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  1. I agree. Small nations (or beginners) should be a little protected. But of course - England is not one of the small nations ;-)
  2. This is crazy ! Which beginner or casual player should play NA?
  3. It's a pity you can hardly see this beautiful ship. Before the changes I saw many different ships e.g. in the PZ. Now I only see Hercules, Pandora and Rättvisan......what a pity
  4. The cost of production has become incredibly high. A single player can hardly pay for that. Should I ask the clan officers every time for 100 repairs, 300 rum or 20 x 9P Long Canons ? That is really too stupid for me. -- Would you please give me from the CWH xyz.......... And I become a beggar in my own clan. Thats not fun. At least the self supply with repair / rum and cannons must work.
  5. if the players always join the strong one, why not limit the nations to a size of 20%?
  6. his native language ;-) that can be the reason the choose a nation
  7. No clan or single player shall be cut off from necessary resources. It can not come to a situation (we already had it) where one clan comes with LO/WO ships and another clan comes with Oak/Oak. No matter if by a ""WEAK START"" start or a strong clan in the neighbourhood. It is the task of the developers to ensure a fair access to resources. Otherwise the game has no future
  8. The strong focus on clans is an advantage for veterans (and social people) but a big disadvantage for beginners and casual players. Actually you have to belong to a clan at NA - or you have many disadvantages but: not everyone wants this - and it takes time to make social contacts An entry into NA is quite difficult for beginners and casual players. I think a lot of players stop after a few Hours.
  9. the game mechanics should promote small nations and disadvantage strong nations - a little bit also beginners should be protected a little bit by the game mechanics (by the rank or so)
  10. a solution would be : The nations with permanent capitals are not allowed to start - until 2 days later. This gives the nations without capitals the chance to secure a few ports. ....l.and now I wait for the protest………..
  11. We're still hoping for a gentlemen's agreement between the diplomats. Every nation must have its place - even the small ones. because - even the big and strong nations want to have opponents tomorrow. Therefore it is also the duty of the big nations to protect the small. Playing alone is no fun ;-)
  12. For me, it's a difference. Of course I can take a captured ship and win some Points. I did ist sometimes. But - with a captured ship I am mostly the slaughter cow for the veterans. This really isn't any fun. I'm not playing for that. If that's the case, I'd prefer to play something else.
  13. A DLC ship where I can choose the wood and an NPC captured ship is not the same. Captured ships are rubbish and only there to give dmg counts to other Players. I've tried this often.
  14. We need more DLC ships. I was in the zone yesterday fighting a trader (5000 dmg for 3 medals). Of course I was ganged by 3 bigger ships. NProblem - i had a Hercules. But - I don't collect resources for weeks, level up my factories, build cannons and caronades, build upgrades and then crafted a nice ship, after investing a lot of time (no student - I have to work) ------------- and all to get ganged in 30 minutes !!! After that I want to uninstall the game and Play WOW No - we need more DLC ships for this.
  15. DLC ships are a good thing - they make the game easier for those who don't have much time to craft, collect recourses, for casual players and beginners. Compare with WOW - 20 minutes per battle. On the other side, it is important that there are no DLC ships in rank 1-3, because otherwise the attraction to develop something better/bigger will lost. There must be something left to accomplish.
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