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  1. Trading is quite easy to do. or join up with a clan that show you the ropes in the game . it also depends on which server you decided to play. for example pve is more trading and npc hunting. while pvp is more player vs player combat.
  2. Raiders tag a port. player clans then need to do hostility to take 100% then they are allowed to attack a port and initialize the port battle. those are quite fun tbh.
  3. i guess they did a role-back. but i dont know for sure.only @admin can confirm that.
  4. Well server has been placed in maintenance
  5. well i meant more like this : but hopefully it will be enough for the devs
  6. Mate sorry to hear it. . but in a previous topic the devs asked for proof like a screenshot . so if you still have a screenshot of the aggie you should be getting it back
  7. lets then make a time schedule of where we all meet. so we can bring a salute to him. i will be there if possible.
  8. i never knew piglet. i hope you get nice winds and fair seas. My condolences to all friends and family
  9. and the link may seem dubious. if you have doubts about it try it in incognito mode.
  10. Jep. if you go to downloadble content tab of naval action . and then to the new released tab.
  11. i had the same issue at first. but then i went to the steam store. and hit their aviable dlc it wasnt there aswell. so perhaps this link will help https://store.steampowered.com/app/1307440/Naval_Action__HMS_Victory_1765/
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