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  1. Haven't done so yet, but I will try indeed. Thanks for the advice
  2. Hey, I've been getting FPS drops lately, since the last patch. My graphics run on ultra, all maxed out but these FPS drops also occur on lowest graphics so this doesn't change it. I tested it. My connection is fine, as everything else works great, including other games. These FPS drops/freezes happen in battle instance not OW. They have very specific intervals but I haven't yet counted how many seconds there are between every drop. Its been extremely difficult to enjoy the game this way. In some instances, these freezes happen literally every 3 seconds. Any suggestion will be much appreciated. HMS Mars
  3. I like this suggestion. Big Battles never had just 25 1st rates. Also, I think there has to be a limite for how many first rates a player can have
  4. And imagine those who have grinded XP and books for two years straight. Ships can be wiped, materials and currency can be wiped too. By the time new players learn what XP and Books do to performance, it will be too late for them to feel frustration Edit: Ok, maybe books can be an advantage as that could count as a material but definitely not ship knowledge.
  5. Please see the image attached @admin This is but a grammar issue *Sheme>Scheme *Build-in>Built-in
  6. Historically, some vessels used nets to prevent the enemy ship from boarding it so you could only rename Determined Defender to Nets or whatsoever. Also, this prevents a sinking ship from boarding you, which IMHO is not OK if the enemy ship's main deck is almost underwater already.
  7. have had the same problem with him multiple times: he will run, chain and when you want to leave he will chase you and if you turn, he will, once more, run and chain. chained me to 50% while i was fighting the bait and left
  8. Yes, it is part of our history and should be reflected true as it is. Players, who show any disregard should be punished accordingly if any issues arise. If it becomes a major concern then we can consider removing such options if they have been added.
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