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  1. I think the most simple mechanic that can be added for well intentioned clans is a button for the creator of the clan to hand over ports to other clans in the nation, similar to how the drop port button, access function is now in game.
  2. As de facto leader of prussia for a large amount of the time sweden was making gains(until cid came along, ty for that... 😝), i am speaking of my first hand experience with NATO
  3. That is a HUGE cop out and is competely missing what i said/meant to convey, NATO had a real good chance to go against russia and vassels but anyone who stayed neutral constantly got threatened by NATO forcing them more into russia’s sphere. With hindsight applied perhaps some sort of cohesive policy of trying to befriend neutrals would have been better for you guys in the long run, just my 2 cents
  4. I wonder why prussia hit back at GB when they finally had numbers 🤔 wasnt like GB threatened to wipe them off map every other week... most of what happened with the failure of NATO and GB was self inflicted but no one likes to actually be critical of themselves 🙃. Most nations would have been ok joining NATO if there was an actual guarantee of the protection of the ports through good size screening fleets actually showing up, and if the nations in NATO didnt try to bully those who werent.
  5. Dont worry i know georg wants prussia to be only for germans 😜
  6. Funny how in this "Review" of my leadership of TO, it seems that September 2019 - February 2020 era is completely glossed over and forgotten, which was when TO was showing up with a significant portion of the RvR fleet and there was no Cid or Black Sails (Was inactive at the time). Almost as if this is pure propaganda due to your personal resentment of me 🤔
  7. Admin changes his reason for adding these nations? In the past you have said you added russia, prussia and poland to attract players from those countries irl(obviously prussian being ppl from germany)
  8. yeah my bad, misread original post
  9. just because a war is fought asymmetrically doesn't make it invalid, wars of attrition and exhaustion work too, look to IRL examples such as afghanistan, vietnam etc
  10. not much to report if a PB doesnt happen
  11. I mean im 90% sure the majority, if not all, port owners are their main clan and as such have no interest in jeopardising their nation as it stands, if they decide to hand it off to some no name clan then that is on them and keeping it within the nation should stop the obvious ways it could be abused
  12. After seeing what happened with the dutch and domingo and the fiasco prussia had a while back with santa fe(clan which owned it dropped it and moved nation) and siguanea(dead clan owned the port, unable to set timer) please allow port owners to transfer ownership of their ports to other clans within the nation, maybe have the receiving clan accept the request before port ownership is transferred which could be refreshed on maintenance
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