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  1. and all of you should also listen to these words of wisdom instead of shitposting on some forums
  2. changing the transparent boarding window to the white one was a big mistake, it takes a lot of space on the screen and people can't see what's happening behind it, and I guess that there wasn't any good reason to make it worse. It also is very bad that we can't see opponents move, we can still predict some of their moves but its less likely to guess them now, I think that it would be better if the boarding didn't have this forced randomness for no reason, actually any unnecessary randomness is usually bad for a game like this one, but when you force it in combat it's a bit too much, while it wouldn't be a much better solution i think that it would be better to keep old boarding window & mechanics, its better when its one sided rather than random if someone achieved that boarding victory by fighting someone or using advantage outside boarding. I think that things like these are boring, they are not fun. Personally I think that a game like this one should promote fun things (like pvp / combat) instead of tedious farming. oh, and maybe you could allow everyone to set all of their keys themselves, including the ones for loading cannons in battle and any other that exist but cannot be set by player, but that's not as important as the things i mentioned above the rest of ui is not that bad, but its clearly just a cosmetic change, which doesn't really change the game at all, seems like a waste of time to me, I think that it would be better to change the aspects of the game which actually matter
  3. sometimes someone couldn't escape because they were left in the same place for 5 minutes
  4. I can confirm that this guy is correct
  5. it seems like some of the port owners got rekt
  6. This post was truly full of wisdom That's why he said not to waste time on this game - he wants to prevent another person from making the same mistake - once you start playing NA, there is no going back
  7. pve missions only focus people on grind, rather than actually playing the game, unless they are difficult and rewarding or something like this, but the ones u made are just easy, time consuming, and boring.
  8. I think that it would be a good idea to let everyone set their own hotkeys (for everything of course) and everyone would be happy like this. Of course setting some standard hotkeys wouldn't hurt, if someone doesn't know what hotkey they would like to set for certain window / action .
  9. Things like warehouse, ship's hold, upgrade chest, etc. are done wrong because one item takes a lot of space without a good reason (making overly huge text isn't really necessary, even if you have to write a whole book about an item maybe make some window with info appear only when the user moves their cursor over the item? Otherwise there's no reason to show a huge-ass text that I'm not even willing to read). The text is still easily visible in the old interface, which doesn't waste space like this, it simply uses one small square to store an item, even this solution is better. This makes your windows overlap each other very often and makes everything a lot more clicky, you have to resize / close windows far too often when you want to do something as simple as craft something or move more than one kind of cargo, this makes it a lot less convenient than it was with the old interface. Unnecessary clickiness could also be greatly reduced by connecting various things like in the old interface - in the old interface you could for example go to the equipment tab - the ship's hold window was next to the warehouse window and you could move things pretty conveniently, without having to enable / disable them every time, or even resize if you have a lot of things in both of them - of course it could be made even more convenient by connecting other parts of the interface which are usually used together, unless it would cause other problems - noone would like to have two windows bound together when they only want to use one - maybe add some option/s in the setting tab which allow to bind together and unbind certain windows? The docks in the old interface were also done better, they use the small window that i described in the first paragraph of this post, rather than overly huge window for every single ship. For real, how can someone be into a bunch of windows overlapping each other? I don't get it - if someone really needs to compare stats of many ships maybe there should be some way to do that without making the interface shitty? Overall it makes the interface very annoying / inconvenient / uncomfortable without giving anything in return at all, except maybe a little bit more pleasing looks (wow, I can see my ship while I'm in port) which isn't really worth this downgrade at all. I think that a good step in the good direction, to make interfaces better is to make a separate settings tab which allows people to change how the interface looks like for them, so even if someone wants to use a bunch of windows for their own reasons they can do it, without making the rest of population suffer this pain. ======================================================================================================================== TL;DR - The interface is just a lot of work put into downgrade from the old one - too much clickiness and annoying inconveniencies, just for the sake of being more aesthetically pleasing, which isn't worth it.
  10. oh indeed i remember this old "PvP Global" server now.... actually it turned out to be less global than the current server is. I joined by late 2017 or something like this so i dont really know a lot about old days of Naval action
  11. I find it funny that some of the people who say that key west is a bad port (which gives a neat gold profit, contains stone blocks and iron one and at the same time is between LO ports and spanish capital) also think that this shithole called batabano or something like this is a good port I have no idea what you are talking about, could you point out some example? Its EU server, its located in germany if im not wrong. "Caribbean PvP" is just the name because of the ingame map or is this website fake? http://naval-action.1formatik.com/server-status.php I don't think so
  12. What? This is the flag of my own personal nation , not a flag of some US
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