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  1. It is back now, but 1 hour and 15 minutes is a very long time.. 😥
  2. Attacked an Essex elite AI fleet with Belle Poule and Cerberus in fleet. I was on a Christian with marines. In the battle I got the chance to board the Cerberus, and I thought yes let speed this up a bit. I'm on AI boarding auto pilot until I notice that our moral is equal after 4-5 rounds.. 😅 When I use muskets vs defence, attack vs granades and even vs brace the AI's moral is hardly dropping. And I'm just killing a few more crew than I'm losing.. The cerberus has 200 crew, I entered that boarding with just below 800 crew. I was firing my broadside while in boarding so I decided to disengage and sink it by damage. What I learned: Do not board Elite NPC. But yes I think Elite NPC is a bit OP in boarding, but I like it
  3. I looted an elite ship note the other day, and when I converted it I never got the option to select the wood types. So it came out Cagurian/Sabuco. That is not bad if your looking for a slow tanky Wasa, but I was not hoping for.. Could we maybe get the option to select the wood types our self when converting it? Or if the wood combinations are supposed to be some RNG magic, then let us chose between fast or heavy build..
  4. Maybe tp is not needed when server has a larger population, but when we are bellow 1000 player imo it is needed.
  5. I think passenger and/or cargo delivery overlap to much with normal trade hauling and I find it confusing.. I would like to see cargo missions as a simplified an quicker alternative to making reals. So basically the same as it is now, just the rewards for cargo delivery missions should just be reals. While passenger delivery could be the alternative to get doubloons. So same as now, just only rewarded with doubloons and not reals.
  6. I support Teutonic and Wraith, but I do not see the need tu increase the profit from trading, I would rather nerf the profitt from cargo/passenger missions. Either make cargo/passenger delivery rewards in doubloons only OR nerf the reals reward.
  7. I always open chest in the hold of a ship, so the content drop into the hold of that ship and I see what I get out of that specific chest.
  8. Multiflips are in my experience used to increase the odds for attacking pb fleet to get into pbs, by avoiding defending screening fleet. When multiflips are used against a nation that can not fill all pbs, then I agree that is a way to avoid combat. But defenders still have to decide where they defend, if they not defend a single pb, then they have an issue.. Still GB has the most players of any nation. Not long ago GB where multi flipping Spain and then Pussia. So get that finger out of my face, so grab your balls and fight! We all have ships to lose before the wipe!
  9. If they use macros to not get kicked out of the game I belive that is against the rules. Nice solution to make this more difficult is to remove the RNG drop close to all ports and if a ship sit in OW at the exact same coordinates for 30+ minutes it should be forced out/kicked from game.
  10. No, no. When you are few players, GB has a tendency to kite! When your many, much easier to get a real fight out of you guys! xD
  11. I have never checked if the repair countdown pause or if it keeps counting down while in brace. If brace do not stop the count down for next repair, but will slow down/pause the ongoing repair this should be changed immediately. Or the brace feature should just be removed. Because this can and will be exploited by those that are aware. Scenario: I'm sailing towards a brawl, all my cannons are fully loaded and I'm sailing straight towards them but the sail over will take 5-6 minutes, I start my hull repair and then brace. Knowing I will take damage to hull when I get there. That way I have much less time to wait for next repair and I can basically get two repairs right after each other. If this really is the case, that is imo an unintended use of the brace mechanic and obviously an exploit. If anyone has used this exploit systematically they are imho cheaters.. ☹️
  12. I totally agree with OP, but I have to guess there is a reason why devs have not tried this yet. 🤔
  13. If raids = PvE, I would like to propose removing the PvE battle instance all together. Making it even more time sensitive. Raid: get a flag - go to the port - plant the flag - when flag is plantet port is raided - players get raid chest in hold (make them heavy to prevent use of trader lynx 601 weight) - now get back to a safe port! Skipping the PvE battle removes the need to sink and loot elite AI, that can take a while. Giving defenders time to organize screening, revenge fleet etc.
  14. I have 3 free tows per day already(to most free ports). So I found a solution around this issue to make this game playable for me.
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