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  1. Tiedemann

    Remove cutters/lower rates, from higher rate patrols

    And to replace basic cutters the shops it would be brilliant if it was impossible to empty for shop ships, at least when there is a active Patrol zone next to the free port. Then ships ar still accessible, just not for free.
  2. Tiedemann

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Awesome! But if shallow water ship is defined* by the dept of the ships hull (= logic) then please increase the BR of the Le Requin to make it less tempting to use in RvR. Because that ship is OP. Not as a fighting ship, but for trolling circles it will outrun basically anything else unless you dedicate min 3 ships in a pb to hunt a single Le Requin for the entire battle. And this is not possible if you intent to hold circles to gain points. And then when it comes to boarding the Le Requin is OP when attacking smaller vessels, it really is!
  3. Tie port hostility points to port tax income: So we can sabotage the port income of reals and/or what it produces by generating hostility there? This would be interesting and motivation owning nations to protect the waters around their precious ports Reduce costs of ports trading posts and timers: Why does a port with out any defense timer activated or any other special feature for that mater have to cost reals to own? This makes owning a port a burden, and it should not be that as long as anyone can attack it at any time imo. No special feature activated = no cost of owning. But when you start enabling defense timer limiting the attack window from other players then it should become very expensive to own, so it is not an option to have defense timers on all ports like it is now. Remove conversion of victory marks on War (RVR): What about having conversion both ways? Highly favoring actually getting victory marks/participating in PB? Additionally RVR reward trading should be disabled : I don't like it. Why is this needed? If it is to prevent some sort of exploit okay maybe, but if it is not you should avoid limiting trading. It makes the rewards less useful/valuable and getting the same thing multiple times then at some point = no reward. Add items or chests for victory marks to the admiralty with some conquest related exclusive items. (Including paints and rare ships): YES! When ever paint is involved I'm in! Add feature allowing lockdown of ports by clans (giving access to port resources only to the clan who owns the port): The clan lockdown of a port would instantly kill of the use for alternative characters when this is wanted by the owning clan/nation. Then owning the port would become extremely important, and those who has bought alternative characthers to avoid the nation ownership issue is shit out of luck if the clan decides to reserve it for them self. Would be nice if rare/needed resources where available at multiple locations on the map if this feature ever hits maybe adding docking fees There should be fees for trading, docking, crafting etc, so that ports that are useful/valuable for a nation actually are profitable og the profitt they make shows the precence of players. And not just alt accounts stockpiling/dumping trade resources.
  4. Tiedemann

    Empty sea

    This is kinda of topic and if you want constructive RvR feedback a RvR feedback thread would be a great idea.. RvR runs deep in this game. it has a huge effect on nations, trading, OW PvP and even PvE. RvR is made up by the players and clans that are interested in supporting RvR and doing the hostility grind, the screening and the port battle. Lately also those who are willing to support the cost of owning the port after taking it. When RvR dies out the game loses RvR players, and those players are responsible for providing a lot of content opportunities for the rest of the players on the server. Imo main reasons RvR is close to dead: Hostility missions where you fight equal BR AI fleet and the defending nation has an option to join with equal BR also, when you reach 25% the enemy nation is notified! So the risk is fighting 2x your own BR in line ships (1. rates). If attackers grind successfully up to 100% they basically get nothing for taking that huge risk. The xp, reals, doubloons and loot drops are normal or bellow normal in hostility missions. Imo they should be the best rewarded AI mission type on the server when it comes to XP, reals, doubloons and loot drop. The risk should give instant result in reward and help motivate players to join the grind. Screening is and always was a huge issue imo. It makes it very hard/impossible for small groups to attack a port own by a strong RvR nation or a nation in a strong RvR alliance that will assist with screening. So if the attackers can gather 8 players for their PB fleet, how can they get past an organized screening fleet of equal numbers or normally considerably larger amount of players?!?! PB it self is/was the best part of this game for me at least. You get into a fight with close to equal chance for both sides, it's a proper fight! I remember PBs to be a huge glorious fleet fight with a decisive end result, sinking most of the enemy or losing your own fleet. But this has changed and most pbs can be over before or with out one of the fleets actually taking a serious losses. And this makes PBs very little rewarding.. I personally have serious issues with the 3 circle system and consider it broken because defenders still has the option to kite the attackers if they can deny the enemy to get the most points. While the attackers main focus is the circles, then destroying the forts/towers and then the enemy players defending. I have posted concerns and suggestions about this in the past. After victory - So if you actually take the port, then your in for a reals grind to support the cost of owning it.. That's what you can expect at least form 80% (hip-shot-guess) of the ports on the map. Why can they not all break even at the very least, with out special features enabled!? When ever RvR is broken/left unattended for to long or a wipe is announced, or the best the combo -> this games player base takes a hit/dive..
  5. Brilliant! I miss sailing the Renommee and the Suprise.. Will this require a lot of work or is it something you can change in a short time frame?
  6. Tiedemann

    Trading and economy feedback

    Low value trading goods could just weigh 10, in sted of a 100. Then you can carry 10 times more per haul making it them more balanced compared to high value items. With more players there will also be more traders buying trade goods, and then there might be a shortage..
  7. Tiedemann

    A Slight Tweak to Contracts to Encourage Those Who Sail

    WHat about only allowing contracts to be placed by clan owning the port. And then let them open it for specific clans or nations as they see fit?
  8. I used to want a more steady drop of the consumables like sail repair, hull repair, rum, and even cannons. Permanent upgrades that drop need a more even spread! I get that the good stuff should be rare, but please fins some middle ground because getting shit over and over again is very boring. Some times you get a good one, but in the mean time you stacked 10+ of those useless upgrades in your warehouse and it is just not fun. There are so many permanent upgrades, but the shit is just to common. We need a better spread or give the bad upgrades a buffs so they are actually worth installing on a ships.. I do like the like the basic hull, but most of the other stuff like the pumps, aiming angle, etc. I stopped taking long time ago.. Same for story for skill books, the normal ones drops to often so we get 10+ stacks of those as well. Would be nice if the books that drop very often could be crafted into Elite permanent upgrades some how. Then getting a skill book is always good, even if you learned it already. I like getting books i can make elite upgrades out of so please give me more of that! For Epic events, increase drop chance for epic chest!! I WANT A EPIC CHEST SO BAD 🤣
  9. Tiedemann

    Better Ships for All!

    Nope. I bought DLC's on 3 different accounts and I don't mind DLCs as long as it is not pay to win, because I like this game and I want to support it. But the state those ships where in when they where release as DLCs should have been followed by an immediate apology statement from you guys because they where so OP players where forced to buy them. Edit to avoid wrath of the gods: "Imho - I ❤️Devs ❤️" I only commented (= 😭) about the Hercules in the beginning because I did not use the Le Requin that much. I think the Hercules is close to properly balanced now, the high BR makes it OP when screening shallow water pb fleets, but at least they are out of the pb them self so great! In the shallow patrol you can bring 2 normal shallow water ships for every Hercules, so it is not OP there anymore. The Le Requin is another story. I do hate that ship because I can't manual sail it properly, but I ended up fitting all mine with Elite Pirate Rig refit and that is OP fast, period. Te/Wo would hit speed cap in battle at 90% sails left and no other speed skill or mod. That is after the nerf some time ago, that from my point of view only nerfed the speed directly with the wind. I did not notice any other change when testing my ships.. But I have not used it in the last 2-3 months so this info could be outdated. I'm not sure how the physics works in this game, but I do believe that the insane sail force the Le Requin has in the up wind direction, gives it an OP ability to push other square rigged ships against the wind (and then boarding). The acceleration/deceleration it self tells a tale imo, it's like a power boat ffs. But I have never sailed a Le Requin with out pirate rig refit/Elite Pirate Rig refit, so maybe it is not so stupidly OP fast if it was unable to use those mods. Anyway I got boarded by one of the many famous Le Requin pirate Captains in the Nassau Patrol a week ago. And the way that was done the me, my crew and my beautiful but to slow Niagara was so incredibly annoying and ugly! so it is the main reason I'm posting this comment (= 😭x2). I did learned that I should stay down wind form that player when I'm in a shallow square rigged ship.. But then again I need to be upwind of a Le Requin to have a chance at sinking it.. So I really hate that ship!
  10. Tiedemann

    Patrol ROE

    Yes, but I believe that limit is related to hardware/game capability's.. If you remember the 25 vs 25 - 1. rate fights, they used to be a bit laggy in centre of the brawl Edit: I think something mystical went terribly wrong with the old signaling perk, they removed it and we never head from it again. Back when it was released it was a tiny glimmering hope of getting more balanced fights in OW. Some how it failed, got removed and since then I had the impression our gods have been considering PvP <=> Ganking.
  11. Tiedemann

    Patrol ROE

    I think the Solo patrol is a great idea. It has my full support and I want it as soon as yesterday. Still I strongly believe that a "sluice mechanic" for joining a battle - or player entry flow control if you prefer that name, would be brilliant in other patrol areas, to force players to join battles more evenly. It if it worked it would end the super ganks! Only real down side is that if your nation is represented on the high BR side, then your forced to wait out in OW until your nations side is open. Up side, prevents the need for BR limitations and did I mention -> it should kill of the joining winning side super gank into oblivion shit fest issue we currently have.
  12. Tiedemann

    Patrol ROE

    Imo: We need a more dynamic mechanic that can handle 1vs1 and up to 25vs25 players. When we start tailoring RvR and patrols for only handling low player numbers, the game loses it's ability to handle higher numbers. So if the game gets a high influx of players, it can not accommodate it. Besides BR roof breathes meta fleets. Veterans sail out together, rookies go unaware alone. In the end veterans can't find good fights except when we actually arrange it our self or on rare occasions we get lucky. So we get bored and quit.
  13. Tiedemann

    Patrol ROE

    Not 100% sure I get the main argument here, but I will try: Nations still apply, so they are locked out until their nations sides BR is the lowest. But good news, because of new ROE they are not as easy to super gank so they miht get a good fight staying out in OW alone! And if they want to help their mate they can screen our other players who try to join his battle on the low side.. I see no issue here what so ever, but you could let the battle be open as normal for the first 2 minutes and then enable the sluice mechanic. If your bringing up the issue: "What if they are a group of players from different nations playing together and they join on both sides just to kill you". Then they are either doing FF documented in game or just not engaging. Both cases is tribunal maters and a severe exploit of the current game mechanic. Because this is possible today, only difference is you only have 2 minutes to join and if they are going to do this then the 2 minutes are more than enough anyway. You can't account for all the random shit players do in a game, that is impossible. You can just execute them when you catch them BullShitStatment: I have encountered this once that I'm aware, and I believe you guys issued warnings to the filthy Swedish f***tards. I on the other hand, is not so forgiving. So I show a fist to all Swedish- scum I encounter in RL after this incident!!! Okay not true, I just took a couple mount break from the game.. But still you should have demoted all their sorry asses for that EXCPLOIT! I'm totally open for for having Ink revisiting that case at any time.. That incident had an negative emotional impact on my gaming soul! So lets say all involved Swedish-*ickheads should have to pay 2M reals each to the Russian Tsar? And if they can not pay the they should be forced to forfeit Cartagena 😉 My goal is to solve the issue of super ganks in patrol area in a way that lets players join the battle long after it started. 30 min is glorious and I love this feature! You never now what can happen and when you think you have the upper hand it can change in a heart beat, but this is rare! But extremely thrilling when it does. The sad fact in my experince most patrol fights ends up in ganks and it is very boring/sad. When you are in front of the choice of joining a 1 vs 9 battle, very very few will join the 1 player against the 9. I know I wold not, unless I'm in a shop-ship just there to get damage..
  14. Tiedemann

    Patrol ROE

    PATROL ROE "sluice" suggestion: Why is it not possible to make ROE mechanic that only only allows players to join on the lowest BR side?? And when the lowest BR side becomes the high BR side it should switch, so players can continuously join what ever side has the lowest BR until you reach theoretically 25 vs 25, but in a much more controlled way.. Edit: This is for joining a battle instance after the initial tag and drag - So by joining battle cross and the circles in OW. Imo intended for patrol - but could be glorious as ROE around active PB's because it can help counter zerg nation somewhat.
  15. Tiedemann

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    First you need 10 players willing to lose their line ships to grind hostility. Nobody counter attack and it is boring and very little rewarding. If enemy do counter attack the hostility then your at a huge disadvantage so the risk i HIGH. Then your need the players (6-25) willing to lose their RvR (normally good wood quality ships, often line ships) for PB it self and you also need a screening fleet to get the pb fleet successfully into the PB. Then if you are successful you have to pay for they port.. IMO the real question is why should anyone bother with RvR.. And I'm sure RvR activities has been on a steady decline ever since the cost of ownership update, and while it was kinda limping on it got executed recently by the line ship doubloon cost. So most RvR players are bored..