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  1. the times before I found out that NA exists... and maybe also storms in battle, but they were gone before I found out that NA exists
  2. because the mast itself can get damaged!!!
  3. this is a perfect example of a player! too bad most of the people in this game are carebears these days!
  4. I've had the same problem, then I decided to take a break for a month (perhaps the next one will last forever)
  5. I'm wondering which nation is the next target!
  6. people are too afraid of playing the game so when they get an opportunity to fight with you they are going to run away because they are afraid of playing the game and want to stop playing as soon as possible. I'd also like to point out that rattvisan and hercules are very valuable ships that require a lot of effort to be made, so they are clearly the ships that you shouldn't just throw away during a random opportunity
  7. there are no other age of sails games but if you do not like naval action you can go play some minesweeper instead
  8. yeah, but it doesn't mean that the game is going to get some competent devs!
  9. Great Britain it sux but it's still better than most of the nations (only russia and DK are better) oh it's also annoying because there are some new nabs and they prefer to cry and bitch about any minor thing instead of taking good advices!
  10. yes those are ugly and annoying, and I do not need a german, polish, or danish flag when Im actually in british nation
  11. I've seen some naval action videos made 5 years ago and they actually had storms IN BATTLE, so yeah it would be nice to have something like that from time to time, in OW it's pretty boring and annoying, but it's fine for it to stay there
  12. 250 cm for loodsman or a rattvie is a scam
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