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  1. think having his name as one of the tutorial captains would be cool, one of the exam captains for example or name of a passenger for transport mission, i dont know what he liked to do ingame, but maybe his former clanmates have some great ideas
  2. only if everyone aim at Cid's masts, his clanleader for months
  3. People can "Refit" their ships in different ports to get the "Liverpool Refit" from say one english port, "Nassau Refit" if you refit it in nassau etc, cartagena refit etc. How it happens is that beside the "Repair ship" button you get a choice to "Refit Ship" with a warning that it will take x hours/minutes (depending on how big the ship is), the ship "stays" in a drydock at that said port where you can grab it after the refit is done, what refit the port has should said in the port info tab on the top left where you can read what woods and resources drops there. PS. Could even add so you would need some trade goods to complete the refit, Sables for the boarding refits etc.
  4. of course its downvoted, people dont want to do intended game mechanics to craft ships, but rather want to skip 90% of the ingame content
  5. I dont think we are on the same wavelength, of course its ok if you want to sail the renommé i togally get you, its a pretty ship, but also its competitive with hercules and surprise due to hull shape, also better hp then hercules so this evens those ships out. But deep water frigates all you see is either hercules or trincomalees. Why are we never seeing essexes, pirate frigates, or belle poules? Because they are simply inferior ships toward the trinc and since you can craft it easily, why sail something that probably looks better, but 99 out of 100 times would lose a engagement with a ship that required equal or less effort to craft? Is that fun? Knowing when you go into a battle that the chance for you to survive is that slim, because you know for the fact that its gonna be a fast ship, with fully decked out 32pd carronades, alot tough er hullwise and will just angle away your puny longs as he approaches you on an angle? This is what you dont get in any other rate, 6th rates for instance has the Niagara with permit, of course the strongest ship in its class, but it required a permit to get crafted so if you want the best you have play or as of now pay for it. Because of the 5th rates what can really match the trinc is an other trinc, endy or Diana, but with carronades, or just the 32pd snow.
  6. Battle Timer/ROE Why is battle timer increased to 5 min? We will only get the undocking gank fleet as many complained about before. The intention to change from tag to % was to remove griefing, but what stops a player to sail around with navy loodsman, try to chase and retag the same player over and over again inevitably leading to the same outcome? RVR Survive for 30 mins? what does it mean, you have to stay alive for 30 mins (requin/tlynx inc)? you have to protect the flag for 30 mins? All i see is you removed the content for alot of players that didnt have ships to use in port battles, but could help the nation in screening. IMO it would make alot more sense if you could do the port battle right away after those 30 mins with a notice to that certain nation that it was under attack. Circles Good that removed the problem if people were out of sync and just missed a battle entry Havent looked into investments.
  7. imo permits arent needed on the wrong ships etc trinc (meta), imagine how many different ships we would see in OW if say the Cherubim were the only 5th rate that wouldnt need permits
  8. we're all this critical because actually all of us care about the game and are addicted @admin
  9. you do know that this is because of the full carronade, heavy frigate HP and non permit needed right? Logically thinking every ship except the considered worst in its class from 5th rates, most 6th rates and every 7th rate imo shouldnt require permits. This would even the playing field in whats worth crafting, for instance you should be able to pump out normal Frigate ship without limits, but people would complain that they wont be able to gank all others with their heaviest ships
  10. @admin so whats the plan for frigate, essex, pirate frigate and all the other deep water frigates? Cant wait for my 14kn victory though
  11. nice that we buff everything, but not nerfing whats overused
  12. Voted no because i feel the problem is that the ships can have so much thickness to their hulls that you cant penetrate a lineship unless you're closer then 600m with a 18pd long which makes it obsolete because everyone literally angles it away. So imo all cannons 18pd and below should be abit buffed on the penetration values. This would also help when fighting a carronade ship which at the moment can just steam on bow to stern without a true risk of losing if its vs equal ship.
  13. Yes the game mechanic work, but are you implying that farming doubloons with rinse and repeat combat missions with 4th rates but now an ai first rate is good gameplay? Who knows for how long people have used this way to gain doubloons when it was first reported a few weeks ago which where several months after the initial possibility to capture AI first rates.
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