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  1. HMS Victory

    Questions to developers

    And imagine those who have grinded XP and books for two years straight. Ships can be wiped, materials and currency can be wiped too. By the time new players learn what XP and Books do to performance, it will be too late for them to feel frustration Edit: Ok, maybe books can be an advantage as that could count as a material but definitely not ship knowledge.
  2. Those who have played Beta and still play, too grind books and slots so it is more of a subjective point since new players will not experience frustration in the same way as old players do when they would have to do this over again for "x" reason.
  3. It means (I think) that you might need to acquire more XP or some ships would require less XP to open knowledge slots after the threshold is increased or decreased.
  4. I had hoped that books and knowledge slots will stay as they are because it is an enormous amount of time and grind to get them. This has cured my premeditated pre-release depression. edit: grammar
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    first HAVOC Empire

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    first HAVOC Empire

    even more salt
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    first HAVOC Empire

    its so much salt, that I'm thirsty now reading this
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    first HAVOC Empire

    Long live the Dark Lord. Long live The Empire.
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    Under Gunfire

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    On the Horizon.png

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  13. the new compass indeed does look terrible
  14. Please see the image attached @admin This is but a grammar issue *Sheme>Scheme *Build-in>Built-in