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  1. I don't care because I always wanted big ships to be able to "one broadside sink" the smaller ships, it is realistic. Small ships have speed advantage, they should use it and hello kittying run away from big ships. Please embrace your new ideology asap! 😍
  2. PBs was like this in the past. Patrol instance is a reuse of the old pb system. But defenders could use purpose built fast ships to kite and avoid a real fight. This made it very difficult for attackers to sink them and gain enough points to win pb. So attackers where forced to chase the defending fleet around until the circle started to shrink and then the fighting started. I believe the 3 circle system was implemented to force the defenders to stay put and DEFEND their port. But the way it can be used by defenders now make it again very hard for attackers. to be successful.
  3. Maria.. You need experience fighting in a PB vs someone who actually use this tactic to be able to share your thoughts on the mater.. You can not throw out arguments based on nothing but the nice feeling of sticking your wet finger in the wind! Tell your swedish friends to go flip a deep water GB port with around 2500 BR. After you done that PB feel free to enlighten us mate. But seriously think on this: What nations are fighting GB in small BR deep water port battles? Prussia maybe? Or are those all large > 5000 BR? We have some GB players saying they like it the way it is. Then we have some Swedish players saying we like it the way it is. Soon some pirates will comes and say that we like it the way it is. These are all nations that are not fighting each other ffs! They have no idea of what they are talking about, they just like patting each other on the back. I see a conspiracy!!!! Conspiracy!!!! 🤣
  4. I think RvR and port battles should be about fighting - by sinking ships and destroying fortifications, not gathering points from 3 imaginary circles. Now if attackers do not get 1000 points, then defenders win! So the current defender meta is to bringing more small fast low BR ships to sail into the circles that are conquered by attackers, and stop them form generating points. This is very effective and is why often even if the attacking team is killing winning the battle and has been owning the most circles, they do no get 1000 point and they lose the pb. So defenders win because of a technicality, not because they did well in the battle it self.. This is not ideal imo and it takes the fun out of pbs for me at least. It is possible for attackers to adapt the fleet setup to bring more low BR fast ship, to match the enemy, but this is like "pissing on your own legs to keep warm" because defenders just bring more small ships and this escalates. So in the end we are all sailing Princes and Hercules in deep water port battles.. Please consider these (Imo simple) changes to port battles: Team with highest BR in a circle will capture it and get points from it. It should not be about player numbers, but ships BR. With out this change it is to easy to for defender to deny attacker points with small low BR ships and kiting around in the circles for 90 minutes. Please consider reducing the number of circles. I would prefere 1 circle, but I get that in high BR ports this will result in chaos, so maybe have 2 circles for ports with BR higher than 5000. The 3 circles we have now forces us to spread to much out and sail far in battle, and is only really useful for the team with the most small/fast ships. Reduce the size of the circles dramatically, to penetration distance, so kiting within the circles is not possible. So diameter about 400-500 ingame meters maybe. Increase the points teams receive when sinking a enemy teams ship, making sinking enemy ships more important that getting points from imaginary circes. And please consider the ship size, so we would get less points for sinking a mortar brig compered to sinking a 1. rate. I believe we get the same amount of point for all ships now. Mortar brigs should be used for destroying forts and towers, not moving ships! I have seen many skillful captains do some amazing stuff in mortar brigs. They are so accurate they are used to target moving ships. It is normal the see defending team bring mortar brigs in PB, not to destry their own fortifications but to target enemy ships. And if the attacker are in line ships and have bad wind = RIP. The fact that a good mortar brig captain can seriously damage ships sailing at 9kn makes it OP. When we take mortar fire we spread out avoid line sailing and we change direction at random. But this is not always enough and we lose mast and internal structure when mortars hit.. Please consider removing the mortar brig perk! Giving it the ability to shot 4 balls is just insane! Or at least nerf its ability to shot fast moving targets some how
  5. Tiedemann

    Sailing through land (in battle)

    I have played this game for 2+ years, first time I ever experienced that in a battle instance. In OW I have seen it happen, but I never tried to do it in a battle.
  6. Tiedemann

    Zooming in OW

    NAB-86296 Just happend to me again and I wronte bug report. Very rare, but super annoying. Nothing changes when I toggle "T". Sailing 1. rate in OW with view stuck close after leaving a battle instance.
  7. Tiedemann

    AI standard crew space removal

    We would still need to craft the line ships and those are much more resource hungry than the lower rates. So this could be interesting to test. Easier access to decent ships for all might not be so bad for this game. But it would be useful to see what build an AI ship is in the battle, before you decide to bring it with you out of the battle. Just like we can with player ships..
  8. Addition to sealed bottle: Rare chance at single player epic event - "Rumors of enemy activity" (working title) This rumor could drop in cargo while sailing and fishing just like sealed bottles, but I would prefere that that it was "dropped" when entering a port. So each time you enter a port there is a tiny chance you can pick up a "rumor". A a message box could appear when entering the port giving basic description of the report and letting the player chose to accept it or not. The report could describe a rumored enemy captain (AI generated name), from X nation and his ship great success in hunting their nations enemies in an certain area of the map. I'm not creative so this could probably use some more "flare/meat on the bone". Would be nice if the nation the enemy captain was fighting for was connected to the generated name and what ship he was sailing, so if he was french he could be in a french ship like the Renommee or L'Ocean for example. If you chose to accept the report, it would spawn a battle instance with special mark on the map, somewhere on in the area the report refereed to. And this battle instance would be an solo epic event. So the enemy is an epic AI (hard) with the same name and vessel as in the rumor. In these fights single players can loot Silver/golden - chest and has a chance for epic chest. Could even consider adding drop chance for dead mans chest in there and make it truly awesome! The player would have to bring an equal rated ship to be able to enter, or maybe even a smaller class vessel, if it is to easy to fight a single epic AI. To make it easier for casual player it should inform them about the danger involved and give appropriate recommendations. Like bring a experienced battle officer with experince in the ships (they need to have officer perks and knowledge slots setup for combat), a ship capable of withstanding a hard combat/battle, and enough repairs/rum to endure a long fight. This is information new/rookie-casual players needs. Also when the enemy sinks it should give out a hint to the player, saying that he/she should sail over and loot the sunken enemy to take his treasure! The key stuff here for me: More variation/content for single players in PvE and easier access the the rare stuff many of us have gotten by doing epic events in a rather organized way. This would not require a casual player to know and gather 5 other captains all in purpose built ships, witch is rather hard. This should be doable for any player on their own! More players sailing around with valuable chest in OW giving more chance for PvP hunters to get lucky/something very good. If you get this rumor in port you have to accept or decline on the spot. You can not bring it to an safe area of the map and open it there and then have it spawn in this area for safe collection and transport. The AI should be in any ship basically, maybe even make it very rare that they are in the largest line ships, just so it is easier for casuals to get a appropriate ship and not a total disaster if they do lose it. This would imo make it more dynamic and accessible for most casual players. If I would have gotten one of this events when I was leveling and it was for a ship/rate class I did not yet have, I would have found it extremely motivating to rank up and get knowledge on a ship in that rate class to attempt a challenge like this.
  9. Tiedemann

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    Remove the cost for crew, repairs and rum and I'm willing to spit in my hand!
  10. Tiedemann

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    Regarding not making gold, I get that. I use 2 alt account for trading/printing reals and it is a boring pain spiced by my traders getting slaughtered from time to time.. What happend to letting PvE be an alternative way for reals income? So players like trading, other hate it.. I like to mix up so I do not get bored. Repair issue: In all capitals there could just be an unlimited amount of repairs/rum for sails at 5x the cost of making it. That would immediately sort the repair issue out in capitals at least xD
  11. Tiedemann

    Confusing text

    Nitpicking: I would like to replace "rank X" with "X. rate", add the word "ship" and remove the word "Max". So "Max allowed class: Rank 3 (or lower) => Allowed ship class: 2. rate (or lower) So integrated with OP suggestion it would look like: Allowed ship class: 2. rate - 7. rate. I really do not like to see "(s)" in "Target(s): 1x rank 3". So if it where up to me it would just be "Target: 25x 1. rates". So I would en up with this considering my OCD/misspelling and the OP suggestion: Target: 3x 3. rates.
  12. Hey! I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I just sank a St Pavel in a basic cutter and I'm sorry to say but that was easy! I entered the battle to surrender and return to port quickly, but then I though what the hell why not die like a true sailor. So I sailed toward the mighty Pavel! It gives we a warning broadside, and I'm in shock. I quickly turn at around 100 meter distance to it and fire back, but all balls bounce of.. I'm thinking just getting some damage here should give me some decent xp, right!? So greed forces me to sail up to and test a broadside at 1 meter away and yes they all penetrate from that distance. So then my plan is to stay there gun blazing until I die, but then the AI stopped trying to shot me. So I just stay there and shot my broadside, then again, ..... and again until it sinks.. I sailed very slow and very close at the middle-to rear en of the Pavels broadside, just hoping this would trick it to stay downwind of me and this worked. 2 times I sailed to slow for a split second, so the mighty Pavel tried to pull me - but auto skipper saved me both times. And at the end i stayed a bit further away from the Pavel as you can see in the picture. I'm sure it could have shot me if it had just neutralized it's sails and depowered, but it did not. To sum it up: This was easy, all I needed was 29 minutes staying right next to it and not dropping bellow 3.8kn. It was a basic cutter with default cannons.. I have never tried this before so I'm not sure if it is old news or a new bug. I did not bug report it with F11 because I forgot and then I'm kinda doubting this is a new unknown bug..
  13. Tiedemann

    Next patch?

    This is so true! I had a 2. rate kill order where I could bring one 2. rate to kill 3x 2. rates, and I would get a mission chest and a silver chest for it. Now if I bring one more player along on this mission, when we join it will adapt to a 6x AI 2. rates vs 2x player 2. rates. The fact that it does this is awesome, but totally let down by the fact that only the player with the kill mission gets the chest rewards for completing the kill mission. Fighting 6 AI vs 2 players is imo a lot more difficult than just doing it solo 1 vs 3 AI. Challenge is fun, but it needs to be rewarding. So both players should get the reward for completion. No point increasing the risk if the reward is not increased as well. So kill missions has the potential to be awesome. And these kill missions with silver/gold chest rewards I have only gotten around free ports, or on rare occasion distant nation ports. So it is not like we will be back to farming huge AI fleets in front of our capital and getting all the best loot possible again. This is still missions, the loot in the ships are shit 9 out of 10 times and the reward for completion is as far as I know only desirable when the kill mission is far outside the reinforcement zones/near free towns.
  14. Tiedemann

    Really bad manners towards the rest of the comm

    I'm not fan of the Le Requin boarding tactics, but I'm still sorry you had to endure those comments. That is just not okay
  15. Crafting: Making 7. rate and up to 5. rate is not a problem IMO. Line ships are more expensive and they should be. Now I'm using 5. rates much more than 3. rates these days so something worked out for the better and I'm very glad for this change. I do not believe players who states that it is to hard to craft ships. Anyone with a bit of patience can craft fir/fir or oak/oak ships easily. I rather think crafters are spoiled and all wants to be able to craft white oak, live oak or teak ships with ease. If you want teak, white oak or live oak woods then yes, your going to have to invest some time into it or pay a lot for it. If your not in a nation that does not own a teak, live oak or white oak port and your not willing to buy those woods in free towns, then consider conquering one! Doubloons: I looted 1500 doubloons of an AI trader brig, and the next trader brig I got 1200 doubloons. I attacked multiple 5. rate AI fleet with around 7-11 ships in fleet, in a Christian VII. I left all of those battles with minimum 2000 doubloons. Then you have the patrol zone that will give you 2000 doubloons for doing 20K damage. And in the battles I survive vs other players I normally leave with around 1000 doubloons. I might be super lucky with the drop, but I hear the same from other players so I'm not. When the patch first hit, yes getting doubloons was very hard, but that was immediately after patch. I seriously think it is EASY now..