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  1. Tiedemann

    Login queue

    Last few days, every time I log in there is a log in waiting que. It is not very long, but this is new! Yesterday I got kick out of the game while in a battle. I noticed lags 20 secounds before I got kicked. Steam friends, Discord and Teamspeak worked fine. I ended up in log in que number 259! Another player in the same battle got que position 459. So this happend to a lot of players! Took me almost 2 minutes before I got back into the battle/game. I did not F11, because I was busy in battle just worried about surviving xD
  2. Considering the player base the pirates have (large) they are one of the least aggressively active RvR nations. They A pirate clan/fraction might have used this once to help out an allied nation, and it's a print screen. Never thought that alone was enough proof for anything. The result of this is a very big change for RvR that affects all the other RvR nations/clans, then you post that later we will get fix that will solve everything, but with out a time estimated. I'm seriously surprised by the sudden and imo extreme response. We have the cooldown for a good reason! Removing the cool down give larger nations big advantage RvR is not skill based, it is just a war of nutrition. It might be realistic, but this is a game. If opponent has no chance, then in the end there is no real challenge.
  3. I need to surrender or I will stop using them. When I use Loki and join in a ship that is demasted, severely decrewed or close to sinking, then I surrender to speed things up. Usually if I'm able I sail towards the enemy player and surrender. I just want to leave as soon as possible, but I want the player to have easy access to sink/loot the ship. The main issue imo for loki rune is players joining and just sailing away. This is a real issue, so in all OW PvE battle I now rake/chain the AI just in case xD Why anyone would do this I do not understand, except for in hostility missions. And this is a potential exploit, defending nation joining and just sailing away to deny those flipping the points the hostility of that ship.
  4. I can not separate your suggestion from the skill book slots..
  5. Current 3 circle capture system with the possibility to deny enemy points from a circle they control, by just contesting it with low BR ship is OP. Evidence for this can be seen in most pbs, where meta for defenders fleet includes at least 1 and some times up to 5x Le Requins. They are not brought in there to fight, but to relive the main defending fleet from having to fight for control of circles. This forces attackers to bring Le Requin because it is the most powerfull ship we can get for 100BR and to hunt down and kill a Le Requin you need a Le Requin. Underlying problem here is that we can deny those who control a circle points just by contesting it. This option need to be removed! Having the circle generate points at a reduced rate while being contested is fine, but to stop it generating points the BR needs to be equal for both sides. Edit: Have to add I seriously dislike the circles because some how getting those points actually became more important than sinking the enemy.. That is not really fun imo..
  6. Hey! So what about including a drop chance for season wood in the sealed bottles/ship wreaks?
  7. Possible to include a drop chance for Diana -> PERMIT ?
  8. I read it, but who knows if I understood it or not. Admin/INK are gods in NA, but they are not perfect. I do not believe Lars Kjaer would post if it was just BS. Maybe was an issue that got fixed in last patch. Who knows, but what is the harm with verifying?
  9. I'll try to test that with a single Indiman with 60 crew. If Privateer fleet consider my BR lower than a normal 5. rate BR, so equal to 6. and 7. rates. Maybe I don't get tagged.. xD
  10. Huh, I did! Redoutable has more DPS, more HP, more thickness and more crew. As a hunter the Bellona is better because speed and wind profile, so it has an advantage if it has to chase or escape, angle and sterncamp. So in a 1vs1 it is arguable better or at least it is a balanced fight, but in a 10 vs 10 this will not be the case with equal skills. Then consider you can redeam the Redoutable in season wood, that buffs a lot of stats and reduces the speed advantage of the Bellona considerably. That is not the Redoutables fault, but the fact that most Bellonas are normal wood while most Redoutable are seasoned wood makes it a practical/valid argument. I think OP has a point, even though I do not agree on all the ships that are listed. It is not unusual that DLC ships are un-balanced when introduced, resulting in a needed rebalance for everything else.. L'Hermoinee and Rattveisan came out well balanced, and I'm assuming that they did not sell as well as the Le Requin, Hercules and now the Redoutable Edit: When a more modern ship is introduced in a ship rating that is full of older ships, then it is bound to be "OP". It's a newer generation ship! Then devs need feedback over time to balance it and I get that.
  11. I doubt this will make a difference, but can you please consider making it a redeemable permit and just remove the requirement for doubloons in the recipe for that ship? Then those who own the DLC ship will skip the grind for doubloons and combat medals/RNG permit drop. This alone is a huge time save. IMO: Making 1. rates magically appear in game in once per day will seriously impact the crafting economy. It will reduce the need for invested (to make them crafting hubs for collect resources and crafting with ship bonus). In addition it will seriously reduce the trader traffic in OW collecting all the resources required for the 1. rates. This will have a huge impact on PvP in OW (Less traders) and RvR (ports mater less). I have bought every single one of the DLC so far except the Leopold, and some DLC multiple times on different characters. As long as I continue to play, I will continue to support the game but I fear the effect changes like this has on our game.
  12. Right now I consider the Redoutable as the best 3. rate, because you can redeam it in seasoned wood (every day). It basically compete/match 2. rates with normal wood. So right now I think it is OP and unbalanced. This again encouraging players to buy it but devs have stated that they are rebalancing stats on the other line ships and tweaking something with the seasoned wood drop. So I would not rage - delete my character or buy the DLC just to be competitive, chill! There might be some hope down the road DLC line ships gives players to easy access to ships that should require more investments and I fear the economy will take a serious hit because of this. I for example will not need as much resources for crafting anymore, because I will just use the Redoutable in the cases where I used to use 2. rates and 3. rates. This has an immediate impact on how much time I sail traders, so for those that specialize in hunting fat traders: Bigger DLC ships will result in less traders sailing in OW to collect resources! I have no problem with DLC ships in general, as long as they are not the best in it's class and get a slight BR penalty, so it is not the preferred choice in RvR. If for some reason a DLC ship is best in it's class and have low BR, then I consider it pay to win! Hercules, L'Hermoinee, Ratvisan are DLC ships I consider balanced. Le Requin is another story imo..
  13. Someone mentioned Diana, and that they will consider it! Wo-ho! Edit: Implacable is also not bad.. Who does not like bugs!?
  14. Wait a minute here (don't you crazy gods destroy the ECO now!)! You created the perfect marked for this ship by implementing seasoned wood the way you did (massive time investment to craft/get those), in combination with permit, large amount of woods needed for frame/planking and doubloon requirement for all line ships. All of those require massive grinding and it hurts to lose those ships, even if it is just pixels because time invested. I bought the Redoubtable for 4 main reasons I can redeem it in seasoned wood! I consider the Redoutable the best 3. rate (right now/yesterday). Also better then some 2. rates considering stats with seasoned wood vs 2. rates in normal wood. Redeemable = easy access and I save my tow (My precious!) If I do not use the ship one day I can break it up and maybe get seasoned logs to craft another ship! With DLC the risk is almost 0 if we lose the ship. Cannons + upgrades is what we are risking, and on most DLC ships sailing around those are medium cannons and basic or no upgrades..! For most casual PvP players this solution is very good, for RvR it will require crafted cannon and better upgrades to be competitive. A DLC ship should never be the best in it's class imo, and for RvR you can easily balance it with the BR and you guys have done a great job balancing all DLC ships EXCEPT for the Le Requin. As far as I'm aware the Redoutable is only used for grinding hostility and as a plan B ship in PBs when nothing else is available. As far as I'm aware crafted ships are still preferred over all DLC ships in port battles, except for the Le Requin.
  15. Wow, i liked everything single line stated in the OP. Usually there is 1-3 points I do not get or that I fear will impact the game play in a negative way, but here I was either hoping for that exact change or its a change I consider great/positive! 😍
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