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  1. Wick

    Bring boarding to a new level

    the gunpowder and the quality of the ball varied greatly back then. Many balls were stone not lead and crudely made. Windage between ball and barrel was bad and not at all universal. Add the stress of the battle to the average solder's training and you get the historical results. But even at much later engagements accuracy were very poor. Another fact: After one of the battle of Gettysburg the discarded 37,574 rifles were collected and sent to Washington to be inspected and reissued. Approx. 24,000 of them were still loaded, and 75 % of them had 2 to 10 rounds in the barrel. One rifle had been stuffed to the top with 23 rounds ! this guy on the video must have shot more than a whole battalion in their full existence... and with spotless muskets restored probably above original standards...
  2. Wick

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Lets supply some stats on Napoleonic musketry: We have a good number of sources detailing accuracy tests in the period of NA. The following was copied from http://www.napolun.com/mirror/napoleonistyka.atspace.com/infantry_tactics_2.htm It makes an awesome read. The conscripts should "fire a few rounds so that they would know which eye to use in aiming." - Marshal Berthier "...out of 720 French infantry, 52 hit the target of 3m x 100 m. At 200 m there were only 18 hits." (Nafziger's "Imperial Bayonets" published by Greenhill Books 1996) Misfire was anything between 15 and 33%. According to R. Henegan the British infantry at Vittoria fired on average 459 rounds for 1 French casualty. (Henegan - "Seven Years' Campaigning in the Peninsula and the Netherlands", pp 344-345) During one of the battles of the Revolutionary Wars, General Duhesme found his battalion firing at Austrian battalion at 100 paces. It was a lengthy firefight and Duhesme expected heavy casualties, he was however very surprised, there were only 3-4 men hit. - In 1813 at Gohrde, 66 French infantrymen fired at 60-80 paces at Germans hiting 27 Hannoverians and Bremen-Verden (40 % hits). In this case the count is only for one volley at close range. We can see even at later periods that in battle accuracy was around 200-250 shots per kill. All this was done in land with no moving ships.
  3. For boarding speed I would have settled at around 4-5 knots. Previously it was closer to 3 than 4 knots when one could board. jumping up to 8 is a bit steep but lets test it.
  4. Contemporary sources reckoned that in battle conditions with an average of 10-33% misfire and the added stress, troops on land achieved about 10% hit-rate at 80 yards to a company sized target. Add an ever moving ship, humidity and the immense smoke and what do we get? Muskets were probably only become somewhat effective on occasions like at Nelson's death. Big ships locked together stationary. Still i would love to see the option added with the changes i proposed earlier(speed dependent accuracy).
  5. The only way to promote trading (if this what we want) is to making sure, wealth comes from trading and gold is not given away for combat. This would then cause endless grief for solo PVP oriented players with no solid clan economy backing. The system we have now is a sort of middle ground trying to accommodate everyone but satisfies no-one in particular as people on both end of the scale seek more radical solutions. We have the option to trade and amassing huge fortunes is easy with trading but doing only PVP is absolutely possible and sustainable in the game setting we have now. Nothing is forced upon the players. To have a trade based economy would mean to figure out a way to only make money with trading or manufacturing (bar raiding traders for capture). Force trading players into guilds and have some sort of hard set rules how to operate them. PVP would then follow to provide protection. guilds would hire escorting groups and pay hefty fee. We would end up with WW2 style convoy warfare soon enough. For PVP the idea can be developed into Nations having a career choice for players to join the official Navy and would be provided with ships and victuals to wage war, escort or raid according to the admiralty needs like traders needing escort. Tempting...
  6. Welcome to GB, please prepare your papers and Ship hold for inspection.
  7. Wick

    End game idea

    that would be Ultimate Caribbean 1
  8. Wick

    Beacon fires

    Coast lines had semaphore stations for communications alongside with riders. No bonfires. http://www.napoleonguide.com/semaphore.htm
  9. Although this would be a bit more realistic than magically teleport within fighting distance for OW.
  10. Wick

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    this will change, devs will introduce some sort of battle sail buff sooner or later, it is in the pipelines. no details yet but there is always hope:)
  11. Wick

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    in this game yes i happens, - one broadside and you sink/leak sniping- but it should not. The reason we just hit full sail all the time and keel a lot because we are not actually forced to steady the decks for shooting and not forced to clear the decks and use battle sail in fear of them catching fire and pose hazard to the working crew. We can just sail as we want. At the moment we just have to play with de-power and yard positioning, in Battle we should be forced into battle sails to have any meaningful accuracy and keep decks somewhat level.
  12. Wick

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    not at all, Ships of The Line traded broadsides after broadsides at battles. Fighting for multiple hours until the losing side gave in and surrendered. it was a very prolonged business back then.
  13. Wick

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    well, what we should be getting is vastly reduced accuracy when shooting and vastly reduced effectiveness while repairing if the ship sails more than battle sails. No need a magical buff.
  14. Wick

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Yesterday, i had a fight with and Endy attacking my fleet of indiamans, i could have boarded him if it wasn't for his determined defender perk. The perk is awesome for frigates because you do not have to care about being close and slow while manoeuvring. It is OP i have to agree. The perk is good, useful, maybe give it 3 points. Also make it so that you have to manually enable it like F10 brace. While it's enabled, there will be no gun reload.
  15. Mods are great, love them, you go full on special or compromise. Always comes down to mobility/firepower/survival. Finding balance or go all in on one direction is a choice we can make. Whatever you chose, it is 100% that you will come across someone with the perfect counter build to that.