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  1. Thonys

    Shanty Radio

    yep see the same message this is not working or europe but perhaps it works for USa
  2. So..... you actually say it is all FAKE news!! ? well, i think the scams are everywhere .now is it ....forgery ..
  3. there is not a significant difference between meaning of the terms Tsar or Emperor . so far as the word emperor itself can have varying meanings. It's interesting that in the romance world and in England the derivations of imperator are more common (emperor, empereur, imperatore, imperator, whereas in the germanic and slavic world the derivations of Caesar are more common (Czar, Kaiser, Keizer, Kejsare). I suppose if people were familiar enough with the native tongue, they used that. So a Czar remained a Czar and a Sultan a Sultan, it all comes from >> "Caesar." In modern English, we write "Tsar". Older books often write "Czar". The German "Kaiser" is from the same root, "Caesar".
  4. hi devs some feedback . what i see is a unbelievable almost impossible angle of degree (80 degrees) when passing a ship at 0.5 mtr distance . is it possible to decrease the firing angle degree of the npc . it looks weird..! ( and that frustrates) it's not a historical gun mount for lower and middle deck ( not game worthy for this game) only swiffel can have that angle of degree.( upper deck) ps. the overall game does not need this behaviour at all.
  5. A Dejavu Call the horizon forever. When I got up from the dusty mattress of the inn "The abandoned ship" in Zoutman where I was suddenly robbed that night of my rank marks, without money I was immediately thrown on the cobbles by the manager without money and without a morning meal, half drunk, I was sampled by inclement individuals who threw me into the hold of a frigate stripped of all the comforts of the officers' hut soberingly looking around the sea with Zoutman in the distance heading for dark places and hamlets in the caribbean waters far from everything and everyone where the boatswain treated me like dirt. prey to the sailors in dirty clothes who spit on me, the first food consisted of ships biscuit and half a pint grog, my god it is a sailor's life for wealth and the hard sailor's existence. It seems like a journey that I have endured three times. Eeuwig roept de horizon Toen ik opstond van het besmoezelde matras van de herberg " Het verlaten ship" in Zoutman waar ik plotseling was beroofd die nacht van mijn rangonderscheidingstekens, zonder geld werd ik pardoes door de uitbater op de kasseien gegooid zonder geld en zonder een ochtendmaaltijd ,half dronken werd ik gemonsterd door gure individuen die me in het ruim gooiden van een fregat ontdaan van alle gemakken van de officiershut ontnuchterend in het rond kijkend over zee met in de verte Zoutman opweg naar donkere plaatsen en gehuchten in de caraïbische wateren ver van alles en iedereen waarbij de bootsman mij behandelde als vuil. ten prooi van de matrozen in vuile kledij die me bespuugden, het eerste eten bestond uit sheeps biscuit en een halve a pint grog, mijn god het is een zeemansleven naar rijkdom en het harde zeemans bestaan.
  6. i agree what you say, it means also the Russians northern nations will be an admiral in 3-4 weeks >>> the Dutch will be an admiral in 8-12 months with the possession of the little ships in their area port s will not be different than it is today so for some nations areas (because to the lack and shortage of outposts for a single player) so I do not agree what admin says about it. it seems he is thinking only at a particular nation. admin seems to forget if a Dutch ship is attacked in dutch waters the only help the Dutch get is an AI pickle or snow or at the highest a frigate. if I attack a Russian enemy nation in the north I get not only the Russian, northern players (and gank party) but also 3 Ai wasa and 3 Ai victories s in the battle. it's not balanced in the south.it stinks in some way at the moment. why not turn it around give the north all the single 7 and single 6 rate ships, and the south the 4 th and 3 rate fleet ships ??? the map is leading,....and 3 rates and 1 rate never sailed at the coast of Venezuela, but then again there are also no Dutch ships...(also very historical) they seem to exist only in fairy tales by the tsar. Practice battle of the Dutch fleet in honor of Peter, September 1, 1697
  7. Some always say : "you can go there ....... " ...Uuuhh.. NO! ...balance is crucial...i say... it's clearly a development push ...just to keep captains away from the dutch. or moving from the dutch to whatever nation. ever want to catch a fly with an elephant >> > tried it, but it looked very silly. there are so many nails in this game you don't need a metal detector to look for them. in this particular case, i wonder.... what does development has against the vp .
  8. Je vous souhaite la prospérité tant sur terre que sur l'eau pour vous un salut avec des canons pare-balles de l'amirauté des provinces unies Salutations Des Enfants Du Roy
  9. you mean SINK each other...right...
  10. yes i agree, remove clans...... it cleans up at least the load on the none existers .. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and make it at least 5 members to create a clan
  11. Congratulations. But. still figuring out where I can find it!...
  12. we make guns and put them on the ships. and we have powder upgrades why don't we make balls for in the hold for the guns and why don't we make powder for in the powder room just adding another dimension to the game ...
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