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  1. All those 3 post are extremely negative view on all aspects of the game during the entire development period. At some point they might have been true, but imo not all at the same time. At some point you have to consider if it is an honest opinion or if it is slandering. I would say that is slandering. I'm guessing he wrote those in "rage quit anger", right after he got banned on the forum. So those posts are like his last words in an heated discussion.. On an other note, game chat and forum posts are a lot less toxic now, than it was like a year+ ago. Maybe this guy leaving the game was for the better
  2. I do not like seeing the Norwegian flag like that! Please someone make them stop it.. 😭 Edit: Seeing the effort put into the danish one, kinda makes it okay I guess 🤗
  3. I think this is a bit of topic = sorry! But if the Bellona scenario is real, then that's a serious issue imo. So when it is 490BR vs 500BR, the 10 BR opening will allow a 800 BR ship join that side? What happens then? If it opens for entry on the 500BR side, I'm impresses and think this is a very good working mechanic. But it instant closes for both sides, then that's a bit broken.. Right!? And if this is the case wtf are the gankers crying about? xD EDIT: TESTED: 2 ship 800 BR vs 1 ship 900 BR and the battle closed instantly, so Bellona scenario was just BS.
  4. Are you seriously going to promote changing ROE so the gankers do not end up in equal fights and can keep ganking with out getting interrupted by players joining the fight? That is the stupidest thing ever! Why bother sailing into OW if there is nothing there. The 2 minute timer removed content from OW. I sailed for 2-3 hours several times and there was nothing in OW except in the reinforcement zones.. If you where in port when a battle started, then you could just ignore it. Now I have to sail out and help clan/nation mates all the time. This is a massive difference! Not to mention the fact that you can sail to enemy nations front line and find OW battles you can join (gankers should like this feature). Besides all efforts to support ganking playstyle just breaths shit players, so it kills the game for those looking for real fights. More important imo is for nations to be able to assist their own players when they get ganked. Stuff like this I believe will keep more players in the game. There is some panic going on here in the PvE and ganking community and I have the solution for y'all: PvE'ers: Do kill missions, group missions or attack AI fleets with higher BR then your own. PvP hunters: Just attack targets with more BR than you have and problem is solved. Stop hunting players in trader brigs in Bellonas!!! Gankers: How about you learn to play fighting in more equal fights? This can be good practice for you guys, if you do not run and actually fight together.
  5. At the very least should the highest BR ship in the fleet should be the one that is visible as in OW. Now it is super annoying when we attack a Victory with ships in fleet, and those fleet ships are L'Oceans and Santissimas.. 😒
  6. Why can we not get have a currency exchange system in game between all currencies in admiralty? That would give all players access to all currencies = all aspects of the game, and the devs could control inflation by tweaking the exchange rates.. For example the exchange rate could be: 1M Reals - 100K dobloons - 100 combat medal - 1 victory mark. I'm a RvR player part time so I'm always trying to make VM super valuable, and this is just an example. I have no idea what the the rates should really be.
  7. I'm confused now.. It states 6. rates for inner circle for Nassau patrol, 1. rate for the inner circle of Aves patrol and 5. rate for inner circle near Jeremie (Leogane patrol maybe!?). Are you saying that all rates can do solo patrol, but only the ship rates listed get a extra bonus for doing it? That in unnecessary complicated, I have not bothered doing it because I thought I had to have that ship rate to be able to do it..
  8. Nope, but I hear crafting is hard these days. So I'm just trading for reals until I lose all my ships, then I'll have a look at the crafting. Maybe it has been tweaked a bit by then I get that when line ships are very powerful they can not be to easy to make, or we will all be roaming OW in line ships only. This would reduce 5. rates to trader hunting and patrol use only, and that would be sad imo, because I think 5. rates should be the normal "work horse" most players use.. Not Bellona! xD
  9. I still have not gone near crafting after patch/wipe because I fear what I will discover.. But I think we are supposed to give feedback in this thread:
  10. Hostility missions = Patrol battle instance right outside the designated port. BR limit equal to attackers fleet, but with a minimum BR requirement related to the BR needed for PB. When attackers enter with enough BR defending nation is notified. If no defender join with enough BR within 30-45 minutes = PB set. If defender joins with full fleet, the team that sinks the most BR wins the battle. Simple!
  11. I like that battles are open for 20 minutes. It increases the probability of players finding other players to fight when sailing through OW. Yes it makes PvE battles a lot more dangerous, but this is the PvP server. Before this patch I could sail around for 2-3 hours and find NOTHING! I hated that, a game that I invest several hours into and it is just boring. When that happens 2 or more times I understand that players are disappointed. I just stopped sailing around hunting in OW. Now this has changed a lot. All I need to do is look at the map and find the "front lines" of a nation with a lot of players. There the PvE players roam for enemy AI fleets. So I sail there and guess what!? It is amazing because I stumble upon several OW battles that I can join. And the kicker is that it is not right in front of their nation capital either. So I'm very pleased with how this is working so far. Something that is missing here imo is the risk vs reward for the players doing PvE. Imo we should consider making PvE similar to trading. So the further away from your nations capital you are, the more rewarding the PvE could be. I'm not sure how this could be done though.. And it would not work for the hard core nations. So maybe just make all the PvE the hard core nations do super rewarding 😂
  12. Are we getting a new large trader? Or is "bigger ship" just a different way of stating that we have to wait for a fleet cargo check feature? 🤔
  13. We struggled with this yesterday because of the 5. rate limitation in the solo patrol that you can read on the map. But we knew from experience that 4. rates was the limit, and that was correct. The rating limit should be visible on the map, in port and on the battle instance it self imo. And I do not get why the rating in the center circle (solo patrol) is different from the rating in the outer circle. Just makes it more confusing..
  14. I disagree.. As long as we have the perk for GPS position or access to coordinates can use use those to navigate through storms. And OW needs changes or it becomes just too boring. Nothing beats stumbling upon an enemy fleet in heavy fog/storm! It's just epic xD
  15. Kirimati mast and elite French does not grow on threes. We tested kirimati mast on 2 Niagaras, and they demasted each other with 3 hits. Carros has been nerfed since then, but I think we should have the option to make demasting impossible if we want to, but with a draw back. Some players will always go for mast, usually they have been auto winners when they demast first. So I do not see a problem with stacking very expensive mods that are hard to get. You should be flattered, the ships with those mods are purpose built to fight you! But you can still chain, board, sink them by leaks or damage, so what's the issue? xD
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