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  1. I'm so happy my conscience is clear on that point.
  2. Hmmm... I understand some people like the new acceleration, better values sure does feel better Notice there hasn't been any patch notes where "acceleration has been buffed 2-300% for all ships". The new acceleration could be considered a side effect, or bug if you like, from the sail force changes we had a long time ago. There is no deliberate "new acceleration". We may have gotten used to it but it isn't the result of some design goal. The old acceleration was deliberate and we had extensive discussions and testing on the issue. Please, let us try to fix acceleration so we can get back to what we really wanted. It would be sad if our CM slid sideways into meme-land:
  3. Why do you care so much about the bots' abilities? hello kitty bots.
  4. Uh, oh! Something is more broken than it should be.
  5. Apart from the general bot firing angles I think the exams are perfectly fine, though.
  6. Yup. It's even much, much worse than I demonstrated in that post in that thread. The bots have 60-70 deg. deflection.
  7. jodgi

    Ship speeds

  8. He didn't stop supporting the game, he's simply on break of unspecified duration mainly because he's an arena airhead a lot like Doran and myself.
  9. Patience, nobody knows.
  10. This had been reported and acknowledged, it's on some list, somewhere. Calm your tits.
  11. ... or it could be a symptom? "The chicken and the egg"... All this clan based stuff may work out fantastic, but I'm not betting even "et rødt øre".
  12. Are you gunning for the position of NA recruitment officer?
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