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  1. Live oak white oak with thickness mods does that. Always been like this. You get a very slow ship, thick but lower hp.
  2. Contemporary sources reckoned that in battle conditions with an average of 10-33% misfire and the added stress, troops on land achieved about 10% hit-rate at 80 yards to a company sized target. Add an ever moving ship, humidity and the immense smoke and what do we get? Muskets were probably only become somewhat effective on occasions like at Nelson's death. Big ships locked together stationary. Still i would love to see the option added with the changes i proposed earlier(speed dependent accuracy).
  3. Welcome to GB, please prepare your papers and Ship hold for inspection.
  4. Coast lines had semaphore stations for communications alongside with riders. No bonfires. http://www.napoleonguide.com/semaphore.htm
  5. well, what we should be getting is vastly reduced accuracy when shooting and vastly reduced effectiveness while repairing if the ship sails more than battle sails. No need a magical buff.
  6. Yesterday, i had a fight with and Endy attacking my fleet of indiamans, i could have boarded him if it wasn't for his determined defender perk. The perk is awesome for frigates because you do not have to care about being close and slow while manoeuvring. It is OP i have to agree. The perk is good, useful, maybe give it 3 points. Also make it so that you have to manually enable it like F10 brace. While it's enabled, there will be no gun reload.
  7. The site appears to be down for me. ********* Site is UP sorry...
  8. what is called when one does the same thing over and over again expecting different results? 😉
  9. awesome idea to get trading be part of RVR and make it more rewarding.
  10. Because it's instanced, it doesn't need to be in sync with the OW time and the engine is more than capable to handle whatever you can come up with.
  11. C'mon now, we have fairly close to historic performance on ships, with around 1 min reload, sailing speed and turning, not so much sped up. Little faster than RL but close enough.It doesn't warrant this rapidly changing day-night cycle, in 1.5 hours how many times it changes? The multi-day engagement would be when Tag-battle-escape-tag-battle-escape-re-tag-battle sink. In this we would have a full cycle, thats fine but not within one battle. Or is it just me afraid of the dark?
  12. hi Team, I suggest that you lock down battle instance time of day and day-night settings to the state the battle was initiated in OW. If i tag during day time, the battle will be fought daytime, if i tag night time, the battle will be fought night time. It would be a most welcome change. It is one thing that bothers me since the beginning. Greetings, Wick
  13. i trade and i fight. i need to reset twice in one day when i do trade runs. 50 combat marks are expensive, i either buy them or pve it but since i am doing a bit of everything, it does eat in to my profits or time available to play. so at the moment i find it expensive.
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