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  1. Give the St. Pavel 18 pd + the best turn rate of all 2. rates (do not nurf the Christian to achieve this god damn it, buff the Pavel so it can handle 3. rates better). That would IMO make the Pavel great again! But this exact topic has been raised many times before, but I'll support it yet again because I miss sailing the Pavel. Current major down sides (why I do not use it): Weakest 2. rate in fire power, the most exposed 2. rates when it comes to leaks because of the major heel, not the fastest, not the best turn rate and it does not have chasers.. Those are serious drawbacks, for what used to be the best ship in the game.
  2. I like the current system a lot. I can do one or two long trade runs per week or several shorter runs, and this finance ship crafting and normal expenses (buying upgrades, repairs form players in ports/free towns mostly) through out the rest of the week. So I get a lot more time for PvE and PvP. Before this change I was forced to trade-grind every day to avoid bankruptcy and that was getting really tedious.. I have noticed that prices has gone up for cartagena tar, copper ingots, swedish carpenter and rum in general, but I'm still doing considerably less trading then I did before the change, so it's all good imo. Respons to OP point 3 (ignoring 1 and 2 ): The most profitable ports are normally owned by RvR clans and you need to consider this: 1 tool cost 3000 reals to make, and to craft 1 seasoned wood you need 1 tool. So crafting seasoned woods is an extreme cost. 1 L'Ocean in seasoned wood is going to cost around 14M reals to craft with out profit. When seasoned ships in RvR is the new norm, RvR clans with ships made of normal wood are at a major disadvantage. You also have to consider the defence timer cost. To protect a profitable port (or a nation for that mater) having a defence timer on just that port is not enough. You need a buffer zone/frontline, so defence timers are placed on surrounding ports that normally do not make a profit. So big nation needs to make a lot of profit to cover the cost of timers on frontline ports.
  3. I like the idea. I always wanted the option to have different colors on the sails. DLC's that bring more diversity to the ships look in OW and battles, but not an advantage is in gereral a very good idea imo.
  4. I get this: If your doing a hostility with 10 players in crafted 1. rates, vs 10 NPC in 1. rates, and then 10 players use loki rune to take over the NPC 1. rates. I can imagine there will be some fire ships followed by a bording fest.. And if some defending players join then I guess it would seriously suck for the attackers and their 10 crafted 1. rates yes.. But what is the chance of that happening? 🤣
  5. Are we all absolutely sure this is a bug an not a feature? I like the idea of a player replacing any AI at any given time.. It is fun!
  6. I never hoovered over the chest to see what it actually would give/payout. We captured the Indiman and brought it back to port. So out of old habit I opened the chest in the hold of the Indiaman. Only thing that appeared in the hold was 500 doubloons. If it spawned combat medals and Victory marks, that would spawn in the hold together with the doubloons right? 😅 Aaah, thanks!
  7. So because we can repeat it as much as we want, rewards are shit. How about limiting it and make it count? I can't belive that is feature is used repeatedly by anyone. Would be a waste of time imo. That is AI that attack ports, as in "AI port battles". I'm whining about players that take the mission to go the nearest capital port.
  8. Hi I had never done a mission raid on a port before and new stuff is always exciting (and this was a key feature I was really looking forward to). So I a managed to trick 3 other players to joining a raid on Gasparilla. Gasparilla had 3KK in tax profit yesterday, so it's not the most profitable port in the game but it is a money maker no doubt! So our hope was high for a decent payout.. After fighting buffed AI in front of the towers and forts, then capturing a Indiaman our epic reward was around 100K reals and 500 doubloons that spawned from the chest. Bringing out 3x 1. rates and a 5. rate for that "reward" when we had to divide it by 4 is actually just stupid..! IMO Raid missions need a serious reward buff. Should at the very least 10% of the daily tax income of the port (300K in the Gasparilla example). It would be awesome if the raids where connected to the tax profitt of the port it self. So it would be a kinda of economic warfare thing, stealing profit from the clan owning it. Also giving a massive incentive to the port owners to actually try and intercept the raiders.
  9. From what I experienced today I agree that we take way to much crew damage in general from fire-ships. It is very unrealistic to take a lot of crew damage at what I consider to be long distance, 200-300 meters. If your in "Brace" at that distance the crew loss should minimal/zero. Not sure how much RNG is involved in crew damage, but imo brace should flat out guarantee that you keep at least 50% of your current crew at close range and then increase up to 100% at 200 meters. I like sail/mast damage a lot, but I have never noticed taking hp damage from a fire ship.. Looking forward to the tweaking of this mechanic
  10. 😭 Edit: I want a Diana and then some poods to go with both decks please
  11. I do not get how the alliances feature would help the OP issue (he needs safe zone or aggressive AI), but anyway: I would like to have the alliance feature reintroduced to the game, in a modified and limited way. So nations can only ally to one other nation. And we avoid the big chain/blob alliances we had (server basically had 2 nations because of the previous alliance system). Anti Zerg measures is also needed. So the nations with the most ports and the nation with the most players should be excluded form entering into alliances with other nations. If a nation that is in an alliance become the biggest port owner or gets the most players, that nations should be forced to leave it's alliance.
  12. It has been suggested before, but why not make all ports upgrade-able to 55 point ports, just by investing large amounts of victory marks.
  13. Hey! So a big carrot for me in the patrol was that I needed currency it rewarded by damage. And all I needed to do was some damage, so I could do that even if I lost the battle. But right now the combat medals rewarded for doing the patrol is extremely low imo. If you combine patrol with the PvP hunt missions, then yes maybe it you can get a decent pay out, but it is much easier to do PvE to get them right now.. And this is bad on a PvP server imo.. Any one else think we should turn up the combat medals rewards for damage in patrol?
  14. Most of it sounds very good. My concern: If AI is only aggressive in their own nation waters then I'm fine with aggressive AI. But for example if a french AI fleets outside La Tortue will attack me when I'm sailing into the port and when french have no ports in the area, I will find it annoying..
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