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  1. Thonys

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    nice perk pandora ,..great... always very good to have ships i really tip my hat for that. just a remark: our nation has not even done 1 port battle for months ...... so .....why this,... and not customization and the other timeline stuff. i just don't get this ... or is this an addition to the first quarter 2019 update?
  2. on the trade side: -an overview for your stuff -more contracts to sell stuff in harbors would be great to help captains to do business ( max15 contracts in a single port for example ) -Harbor money when entering a port, only for other clans, (where port clan members don't have to pay for it )[adjustible by clans] -more control of the port by clans officers -better distribution of the trade /building/upgrade/farm/woods goods over the map, what can be made by clans (some nations have it all and only others have nothing) -trade-sailing must make the money and not the building/farms output. captains have warehouses everywhere and that is odd... when entering a port (any) they get a virtual warehouse i believe they have to buy a warehouse and a port slot,(to do business) and therefore we need more port slots the institute Admiralty the admiralty is a government structure and needs to have a more important role also, i believe that doubloons can only be achieved by selling reals to the Admiralty who convert them to permits and doubloons where you also can buy also special ships,/ special upgrades /books (the admiralty needs to have more power ). -you can buy and trade reals and doubloons in every port by a trade rate set up by clans.(own currency) also, clans need s to have more control of the things that happen in a port and have more control and overview who can enter and who can not. and what happens during the sleeping hours let's say what about a closed harbor during the night of the clan...you can enter the port during the night but can not do business when the clan sleeps. (clans needs to have more jurisdiction over a port) Dubloons: for me what issue at the moment is that i can board and sink every ship, but do not get the balloons from it, haven't got the doubloons from ships for weeks and from what i see around me the have the doubloons like if it is raining on them. only missions are for me the thing to get the doubloons (am i forced to do only weekly missions? now ) [it sucks i have to wait 6 days] i can be very simple about hostility it takes to much effort for small clans to do an aggressive action against other small ports atm that is only a matter for the biggest clans and that is strange because pirates, for example, came with 5 ships to concur a small island the grind is just to much for small clans to even get a small island it is to much time duration (to consuming the grind ) if a small clan needs to do hostility, half of the hostility members have to: eat, shower or have to go to soccer sport, after 2.30 hrs so they are not even finishing the hostility activity . it has become inaccessible. (it has a time issue) for example speeding up rvr: if a small island is attacked with 5 people it should only take 5 enemy ships to the job, and a medium port takes 2 spawns of 5 ships, a big harbor does do 3 x 5 ships... now a small clan can do an attack as well and bigger clans can do the bigger ports ...( a easier access for small clans is in that way established and it can vary) small ports factor x 3(1 enemy ship count for 3 ships) medium ports factor x 2 big ports factor x 1 it is now factor 1 for all ports
  3. Thonys

    weekly line ship claim

    oke excellent thx for the answers . perhaps some text: like, after 6 days you can claim your final completed reward. that would be great. there is space enough for it in the picture.
  4. Thonys

    weekly line ship claim

    mmm... darn that's a bummer but if i am away a whole week?(7 days)
  5. Thonys

    weekly line ship claim

    did the weekly line ship mission but when i had all 10 ships sunk . i could not claim it ... what am i doing wrong??(made a f11)
  6. Thonys

    No Names During Battle

    enemy identification based on the flag is fine, but... but removing the name is just stupid....and not a good idea! i would gladly see the [ {clan)flag ] + [ name ] in the battle. in ow i would gladly see [nation flag ] [ clan tag ] + [ rank ]. we should not remove stuff but add stuff... many people are too destructive, just thinking to solve stuff ... to remove things...
  7. Thonys

    Can we get Just our flags on OW?

    perhaps captured ships?
  8. Thonys

    Can we get Just our flags on OW?

    oke........ so now @admin tells us it is possible. i presume it was the time factor what was making it impossible. well, that's an eye-opener.
  9. Thonys

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Someday ppl will realize the strength of the Dutchman in shallows and also this is not this game day .
  10. Thonys

    Change in Admiralty

    perhaps the option to build ships in the shipbuilder with basic upgrades for the cost of reaal where the buy of independent (basic)upgrades after the build of the ship is done by dublouns at the admiralty . after all in any ship is a basic pump.(for example)installed on delivery (or sail ,or enhanced hull) but at the moment that option (you want to introduce is more or less ) is RNG, like strong hull/rig ecc but i do like the option to buy them for REaals, dont get me wrong. the only thing is, its an overhaul on the development in the combination of the doubloons. and i don't see that happen i do believe that ship development needs defiantly more love... and attention... it would benefit the game so much more. specially now the AI is much much stronger in their behavior
  11. Thonys

    Change in Admiralty

    what you are asking is a complete redevelopment of the admiralty and remove balloons. i don't think that's going to happen. they already told us doubloons are here to stay, and we have no clue what will happen. we just have to wait and see. i only ask for a Dutch vessel
  12. Thonys

    DlC stacking

    @admin @Ink is it possible to buy a second/third Admiralty connection DLC for the same account? and therefore expand the warehouse slots, docks for your vessels, and building permits?
  13. Thonys

    Empty sea

    yes, what a wonderful game isn't it. make a commercial out of it..... and you go.... bankrupt.? 1-12-2017 ink said: Captain, we have said that naval action legends is a separate game with a separate steam ID. There are two games.naval action - realistic open world captain experience with sometimes lonely sea, hunting, overwhelming odds (ganks) and beautiful large world where you get excited just by seeing an enemy player sail on the horizon from time to time i still believe that NA without any form of rvr and trade deeply embedded in the game is a survivor for the next generation of new sailors. and at this moment, this game looks more like NA Legends if you want fast action. (Excl.DLC ships) without trade, and the eager to build yourself a business, this game is crippled in the core of being a playable game. (rvr and trade [sense]) if: ...there is hardly no trade> no rvr > that will ends up in: empty waters. empty waters > no rvr > no trade Dabloons ,balloons whatever: funny .....when the dabloon pops............... they all run away. (metaphorical) ps . did you notice the cheaters... and not being the intention of a bad intentions post...just fun
  14. Thonys

    He buys salt to help other players

    seen that happen on the Dutch side ... they don't even have a dutch plank to put a sail on. (salt enough) we have dutch peanut butter, but that was not even invented by the Dutch (historical incorrect, it was the Spaniards) it becomes more and more a fairy tale ...so no need to call someone a liar...
  15. Thonys

    Contract window bug.

    can you provide a screenshot?