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  1. Servers being very slow not just today but lately. Would like to understand the reason to this as well as if you're planning to make any updates/improvements to this?
  2. Hey, It'd be great if the XP generated by travelling could go towards traders' ship XP as well, not only rank XP. It doesn't make too much sense to limit this to battle XP only, if you know what I mean. Mars
  3. Haven't done so yet, but I will try indeed. Thanks for the advice
  4. Hey, I've been getting FPS drops lately, since the last patch. My graphics run on ultra, all maxed out but these FPS drops also occur on lowest graphics so this doesn't change it. I tested it. My connection is fine, as everything else works great, including other games. These FPS drops/freezes happen in battle instance not OW. They have very specific intervals but I haven't yet counted how many seconds there are between every drop. Its been extremely difficult to enjoy the game this way. In some instances, these freezes happen literally every 3 seconds. Any suggestion will be much ap
  5. Please see the image attached @admin This is but a grammar issue *Sheme>Scheme *Build-in>Built-in
  6. Historically, some vessels used nets to prevent the enemy ship from boarding it so you could only rename Determined Defender to Nets or whatsoever. Also, this prevents a sinking ship from boarding you, which IMHO is not OK if the enemy ship's main deck is almost underwater already.
  7. have had the same problem with him multiple times: he will run, chain and when you want to leave he will chase you and if you turn, he will, once more, run and chain. chained me to 50% while i was fighting the bait and left
  8. Yes, it is part of our history and should be reflected true as it is. Players, who show any disregard should be punished accordingly if any issues arise. If it becomes a major concern then we can consider removing such options if they have been added.
  9. Hello fellow Captains, Long ago me and my clan mates discussed a possibility for the Devs to introduce Whaling to the OW. This could be an option such as fishing which would in return enhance trading and economy as whaling was one of the most rewarding, however, harsh and gruelling activities in the Age of Sailing. If such a gameplay opportunity exists it would: 1. Enhance Trading and Economy, by adding additional depth to it (new resource, balance difference between other rare resources); 2. Enhance PvP. It could potentially bring more traders into deep seas where PvP
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