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  1. i think you're speaking of Clan Allies, the thread is about Clan Members
  2. Think a good addition to the subject is that when a Clan drops a port, the next reset the port stays in the Nation, but without a "Governor". The Ai sees this and sets up a battle for the port, if not fought and won over the port turns Neutral (loss to ai). Dont know about this though, but the port could be a free for all battleground, the clan with the most participants in the battle when the battle is over and wins, gets the new ownership of the port. This would make it more of a hassle for alts to try and grief other nationals, since you would require to be in the same clan (suspicious behavior), and at the same time new players can join without really making it a problem if they can pull it off anyway. ' Know it can be a problem with alts, but i imagine it is better then ninja dropping it to other countries
  3. With all due respect @admin this whole situation is a result of the dev team reviewing a rvr breaking mechanic that was reported 20 months ago, i dont know about you, but in my mind there should have been a statement about this earlier if its an exploit or not and i think the majority of the forum members would expect to get answer earlier then 20 months and going, but when the same topic gets brought up without any clear answer the tension gets higher and higher. Compare it with your TV subscription, if you have a technical problem that you're told to get a response to, and you dont get that response, but it keeps happening while you keep reporting it, you would probably call in with a shorter fuse then the first 3 times, and would ask to get the case prioritized or cancel the subscription.
  4. what? if you change the timer to 22 hours, you still need to wait those 22 hours from the redeem is done until you can do it again, or am i totally misunderstanding you suggestion? But nonetheless redeem once each reset is more optimal for all players imo.
  5. the game isnt high risk = high reward, its low risk = high reward gameplay, which is bad, short therm its fun blasting of ships, but in the long run it becomes boring and stale.
  6. the ai still dont fire while in boarding, so you can also just board one upwind, play defensivly in boarding while damaging the side and eventually sinking the ship
  7. not really how i meant it to turn out, but the devs have the ability to check logs IF us players report suspicious behavior. Just as we do today on the tribunal where people alt farm, do green on green etc. The devs can check the logs and out from that act accordingly, not that they are gonna check the logs on every player on the leaderboard. Hope that cleared it out
  8. Think if they balanced the armament on ships with what they actually had it could make more ships useful, e.g limiting poods for st pavel, limiting 36pd longs as heaviest armament for ALL french 74's and up etc
  9. same as with paints, should be 1 redeemable each reset. Now this is a QOL feature that doesent benefit one guy more then another and ruin the gameplay for all else.
  10. i edited my post, but im afraid that since there is no real duration of a wood in the warehouse, where the quality withers or it eventually rot away the biggest nations will just metagame this mechanic, i agree that 4th and 5th rate should be the mainly seen ships with 3rd rates alot more often to see then the even bigger lineships. but i got a bad feeling if its adjusted that way, i would be tempted to test it, wouldnt matter as much for me since i just sailed captured ships but i think permit drops from the chests by doing events is the best way to go in my opinion
  11. think it would be ok as it is with the resource cost, the hp of the 3rd rate lineships could be somewhat bigger, atleast the wasa, but Im not really sure how increasing resource cost will play out though, there will be an even bigger gap between low pop / high pop nation, and would create further imbalance between nation IMO. Think its better to remove the 2nd and 1st rate permits from the admirality and have say the 1st rate permits ONLY have a chanced drop from Epic chests from epic events and 2nd rate permits have a chanced drop from the other chests in the epic events. Could also rebalance the drop rate and loottable from the deadmans chests for the Solo/trader guy that dont want to fight to have a chance getting a permit, but as a high risk / high reward gain. Thinking of it this would also limit the usage of alts as you would need a lineship to do an epic event (crew)
  12. thats a great proposal in my opinion. I believe it wont be that abused though, because the playerbase can easily tell who pvp's alot and not by the familiar names and how they get the kills etc. If something is suspicious, the devs can check the logs if it has been a fight or just some alt farming. We have the incident right now with that guy in a frigate farming damage on possibly his alt which is a 3rd rate. This would be acknowledged because people would be suspicious if a random guy gets 1 kill pr hour only small vs big ship and has never seen him pvp in the OW. I think it could solve alot of other stuff aswell @admin thoughts?
  13. dont think adding penalties to the bigger ships would solve the problem, there shouldnt really be a reason to engage a bigger ship with a smaller one unless the reward is high and you're confident, not by knowing that your opponent will have x penalties vs your smaller ship. There should be a high risk high reward gameplay, not low risk high reward as we have today.
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