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  1. sorry, but you need to find an other way around your situation. No matter how you twist and turn your situation you wont find a middle ground, maybe ask the swedes to change their other ports to night time and the closest to DK capitol to evening time for u so it suits YOU better
  2. Sorry for the ultrasmall text :S But these are the options if you pull missions from la mona and move forward, surely these ports arent useless for all swedes
  3. i agree like that would be overkill, in other games you have the common items like you mention salt you wouldn't need that extra confirmation to do, but a good idea i think would work is to have an option in the game settings if you want to have the confirm button for say resources, trade goods, consumables etc. Think that would be a QOL change, and that you cant delete by right clicking, but you would have to drag it out from the inventory and drop it, which would make it alot harder to do unrecognized by yourself.
  4. then we're forgetting what the game is about, its about age of sail and battles, economy and trading. They didnt settle one battle over more days, they battled it out and the winner chased down the losers of the battle to capture their ships. Personally i dont like the timers and how a port battle is initiated, imo its much better to have a working flag mechanic to pull a port for battle, but also within the timers of the defenders because, lets be honest. This is a game and not a job, so people need to be able to defend when they are able to.
  5. so again say clan X is a community of players that prefer to play at night due to family / work reasons. Is it right to take away their only chance to defend in their optimal timezone 7 days a week because you dont want to do rvr in weekends?
  6. Yeah i know 🤷‍♂️ summer 2010 is when WoW made the game ALOT more casual friendly allowing people to do alot more out of the game for minimal effort, its been continuing that way and look at the decline
  7. so what happens next? are the swedes gonna make a thread and complain why they cant choose their own timer that benefits them and not the enemy?
  8. if you cant take the port by force, maybe you could buy the port off the swedes with a non rvr agreement. Besides if we say it was the opposite way that it was captured danish ports around gustavia and i played in sweden, i would attack any other swedish port that would be attackable from another port, there are always people that have buildings in different ports.
  9. F. But honestly thought it should come up a box where you have to type "destroy" before its gone
  10. what about guanica and ponce from la mona? surely that is a way to go, you can even get help from the russians that also are fighting swedes, you can literally get the whole southern part of puerto rico if you pick missions from there
  11. when i played in prussia a year ago this wasnt a problem when we fought pirates, what we had to do is to attack them at weekends same as they had to do against us, attack us in weekends
  12. if they changed it its good in the long run, maybe the elite events will be worth doing soon, imo its not good when you can rinse and repeat the same excat farm for a short time to get the best items ingame, it will become a mid max meta like you have in wow classic, where if you know how to do it you can farm so much resources with minimal effort
  13. maybe they didnt say which february? so technically they are still on time?
  14. its good as it is, if you have a night timer on one of your ports to reduce being multiflipped it indirectly means you have to many ports on your hands
  15. is there a historical situation where someone has looted from a sinking ship? it would sound strange, but i understand it for gameplay. But it would give an even bigger reason to board a ship rather to sink it.
  16. what about the eu players that prefer to do rvr at night? not all work 0900 - 1700, many work shifts and prefer to play during night time if they have the option
  17. the regional servers wont work, people will still play whenever they can, with whoever they want to and on the most populated server.
  18. the problem i see it is a population issue, maybe you should be able to pay an tax to lock down all sub ports and force the attacker to go through your main port first?
  19. Being a norwegian player i dont see the problem, shouldn't you put the timer around the time you KNOW you have enough players to defend your ports? and even if that doesn't help, doesnt it indirectly mean you own to many ports and need to adjust to the situation?
  20. IMO they shouldnt base the HP on the tons burthen it makes everything about the game unrealistic, since captains would usually surrender their ships long before they would be sunk, the connie could keep its base thickness considering thats what she was famous for, but the HP values on all ships should be balanced with a combination of a allrounder, glasscannon, and slug etc. I think doing this would make the game better along with the balancing in the long run alot better and it would feel alot more natural. Same as with the development of the techonology across the era, we're talking about over 100 years in difference between the oldest to the youngest ship. Ingermanland vs Trincomalee is a great example. Ingermanland in the era it was made was a fairly large ship of the line, where there would be no talks about heavy 46 gun frigates etc
  21. maybe they scammed us and are talking about Net Neutrality?
  22. you even have the USS Constitution pictured at the 5th rate frigate event, so deep within i dont think you just partly agree
  23. i feel there needs to be some kind of reward to survive / kill enemies in a battle with loki rune to keep players from just sailing away without leaving, or just surrendering the ship once they enter. Also how unbalanced the join can be, already half full of water with no structure or joining a even fight with full hp from the start, there shouldn't be anything con about dying. And of course it should be a cosmetic reward that does not affect a player/ship in some kind of performance. Maybe you can get some token if you leave a battle, even get 2 extra token for each kill, 1 for each assist etc. Reward could be a unique flag or paint skin, even develop it so you get the token for the faction you help in battle. So if you are british, get loki say 25 pirate tokens, you get a british flag themed towards pirates, maybe a privateer flag or some sort (example RN Ensign of the Henry Morgan era). @admin and others, thoughts on the idea? it would give a reason to fight or leave the battle not wasting peoples time, yes you can still waste peoples time, but then add so if you are still inside the battle and haven't left 2-3 minutes after you could leave you lose the chance of that token. This removes the reason to keep people intentionally in battle to grief with the risk of not getting a reward for doing it. It also gives a great reason to actually fight the player for extra token and help the other npc, and even if you don't want to you get a reward if you can manage to leave the battle.
  24. IMO i would love to try this ingame if it was for one weekend to test it, @admin would this be possible if u open testbed? and apply a survey afterwards of the experience players had
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