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  1. Gargamel

    Quote of the day

    There is never so much lying as before the election, during the war and after the hunt. "Otto von Bismarck"
  2. This is no longer necessary :-) Thanks to BF there is the new "Vera Cruz Patrol Zone"......... :-D
  3. How would a one-on-one end? I bet 500 dubs on the privateer…… ;-)
  4. I (HEAVN) agree. Our PvP relationship must be made clearer by the clan leaders. Traders of friendly nations must always be a taboo.
  5. you can limit the size of nations or increase taxes as nations grow larger
  6. but he always streams hardworking so everyone can see him :-D can you live off it in Russia ?
  7. Everything has its advantages, too. Russian traders can now drive freely through the Gulf. Other nations don't have to search or queue for long. There are enough traders for everybody..... ;-)
  8. The main problem is (or was) that Prussia relied on an arrangement with the REDS. Without this agreement, Prussia would not have gone to the Gulf. Now the loss of investment (and playing time) is so great that we have to wait and see how many players stop playing. Congratulations to Russia! I think you'll get the Gulf now without a fight.
  9. But look at the ships, too.....Ceberus, Trader Lynx, Rattlesnake…..vs a fleet of Surprises
  10. the one who enters the biggest nation soon has no enemies anymore and is surrounded by friends - how boring ;-)
  11. Hi, How big are the nations after the release?# How many players do they have? Is there a list? Thx
  12. Das ist DKEM - GepanzerteGurke ist der Chef dort.
  13. Hi, nicht zu vergessen die Preußen. Früher eine kleine Nation sind wir gewachsen und haben neue Spieler dazu bekommen. Einige auch richtig gut. KRAKE (ex. Hansa) ist deutschsprachig Monks spricht Englisch Die Brandenburger sprechen deutsch TO (glaube deutsch) und TOXIC auch deutsch aber alle sprechen natürlich auch Englisch. (Clanliste ist nicht vollständig) …..wir haben natürlich auch viele Mitglieder aus der Alpenrepublik - hier fühlst du dich ZUHAUSE !. Viel Spaß und bis bald auf dem Wasser.
  14. Every little boy wants to be like Lord Nelson and therefore joins the English. It is high time to limit the size of a Nation.
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