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  1. Thanks, I understand better. What a wicked world : since I know alts exist, I've lost my faith in other human beings 🥵. But I still prefer to be taken for g. by human beings than by servers 🙂
  2. Hi all, I play NA for a few weeks (Britain), and I try to make money by trading. I travel between Fort Royal, Santiago and Savana. I 'hide' my traders behind my main ship (trinco or neufchatel), I guess this is a good idea. When I take 1 indiaman and/or 1 trader, it seems ok (I always travel carefuly, I don't even take winds), I have never been attacked so far. But each time my fleet is 1 main ship + 2 indiaman, I get attacked by Pirates. And each time I have no chance : either 6-7 pirates in semicircle just when I'm too far from the port to go home, or a heavy ship (e.g. Wasa) that comes
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