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  1. That goes too far the other way for me, I'm quite picky with ship aesthetics. My favourite ships are all from the 1780s. I'm most fond of designs from this period when the waist is fairly enclosed but still a feature. It doesn't really matter if its a frigate or a line ship either I just like a nice bulwark without the enclosed design of spardecks which I think look a bit square and blocky but I don't like the lego pirate ship vibe either 😄
  2. I don't normally like spardecks but I really like this one, its such a shame she's out of period for NA.
  3. I have spent the last few days dipping into Battlefield Gothic: Armada 2, it will be interesting to see how these two games compare, although no doubt I much prefer the age of sail setting to the Warhammer world, I have no interest in warhammer its just what looks like one of the few tactical "naval" combat games on the market right now. I'd be interested to hear if the dev team here has played any Battlefield Gothic and what they have liked, disliked and how it might inspire features of Ultimate Admiral. I have to say I find the broadsides in space quite satisfying, although I don't like the more gimmicky parts of Armada 2 like the extra powerful abilities. I'm also not a great fan of the campaign urgency mechanic or the lack of a grand campaign but its not the end of the world. Its still an enjoyable experience if you like the kind of game, even though I don't care the slightest for Warhammer lore or world building. I doubt I wouldn't drop Armada 2 in a hearbeat to play a good age of sail naval combat game so I'm still itching for ultimate admiral news
  4. Id love to see this change but it has to be accompanied by the death of thickness meta, structure should play a much more important role in the game than thickness. Thickness as it currently stands is an entirely ridiculous mechanic that is neither historical nor fun.
  5. For the purpose of discussion its probably worth dropping this topic in here too, even though I have edited some of the values now, there is are some interesting posts on there. Most importantly there are 2 tables on there that are useful to the discussion here, I will post them below. Typical Guns British (453g) French Livre (489g) Russian Funt (495g) Spanish Libre (459g) Turkish Okka (1282g) Dutch Pond (494g) Venetian Libbre Sottili (301g) Portugese Libra (459g) Swedish Skålpund (425g) Danish-Norwegian Pund (499g) 6 2.718 2.934 2.97 2.754 7.692 2.964 1.806 2.754 2.55 2.994 9 4.077 4.401 4.455 4.131 11.538 4.446 2.709 4.131 3.825 4.491 12 5.436 5.868 5.94 5.508 15.384 5.928 3.612 5.508 5.1 5.988 18 8.154 8.802 8.91 8.262 23.076 8.892 5.418 8.262 7.65 8.982 24 10.872 11.736 11.88 11.016 30.768 11.856 7.224 11.016 10.2 11.976 32 14.496 15.648 15.84 14.688 41.024 15.808 9.632 14.688 13.6 15.968 36 16.308 17.604 17.82 16.524 46.152 17.784 10.836 16.524 15.3 17.964 42 19.026 20.538 20.79 19.278 53.844 20.748 12.642 19.278 17.85 20.958 68 30.804 33.252 33.66 31.212 87.176 33.592 20.468 31.212 28.9 33.932 Britain (453g) France (489g) Russia (494g) Spain (459g) Turkey (1282g) Netherlands (494g) Venice (301g) Portugal (459g) Sweden (425g) Denmark-Norway (499g) 42lb 36lb 68lb 36lb 14 okka 40lb 50lb 36lb 36lb 36lb 32lb 30lb 60lb 24lb 9 okka 36lb 40lb 24lb 30lb 24lb 24lb 24lb 48lb 18lb 5 okka 30lb 30lb 18lb 24lb 18lb 18lb 18lb 36lb 12lb 3 okka 24lb 20lb 12lb 18lb 12lb 12lb 12lb 30lb 8lb 1.5 okka 18lb 16lb 9lb 12lb 8lb 9lb 8lb 24lb 6lb 3 Kantar (169.5kg) 12lb 14lb 6lb 8lb 6lb 6lb 6lb 18lb 4lb 1 Kantar (56.5kg) 9lb 12lb 6lb 4lb 4lb 12lb 48lb Obusier (French lb) 1/2 Kantar (28.3kg) 6lb 9lb 4lb 3lb 48lb Obusier 8lb 36lb Obusier (French lb) 6lb 3lb 68lb Carronade 36lb Obusier 6lb 30lb Obusier (French lb) 200lb Tirar Bombe (30lb) 2lb 32lb Carronade 30lb Obusier 3lb 24lb Obusier (French lb) 120lb Tirar Bombe (20lb) 24lb Carronade 24lb Obusier 96lb Carronade 18lb Obusier (French lb) 18lb Carronade 18lb Obusier 68lb Carronade 12lb Obusier (French lb) 12lb Obusier 48lb Carronade 36lb Carronade 30lb Carronade 24lb Carronade 18lb Carronade 12lb Carronade 8lb Carronade 6lb Carronade 1 Pood Edinorog (63lb) 1/2 Pood Edinorog (29lb) 1/4 Pood Edinorog (9lb)
  6. 36lb was a pretty common weighting in the age of sail though, while the actual weight of shot varied quite a bit Russia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark-Norway all used 36s. Its also the largest service long gun in the Spanish, French, Portuguese, Danish-Norwegian and Swedish navies. I still stick to my point in having extended use of it benefiting the general balance in such a positive way, especially considering the stats on the 36s in the current state. It would make players think twice about the current L' Ocean meta.
  7. When you are casually admiring the work of Sir Thomas Slade and his designs and you suddenly get reminded how awkwardly racist people were in the 18th and 19th centuries....
  8. I wasn't really sure where to put the Dutch, I figured it suits them to be there because that gives 5 of the current factions to each side, realistically they should probably be with the French as the Batavian Republic during the Napoleonic period but that leaves a slightly uncomfortable imbalance with 6 nations to 4, although realistically numbers of nations don't really matter much, with player numbers being the real driving force. It was just a rough suggestion for potential grouping. You can always add a bunch of other internal flavour nations to each faction leaving you with something like: 1) France, USA, Spain, Denmark, Poland + Kingdom of Italy, Confederacy of the Rhine, Kingdom of Naples 2) Britain, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, Netherlands + Austria, Portugal, Ottomans 3) Pirates + Berbers Alternatively you could also split potential flavour nations between the factions that represent the same area to create something like: 1) France etc + Batavian Republic, Kingdom of Italy, Confederacy of the Rhine 2) Britain etc + Netherlands, Italian States, Holy Roman Empire 3) Pirates Alternatively you could create a slightly more complicated system of core factions then the additional nations where you use the current Alliance system to block the more loose states like the Netherlands or the USA to belong to either one of the core factions but with the fluidity to swap between the two but thats getting a bit more complex. Either way establishing two major factions and have as well pirates would at least in my mind be very beneficial to the game and likely sort out some of the major issues the game has with PVP and RVR and the dynamics it currently has.
  9. I think quite a lot of people have been having this same idea for a long time, the amount of nations currently in the game is crazy and excessive especially when you think of how few actual players the game has retained now. There is no real reason why the game shouldn't have 2-4 factions and it would be better for everyone. I fully agree with the whole nations within nations idea and we could loosely base factions on say the napoleonic wars and lump together something like this: 1) France, USA, Spain, Denmark, Poland 2) Britain, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, Netherlands 3) Pirates Then you could always add other nations like Portugal and the Italian states or whoever else you please to give national identity within the factions involved.
  10. This all looks very exciting, thank you for sharing the screenshots. It looks like it will be quite different and out there, I can't wait to play it. I hope I can get involved in the project somehow 🤞 I will be eagerly watching the rest of the development cycle.
  11. Will there be scope for expanding on these two figures to include a more generalised campaigns in the future, say following for example the 7 years war rather than specific historic figures and their personal service? This all sounds very promising, I can't wait to hear more.
  12. This does look like a suddenly interesting something, Sign me up. Now if only I can work out a way to get into that testing forum....
  13. A potential suggestion for the Flags DLC for touchy US players to fly from their Constitution Classics
  14. For those of you who may not be aware there is currently a large collaboration project going on between a group of youtube creators that is looking in quite some depth at Naval history, one of these videos in the collection talks about ships of the line and provides some fantastic points I haven't really thought about before. Its well worth a watch for those who are interested in the subject. Hope you enjoy
  15. The Leon Trionfante class was modified between each series to bring it up to date with the contemporary practices. There were various changes to the various structural elements of the class over the 80 odd years they were being produced. The most notable difference being the stern as you point out, with the older designs having 4 ports and much more decorative features while the more modern ships were cut for 2 stern ports and had much more modest and up to date practical features like stronger bulwarks, there were also various minor changes to the hold and the inner works of the ship to improve the sailing qualities. There are even more noticeable changes and upgrades between the San Michele Arcangelo class if you check the differences between San Michele Arcangelo and Concordia, of which there are both pictures on this thread (1st and 7th pages). On a more general level ship classes aren't as heavily defined as people might think, ships frequently received upgrades and various minor refits where things like pumps were brought up to date with more modern versions similarly to system upgrades on modern warships today so as to prolong their lifespans, this thought path was also applied to general classes, especially classes that had such a long lifespan as the Leon Trionfante, with a class service history of over 100 years, something pretty rare for warships of the era, especially considering that they were active warships for the vast majority of that time too, rather than being confined to ordinary or used as hulks. I wrote out a more fleshed out piece on the Leon Trionfante class to give her her own forum post a while back you might like to check out, I haven't really gone into much detail of the various modifications between the 4 different series though. I hope that helps answer at least some of your questions.
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