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Found 20 results

  1. Can't find any of the old posts, and I know it's been discussed in the past, but this suggestion has not been developed even though the UI has been worked on and it really needs to be done. DEVS: Divide up the cost numbers with some punctuation. I don't care if it's commas or periods, but please get some clarification and ease on reading costs. For example, the attached pic is a clear attempt at deception by some troll in Fort Royal. Why do we need to put up with this? In general we simply need more readability, that would apply to every time you list any gold or other monetary figure with a minimum of 5 or 6 digits.
  2. Hello fellow Captains, Long ago me and my clan mates discussed a possibility for the Devs to introduce Whaling to the OW. This could be an option such as fishing which would in return enhance trading and economy as whaling was one of the most rewarding, however, harsh and gruelling activities in the Age of Sailing. If such a gameplay opportunity exists it would: 1. Enhance Trading and Economy, by adding additional depth to it (new resource, balance difference between other rare resources); 2. Enhance PvP. It could potentially bring more traders into deep seas where PvP would be done. To go into more detail, these would be specific zones for, say, whale migration, thus making some waters more dangerous and profitable. In return, not only us, PvPers, the Master Race, would benefit but also those who trade would have to defend themselves by adding combat ships to their whaling fleets; 3. Enhance Global Chat trash talk and PvE rage (depends); 4. Add some side history to sailing vessels and the region. The resource would obviously be, Whale Oil and it should be extremely rewarding, however, balanced between other resources so they don't become obsolete. What is very important - do not make it as a fishing option or Pray option (yes, I know). This should be a completely different action, which can be done at specific zones (need to do some animal migration research there) so it does not come a free ticket to unlimited wealth and has it's downside. I haven't thought about this in more detail but I'm keen to participate in developing this with and advice etc. Please share your thoughts on this. May the wind be with you, HMS Victory
  3. Now that the gold in the clan warehouse is used for the upkeep of the ports every morning it is essential that access to this money be limited to diplomat level and higher. The disaster of someone returning to the clan after a while, not understanding the implications of using the money and/or sabotaging the clan (and a whole nation) and taking all the money out of the warehouse can be too damaging to the game.
  4. You can only fight who is in your time slot, regardless of alliance. It can also be phrased at, you can only fight whoever is online at the same time.
  5. We game by real life alliances, not by what any mechanic will dictate to us regardless of Clan or Nation. The game can only provide basic constructs that allows us to structure those alliances and be prepared for the inevitable. https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/12/16297364/eve-online-coup-co2-violence-threat-gigx-ban-the-judge
  6. I sold roughly 1.2 million gold worth of Versailles Terricotta from Jacmel to Willemstad and the game didn't update my gold. I restarted the game but I still got nothing. Is there a way I could get my 852,362 gold back?
  7. Hi, Most Gold and Silver resources looted from ships and Shipwrecks are often in the form of Coins. Also, cannons drop as loot, often not the caliber of gun you want or need. Therefore i suggest the following: Reverse Engineering for some items. This should be the case for Silver Coins and Gold Coins, that could be re melted into Ingots. Also for Cannons, since they could be taken apart and have the barrels melted down and recast again as ingots to be used in Cannons of a different caliber. As we can break down ships, i find it makes sense to be able to do the same with other materials that can be reworked into a previous state. This would help with the Gold and Silver being scarce, and being essential to building ships. @admin So perhaps, a break-down button for certain materials, which refund x % of the resources used to make them. Remelting Iron, Silver or Gold does not really lose that much material in the process, so the percentage could be fairly high, say 75-80% of the original required resources. Remelting 100 Silver coins would then return some 70-80 ish Silver Ingots. Since you need to work a forge to to this kind of work, perhaps coupled with a operation cost of Coal? I suggest the same Coal cost as the casting of these Ingots. It would give the Silver Coins and Gold Coins a second purpose, next to being used in Refits and such.
  8. I found this information on the NA crafter assistance site. Powder monkeys - 25 x Shipboy Recruit Order 13 x Gold Coins 4 x Mid Grade Note So my question is, where can I get a shipboy recruit order? If the answer is you can't anymore - why/not? And part 2 of my question is; can they be brought back as it will be a big time seller! http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-module/powder-monkeys
  9. Практиковал такое в ПотБсе, думаю и здесь проканает. Тема для организации договорных дуэлей под голду, своего рода турниров. Корабли в Дуэли должны быть одинаковые, а вот зафитовка сугубо индивидуальна. Пишите Желаемый корабль\корабли + сколько голды готовы поставить на победу. Начну с себя: Готов посоревноваться в езде на Surprise. Ставка - 500к - 1кк голды. Желающие - обращайтесь в этой теме либо в игре (такой же ник)
  10. Dev's, Captains, With the focus more on getting the new players into the game now. These two very simple and small changes will make the world of difference to his first few steps into an amazing game with a steep learning curve. Cost minimal, one programmer no more than a day's work… 1. The Resource called "Gold" change to "Gold Ore". If you do the same with Silver as well and you'll have all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals now aligned! Seriously though, hand on heart me included loads of players at the start are total confused between Gold his net asset value and Gold (exactly the same syntax) the resources. When I started you had Gold mines… What mine the Gold, Take Gold to SHOP sell it and get Gold back???? They look completely interchangeable. Just add "Ore" his first few hours experience will be improved. I Guarantee. 2. In SHOP window and Map Trader Tool list, change column headers from "Sell" and "Buy" to "BID" and "ASK". I've spent my entire adult life in the financial industry (a real banker wan…) and this is by far the most confusing aspect for people to understand. Ordinally I think the columns were displayed "BUY" and "SELL" then switched probably with all good intentions by a quick thinking Dev. Unfortunately for anyone looking at the screen for the first time it instinctively looks wrong and out of place. Think about when you change currency going on holiday… confusing right? The BID or BID Price is the best or highest price someone is willing to pay for a product. BUY is the action which hasn't taken place yet. Ask Price is the lowest price a seller is willing to offer or receive for his goods. Use BID and ASK. You as a player must Hit the bid or lift the ask price, straight forward. These two small changes don't seem that important, but dropping into a massive sandbox of an open world one's mind looks for familiar patterns objects, titles, areas to bring things quickly into a focus. The first few hours of gameplay are so important obviously. These two minor changes will stop the train wreck of Gold and bewilderment of shopping leading to unnecessary frustrations at the very early stages… keep up the good work Ink & Co Norfolk nChance
  11. Now i know that ALL of our ships will be deleted.. i ask myself....are we gonna get something back for it? Like Gold? If we dont get gold back yet, is this then a option? [Option: Getting gold for all of our ships that we lose.]
  12. I believe gold should have the same characteristics as resources: meaning that a player would have to transport it by themselves, or using the delivery system, and that player gold should be an item lost or won in battle. IMHO, keeping gold on hand like a credit card just doesn't fit with the era of gameplay. If I lose in battle, then the gold I have on hand should be won by the player who bested me. This probably would require each port to have banks that you keep your gold in. Thoughts?
  13. Since gold cannot buy much in this game, would be nice to do something fun and useful with it. Banking. A very critical aspect of colonial era, especially in the Caribbean. Bankers or money lenders as they were mostly known, were the ones that funded kings and navies to wage war against one another. Would be lovely to see this deployed sometime in the near future.
  14. So I was just looking around the forums for a answer this this, but I can't find any. As of today (when I logged on, as I haven't been online in a few days), two new redeemables had been added to my list. One is for a Le Gros Ventre, and the other is 250,000 in gold. Usually I would think this might just be a gift, but that would be if the game had just been released or finished a major update that needed a hard reset. My question is, Why have these been given out? Are they in-fact gifts, or should we be expecting a hard reset in the very near future? Thank you
  15. Ahoy captains ! Gathering group of pirates ( NoTag ) )who enjoy small PvP, fast ships, no politics. Operate around all map and get payed for that ! Must not afraid of dirty work and have no heart (sometimes we have crying kids to sink ). We are just few of us and sailing in the shadows without any tag. So if you want to get into our group or you need to hire pirates contact me. Same nick in game . Or pirate team speak kami.kazhkaz.net EDIT: ENG / RU
  16. Приветствую всех кровожадных пиратов сервера EU1. Приглашаем в группу людей любящих ганки, пвп малыми и средними слаженными группами. Никакой политики, союзов, убиваем и топим всех и всюду. Охотимся за добычей по всей карте и выполняем заказы за вознаграждение. Связь TeamSpeak. Прайм примерно с 20-00 по Мск. Всем кому близок такой стиль игры, обращайтесь за более подробной информацией в игре: "Captain Reverse "Toothless Jack
  17. Im fan of pvp. I have done many small battles and I haven't lost one yet. In this thread I will explain how and some of the problems. -Less and less people are queueing up. It's easy to see why. - There are no rewards for risking ship === exp and gold is horrible. My best score was 4 kills and few assists, which rewarded me with horrible 320exp. This was after the patch that increased pvp exp. http://imgur.com/a/2kIF9 ^ Best battle so far. Everyone sunk and I almost lost dura as well. However In most of battles people just flee to not lose dura which makes rewards even waaay worse. In same amount of time I could have gotten 1000-2000exp from grinding AI fleets, which present waaay smaller risk -Most of ships are cutters, because risking a good ship isn't worth it! Also shooting cutters is frustrating. However, I have always taken my biggest ship, because > -Biggers ships are overpowered. I know decrewing is very effective against bigger ships. For example a single cutter can completely disable renomee, just by hogging her back. However this can be easily countered if teammates protect each others rear ends. This leaves smaller ships in very bad position. Side armors of bigger ships can't be taken out without substantial risks and back armor isn't enough to sink. Today I had 3 ships facing my Trincomalee. Brig, Suprise and cutter. My teammate was a Pickle. By the time they got 30% off my side armor (on 1 side), I had got all 3 sinking. Suprise and Brig managed to escape. I got 100 exp xD My suggestion is Further increase pvp rewards Fix br balancing. Exp rewards should be lifted from 0.5 to at least 2.0 There should be reward from ships that fleed the battle. (For example assist for everyone) There should be reward for winning team. For example 2x rewards + greater chance of obtaining mats and upgrades. Queuable battles not bound to 1 server. (Not sure if possible at this time) This way queueable battles could be as profittable as AI Fleet, with risk of losing durability. The only problem I see is that all the all the grind could be done from the port, which could make other areas desolated, same as what happened in wow. Few entrances to queuable battles could be set on high seas, which would encourage more sociable experience within and outside a nation...
  18. Hello! I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. 1.) Will we lose our redeemables if we redeem them and the accounts gets wiped? Also, will we lose them if we don't redeem them at all? I like having them in my "redeem basket", but afraid they might disappear one day. 2.) I've heard there will certainly be a wipe once the game is released. I also understand that we will keep our exp if accounts get wiped. What about crafting levels? Also, what about some kind of compensation? I can imagine people who have a Santisima (if anyone even does) won't be too pleased with losing everything... It's hours of work after all, I'm sure people aren't playing just to test the game, most people would like to keep their progress, especially traders and crafters. Battle exp isn't and shouldn't be the most important thing. P.S. New to forums, hope these questions haven't been answered a billion times already Cheers!
  19. Hi Like in the title. I've backed this game from the time of sea trials and there was not so much plp in the game, thtas because it was not realesed and there was never a problem whit getting in on server. But now game is out on steam and there is so much more plp who wants to play, and thats gr8, but I have some gold on server 1 and I cant get log in to it because it full so I get in to server 2 and f&*^ yeah I on whit my exp, basic cutter and 0 gold! I know that this is maybe because of the multi acconts thats can be used to exploit that feature, maybe. I dont have a time to play the same gind on three difrent severs, I need monye to buy a ship on other servers!!! OR AM I DONIG SOMETHING WRONG? CHeers, gr8 game.
  20. me and SCL against a Suprise, Cerb, Navybrig, Brig and a Frigate. i was in a Bellona, didnt really did much to my feeling, and still nearly got 9k gold which is almost 10% of a common victory. I was in another battle before, with Death Stimulator and against 45 Ai ships, did basicly nothing because i had to run, and still got nearly 15k gold. So I do fully understand that the gold had to be upped in order to cut down the repair costs, but this feels so unbalanced. you can fix it by: - Leaving the gold as it is right now, because it will certainly help new players, but increase ship prices by 20%-25% Anyway, lets discuss it. It just feels to me, that lets say, 4 good battles against 7 connie fleets for example, and you are set for life?. NOTE: XP rewards are now fine
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