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  1. DLC ships are a good thing - they make the game easier for those who don't have much time to craft, collect recourses, for casual players and beginners. Compare with WOW - 20 minutes per battle. On the other side, it is important that there are no DLC ships in rank 1-3, because otherwise the attraction to develop something better/bigger will lost. There must be something left to accomplish.
  2. Beginners and casual players NA is not a game for beginners and casual players. These groups can hardly win. 1 It takes a very long time to learn the basics of the Gameplay/sailing. 2. more impact on success has the money, doubloons, and resources. Stronger and many ships, better cannons, better books, and upgrades. This takes months to achieve. Veteran ships become so strong that you can't win - no matter how fast you learn. Even after a restart / wipe, veterans are so strong after a short time that you can hardly win against them. Hardcore players are always superior here and are supported by the game mechanics !!! The ""inequality"" cannot be compensated by beginners and casual players. Compare with WOW In fact you have to do a wipe every year or more often and the upgrade options should also be restricted. This is a possibility for beginners not to be ""completely without a Chance"". What I'm writing will not please the Veterans. I know that.
  3. It makes sense to allow a change from PVE server to PVP server with own profile. At least for lower ranks. Learning in the PVE and then a change into the premier league.
  4. For beginners we need 100% insurance in PVP. A beginner has no chance against a veteran, the game is too difficult to learn. Otherwise the beginners are frustrated and quit the game. I remember how hard my first 6 weeks were :-( (and I was a very experienced WOW Player)
  5. Wilhelm II: Zitat "Unsere Zukunft liegt auf dem Wasser" Damit ist glaube ich alles gesagt! :-D Natürlich bleibe ich Preuße !
  6. There are no more doubloons on NPC Trader. This is a really bad change. Especially for beginners! Now you have to make transport orders. This is really boring and a pure AFK exercise ------ time for dinner :-) XP doesn't bring it either. This should be changed again immediately. Being slaughtered by veterans as a beginner is very frustrating. Maybe you could mark the rank in the OpenWorld view. e.g. bright colors for beginners and dark colors for veterans. This makes the game more fair.
  7. Sometimes i sail 15 minutes and i dont find a ship to fight with and then i see 5 Ships of my own Nation or much bigger ships with a lot fleet ships. If i have only 1h time to play it will be a waste of time. Perhaps a arcade modus like wow is an idea for those who dont have mich time. After the new patch the npc's are much to strong for a beginner. The map is too big for 400 Players. It is important to be able to buy ships with dublons. I dont want to craft and transport for hours and hours - i want to Play. My time is expencive. Best regards Gargamel i think in pvp the insurance should be much more generous. especially beginners are afraid to lose their ships in pve against veterans and so they avoid the fights. If you want to increase the number of players, look at the needs of beginners. .....and work on intro, music, atmosphere, - that's not up to date anymore compared to other games ;-)
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