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  1. I think most players don't know this forum at all. Therefore I think rules are worthless. Only game mechanics will work.
  2. It's an old problem. The difference in performance between a novice with an Admiralty ship and a veteran with the best wood ship and best upgrades, is enormously large. Far too big to be fair game. That's why it's a gank-game 😉
  3. A look at the map shows that Holland has only recently lost 9 western ports to the Russians. A declaration of war on England is --------- "very very courageous"". RESPECT! :-D A lot of enemies means a lot of HONOR ! :-D
  4. Don't forget the 4 naval wars between Dutch and England. In these naval wars many more ships were involved than in Trafalgar or Abukir. One naval battle was at Texel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Dutch_Wars
  5. als ik dat lees, kijk ik uit naar Frikandel met frites en fritessaus op Texel x)
  6. There were a lot of fights on Monday. There must be something to report.
  7. I think there are no "the russians" on the Server. There are different clans that often have very different aims.
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