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  1. But considering we're still sitting with only 4 uncustomisable clan member tanks, i wont have any high hopes for your idea unfortunately
  2. A reset every 6th month would be great imo, give unique reward in therms of flags or title to the winner in certain classed (highest kd, minimum 100 PvP battles, holding port x the longest time, most 1st places on PvP leaderboard, most pve kills, highest accumulated gold, longest distance traveled) so all grind wouldnt be in vain
  3. True, why should all armies in the world use guns.. Lets go back to the middleage with sword and plate armour with cavalry right.. And use trebuchets instead of long distance rockets..
  4. its only 16.3kn with and only sailing 3, 4 upgrades and normal fir
  5. Checking out the new ADR, Diana, Santa Cecilia event be like
  6. im not sure, in the clan im in we kicked a longtime clanmember for racism and foul language after several warnings, so its more about the guys in control of the server that have to take responisiblity
  7. i would love if they added a third side to a battle. So you would have nation vs nation vs pirates. This way pirats would be free to kill for whoever side and they could attack either nations they want, even the national players could team up against the pirates.
  8. @admin could this be developed into some passive alliance system where you as a player needs % karma with nation x to join their port battle which decreases karma towards nation y that you attack? So it counts on the player and not the nation itself
  9. so...... can we remove the ability to choose pirate as playable from star? and the players decreasing their karma turning pirate? with a huge black warning of course
  10. Speaking from experience this fine wont make of any significant difference for the veteran players considering they would have alot of resources and wont have the same problem as others. Would there be an idea to increase cost of items in admirality? Say in the PvP tab instead if you decrease your reputation with your nation? But the change looks really good btw
  11. only if everyone aim at Cid's masts, his clanleader for months
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