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  1. not yet, we are a bit early in development to announce cbt
  2. Sorry missed your question. The game takes place in the American Frontier, and you will be playing as a member of one the tribes About soundtrack and voice acting - it's too early to give specific answer on this question, but thanks for pointing for something what we could possibly miss It will be sandbox game with story Answer to the last question will be given at a later stage of development Thanks for a good set of questions!
  3. we are not competing with RDR2, we are making completely different game which shares setting with RDR2
  4. as every other Game Labs development team we are few, but we are passionate about the game, experienced and motivated
  5. We've accidentally mentioned word "Indian", all our references always saying "Native American", we apologize for inconvenience
  6. AAA is, first of all, a budget. We are indie team so we can't consider ourself as AAA
  7. the map is quite big, in pure area numbers it is bigger than in, for example, Skyrim
  8. Probably I didn't get your question correct, but I'll answer in a way how I understood it. We have quite smart and reactive AI which works cooperatively against player
  9. Thanks! It will be open world and kinda open ended. We have nothing to say about early access yet
  10. Due to early stage of development I can't give precise answers, so please don't take my answers as a statement about future features 1. Third person and no plans about adding first person view 2. That will be explained later on 3. There will be a choice 4. Not now 5. There will be quests
  11. you have mighty gpu and good cpu, you'll have no issues running this game on high
  12. Date beign generated so it may contain duplicates, but I'll ask guys ro check why they put same item twice Thanks for finding! -- Данные генерируются, так что могут быть дубликаты. Я попрошу ребят перепроверить Спасибо за находку!
  13. but.. Smugglers are not allowed to set up outpost in enemy port and if player had outpost in port which was captured, he is not able to craft there anymore..
  14. can you please verify integrity of game cache in steam
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