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  1. So, a big fan of the game opts not to play because he has a normal amount of play-time available... Fantastic!
  2. It's the proverbial beating of a dead horse, but since we've institutionalized it...
  3. The current rules didn't come about in a vacuum. We have experienced that lack of- or loose rules also have unintended consequences.
  4. Hmmmm... You like, appreciate and value eco-sandbox gameplay and the depth it creates, right? At least that is how I've interpreted your posts... It may be inductive on my part, but the above quote begs some form of conclusion about the accessibility of eco-sandbox play. What would your conclusion be? Please ignore my lead if you feel it's too biased.
  5. No edgy meme, just wholesome. (I'm willing it to be true...)
  6. Well, a more clan based game was asked for and I wouldn't be surprised if some posters want to take it even further. "Ports must matter" was also requested a lot.
  7. OW Accel is way, way higher than that now. Any speed diff between travel and fighting is problematic for the fighting part. The tension created by the break between OW and instances has been so severe I can't understand why we would try that again. Admin has hinted towards NA2 with a 1:1 world. I can deal with spending 15 to 30 min setting up an attack or defense, but I'm worried that too many people have their limits at around 5 min before the fun should start. My experience with NA:OW since 2016 had made me list heavily towards making NA as accommodating as possible. The current club for the precious few makes me a sad sailor. #liberateNA
  8. Awww, you ruined your own satire by turning passive aggressive to 11, now it's just disingenious pouting.
  9. No, the game went stale a lot like the current situation. Anyway... There are known pros and cons to the "clan based" and "ports must matter" mechanics we have in game now. The features were wished for by players due to the pros and warned against due to the cons. Now that we live in a game-world where the cons have caused exactly what we knew they were going to cause, I'm bewildered by anyone acting surprised. Motivational speeches here won't change a thing.
  10. Great satire, I couldn't have done it better.
  11. jodgi

    Ship speeds

  12. That's a really cool one-liner that completely ignores the pivotal fact that we can't do anything about the players but actually can do something about the game.
  13. Possibly off topic, but still... Naval Action has ruined me. When I see this I no longer think of vacation or luxury: I want to stern-rake those galleries so hard I can taste it!
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