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  1. Ohai, @Felix Victor! I'll look at it at first opportunity (at my leasure). Have they messed with the "the secret number"? Will we have to wake up @balticsailor? I've been off this for a terribly long time...
  2. They deleted my old "Ship speeds discussion" thread? -.-
  3. Site updated. Hi, all old friends!
  4. None of these sandboxRPGMMO heroes ever do that. aSsYmMetriCAl wARfAre iS SO sUN TzU
  5. Calm down with the straw-man! How can sandboxMMORPGmultiplayer anti-griefing measures be used in a single-player game with possible lobby rooms?
  6. Eh, the joining of already established battles is small dick energy PvP.
  7. I too assumed duel rooms wouldn't be a problem for OW attendance. It was taken away, though. Towards the end Rakers did duel rooms almost exclusively, did too many do the same?
  8. I used plot.ly before infogr.am and they had that feature, but plot.ly started to crap out as the ship list grew.
  9. You have your thing, why argue against us having our thing?
  10. Yes! But that's not a feature infogr.am has, I've asked them about it, twice.
  11. I know how to curb my enthusiasm. I know Sea Legends might not get working duel, skirmish or grand battle rooms. I'll support it even without the certainty. I'm fine with having the most insane crafting system ever devised in single player mode. I'm aware people get off on that. But... IF we get multiplayer stuff in Sea Legends; Single player insano crafting, gear or crew grinds can't matter in multiplayer. Please! If there has to be grinding in the multiplayer part it's ok, all but everyone can handle grinds these days. I desperately emplore you to keep bot- and singl
  12. I've been off for a loooooooong while...

    Are there still solo patrol zones and do people generally fight there?

    Before I went on land leave it was mostly ppl hoping to grind bots in the solo zones (go figure)

  13. Site updated.
  14. Heh, I like that chunky kid in front.
  15. jodgi

    Quarantine Stories

    For those who might have a so called "idiot friend"... https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/?itid=sf_
  16. Redoubtable and Implacable still have generic speed profiles in the API, that usually means they're not quite ready yet.
  17. Oh, I don't doubt that. The guys in the green zone who already have demonstrated a resilience towards ganking and eco grinds will come back because the new game won't be persistent mmo OW. My focus is on the guys outside the happy ganker club.
  18. Yes, you can have the gankbox all for yourselves.
  19. Ah, ok. My only wish of any consequence is also included. That is, there is the possibility for symmetrical pvp and duels. Everything fades or gets annoying, but non-silly pvp provides endless enjoyment.
  20. Isn't it obvious? Among a bunch of info about a new game; When erel and Never compares it to NA they find one or more things to be funny... Probably with regard to NA. Or not. Crystal clear, really.
  21. No key needed last time I checked. Just click the link in the OP.
  22. Dude! It's one of the best games in history as far as combat is concerned. If only it was all about combat... #liberateNA
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