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  1. How does one setup or help with port investment? Clan creators only? Not in neutral ports?
  2. As someone who has never had more dubs than 20k: I understand.
  3. May I ask what you spend dubs on? That's 11 santis, I'm just trying to understand...
  4. Arright, so I'm not insane... Good!
  5. Ok. It's not what I picture with the term "player driven economy", though.
  6. Were you around when we had dangerous leaks? Would you like to see your "full health" L'Ocean sink from one broadside of carefully placed shots under the waterline? Many whined a lot about that...
  7. Yes, I agree. Yes, well... As far as the grind is accessible PvP I'm able to grind like the worst. You're right, but it's a little too pointed for me to submit to it completely. Hehehe, yes. Maybe we both get lucky and they open duel rooms and similar to put us back into confinement? Sure, but that word describes it rather poorly, don't you think? If I have done anything at all to put you in your current difficult situation then it is encouraging the premium ships back in 2015 when I read a forum post about it. I didn't mean any harm as I thought all you guys would continue to eco around whatever I and those like me did. Except for a short while after austerity patch where I sold guns in CS to get by, Rakers and I have been completely insulated from the general economy. If I use premium ships makes no difference for the rest of you; I wouldn't have been a part of it anyway. As far as I've been able to observe that goes for most clans; Most operations are conducted in-house, so it isn't just me who is showing such eco-subversive tendencies. Would it be precise to blame me? lol, yes, the good old "majority". If the majority of remaining players are DLC ship customers, what would that mean? I may be this and that, but I'm not a hypocrite. You wouldn't be doing that speech if it was just "a customer". No, that's not fair and you know it. I'm possibly the most passionate poster remaining here who fully appreciate what NA really is. We should be fairly harmless to your majority. No. I'm defending true wysiwyg OW timers. OW is what we have at present and other people than me are trying to make OW RoE more arena like. But... I'm just doing the same as you; Letting you know what I like the most.
  8. I actually craft ships. I always pick the path of least net resistance. I could never keep up cash grinding to pay for the ships the crafters sell. While setting up production is a one time ordeal that makes it trivial and super cheap to make ships (I've resigned to be ok with not having the best ships like I used to do). If I wasn't so full of alts I would've had to go with DLCs exclusively. Hehe. You telling me that there is a ship economy I can avail myself of makes me think of what Marie Antoinette #supposedly# said when she heard the people didn't have enough bread... "But, can't they eat cake?"
  9. Nice, you shot your own "suggestion" dead in the third line. It is. But I doubt the effect will last beyond our current pre-wipe depression. It would be hilarious if it did, and I don't mean in spite. It annoys me that the gankers and revenge gankers have managed to coin their safety based playing style as hardcore. It's so softcore it's embarrassing. I bet the duel feature would work better on PVE than PVP server. PVE players have per definition showed more integrity by opting out of the gank or be ganked world. That shit is for the weak.
  10. We haven't seen the new port features yet, but as I understand it clans can open up for friends investing (dubs, cash, marks?) in ports and production. Wouldn't it be weird to be taxed as an investor or partner?
  11. I suppose the zones boosted pvp occurrences but DLC ships aren't sold to fix pvp. Imported ships are directed at players who play the game differently from you. Why do you have a wish to see less DLC ships? Why does it matter so much to you if you can't keep DLC ships you cap? Most importantly, though, DLC ships has been in the long term plans to secure means to keep the servers running. We see a few players thump their chest and state that they've bought the game and are opposed to content being placed behind a paywall. Would you rather not have any DLC ships and so not have any new ships at all? The artists need to eat and selling some of the new ships as DLC has financed many of the normal ships in addition to the DLC ships. I understand the words, but what does this mean?
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