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  1. Baby Ruth ..baby ruth ..baby ruth.....aaaaghhh,,,, MMmm...dejavu...it seems he is escaped from " the "Goonies" you are even hungrier than i am ......
  2. and you will fail eventually..... tutorial is a need to do first (period) exams is not a tutorial
  3. every ship has his predator. the point is are you in luck ..or not
  4. ah finally i am not the only one perhaps this one ? https://pdfhost.io/
  5. The Yucca is poisonous. Beware of pets and children. Die Yucca ist giftig. Passen Sie auf Haustiere und Kinder auf. also: There were also some reports last April about some freak snow in the Dominican Republic. It turned out to be an April’s Fool. mountainous islands altitudes are cooler but there’s no snow. your Salt can be destroyed
  6. Hi all Format: question - answer Dev team, can we have more ports (slots) in the future or does it stays this way ? The more concise is the question the more specific will be the answer Please refrain from flood and lengthy discussions - this is the topic for questions
  7. only board AI skull ships if you have double crew otherwise you suffer that decision also they have the upper hand what means you have to take care of your prep but also your ship knowledge slots for having the correct books, if you don't have those put in., you can not board ...even when you have double /triple crew. (you will be boarded with a " you lost message" instant. ) boarding a skully AI is very very very dangerous occupation . and always have support outside the boarding scene. it's not:::: chess /skissors /brainless thinking and pushing buttons. but a strategic game what begins by de-crewing your AI
  8. Oeps! some seems not happy about the advertisement rules for dubloons it seems russian hackers are behind the scheme !
  9. inside information by some unknown revealed that. many editors talk about 4000 to 5000 doubloons to successfully face the competition
  10. The image of the flag of Tallinn was fixed for the first time in a Heraldics Atlas, published in the middle of the XVIII century in Nuremburg. In the middle-ages it was the flag of the commercial fleet of the Hansatown.
  11. Lama gate to become prussia are you accepting that? https://www.mupload.nl/img/lfk4hkzcoi1s1.png i think you have no clue what is going on have you...:) they even need flags on the table to know, who is who!
  12. never said it was you iii or ii (check) and goodmorning to you too
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