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  1. jodgi

    Quote of the day

    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" C. S. Lewis paraphrasing old proverb.
  2. Let's keep it civil. Thanks. - H. Darby
  3. You can dry-hump the the eco-leg all you want and I won't bat an eye, but proclaiming eco as "the essence of NA" makes me want to go full retard with reckless abandon.
  4. Heh, I was out sailing with her four years ago off the coast of southern Norway (Lindesnes).
  5. Lol, that too... that too. We wouldn't be here buggering everyone if that wasn't part of it.
  6. That's not it, Jim. It's the outplaying and winning or losing and learning that is the top level "Maslow's hierarchy of needs"-like stuff we want. It's not wrong of anyone to be content with lower level stuff, but Naval Action is in an exclusive club of games that can enable top level play. Asymmetric warfare completely cancels out the potential for players to reach top level just as chess wouldn't be chess if there was a minigame before placing the pieces where one could attain positional or numerical advantage.
  7. Well, I'm going to quote John Lennon for this: "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see"
  8. Ah, the motivation of us arena outcasts is unclear. I can only speak for the likes of Puchu, Doran, myself and presumably Hachi, but we're here bitching and moaning because we want to play the game. So, some highly motivated players are unable to climb the fence of... stuff in order to get to the fun part of the game. I don't expect anyone is shedding tears on our behalf because we're viewed upon as the enemy of your... stuff. No, the stuff is the very thing that will attract and retain players. We all like the raisin inside the bun, on that account we're all in happy, clappy agreement. Some gobble through the bun and savor the raisin. I choke on the bun, I've forced myself to eat so many dry and empty calory buns and the last buns I rammed down my throat despite already feeling queasy. I still like raisin, though... No I LOVE the raisins! I could eat nothing but raisins. I dream of raisins and have nightmares about buns. I'm deflated, despondent but mostly sad. #liberateNA
  9. I would like to see the numbers for "the best" PvP only grinder, by that I mean xp/time. Does such a player even exist?
  10. I think the RvR guys won with a landslide. We could be treated with overbearing pity now
  11. Is that a bad thing?
  12. Because no one wants to walk into a trap with two or three groups of "PvP nations" piling in. Full loot loss is the sugar and the sulfur acid, opinions vary about the net acidity of the brew.
  13. Hi! I cannot access the Speed Trials Data. Is it down?

    1. jodgi



      Maybe you had an old link?

      Do tell where you pointed your browser when it failed...

  14. It shows a downtrend and if you'd just said that I wouldn't have started typing. You also went on assuming to know what causes the trend, I can play that game too; It's arti and wheelies that are ruining the game . I pulled the EU stats so I wouldn't be accused of cooking the numbers RU server is way, way bigger and the downtrend is much less pronounced. ech! Even with with this terrible downtrend the low threshold of free-to-play gave the "dying" EU server 50k new accounts this month. I wish we could try that, even in a possibly smaller scale, with NA arena.
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