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  1. 😭 Edit: I want a Diana and then some poods to go with both decks please
  2. I do not get how the alliances feature would help the OP issue (he needs safe zone or aggressive AI), but anyway: I would like to have the alliance feature reintroduced to the game, in a modified and limited way. So nations can only ally to one other nation. And we avoid the big chain/blob alliances we had (server basically had 2 nations because of the previous alliance system). Anti Zerg measures is also needed. So the nations with the most ports and the nation with the most players should be excluded form entering into alliances with other nations. If a nation that is in an alliance become the biggest port owner or gets the most players, that nations should be forced to leave it's alliance.
  3. It has been suggested before, but why not make all ports upgrade-able to 55 point ports, just by investing large amounts of victory marks.
  4. Hey! So a big carrot for me in the patrol was that I needed currency it rewarded by damage. And all I needed to do was some damage, so I could do that even if I lost the battle. But right now the combat medals rewarded for doing the patrol is extremely low imo. If you combine patrol with the PvP hunt missions, then yes maybe it you can get a decent pay out, but it is much easier to do PvE to get them right now.. And this is bad on a PvP server imo.. Any one else think we should turn up the combat medals rewards for damage in patrol?
  5. Most of it sounds very good. My concern: If AI is only aggressive in their own nation waters then I'm fine with aggressive AI. But for example if a french AI fleets outside La Tortue will attack me when I'm sailing into the port and when french have no ports in the area, I will find it annoying..
  6. If owning 1 port in the region would allow the enemy nation to jump to next region then yes! If enemy nation needs to take 3-4 ports, then the regional capital, just to pass a nation they are not interested in fighting it will be to slow to be fun imo..
  7. I disagree. Could exclude basic cutters maybe, but the PvE damage must count or patrol zones die for obvious reasons.
  8. Just make the scroll tick 1 up or down, then it is fine.
  9. All chest will show as "Dead mans chest" in OW, I belive. Bug reported this over a year ago.
  10. Tiedemann


    We have this, chat window. Logg is from you logged on last time.
  11. It is annoying to jump around and use doubloons in search of something, that you thought you had somewhere. So maybe a warehouse content view per port in the outpost window would be nice addition.
  12. Thanks! Super annoying taking a full broadside from an AI when I'm behind it ffs xD
  13. I use delivery/passenger missions a little bit to much, mostly for doubloons but also for reals. I fear they are killing the normal trading. IMO: Delivery missions must generate tax like all other trade in the port you take it and where you deliver it. We have to pay deposit on these missions or we need a limit on how many we can take per day. Now there is 0 risk when hauling delivery cargo or passenger missions. If I lose it, then I just lost a ship. I make a new one and take new missions. There where no large investment, no real risk.
  14. Hey! Main issue: I find it annoying to have to claim my rewards after doing a patrol. Now we do not have to take the mission before we sail, this is great! But this was just 1/2 of the issue. I seriously do not understand why it can not auto collect for us @maintenance. Why do we have to remember to claim our rewards? It is just not user friendly imo.. It auto claimed for us by the game when maintenance starts would make this 100% user friendly/idiot proof.. Then there is the weekly: light ships, frigates and line ships. Why can this not be auto activated for all players who log on? Why we have to click and accept all 3 to be able to participate?
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