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  1. just make some wasa or trinco out of teak, wo, or fir, still good enough for some noobs
  2. consider this offer, my bid is higher than the previous one!
  3. why? why not just call the winning side cheater if you are not the winning side?
  4. cool story it doesn't seem like those affairs you mentioned here are going to have any major impact on this matter, but good luck with that
  5. Hi guys I'm thinking about coming back to the game after a break ^.^ anything cool going on lately? 😃
  6. but there's also invisible border that they can't cross when they reach it just make a fleet follow you and keep sailing away of course you need enough speed and distance between you and the fleet for that so you can use it to see how far they can reach
  7. they should make a DLC for leaving the port as well any ship other than basic cutter should be DLC too
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