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  1. Heh, I was out sailing with her four years ago off the coast of southern Norway (Lindesnes).
  2. Lol, that too... that too. We wouldn't be here buggering everyone if that wasn't part of it.
  3. That's not it, Jim. It's the outplaying and winning or losing and learning that is the top level "Maslow's hierarchy of needs"-like stuff we want. It's not wrong of anyone to be content with lower level stuff, but Naval Action is in an exclusive club of games that can enable top level play. Asymmetric warfare completely cancels out the potential for players to reach top level just as chess wouldn't be chess if there was a minigame before placing the pieces where one could attain positional or numerical advantage.
  4. Well, I'm going to quote John Lennon for this: "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see"
  5. Ah, the motivation of us arena outcasts is unclear. I can only speak for the likes of Puchu, Doran, myself and presumably Hachi, but we're here bitching and moaning because we want to play the game. So, some highly motivated players are unable to climb the fence of... stuff in order to get to the fun part of the game. I don't expect anyone is shedding tears on our behalf because we're viewed upon as the enemy of your... stuff. No, the stuff is the very thing that will attract and retain players. We all like the raisin inside the bun, on that account we're all in happy, clappy agreement. Some gobble through the bun and savor the raisin. I choke on the bun, I've forced myself to eat so many dry and empty calory buns and the last buns I rammed down my throat despite already feeling queasy. I still like raisin, though... No I LOVE the raisins! I could eat nothing but raisins. I dream of raisins and have nightmares about buns. I'm deflated, despondent but mostly sad. #liberateNA
  6. I would like to see the numbers for "the best" PvP only grinder, by that I mean xp/time. Does such a player even exist?
  7. I think the RvR guys won with a landslide. We could be treated with overbearing pity now
  8. Is that a bad thing?
  9. Because no one wants to walk into a trap with two or three groups of "PvP nations" piling in. Full loot loss is the sugar and the sulfur acid, opinions vary about the net acidity of the brew.
  10. It shows a downtrend and if you'd just said that I wouldn't have started typing. You also went on assuming to know what causes the trend, I can play that game too; It's arti and wheelies that are ruining the game . I pulled the EU stats so I wouldn't be accused of cooking the numbers RU server is way, way bigger and the downtrend is much less pronounced. ech! Even with with this terrible downtrend the low threshold of free-to-play gave the "dying" EU server 50k new accounts this month. I wish we could try that, even in a possibly smaller scale, with NA arena.
  11. Oh, the zones became a massive disappointment to those it was intended for. As they are now I wouldn't even blink if they were deleted for the good of the sandbox. We tried to think up PvP-on-demand within the OW, but that discussion culminated in admin saying "gankers are players too". MMO sandbox stuff invariably shits on everything I might find fun.
  12. Define "huge"... "Oh, no! We dipped under 750k players this week! The arena is doomed!" Stop confusing your opinions with statistics. Would you say this sandbox MMO also has a "huge" downtrend?
  13. Since I'm on a roll... WoT is undoubtedly a continuing success. One of their core design goals was to keep it attractive and viable to the average "dad" type: A person with a job, wife, kids, car and possibly a garden patch AND/BUT with a few bucks to throw at a casual hobby in a continual manner. Now measure OW against that template for success...
  14. With a price tag; not many. Many clan creators and officers would. I would too, but I would be acutely sensitive to the prescence of books, rare mods and port stuff. I don't think I'll ever be able to compete in that regard and that would almost make the room unusable to me. The game I truly enjoy has been kept from me for years, I'm highly motivated but with limits.
  15. Now, that was a cold shower! Though I still believe in NA as an arena concept it is true it's hard to keep the snowball snowballing. Any stalling may quickly result in a fatal crash. Armoured Warfare (while still "alive") sure does seem to struggle against the massive WoT and WarThunder. AW is the third copy of a concept specifically funded by mail.ru to get in on the cashgrab. NA arena (f2p) would be a unique and first-off thing with loads of ardent, almost militant, supporters already in the woodwork. Don't sell yourself too short! It irks me when you say "The arena has been tried, twice". I was around for both tries and the first one failed when "the community gods" went to OW and the rest just sat on their hands waiting to be admitted. The second try has been challenged enough and many times. I don't know much of the cost involved in releasing a free-to-play arena game on Steam, but I'd be willing to put money on a profit margin even for a "failed attempt". I also don't know much about player retention numbers. You mention the 2017 count of 120.000 buyers, let's go with that and pretend that is the current individual owners corrected for alts. Maybe 1% concurrent players retention is good for a buy-outright game? With f2p NA arena you would tap into the 99% for a few % points plus low threshold for new blood for additional % points, we don't even have to wish for the moon in order to have sustainable numbers. Imagine being able to sell premium time all the time... Imagine being able to sell (sensible) premium ships without incurring the wrath of players... While you may have gotten the blues about NA arena this is the response I get when I promote NA OW elsewhere:
  16. I'm so happy my conscience is clear on that point.
  17. Hmmm... I understand some people like the new acceleration, better values sure does feel better Notice there hasn't been any patch notes where "acceleration has been buffed 2-300% for all ships". The new acceleration could be considered a side effect, or bug if you like, from the sail force changes we had a long time ago. There is no deliberate "new acceleration". We may have gotten used to it but it isn't the result of some design goal. The old acceleration was deliberate and we had extensive discussions and testing on the issue. Please, let us try to fix acceleration so we can get back to what we really wanted. It would be sad if our CM slid sideways into meme-land:
  18. Why do you care so much about the bots' abilities? hello kitty bots.
  19. Uh, oh! Something is more broken than it should be.
  20. Apart from the general bot firing angles I think the exams are perfectly fine, though.
  21. Yup. It's even much, much worse than I demonstrated in that post in that thread. The bots have 60-70 deg. deflection.
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