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  1. the desolate color scheme is very much present in this game, it should add more color before and with a much-needed update to make the appearance attractive, it makes me desolate. in short: matte, colorless, and old-fashioned. I don't understand why this was chosen. it seriously needs more light .more hdr and not only grey, blue ,brown, industrial look
  2. you always can choose a flag for your ship also new flags seem to be on the way but update on flags are overdue for quite some time and we do not know time of arrival.
  3. this is not due to the ship but due to the rebalancing of the guns this has nothing to do with the ship. the ocean has always been a better ship. the relapse is caused by the guns. therefore you have the feeling that the santissima does not come into its own compared to the ocean, the rebalancing of the guns has resulted in a greater difference in the use of certain ships and whereby the old values have become far apart with the current use and feeling of a certain ship. you will have to adapt to the current interpretation of the total picture of the use of a certain ship. it is
  4. Hi you can use/make a battle trader to grind>> for slot xp and indeed it would be great to get some free xp to insert to a ship of choice (slots) or to increase rank xp (like war thunder or any other game ) this is especially important for players who do not have direct access to the higher ships who, due to the location of their area, are unable to compete in their pursuit of participating in port battles, among other things an example: my santisima/ocean/vic only has 1 or 2 slot lock open after 8000 hours you see there the possibility to achieve this is too l
  5. it seems only : standard: Share \ edit\ quote\ \ multi quote sub: \ link\code\preview\quote \emoji \ bullet and numbered list \and various text arrangements. + attach image and url other media not: a insert button for spoiler.
  6. And With the good relations in the back of our minds it was a short lived war As a result of the 3 days war and with heavy diplomatic talks A peace is a agreed upon . let's keep it that way with the help of neptune - all sail in prosper and have a long life on the waves .
  7. Ha yes, "the secret" well it's actually not that big of a secret you just have to make sure you don't let it get moldy like so many french cheeses. those french cheeses then start to smell enormously. and yes then nothing beats a nice piece of Dutch glory from Gouda. But seriously. I know about it, and I like to hear it. but be assured some of them know nothing, and some still know nothing, some are innocent and some are not happy, and some feel betrayed by both parties, but in their minds may crush you by all the actions that have taken place. "A further escalation will
  8. @Ink today i was sailing in enemy french waters in ow and the prince suddenly stopped it should do full speed sails up (90 degree of wind) and it did 0 knots turned it in the wind and for a moment it was taking about 6v knots of speed later on even that was reduced to o knots restarted the game and the same result it did not speed up >> only turning was possible other ships seems not effected and where just sailing by made a bug report also i was not on the shallow ink i am stuck in ow and going n
  9. Proclamatie | Proclamation Le conseil national de l'amirauté a tenu une réunion sur les questions nationales. Ordonné aux navires de commerce de s'armer pour la guerre contre les flottes françaises en progression qui combattent et prennent le contrôle des portes hollandaises la nuit et en même temps sans avertissement préalable la trahison sera sanctionnée par une double représaille sur les navires de guerre français et les défenses qui seront confisquées pour éviter de futures menaces nocturnes. les français devront également payer pour leur expansion et leur terre de coq.
  10. wait....! ? so you can buy admiralty connection 3 times and get staged expansion ???? @admin
  11. but you ca n only use one account at the time also this is been ask so many time : (/ dlc +dock slot/ more ports /more dock space/ ) one of the reasons i do not buy dlc anymore simple i do not have the space for it.
  12. i think, that if we have sail paint . it will be the natural colors for sail like: dark brown /red brown /white /creme./light brown /black/ and no Science Fiction colors.... if it will be yellow, pink, and rainbow stuff, i will VETO it and as final result abandon the game ...:))
  13. perhaps players will have a paint for only sails in the future. (who knows ! ) at the moment we still need to wait for the ship paint update what suppose to be ready for update into the game a while ago but it seems it has been postponed (i am not sure > it was announced a while ago ) at least we have no info for the Time of arrival on that paint update anymore.
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