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  1. i think the mistake is that countries with the most marketing value in numbers copy of the game sold ...where leading for the choice of ships. if you look historical it does not make sense at all. a correction on that mistake can always be made with updates but the will to correct it , must be made if that is not on the wish list of development ....we always have this discussion on what and what not we want to see.. if you go to the greengrocer for oranges and you only find screwdrivers, nuts and bolts and lettuce, then you know you're in the wrong store. the capability to choose : portuguese with portuguese ships - china and a jonk dutch with a dutch ship that makes sense in a historical way whatever the mechanics will be, or choice you make what ship you sail
  2. but that is exactly the point on hammering on a dutch vessel to come to the game for being a dutch captain i have to sail a santisimo what is a bit odd... it is probably cultural i don't know but i do know chinese copy everything ... but i am not chinese
  3. That's what you get when you step into a wasp's nest and your computer gets stung by a wasp Dutch people and sweden stay away from it, and run for professional help,
  4. Hummm 4528 Reaals and 132 xp so.... nothing
  5. tell me... what did you do for YOUR NATION .
  6. other words . ? there are no other words . nobody in the dutch navy said something about noobs . but did you listen to the 2 first songs in the yt vid (first vid) ? recall them if you can ..... it give a honest warning to all who want to invade our territory we will fight you for 80 years if we have to. (jan, piet, joris, en corneel they have beards ) a other one just to remember the glory of history
  7. the second reason to stay out of the conversation just kidding .. i like these comments they make no sense but in one way or another they do justice to a view
  8. it's just an arithmetic process. the one that persists wins once. but it is just like a lottery ticket, you bought a ticket and you get your own money back. the jackpot (tar) has been inflated for a long time. there is no honor to be gained there. only revenge and the will to get hold of it is there, nothing more. it makes no sense and therefore also the benefits of profit. remember pirates always buried or hidden there loot for a reason ... 1 % where smart enough but 99% were stupid morons. they only made havoc on the trading routes. cheers , let me get some rum, @staun
  9. sorry ....we don't do cyber crime.
  10. you call it propaganda , and i don't. i call it a report, and what i can get of evidence of the battle... i publish . if you have more, you are free to publish it. (i am not holding you back) who is the idiot? > my guess is you lost a ship. and you are guessing to show up and fight next time. excuse me....? we have not left... ps .do you know .... the story of don quixote ! in short.... he fought dutch windmills on a...... pony !
  11. perhaps you didn't noticed it... but we did not attack our beloved friends. where did the dutch whine about losing their ship ? where did we say we won a battle ? also where are we talking about the russians attacked us....... and lost ? for what i see only foreigners of other nations (retired or not) spreading salt to the wounds of the quasi russian attackers . shame on you all.. it's all just a simple honest report from a news organization...telling about the outcome of a battle . and yes the dutch defended the port...so.... what would you do ...
  12. Ты не понимаешь Они не русские ... они пираты. подражать россиянам так ... (хотя бы большинству) они злоупотребляют флагом ... нации ... и так много А то дегтя нет мы долго взрывали эти мины это все подделка
  13. Ha.... you mean , there are a lot more "dashas"in the world who speak for themselves right... by the way.... i like cheese
  14. well basically they are pirates and other nations captains, pretending to be russians i believe . at least that was the latest intel report on their identity. ("Если бы они это делали под польским или пиратским флагом я бы понял. А так... 😆"" ) the real russians are more or less our allies from historical roots. (russians really know "who to trust" when there is a need for it. and that are not their wannabee russian pirates they know they walk away (pirates)when they can get their hands on a rear end loading gun. and the real russian admiralty knows it @Reverse
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