off topic but its curious how much more chunky the improved Wasa class is compared to the original 1777 design. Wasa Class: Improved Wasa Class:
  13. Its time to jump on the bandwagon
  14. I honestly don't remember where I found the information, the original post took me about 2-3 days of fairly heavy research during summer of last year trying to dig out some pretty specialised information for Concordia (1772), Dolphin (1784), Grampus (1782), Rättvisan (1783) and Fama (1784). It was a pretty difficult project at the time and I didn't really keep any records of source material I used because I was fairly sure I wouldn't need it again, sorry. Its fairly well known Chapman took a lot of building practises and ideas from his time in England but what he didn't take was the British standard for overbuilding the bulky British brawlers especially the more famous 64s such as Agamemnon weren't something that seemed to translate into Sweden, which is largely why as you point out Adolph could hit 11kn with heavy arms where as Agamemnon struggled to find anything much beyond around 9kn with such similar hydraulic lines. I was unaware that this was the case. its not something that really stuck out to me when I was researching the original post, especially as the picture I was presenting the information for doesn't really show much of a difference in gun port height with the examples shown despite being to scale, but perhaps its because the study is comparing rather similar ships. Thank you for bringing it up though. Original picture and post can be found here here:
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