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  1. Clan Member list, run through all member with a logic that just checks lastonline for each member - todays date. If all members have been inactive for 30 days or more that clan is dead.
  2. Good suggestion, I had seriously forgot about those "Moving forests"..
  3. I always had a major issue with the speed built war ships that are purpose built to give the owner safe option to pick and chose their fights. Those ships are purpose built for hit and run and I'm not stating OP is a spineless ganker, but I have a strong impression that those light speed built warships are mostly used to sink traders and low rank players. I hope one day a heavy built Indiaman actually has a good chance against a light built Constitution. Would bring much more content to both sides in those fights
  4. I have bug reported chases like this 2-3 times with the AI fleet selected. Skull symbol only visible to some, but not all players. And when we re click it then the symbol might disappear or appear. Very annoying bug. I tried to attack one just to test, and I was convinced it was a real Elite NPC because it was a hard fight I was in 3. rate and elite NPC was two 2. rates), but there was no elite NPC loot. And in hindsight if it was a real elite NPC I would probably have lost that fight.. xD
  5. Used to be like this but its was removed because of GRIFING. Many players would just instant surrendered to deny the attackers rewards..
  6. Side note. Please consider making it impossible for players to leave when in nick/name view range of an enemy player. I find these new tagging mechanics very confusing. I have had 2 separate battles where ships I have basically killed and I'm right next to them, just holding my broadside for a perfect last shot and then they leave! While I'm still tagged unable to leave. Ships magically disappear was always and issue, but this changes has made it worse! Just make the control perk standard ROE for all = BOOM -> This issue is fixed and those that are held in battle by just by mast sniping 1000+ meters away can leave.
  7. Sounds good, looking forward to test this. Screeners are now interceptors, it is just better!
  8. My point of view: There was a big war that forced a lot of players to work their ass of playing a game! At last one side one side threw in the towel, leaving all their puppets to fend for them self with out backup. This was followed by a lot of crocodile tears in chat and on forum from the losing side and captains abandoning ships/nation in full on panik mode. The war was long and a lot of work! So many players are on a needed break from NA. In addition admin announce a rather large update/change to RvR. Normal result when ever there is a larger updates announced this a huge dip in the active player base. This happens every time there are made announcements like this. Chill wait for the update, see what happens
  9. So if I have a Blue Very Fast ship, I can grind it to gold by doing PvP vs equal ships or more difficult opponents, I LOVE IT! But it can't be to easy! But if it possible to check stats even for the best PvP players I doubt their ships survive more than 15 battles.. Only issue I see here is f***** alt farming..
  10. Surrender must be an option, I have entered 3 battle stuck on a beach. Once they players where so far away your suggestion would have locked me in battle for 45 - 60 minutes for sure. Leaving battle should not be an option for a Loki rune. That this is an option I consider a bug!!! If loki player get more than 750 min away from player then loki player should be kicked out of battle leaving AI in command again.
  11. We had the part with OW fleets. So that has been tested and scrapped. Some times there where no OW fleets, other time defending nation sailed there on alts from other nations and attacked the OW fleets in the area. To prevent them from being used for generating hostility either by keeping them busy in battle or by sinking their own alt to counter the hostility.. The zone idea in it self is good, and if you modify it so there is no PvE involved and defending nations has a time limit to show up and counter the "hostility zone" I would be all for it. Having time limits for more than 1-2 hour from notification until its over is just not realistic imo. It would be bad game design having a bunch of players sitting idle in a zone not doing anything for 1-2 hour. And , and this should not be accepted! I belive/hope that the reworked flag system will be kinda like this. Pull flag, all nations are notified so they can intercept = PvP. And if it is planted then PB is scheduled for next day (I hope).
  12. Trade/fleet comfort proposal (Short cut for fleet hold + empty all hold at once button in docks) Difficult to manage feet ship holds effectively in port and OW for transporting/trading when entering port to unload and load Holds are split into 4 separate windows. To open each you have to go to your ships in port and separatly click on each of your ships holds to open the hold window for that ship. Alt + click works well for main ship hold, but not for fleet ship holds. Need 4K resolution screen get good overview over warehouse inventory and ship holds for easy drag and drop with out having hold windows hide behind other views/windows in port. Single button for emptying hold on all ships in use, main and all fleet ships. And add short cut key for each fleet ship hold, like we have H for hold on main ship.
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