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  1. it feels s like when having all the boarding upgrades and books and fit of a boarding vessel the determined defender is a big denial of all those books and upgrades it isn't right, specially if you have to fight a full-grown captain sailing in a 4 rate and up it feels wrong ... for me, it is a decision maker to stop and go to the next adventure what is unfortunate not this game,...see you all later (perhaps)
  2. soo those ships have no captains ??? every ship has his own officer on board the question is who is in charge of the navigation and command (and that is you)
  3. I completely agree on the 3 points it is extremely strange that it is not working like this by the way.
  4. perhaps a" inspection the ship" button can provide more info what shows a window as if it is placed in the fleet (coding solution wise)
  5. i agree completely but. if i cant build a Dutch ship, I don't have to paint it also so no need at the moment for PAINT DLC on the side note: almost every dutch captain thinks about it that way. they are not going to waste their brushes* on it. * ping ping..
  6. lights on /lights off..... at night
  7. i agree even towed ships had minimal repairs on board (historically seen) for us players, it is again ... a game restriction. we only need a delay when towing a ship, and many problems covered.
  8. i think it is not the Carta mod itself what is the problem, but the availability to come on equal terms for having a choice to be thick, fast or not fast, like for having for instance penetration or sail strength. the possibility to have a choice becomes more valid for a (seemingly)imbalanced ship as an accepted item than what we have now because of the rare drop in one port were only certain groups have the mod and others don't have a choice to put it on their ship. especially if groups of certain nations use it in abundance where others just don't have the access to it (if they don't know the way to have access to it) so in the case of Cartagena being a rare item, it becomes an item for certain groups and not for the individual player who is stunned to have no answer to it and will see it as being overpowered the answer for that is probably other items who have similar characteristics to deal with the feeling of an OP mod, but with a niche in certain areas... (like the musket fire guns types of upgrades [with a different type of mechanics in it] ) the side effects to make different mods for different nations makes alt switching (to go to the strongest side ) not so popular anymore (the reason to do so becomes obsolete and not necessary ) the Cartagena mod can be seen as the mother of thickness, the solution for it is more type of thickness mods( like types in different nations with a niche) the first evidence for using caulking is found in the northwestern part of Europe http://www.intercult.su.se/publications/Hjulstrom_et_al_2006.pdf and not the Spaniards or inks or whatever Indian tribe but that is up to the devs to look into
  9. what makes s me chuckle seeing...... it is your avatar. let's talk about that ...you seem to have more hours than 500.
  10. when hunting well the 2 minutes are to short, the 3 minutes were sufficient to get into the battle (especially when making small steering mistakes or wrong winds for the slower ships the 2 minutes were a little too short) when doing revenge hunting the 2-minute rule cut out that type of gameplay (there is simply no animo to do that kind of gameplay anymore). even 3 minutes are tricky to do that kind of gameplay but we mostly gave it a go. in other words, 2 minutes is to short and the 20* minutes is too long. (*when reinforcements wait 15 minutes and enter the battle, the fighting ships are mostly almost wrecks. [ what is also not a desirable situation] )
  11. most of your counter answers are not valid and can be considered fake news quasi arena fights in naval action = introducing naval action legends. / never asked for teleported cavalry. / never asked for 20min battle timer/limitation of the BR do not permit you to do battle/ i am not against traps.but the ods can be turned easily in a unfair fight / gunless ships are a choice of the captain and are valid and have nothing to do with BR (just stupidity)and can not be called cheating./ try to teleport with a 3-minute timer that's almost impossible, so, not valid for that argument. / at least there is a light in the tunnel, you agree on that," it is conditioned battlefield" (at least you begin to see the light) you must have to understand that OPEN world is not a conditioned and restricted " Arena" (and i am not against the R zone [ that is a welcome conditioned area] )( like HS zone or the counterparts the 0 zones in EVE) limitations and restrictions are killers for the fun you can have in a game if a game says NO to your future actions. for me, it is very simple a 3-minute timer for ow/ and a 2-minute timer for the B zone ( and access for all ) i still don't understand why there are so many restrictions and limitations. the truth perhaps lays in the engine..(or[data] server).but then again this game is dead before it is born and you can call this game" limited NA" but i have no parameters on that data. i sincerely hope this all is for testing the boundaries and we still look for the limits of the allowable borders. but if it is vallid gameplay ....i fear the worst greetings.
  12. it's still clear many don't understand the fundamental issue of the BR " The freedom to attack."
  13. well, first of all, i don't like restrictions or limitations. (hate them) second, mostly these kind of limitations are going to be big traps (what people don't see) third, the battle is open for 20 minutes soo ask yourself, why is that? ..to counter with a big ocean !..and that is the answer... its an escalation on already damaged ships... fourth .most people do not even carry guns on traders (i see that often, of cause it's their own risk, but also a miscalculation and misinterpretation on BR) [BR should in my eyes be calculated on mass /guns/crew/gun loadout power/hold / and upgrades] fifth . i see battles in OW as separate incidents on the ow were everybody in a certain time frame should have the chance to enter the battle. in this mechanic, mostly it is closed (2 min timer) or you have a denial of a fight because of the BR. (why should i even bother to sail to a fight not knowing what i can expect. ) six.its not historical also, no enemy ever politely asked with how many BR the other side sails or said you can not enter the battle. seven. all those restrictions and timers are based on tunnel vision to accomplish a conditioned battlefield as i can speak for my own nation we never had problems with the 3-minute timer the people who got ganked had to play better that`s our standpoint (we are probably all hunters) i f you were ganked it is your own stup... doing... (i cannot recall i was ganked by players, mostly i made stupid mistakes by doing wrong or attack a superior enemy) play better and group up with armed vessels that's our motto. almost everybody in my nation does not like the new mechanic...(perhaps we Dutch are different) what i mostly see is a whining captain who has to start all over again... yeah well that`s the learning process for me, i fear the most that i won't be here to sail after the release, i just don't like it.
  14. there is a difference in time, and there is the BR. you will soon find out.
  15. i would go further and say remove it entirely and go back to the old system of 3 minutes join for both sides there were no complaints with the 3 minutes system.... now it will cost captains in the long run if we keep it this way (i can smell it)
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