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  1. i know... its early in the morning and you need coffee...:))
  2. as if you do not know ? says a face rising above the waterline ...we all know what some are trying to do ...(you included) "its a trap set up by other nations to lure the russians in a war they never asked for."
  3. sure translate this! Duh.. Onder politieke druk. Eindelijk zijn de russen onder openlijke druk gezwicht voor de opinie van andere lidstaten. die lachend in hun vuistje alleen maar toekijken hoe de russen in hun val lopen wat resulteerde in een kamikaze aanval op een van de poorten van de vp met als resultaat een determent defender northviking die zijn handelen goedpraat met een "of course" en een opschepperige toon . maar waarvan hij geen enkele reden heeft om hun handelen goed te praten dan door te verkondigen de " publieke opinie dwong mij hiertoe " het eerste contact werd gemaakt door de kustwacht die later versterking kreeg van de nationale coastal command. zo ook de russen die steeds meer en meer versterking aanvoerden.
  4. Under political pressure. from other nations (?) the russians fall in the trap laid up by toxic spies finally the Russians have come under open pressure to the opinion of other Member States. who, laughing in their fists, just watch the Russians fall into their trap which resulted in a kamikaze attack on one of the gates of the vp The result is a deterioration defender northviking who agrees with his "of course" and a boastful tone. but of which he has no reason to justify their actions but to proclaim "public opinion forced me to" the first contact was made by the coastguard who later received reinforcement from the national coastal command. after a long and almost full battle int ended up in this result in the latest hours of the day ,
  5. dutch fishing competition ??? lol..... we do not even have a dutch vessel ... enough said....
  6. press oke in the crafted ship (popup) box (bottum ) and it unlocks
  7. It's like a sea dragon rising above the waterline.... the only thing they do is...... throwing a spear at it..and sail away...
  8. NPC will try to capture rich ports from large clans using unique raiding mechanics on both Peace and War servers question is what is a large clan ? and what is a small clan ? we have clans of 150 members but also 35?
  9. My Great friend. i see the "words"... but ...was just thinking out loud. :)) just fine tuning
  10. Tip...new dlc : " The colonies "(+10 ports and medium extended warehouses) :)) ( seen as a admiralty II expansion)
  11. what about : "player123" not a joke.... but also bullschit with no imagination.
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