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  1. upgrade : Jan van Speijk Your ship never surrender. If your moral reach 0 the ship simply blows up. On 5 February 1831, the naval officer Jan van Speijk in the port of Antwerp sent his gunboat together with almost the entire crew. With this very rigorous act, Van Speijk managed to prevent his ship from falling into the hands of the Belgian insurgents. Up to the twentieth century, this self-sacrifice for the fatherland was sung with national reverence, celebrated and commemorated. Frits Rovers, history teacher at the Amsterdam Faculty of Education, tells the story of this freak heroic act and the equally freak hero worship that followed. He describes the Belgian Revolt of 1830 against the background of the difficult development of the United Kingdom from 1815. He pays extensive attention to the role of King William I, to the Ten-Day Campaign of 1831, to the eventual separation of Belgium in 1839 and to the imaging tradition around the national hero Van Speijk.
  2. Hah..... i have to sail to port royal to get me one copy, ... right
  3. upgrade : Captains Torch. reduction of blow up time at fire ships - 50 % on time + 25% radius sails damage also set fire on affected ships in the vicinity made in shop . needs: Hemp live oak cartagena tar phosphorus
  4. upgrade :The letter of marque every turn - 6 % morale to the enemy crew + 3 % morale own crew. needs shop to make 1 -200 laudanum -100 hemp -100 indigo - 20 french gunners
  5. not everybody has a king : "Fleet operations for senior officers in his Majesty's service" "Fleet operations for senior officers in Navy Marine service" ++ but it would be nice to Target a ship with a indicator given by fleet commander. the targeted ship could get a warning for being targeted....
  6. I sunk a seasoned wood ship they sink just as fast , as the not seasoned wood type ship. noticed nothing special and was surprised he sunk that fast. So...what's the fuss..... just give it time , to get used to the fact it exists.
  7. info: in a lot of navy s fire ships were used as a solitair unit to attack with a single purpose to set fire to the enemy ships. Notable fire ship attacks include:(also pictures and paintings on the explosion radius) Alexander the Great's Siege of Tyre in 332 BC. The Tyrians used the fire ship in attempt to destroy Alexander's mole.[16] Syracuse in their battle with the Athenian fleet. Geiseric used fire ships in great effect during the Battle of Cap Bon (468). Huang Gai's attack on Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Cliffs, 208. Battle of San Juan de Ulúa in 1568. John Hawkins' flagship Jesus of Lübeck was attacked by a fire ship before being stormed by Spanish seamen Siege of Antwerp in 1585. Both fire ships and exploding vessels were employed together for the first time. Francis Drake's attack on the Spanish Armada moored at Gravelines in 1588. The fire ships did no damage, but the Spanish scattered in panic and were easy prey for English ships.[2] Maarten Tromp's attack on the Spanish fleet moored off the Kent coast in the Battle of the Downs in 1639. The Spanish fleet was destroyed. The 1667 Dutch Raid on the Medway, with 12 available fireships (8 actually used). Michiel de Ruyter's attack on the anchored English fleet at the battle of Solebay in 1672 in which HMS Royal James was burned, killing Vice-Admiral Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich, and wounding Royal James's captain, Richard Haddock.[17] The destruction of 15 French ships of the line, including Soleil Royal, Admirable and Triomphant, in 1692, after the Battle of La Hougue.[18] US attack on Tripoli during the First Barbary War in 1804 by USS Intrepid. The Russian attack on the Turkish fleet at the Battle of Chesma, 1770. Thomas Cochrane's attack on the French in the Battle of the Basque Roads, 1809. Multiple successful Greek attacks on large Turkish ships of the line during the Greek War of Independence, 1821–1832. Chinese attacks on British ships during the First Opium War, 1839–1842. The ship above is the Kat, a Dutch fireship used in the Four Days' Battle. The Dutch even made wooden cannons (cheap) in order to make it look like an actual operational small frigate. Feedback at this moment ships are set on fire by cannon ball fire from other ships and blown up by selecting the button survival off. perhaps we can have a feature were we set fire on a ship by players themselves witch of course is unrecoverable.(introduced by a perk or upgrade [perk dedicated fireship {10 points } ] , similar like the mortar brig perk ) only frigate size feature , and not on sol`s.
  8. if new players join good clans with access to the woods is see no problem. just.... give it some time.
  9. i simply disagree. i even can give you more examples : what even can be put in the game.. 1 Carved woods. less strength to the build (justy carved and bend ) 2.Selected woods. where knees are already in the shape of the tree... what give you a much stronger build.. We can even use more depth than already is in the game the shipbuilding industry is much ,much more than we already have . but what you want is just a simple and rigide build of ships (but thats fine to) but for the builders of ships this is just the beginning.
  10. The only problem with the seasoned stuff is >> : access to the feature for all. (the fear) for some it will probably be unreachable and that's why everyone seems to be so negative .(or positive) ( as far as i look at it it has the same characteristics as officer upgrades in eve...) so there is nothing wrong with it... adapt .
  11. well... our port went up with 10.000 br the port has 3ooo inhabitants : 5 noobs and 2995 Dodo`s lol
  12. its a yacht it bears the flag of the batavian republic era and the coat of arm of the general admiralty (old generaliteits wapen ) Zuid holland
  13. Travel data departure on from to arrival at skipper's room 29/12/1716 Goeree Batavia 14/09/1717 Rotterdam Hendrik Lont via: Cape of Good Hope from 15/05/1717 to 06/06/1717 01/12/1717 Batavia Goeree 17/07/1718 Delft Hendrik Lont via: Cape of Good Hope from 22/02/1718 to 07/04/1718 28/12/1718 Goeree Batavia 16/08/1719 Delft Jacob van der Poel via: Cape of Good Hope from 12/05/1719 to 16/06/1719 11/22/1720 Ceylon Rammekens 22/08/1721 Zeeland Jacob van der Poel via: Cape of Good Hope from 09/02/1721 to 23/04/1721 The coffee vessels Luchtenburg and Rotterdam may, as far as the space permits, be loaded with cinnamon, but must go to Patria as quickly as possible. 03/03/1722 Rammekens VERVERAN 15/06/1722 Zeeland Gerrit Fiers via: Cape of Good Hope from 13/06/1722 to unknown Characteristics Construction built in 1716 for the Chamber of Rotterdam on the VOC yard in Rotterdam Use in service with the VOC from 1716 to 15/06/1722 (perish, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa) Length 145 feet Load capacity 400 load (800 tons) Crew 200-250 heads Perished during a storm at the Cape of Good Hope on June 15, 1722.
  14. for those who overlooked RumoR: new dutch cadets buying admiralty permits and flag dlc by the numbers ...
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