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  1. I and many other PvErs appreciate what @admin & company have/do for making Port Battles viable on PvE. Now if we could just get our devs to make the inner PZ circle open to mutually consensual PvP.......
  2. I got you fam.... https://imgur.com/XFpACPM
  3. just a friendly PSA huzzah! server is back up
  4. Grand Powder Room: +11% reload; -3% gunnery crew; +5% magazine HP; +7.5% fire probability - A spacious and central located powder room made with exceptional cedars to keep moisture out and greenheart logs to stop perfidious cannon balls from entering. 2x Gunpowder (trade good) 3x crooked cedar 3x greenheart logs 4x bermuda cedar
  5. Aloha y'all; I've posted elsewhere about the unofficial Peace Srver (PvE) Discord but wanted to get it out a little more as we need some representatives from the Russian and Polish clans in PvE. So if you are one, or know some, get the word out that we greatly desire their participation on the Discord for national affairs and diplomacy! the PvE Discord invite is in my sig. Best Regards; von Krimm Jarl of Aloha (discord recruiter) p.s. Y'all Game Labs folk are also invited! Salt-free environment!
  6. Update: We are having great turn-out for the PvE Discord; thanks to all who have joined. RvR diplomacy is on-going and everyone seems happy. we still need some representation for Russians and Poles however; so if you are one of those, please hop into the PvE discord and participe. invitation is in my sig.
  7. Aloha y'all; Just popping by to let you know that a friendly and helpful discord is established for the Peace server here: Peace Server (PvE) unofficial Discord: https://discord.gg/yADhrH3 the discord was founded by Zlahondro who works hand-in-hand with the admins Yachteru, Paulo de Antigua, and Friedrich der Gro├če to keep it running smoothly; they all greet you thus: "We aim to gather together quick access to pertinent info, guides and assistance for the PvE server's aspect of the game. While systematically creating an impartial and neutral meeting ground for diplomacy or oth
  8. can players use Traders to gain points in PB? if so, is it at the same rate as AI Transports? If not, why not?
  9. hmmmm....looking for the "friend" upgrade to put into a slot; can't seem to find it......does it need to be crafted? what is the recipe? does the recipe only drop from chests?
  10. hey devs, how about adding a "lighters" (small harbor boats that off-loaded cargo from ships away from the docks) upgrade for merchants? say your 5/5 indiaman built for speed were to give up one of those speed boosting upgrades for "lighters" then you could enter SW ports.
  11. i do wish people would stop suggesting ways to further slow down movement to and from conflict zones and further reduce PvP instances; game already has too much "Tall ship simulator 2016" elements as is, i.e. i think the OP's idea is terrible.
  12. unless this mystical and magical Free Town of 'Atlantis' it were to be in the F11 (bug report) coordinates of 650 by 450, then my final answer is: NO! another choice, and logical, is to change the name of the resource from 'Bermuda Cedar'; to 'New World Cedar' and add 2 more locations of production in remote locations.
  13. Or conversely, it shows the height of the stupidity in your nation's leadership in showing-up to a war dressed for a spring cotillion.......but whatever: a win is a win.
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