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  1. not much to report if a PB doesnt happen
  2. I mean im 90% sure the majority, if not all, port owners are their main clan and as such have no interest in jeopardising their nation as it stands, if they decide to hand it off to some no name clan then that is on them and keeping it within the nation should stop the obvious ways it could be abused
  3. After seeing what happened with the dutch and domingo and the fiasco prussia had a while back with santa fe(clan which owned it dropped it and moved nation) and siguanea(dead clan owned the port, unable to set timer) please allow port owners to transfer ownership of their ports to other clans within the nation, maybe have the receiving clan accept the request before port ownership is transferred which could be refreshed on maintenance
  4. people have these things called, families and generally over the festive season these people like to see their families instead of playing naval action, maybe? just a long shot though
  5. seems only fair to the russian players among us to stop PBs until after orthodox christmas too, 7th January.
  6. With poland now properly off the map i think my suggestion is even more relevant, it seems to fill almost all your criteria than the flag. You can pretty much attack anyone (due to not many other polish players) you will be pretty much relying on buying and capturing ships
  7. Use poland as ur real pirate nation experiment, they have no ports basically
  8. The only exception i would like to see, if this change was implemented, is that shroud cay can still be used for bahamas hostility missions since it would allow it to become a “battle royale” of the islands which imo could be interesting
  9. You would be putting prussia, russia and poland behind a dlc wall, now i know we are meant to be a hardcore nation but surely a simpler fix would be, once a hardcore nation owns a port it can no longer gain hostility missions from freetowns?
  10. since i was warned for being apparently off topic, i will post again here the on topic feedback to this hotfix the admin has decided to give us with lack of a date when it would be introduced The changes to the county system should not have been implemented, look in game at prussia now it is far too easy to multiflip a small nation to death. However to account for this and to allow there to still be a good amount of PBs, remove the frontline system, it makes 0 historical sense and I honestly can't see the reason for it even being added, if a fleet is able to reach a port from their home town or a freetown then they deserve the PB due to being able to either overpower or intimidate any potential enemies. For complete transparency, i am a Prussian player and I am holding admin to blame for supporting the killing of our nation, of course i accepted this possibility when playing prussia, i just didnt expect to have to fight the devs as well as players, in the implementation and the method of implementation of this patch.
  11. Make china a hardcore nation like russia prussia and poland, that is if you want it added, all non historic caribbean powers/colony holders, should be hardcore imo is the fairest way to balance history and gameplay.
  12. We dont have enough players to split the servers anymore, thats why there was a server merge pre release. If player count picks up then maybe it could be an idea to have a “super hardcore” server, doesnt take my fancy but w/e you want to play. But as i said i dont think it is a good idea to consider it until there is a much higher player count
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