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  1. totally agree, along with the port bonuses and seasoned woods brings the stats on the ships so far off the base stats that any ship can maximize the stats in several areas
  2. my take on the Port bonuses is that it shouldnt be possible to specialize in all kind of brands maximizing the ship in all areas, but the port should rather specialize in 1 of the 4 branches
  3. your solution is to pay a clan from an other nation to capture the port and hand it over to any of your other prefered clans. (trustissues inc)
  4. its really unfortunate that this option is still ingame, it takes away alot of the realism and immersive gameplay they want to create in the game. I personally feel like there should be pros and cons sailing in stormy weather, obviously you would have the option to sail with less chance of being detected and in my mind if would make alot more sense if the ship would take sail damage if traveling on full speed through stormy weather. I can also understand why they have it, because people can take cool pictures, but do we then want cooler screenshots where probably 70% of the playerbase dont know about the potential usage of it other then screenshots? or do we want a much logical gameplay where we dont have sonic radars on our ship which 70% of the players dont know how to use?
  5. im just trying to find solutions to the problem, there are no options to lose a port other then npc raid or doing the mistake of having no cash in the warehouse
  6. in other online games where there is a PVE server you can usually turn on PvP in neutral and hostile zones and can turn it off, but it will wear off after x minutes. Maybe this is a solution to PvE server, maybe even boost the production/taxation/rng for ship building until a point so it turns to a port that would be attackable by other nations? So if a clan wants to go full ham on a port and turn up everything to boost their own gain, they are risking that other nation players can eventually attack their port?
  7. i would love if they could add certain levels of fog though, and maybe even not fill the whole map with fog so if you're chased you can sail into the fog to try and escape as you would if you see shallow water
  8. Imo this port battle system is so far off realistic gameplay as we could get, you're literally sending a message to the nation for all to see that you are planning to attack the port in several weeks in ingame time on before hand. I think a tweaked version of flag approach for port battles would be alot better. Maybe it should cost x VM to pull the flag for a port, maybe depending on the amount of point the port has? This would create a much more spontanous approach for the attacker instead of grindig through what ive experience from others annoying pve for rvr content. It also takes much longer time as you would have to plan 2 days after another for rvr. Now this sounds like problems for the people defending the port. But remember 5 lineships and some shore batteries fended off over 30 british warships at the battle of Cartagena. So for what i think about this is that the forts/towers should be placeable by the port clan owner, it sits there until destroyed. It should also be player controlled in rvr activities, and instead of losing hp, it should rather lose cannons and crew until it cant operate efficiently, of course damage from above would be alot more efficient then a ship broadside. There should also be certain levels of the fort and different designs, the square fort is clearly not the best for all ports we have ingame and certainly not covering circles as it should be. Tldr; better with retuned flag mechanic, player controlled forts their hp and different designs
  9. Visibility range on radar would work. Say heavy storm battle visible within 500m, 500-800m cant see the nation so its just a Grey ship icon, and above 800m its not spotted on radar. Different value in night time, lantern on/off would be a possibility, and different value in just fog
  10. i dont think its based on that class its a agamemnon sized bellona. but take the HMS Bellona for example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_the_line_of_the_Royal_Navy Bellona class (Slade) Bellona 74 (1760) – broken up 1814 Dragon 74 (1760) – sold 1784 Superb 74 (1760) – wrecked 1783 Kent 74 (1762) – sold 1784 Defence 74 (1763) – wrecked 1811 Btw i think the ingame 3rd rate is based on the HMS Berwick ( Elizabeth Class )
  11. it should be ship class and get a random name from their database of the ships in that same class IMO else we would get all the random offensive names that the devs would have to go through and remove or approve before the ship is built, but its a good idea
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