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  1. not enough outposts, buildings, contracts slows the game for no reason
  2. @Ink One way to boost the game is to higher the number of bases. If you don't have 2-4 alts, you can hardly manage the number of outposts. You need bases at the important neutral ports, at the patrol zones, for resources and at the borders to the enemies and so on....... I often can't take part in actions because I don't have free outposts. I think that restricts the game as a whole and slows it --- with so sense. I never understood why outposts are limited. If you have 2000 players on the server it can make sense to slower the game - but not with 600. (when the half are alts and the rest is sitting in the port's. It's easy to boost the game if the devs higher the number of outposts. ......by the way.... what is the reason to limit buildings or contracts..... 😉
  3. I think most players don't know this forum at all. Therefore I think rules are worthless. Only game mechanics will work.
  4. It's an old problem. The difference in performance between a novice with an Admiralty ship and a veteran with the best wood ship and best upgrades, is enormously large. Far too big to be fair game. That's why it's a gank-game 😉
  5. A look at the map shows that Holland has only recently lost 9 western ports to the Russians. A declaration of war on England is --------- "very very courageous"". RESPECT! :-D A lot of enemies means a lot of HONOR ! :-D
  6. Don't forget the 4 naval wars between Dutch and England. In these naval wars many more ships were involved than in Trafalgar or Abukir. One naval battle was at Texel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Dutch_Wars
  7. als ik dat lees, kijk ik uit naar Frikandel met frites en fritessaus op Texel x)
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