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  1. thank you for those details about history of those ships! I think we should also be able to make reconstructions of those in this naval action game! they should also add this HMS Temeraire british ship!
  2. it didn't make the end result worse in this case but things like this should not happen, because it is possible to make things worse this way
  3. those dumb upgrades and books shouldn't even be added to the game in the first place, maybe except some copper plating of course losing them now wouldn't be so nice if you already have some of that
  4. no it would pin the ship to the coast actually! don't think I would like a realistic hold on indiaman for example, because it would make the game even bigger trash-hauling simulator
  5. yes but this also means that you have to protect it from the rest of the players from various other nations otherwise it's not certain that they will keep the port for long even if you do not take it back! of course trash ports could always be given away if they are not necessary for something
  6. even if you give them something they will not be able to defend it
  7. and this one seems to be the only reasonable one the other suggestions are dumb
  8. this is not a shitposting thread this is thread about those very good ships! go shitpost somewhere else! when are they going be ready? 😐🙄🤨😤😡 I remember a day when I had a Diana... ... and then it suddenly evaporated and stopped existing!
  9. yes VP joined russia and serves them today!
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