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  1. one more thing I'd like to say about it : the initial owner of the indiaman on the picture was an ally from the same nation as me, so the ship was captured by the enemy and then it surrendered maybe this is the cause of the bug? it's not like I have any idea about it I demand my 3K dubs back! make sure it's not going to be less than 4K of course! I am still waiting for my 5K dubs!
  2. yeah it happened about 2 days ago I did not make an ingame report, because I thought "oh I will get back to it later" - and here I am, with the topic I just made
  3. no to both questions that's what a game is supposed to be
  4. a player surrendered to me because of inability to defend the ship I decided to loot the ship, but when I sailed next to it the option to do this did no appear : I tried out rotating the camera and looking at the ship from a few different directions, but the option to loot did not appear regardless. It might also happen when the ship lost all crew due to explosion/boarding if Im not wrong because I remember a similiar situation but don't remember the cause of this one, but the ship on the picture surrendered to me and I just couldn't get access to loot or control the ship. I demand access to my loot!!!
  5. sure! there's just no connection between those two things they can still use the correct size instead of the wrong size ....aaaand... yeah, that's it...
  6. but that doesn't mean that your crew is not prepared!
  7. your crew is always prepared and they always bring enough of the correct size of chainshot!
  8. you sound like someone who is looking for a ban... and if you want a ban, so be it! or you could also suffer, or just pick another game/hobby/anything else to spend time on
  9. hello perhaps you're interested in a ban? yeah, you clearly are insterested in a ban! enjoy your new achievement! you should not forget about the ones who have no wife and their only option is to play some dumb game with boats and accept any bullshit connected to it! what about deleting salt from fished things? this is going to greatly reduce the amount of clicks people have to perform while playing!
  10. no just remove all other permits and it's normal that trinco is more powerful than surp because it requires more wood and other resources (of course some changes could be applied to stats of ships, but not too much) and adding more ships is a nice thing, so yeah, it shouldn't hurt to add them
  11. be careful not to say "hi" or "what's up?" in the wrong moment!
  12. yes, the person who answered to your topic first made quite an accurate post about that and this is what I think
  13. from my own experience I was playing since the wipe around truxillo area and I've only been attacked from time to time, most of the time I was free to move around and I managed to move a lot of resources and craft a lot of ships regardless and when some enemy was in sight it was not necessarilly a russian, there were various players looking there for pvp, just like in some other areas around the map from time to time I also decide to move some wood from santo tomas or omoa to truxillo and usually I do not meet anyone and well 6th rate is mostly going to mean little to nothing, and trincos are not as expensive, they do not require doubloons and are quite spammable, so Im not surprised someone lost somewhere because they used a bad ship, it's normal 3 raiders also mean very little, 2 or 3 players could attempt to fight them and win, or you could use like 4 or 5 if you want it to be easy groups of 3 players are so little that they probably lurk around in various parts of the map every day(although it's sometimes hard to notice 1 person when looking for pvp in some areas), and eventually they either win or lose in some battle, that's not a significant force at all
  14. smaller groups will be able to fill port battles for some ports, giving them more possibilities for PVP with reasonable chances to win bigger groups will have an alternative when they want to have a smaller battle or when some of their members are inactive the BR doesn't have to be lower for all ports, the more important ones cas stay with very high BR but it doesn't mean that every single port has to have high BR, which takes away the motivation to fight over them for smaller groups maybe they could do it, but does it mean this is what would happen every single time? maybe, but if a smaller group manages to capture a port it means something for the smaller group and yet GB and VP managed to win some battles - maybe they don't have a clear advantage, but the force of GB and VP still means something - they can manage to win some of the port battles - what if they allied and tried to take vera cruz together? they could manage to win, because they already managed to win some port battles - or does russia always have 100 screeners prepared? I can't disagree with that, and I think that it has a negative impact on all of the nations - now... how force devs to delete that bullshit...??? ... they can have 100 replacement ships when I only have 5, but does it mean they will always win if they can't condense that power of 100 ships into 1 ship? no, sometimes I can manage to win regardless of their ability to replace power, because it's still going to be docked in port, useless for the duration of the fight and for as long as they do not decide to use it oh was it really like that? - I'd like to ask for an example if you don't mind... the target was not always the same... and a lot of people had breaks from the game, there was some number of days with no PBs or lower player activity I agree, this is a normal feature and a player can pick to play for any nation they want - and devs ignore a lot of the issues they could try to fix by taking some simple steps, but they don't some time ago some players tried to encourage other ones to do something similiar to that - but not many seemed to care about this, so let's just play the game how we want to play it only if Russia was stubborn enough - and are they going to be stubborn every single time? I don't think so - more than half of the map is still in other hands they might eventually give up after a few loses - and having replacement does not have to make them try again - how can we predict that? some time ago, Spain was the major dominating nation, some time ago GB was the major dominating nation - and now they are not - someone has to be the dominating one, but it doesn't mean they are always going to stay there forever but we can still try and see how it goes!
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