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  1. I'll be interested when they start to post stuff more than paintings. Saying stuff doesn't make it worthwhile but its nice to see some competition in the market.
  2. On a discussion forum for Europa Universalis 4 talking about the upcoming additions to marines I've just written a lengthy post about numbers of marines as a percentage of force used by a number of nations. There might be some people here who have better experience understanding Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands than me here so I thought I might find some interested parties and post what I have written here in the hope to find some more answers Portugal and England didn't particularly use higher proportions of their total manpower for marines than the other nations mentioned tho
  3. It concerns me that we are modelling competitiveness with a game released in 2003. Something 16 years old simply shouldn't be a benchmark to be used to judge how effective the game marketing or player retention is although if anything it should be ringing some alarm bells that something so old which also requires an almost full time commitment as well as a monthly subscription is holding on to vastly more players. WoWs however is a completely different experience and probably not the best thing to compare to.
  4. She was a 24 gun ship which puts her at a broadside of 12 guns. The accounts of 1000 guns are most likely either miscommunicated or misunderstood records that relate to her having a crew of around 1000 who would mainly man the fore and aft castles in combat. Her armaments wouldn't have consisted of either basilisk or great bombards but likely more reasonable sized guns that wouldn't be destined to a specific poundage, she would have fired stone shot and each of her guns would have had a unique weighting and projectiles individually crafted for each gun so as to fit with the somewhat misma
  5. HMS Leopard is 1790-1814, not 1775-1790, she was being built between 1775-1790 she obviously wasn't an active ship over this time. Interestingly she was constructed at two different dockyards.
  6. I found these pictures of the 18th century Venetian machine gun made by a German re-enactment group from an example they found in a museum. The weapon was built with sea use in mind although historically it mainly saw action around 80 years after its creation in the Italian wars of unification.
  7. She was a 4th rate, simple as. There's really no reason to classify her as anything else. She wasn't however a completely new style of ship, super frigates were born in 1724 and 24lb frigates were first conceived in 1782. You can talk to death about her as a vessel but whether you think she more resembles leopard style 50 gunners, which really she does, or if you are under the illusion she is some kind of groundbreaking frigate design, which as much as the fan-fair like to pretend her to be she really isn't. She is still either a 4th rate 50 gun ship or a 4th rate heavy frigate. She
  8. I wrote this a long time ago, its still relevant; Its probably also worth pointing out that since as far as I understand it gamelabs don't have a systematic process to design ships they hand build each one from the ground up the actual modelling of the ships is such a small part of the work. Modelling is about 10-15% of the total work involved with making a ship into a playable thing, there's also a lot of texture work but the vast majority of the time and money goes into programming the ship and trying to balance it properly. Balance is an eternal problem that if I'm honest GL rare
  9. I still can't get over the weird world where the USS Constitution and United States are 3rd rates, They are solid 4th rates and should be balanced accordingly. There is far too much of a lobby trying to push them to be godly ships capable of far more than they were historically both in a combative and sailing sense and the move to make them 3rd rates seems the obvious result of that push to make them much better than they really are. The Idea they both have better health than Wasa and similar structure values to Bellona is just frankly disappointing. The 3 ships should be 4th rates no quest
  10. Not sure what this screenshot really means but the ratings given on these ships kind of scares me a bit I'd assume the numbers next to their name are something like a ship rating, which I'm shocked to see how certain ships are so highly rated, especially essex, constitution and requin.
  11. I bought myself the middle option, I'm downloading it now and I'm looking forwards to giving it a go
  12. If you wanted to do a Venetian DLC you'd have to focus on the career of Angelo Emo, who spent most of his career as a pirate hunter but was the last great admiral of Venice fighting in the Venetian Berber war from 1784 until his death in 1792 after which peace was reestablished. The last Venetian admiral who was Emo's second in command was Tomasso Condulmer who retired from service following the treaty of Leoben, briefly acted as a commander in the resistance to French and Austrian rule but soon gave up as it caused too much misery for the people in the recently annexed lands. Emo isn't really
  13. This doesn't really work with Constitution as an example, Constitution has far more mass under the water than Agamemnon and Rattvisan, Constitution is slightly thinner but has a much deeper draught. The illusion of Constitution being a much faster ship purely because she is a "frigate" doesn't really make sense. Constitution does have a better sailing ratio but this is only really due to her incredible length as a ship, Comparing hulls, Rattvisan and Agamemnon aren't too dissimilar shapes and aren't really blocky, if anything Constitution is a more square shape than the two ships you are compa
  14. Can you please remind me when Spain was ever great in the first place?
  15. While I kind of agree that it would be pretty awesome to have more versatility the Dutch are long past their peak by the game's settings of what appears to be around the 1760s-1805. While its not really the direction the game will take it would be absolutely awesome to have a playable grand campaign where you can pick out from Britain, France, Spain etc. It would likely make for a much more complex project though so I'd much rather have a more focussed highly polished project that I'm anticipating this to be over a more open game that wildly flaps in the wind. Imagine a game playing as a
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