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  1. Belle poule and Essex relevant, nice joke when trinc is better in all ways. The only time you would want to sail any of the others you mention is if you dont have any other ship or just do it for stubborness unfortunately..
  2. Yes ofc vs bigger ships. Im more meaning towards ships of the same rate, 6th vs 6th, 5th vs 5th, 4th vs 4th. There is no reason to pick longs anymore since the carronades as just so much better in all ways, the only downside is penetration, but that can be played around by angling in longs distance
  3. If the carronades meta is gonna be the thing i would advice to reduce manouverability on basically all ships and/or reduce the reload rate of all guns. Considering the turn rate is phased up due to gameplay reason (understand able) we now have the situation where you could almost Dodge a full broadside of cannonballs (not ulike sid Meyers pirates gameplay). It doesent matter if u use carronades even if the battle is at distance vs longs because you can just angle and dodge balls
  4. Pro Tip. Put ships for sale for an immense price, if it sells, good for you, if it doesent, you just rented 1 extra dock space
  5. what do we consider veteran? gametime, time the game is owned? i dont think you should reward someone to buy your game, have it it their chest, drag it up after a long time and get an unique item. I would consider it to take some kind of hours ingame in general say 3 hours is a good amount of game time if you split it down to average gametime each day, so maybe. an easy equation could be then 3 hours per day x365 days x3 years, which would be 3285 hours clocked in so say you have, ~3300 hours gametime unlocks you the dlc. I would also advice to have some minor goals inbetween here, maybe 100 hours = 200 000 reals, 1000hours = Redoutable Note or something in that way. Then you reward your players for sticking with you and there will always be something to reach for. Maybe instead of having rewards as items you can lose you could choose to pick a flag (permanent and sticks to the account) or a really rare ship note (which can be lost) or repairs, armaments etc (which also can be lost ofcourse).
  6. it wouldnt really help though. If it take 20 mins for 3 MB to destroy a fort from what @Mouth of Sauron knows, say you enter the battle. What ships will soak the damage that obviously cant be soaked by the mortar brigs? the other shallow ships? they will get reload shocked from under 10 42pd cannonballs, so by the time you've killed the fort you wont have any ships left to fight the battle.
  7. if you know of some exploits the russians are using, please feel free to make a tribunal about it. The game wont die, but it will develop slower because the devs have to deal with stupid shenanigans without fixing the initial problems
  8. you have clearly not played RVR in the shallow waters..
  9. come on you know that most players wont report exploitable mechanics ingame, hence why we have these kind of tribunals. Of course its banable, but you cant say its being prioritized to solve these mechanics so it cant be exploitable, the same as with green on green and griefing in general, where the guy commiting the action gets a slap on the wrist, lays low and does the same old later on (tribunal threads on the same players doing the same thing etc). Now.. What they could do is to allow all nation members to join a port battle if the owner clan has no friendly clan on their friends list. This can be exploited by having 2 alt clans friendly each other, but maybe then you could have some sort of minimum amount of friendly clan on the list, or have the 2 alt clans approved by the largest clan in nation. The latter would be the best option, because then you would actively get in touch with the biggest clan in your nation which probably isnt gonna spoil their shit to help some alt clan using an exploitable flip and rvr mechanic
  10. as exploitable as it is this is unfortunately a result of the mechanics that were introduced to flip a port..
  11. the forts are decent in the deepwater, it helps with reducing the fort cannons to 9pd instead
  12. this would be a much better option. give them a a fort version of 9pd (heaviest shallow ship cannon armament) like we have the 42pd fort version which has higher damage and penetration then then normal 42pd cannons
  13. while all you say is true, it was still not as common to have them onboard all ships, because as you say the technology wasnt that common. I also know the fact that it got undeserved critics of being inaccurate, but that was because the guncrew didnt knew how the elevation worked compared to cannons, so they aimed it as a cannon, hence why the shot went out much higher then you would expect and also inaccurate in that era. but if they want to do A they need to do B. If they want it this way they might aswell make the carronades dropable from ships only as we have with all the other guns and make only long cannons craftable. This would create a logical a much better gameplay for everyone and it would also lean towards High risk = High reward gameplay
  14. @admin so we can just remove cannons soon or? whats the point with them really? Im really struggling to find any reason with this. I wont complain, ill just sail snow and wreck big ships with 32pd carronades, but 32pd carronade has allmost equal penetration vs 9pd on 250m and those are primarly used in shallows. Considering people angle there is no rarely worth using longs and fighting a carronade ship from distance. Can you help me connect the dots in this matter?
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