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  1. Also if you do you you’re tutorials you will find that the ai uses double and charged with the Carros and yes they do use carros (most people rage board in the final exam)
  2. I think there is another possibility here locked vs unlocked as in I= vs <I ( the I’s are the ships and the = & < are trajectory)
  3. The real question is if people are more willing to risk a ship cause they can get another tomorrow and the game somewhat thrives cause of this, what was the point in removing multi dura ships? What for realism cause that’s doing game so many favors, instead of more paid dlc ships why not paid dlc ship insurance which means after reset you get a Redeemable ship note? Only loss then is the upgrades
  4. No offense until I screenshot of absolutely noobies beating top tier pvp/rvr players in PB’s there is no reason to not have them, just remember you have access to them to I agree some balancing needs to be done but you can not ask money for a ship and exclude it from pb’s. (Every ss I see is of top players and clans using them, so you can’t gauge a ships ability on that, they know what they are doing and how to use them effectively) also all of those using the “op” ships are the same few who 9/10 come out and sink multiple people solo on what ever ship they use
  5. Fully understand how you feel about arcade style games hence NAL was of no interest to me, unfortunately there making it OW style gameplay, but what I really want to get at is they need to actually go somewhere with this game and spending another 3 years attempting to do what ever it is they are doing with pvp is gonna eventually kill the game, I know a lot of pvpers are gonna hate it but it’s time to just leave it alone and work on something else and I know it’s not in the best place but atleast it exists
  6. The point still stands though plus it’s been made by Ubisoft not Microsoft, and you know as well as I do ubi do a much better job especially the gameplay side AC has a huge following for a reason
  7. Say no as much as you want and your right it’s like comparing apples to oranges, but regardless it’s high time the devs got a hurry up about making something with this game as it has huge potential and S&B will take some of the player base from NA which it has a very small one to start with, so maybe it’s time to not spend another 3 years trying to fix the pvp and get know where and if anything go backwards and start moving on with more content there are some thing of note about that game are worth paying attention to: completly customizable ships, crew and setup. Which
  8. no what needs to happen is this game needs to pull finger on its game play that is the complete opposite to that before that releases next year, although you point is valid to the extent that S&B looks more complete than NA and its not even in Alpha YET! But nothing will ever change while were on the path to create "perfect" pvp especially after 3 years of trying you would think they would of set it on the right path and moved on to the next part of the game and tweak it when necessary
  9. Constantly fixing the terrible pvp mechanics arnt helping this game they need to just stop with that and work on content to keep you engaged in game then return to fix the terrible pvp mechanics. Main reason is how are the pve mechanics going to affect pvp? So we fix it now add pve and it Brakes pvp again it’s a nasty cycle and the game suffers again
  10. PB = game content OW = player created content the only content that the game has is PB’s regardless you can’t limit them from any game content especially as you have to pay for them
  11. Then what’s the point in them ? They have just added them as dlc and paid at that you can’t remove them from basically the only content this game has, I get there “op” And all that but who buys a DLC item that’s limited to what it can do, that’s just stupidity on the devs side well even more so then having dlc ships to start with, plus pay your money you get them to other wise to bad how sad you can’t limit them like that, but as admin said they are working on some sort of balance for them
  12. @Juan Navarre could you do 2 things for me, 1. Add tags to this or is will never be seen by the devs (if they take any notice at all) 2. Please let them introduce the basics like an actual UI and get the tutorial right, befor asking for extreme stuff like this, otherwise a very cool idea not that most would appreciate it as they complain about OW all the time and how long it takes to go anywhere
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