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  1. Redoubtable and Implacable still have generic speed profiles in the API, that usually means they're not quite ready yet.
  2. Oh, I don't doubt that. The guys in the green zone who already have demonstrated a resilience towards ganking and eco grinds will come back because the new game won't be persistent mmo OW. My focus is on the guys outside the happy ganker club.
  3. Yes, you can have the gankbox all for yourselves.
  4. Ah, ok. My only wish of any consequence is also included. That is, there is the possibility for symmetrical pvp and duels. Everything fades or gets annoying, but non-silly pvp provides endless enjoyment.
  5. Isn't it obvious? Among a bunch of info about a new game; When erel and Never compares it to NA they find one or more things to be funny... Probably with regard to NA. Or not. Crystal clear, really.
  6. jodgi

    Ship speeds

    Site updated.
  7. Site updated... (finally) I should note that we haven't checked the numbers in a long time, so give a holler if things are off.
  8. I've got patience, I've been wanting fighting centered NA since 2016. If we're lucky NA2 will be our ticket.
  9. No key needed last time I checked. Just click the link in the OP.
  10. You can't and I'm sorry about that. The service/software I use for this (infogr.am) doesn't have this feature. I've been in contact with them and requested this feature but nothing has come of it... I'm no longer holding my breath.
  11. Dude! It's one of the best games in history as far as combat is concerned. If only it was all about combat... #liberateNA
  12. And I am 100x more interested in spending time playing with what you have done best since 2015 than faffing about with hauling, crafting, grinding cash to compensate for loss, dealing with loss mechanic induced PvP aversion and similar detrimental distractions. People now think I'm a hater. I'm not. I adore core NA. I like the fun and good stuff and want to avoid the boring and bad stuff. #liberateNA
  13. Isn't it... something when one man's irony is another man's wet dream?
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