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  1. i got this>> this sunday morning https://gyazo.com/03b0d96490831917f2627b11c65cd569 and after a minute >this https://gyazo.com/1d7b9450db98b3c612ea38257ecd16b7
  2. Clan permit/ " Patented Clan permit" for a permit to build (x) : >> ship/or upgrade item / or book (many different patents) a patent (permit ) for a entire clan. For building particular items /ships (permit ships) ( permit/books/items,.. upgrades) where one/ or several permits are needed for: for example ; patented permit for a Bellona ship/ a Ballona patent what gives all the members of a clan the ability to build a bellona . (pros: ) To encourage players to become a member of a clan. (conn): a costly patent , and only available by Admirality store., not transferable / use once/ and lost when leaving the clan or nation. not useable for players who aren't in a clan. purchasable only in capital port of the origin ship nation. (example: trinidad at habana capital/victory at brit capital port) cost: 150.000 doubloons and 10.000.000 Reaals Clan: GWC
  3. "The rise of the sun is always followed by darkness "
  4. Mmm .,..it seems you get whipped if you don't . i wonder where that all comes from suddenly. did it came from the east the south or the west? cant be coming from the North.
  5. can you elaborate the word pleasure ? and serve ?
  6. LOL.. at some point you become a enigma machine also love it although it can be very convenient to post a article in the WS gazette (foreign newspaper) at some point just to clear things up i think we all should give greg a full time job as a journalist working hard on the WS Gazette but then again most are not smart , and above all... most are very Lazy to put a article on paper.(not you lars you did a fine job with the code)
  7. what about: Patent for a single player patent to build (on a ship permit to build )[ patent on Dutch indiaman "rotterdam" permit for example ] a lifetime [ National ] Admiralty particular ship building permit.... a ship patent for a particular ship permit. not transferable and lost if you make nation shift clan: GWC costs 75.000 doubloons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_West_India_Company .......The intended purpose of the charter was to eliminate competition, particularly Spanish or Portuguese, between the various trading posts established by the merchants...... { Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie} Patented west-india company : GWC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a fee 10 % goes to GWC when purchased in store of the admiralty ...just kidding (but.. could be a mechanic for other nations with other ships 0.0 )
  8. what about a lifetime admiralty particular ship building permit....
  9. you need normal wood to become seasoned. (also in the future)
  10. first; if..you sail the vessel...yes second : good point (buying the wood in stores\) and now the solution? better access perhaps..? it stinks (or at least beginning to stink)
  11. Oh Really... admin Can i have a (S) wood DLC please. or blueprint DLC (or whatever they call it) if everybody breaks up his (DLC) ship: ist just a ( s ) wood generator nothing more nothing less. ps. i do not have the redoet dlc ..so i am jealous .(no..seriously i am not , but just saying) especially when you think , all the trouble non dlc ship owners have to do .... to get some logs ... it slowly begins to look like a cheating mess over here....(to a point you have to start worrying about steam rev) if it is all as intended Throw in for me... the super super huge first rate DLC (and i make it pay to win for sure )
  12. i think also it was a temp connection issue . probably> starting chrome browser. although i had never had a issue before.
  13. suddenly the complete game stopped https://gyazo.com/0865aec666cd56aa8d601893754e3353 f 11 report sended ,but no sent button available (at least i think i sent a report by the lighted button on the bottom of the f11 window )no nab available in battle) automatic crash report sended but seemed empty
  14. Why?... do i need to have a permit to build a trading vessel? (Am i not aloud to do trade) why? don't i have to have a permit to capture a first rate? (letter of mark) - you only pay taxes for registration.
  15. i don't agree plenty of clans who will take beginners ... try to learn at a veteran clan ....you can always leave anytime, and start your own clan after the learning process
  16. To clarify the language of 3 centuries ago. @admin to todays meaning The meaning of the naming of: "the Wreeker class" for what you call wrecker) it is a class name that comes from the meaning " do justice " and >>> take revenge. from the insult ,..to >> to punishment. >> To the one who insult you. wraak (revenge) >> "wreeken (revenge) " >> wreeker / avenger (old dutch adjectives to english ) de Wreeker (no translation) : the ship that takes revenge. >>The | Avenger | . the instrument: in english: >> the Avenger. << the wreeker (is a old dutch] example: (is not used very much nowadays) - insult the insult back with a punitive action - the retribution >> with punishment - where the government exercises revenge >> the Avenger << (english translation) (( The ( government) would probably nowadays call it, the class: the: Avenger class. ))for wreeker would be almost a redundant word) The transferable meaning: - where the government punishes you for what you have done. - where God punishes you for your sins done to others. (the light name form)
  17. Mmm..0.0 The riddle. Apprehensive of residents, but unknown to the public. The Enigma: without a key the funny Enigma: The forger put a white paper against your butt and see if the colors change. You cracked it.
  18. (dont forget) "A traumatised captain, is always a higher ranked captain" . do you see who has more HONOR
  19. "The dark times" When the sad violin turns into a heavy metal band. Then the audience increases, it is an era that you see more often. It is also referred to as Zerg, co-waving on the success of the violin that another tune plays. It just doesn't matter what you sing. "" Let the wind be with you""
  20. I can confirm that if u get a redoubtable, you simply focus on having fun. Imo it's not a question of whether or not that there is too many redoubtables in game, it's a question @admin This is WRONG! you are assuming here : redout is a big ship witch and what's outclassing many other ship classes , and is just a convenient....choice .(for the time being) - (the promise not to put in 3 rate was a valid choice back in the days for that particular reason (s o l) ) "the o p ening of the pandora's box math" but it doesn't matter : if you had put all the dlc in the game after all the crafted ships were put in place in the game >> you had a other result ..... (its a short notice decision to have a nice ship already , but not a necessity to play the game in the long run) Many are waiting for particular ships (at least i know, many many many do.! (you will see that soon enough , [ The Glory of the Nation update] but i and many can not go into >> details << ..... it will affect your parameters for implementation [what we don't want] ) abandon that thought. ALSO : the drop rate for 24 hours for a DLC is a major advantage for dlc players .(better was to have an new DLC ship AFTER maintenance reset as a game mechanic . what is also 24 hours 1 ship at the time, but, and that , can also restrict the use of 2 ,3 or 4 DLC ships on a single day, if a person is away for some days or so..(collecting multiple ship in fleet at a given point of the day and further not to play that day ) [i see that too,... only login to collect and leave and come back the 3 th day ] ps..i dont mind people do so , but don't blame the regular player, that they want only DLC ships. (that is not always true) "also some are bought to sponsor the game " {but that's a minority} You can be proud.
  21. don't put words in the mouth my friend... something is upsetting you,. but is also not valid. you..... have to play the game ... you can build ships and it cost you only time ,( and smart play) [[you can even build a ship, what after been build>>> has given you profit already ]] ) DlC ships is a premium bought ship (To reduce time ...and that's all [also no great pb bonus << what is already a small drawback ) the counterpart of a dlc, has always have been a similar counterpart (better) ship. but you have to do trade . have to do buildings. have to do the shipyard . Have to use the brain. Get advise. perhaps you need a veteran clan to learn the tricks.
  22. no no no nono.. this is not a other title .... every captain has the free basic cutter (given by the game) for free.... anytime .....anywhere ... it is better to increase the earnings for the 7 th rate and 6 rate to a equal not underpaid system.... for doing battle in impossible ships (( and i am not going to give the MB the blame to earn 30 xp )...against any other 6 rate that is just weird..... but not to give ships away for free also rookies have the free basic cutter .....any time.... everywhere... and they don't need the next ocean killer privateer for free... also if you have no money to buy the basic cutter in the shop something is wrong with the brain... I do agree that if you earn money like 1354 reaals for doing battle in a 6 rate and see the price of a particular upgrade in the shop . >> and think you can not compete.>>> that is more of a problem than the earning to buy a ship. Every captain has the free basic cutter (given by the game) for free anytime it's also weird to think that a war ship earns money >>> the captain earns money ... a fishing vessel goes out to fish ,...and the captains get paid ......not the war ship commander >> who is not fishing .... But for you a Other slogan: Free upgrades for poor captains Basic Upgrades for free ... Greetings.
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