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  1. It's difficult to believe the real goal is to solve "toxic chat" when you've eliminated trade chat, which I've never seen flaming in.
  2. Tow permits already do so. This would make the game more pleasant as I wouldn't be dealing with having to redeem my ships a little late every day.
  3. Are we going to see an AI rebalance to reflect this? Will sinking times be adjusted to allow for looting sunk ships in time? Currently players have to make extensive use of angling to win a fight against even a same-rate ship of lower BR (i.e., player Redoutable vs AI Wasa) due to the AI's ridiculous reload and aim bonuses. If angling is going to be less effective, AI needs to have its bonuses reduced - especially elite and privateer AI. Furthermore, as we'll presumably be engaging in battle at longer distances, we're going to need more time to loot a wreck. It would also be nice
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