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  1. Respect is a key word in the early days of seafaring in this game there is no respect from players to other players except in a battle with GG /GJ or thank you for the battle.(but that fades away as time progress) perhaps a mechanic should build in like : bounty or respect/reputation points given by players for doing battle >>> something for the future i guess. (new mechanic?) in the meantime there is NO respect from others what is a bloody shame to begin with .. ps.there are reputation point on the forum thow
  2. As a ship builder myself i agree to point 1 ask yourself : "" why should you build crap based on RNG? """
  3. Loot stealing mechanism: when a captain steels loot from another captain in battle. the captain becomes a suspected pirate captain and flagged ( orange color ) as well .. and can be shot to sink as well ...(if unknown to battle members >> ..the choice is to the members in the battle game) so no green on green >>> but a suspected captain who is loot stealing. also a sophisticated manner to overcome loot stealers in battle and deal with it. right mouse button>>> on orange ship >> to grand loot to the captain
  4. Hire a boatswain speed up>> upgrade the knowledge slots of a vessel. 2 versions : 1. dlc /// 2. + or upgrade knowledge item. ( buyable in shop for vm or cm or reaals) both items are market tradeable ---------------------------------------------- A item where speed of knowledge skill slot for a vessel is boosted --------------------------------------------- as upgrade: nautic college skill book as DLC: Marine book : Hire a boatswain both items are the same and give the same points. what gives 4000 slot upgrade point to knowledge (large book) 3/2/1/ rate what gives 2000 slot upgrade points medium book to knowledge 5/ 4 rate (frigates) what gives 750 slot upgrade points small book knowledge 7/6/ rate size duration: useable 1 every hour . and 1 book at the time. low pricing ±1 dollar a piece: >>> in packages of 5/10/15/25. Every game has his needle : ps i find it weird that in a DLC thread,... post are voted down ,but thats just me i guess. i see very good suggestion voted down by?? ......HATERS...???... or Dumb running powder monkeys with ammo!
  5. this would be great all the general look for the wind first >>> at shore so a great feature it would be (in eas way of life )
  6. oeps delete post pls wrong topic is moved to correct one
  7. Feedback on a not (in)game related issue! Hummm.... why are dutch (and the ship) the victim here? the real dutch are different (they mostly do not answer heaters and others, they have a direct approach - positive or negative in approach , their brain works different.) they are a other cultural breath, and not compatible with culturally others (liberal and freedom , are keywords) they are 90 % builders and not destructive (perhaps a mechanic approach on that niche would be great) dutch are just waiting ......nothing more... for the moment..(besides that dutch are a minority on the total population (i think so not much to review also) perhaps a ship like the common 3 rate (parameter rebuild) as a giveaway (event ship)is your answer perhaps ? :)) for you being a developer i understand your issue and yes you are right on the matter. but forcing people to review something what is not delivered in game > is counter productive for many (for those who are living in freedom of speech and thinking. although giving something in return is always advisable on forehand . ps. i do not own a Admiral>> but if i did i would guard it with 24 santismo s :)) And thank you for the Admiral delivered in the month of his birth (much appreciated )
  8. nation: Dutch Admiralty Friesland https://www.wikiwand.com/nl/Wapen_van_Friesland flag from The "ommelanden" (*eastern part of Friesland )(( with >> Harts not leafs)) https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlag_van_Groningen_(provincie)#/media/Bestand:Flag_Ommelanden.svg ^^ big picture- Flag : De Ommelanden dimension 2:3 https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapen_van_Friesland#Ommelanden ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Historically, such a flag had been flown at sea by ships that had their home ports in West Friesland. https://www.wikiwand.com/nl/Vlag_van_West-Friesland Flag: Westfriesland The riddle of the five blocks During the West Frisian Day 2008, Ina Broekhuizen-Slot received a West Frisian flag from Hoorn's mayor, Onno van Veldhuizen. In recent months it has been investigated whether this flag is the real West Frisian flag. Advice from flag experts was sought. This research shows that the flag with the azure blue background and the two prominent lions plus five cubes in gold can be considered the real West Frisian flag. This flag reflects the old Frisian coat of arms, which was already used in the Middle Ages. That weapon appears in the Dutch Chronicle (1405-1409), recorded by Heraut Gelre. On that weapon are two prominent lions surrounded by white tokens. West Friesland has maintained this weapon, only the white blocks (tokens) became silver. The number was later reduced to five and the cubes, like the lions, turned golden. The flag is a reflection of the coat of arms on the shield. source: https://www.westfriesgenootschap.nl/genootschap/actueel/2009/genootschap_actueel_raadsel_vijf_blokjes.php
  9. Thonys

    Neutral game ports

    thx. C E d O well at least i must try for my nation interest . i still believe that random timer should go.(its a restriction in a tactical hazardous world)
  10. i find it so strange for a neutral port for all nations that they have a night timer for particular nations? after a day and maintenance is this a bug ? ([ confusing ]port battle window) confusing windows here here is a pb at 22.47 ? for example it seems to me if a port is neutral it is neutral for every nation( ask for No timers for neutrals) so holding a timer is not a very neutral way off neutrality .... is this a fixed bug or is this as intended or not a bug if it is not a bug i call it a biased cheat(.it seems i live in another world so ......close game for today i guess. (not much to do)
  11. для королевы и отечества слава анне павловне младшая дочь отвечает. Князь Анна Павловна. кто наши союзники если они вам нужны, их там нет?
  12. The Forger did more harm than good i see...(i said it from the beginning) but the redoubtable is (not) the answer to that ..? the reason for this issue has begone from the start, when the forger came in, ...and imbalanced the game for/ in the long run, up to a height... it is beyond repair.. and now rvr is the victim of it ... i just don't know how to repair this in a short notice. that is up to the dev. perhaps ....throw crafting out the window....? NA is building game >>> in EVE you can't buy a ship dlc but you can buy needles and skins . break in a game and breaking a game philosophy will cost you dearly at some point
  13. its weird that rvr has become a click game i am beginning to lose interest all of a sudden... why am i doing all that effort to put time in it ... it seems some are playing a different game all of a sudden
  14. or perhaps i am not wrong and you are not wrong something has to be changed then...to overcome this enigma i don't know the solution for that, the admin need to do some brain work on that . there are some manipulating solutions for it, like dynamic port br - from the size of the defending nation for example but it seems also that , you are in bigger trouble than the conquerors do. but this dilemma needs to be seen at equal terms for both sides (defender / attacker strength) the example is not really a good example to make a decision on how to implement stuff.
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