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  1. This fix is the shit. You guys hit it out the of park: -Another tier of ships to work toward in the endgame (even if it's a little lame to give the big nations get a head start via port raid drops) -Commodity trading is now a profitable (and FUN!) endgame for trading, and has already renewed the economy and population. I'm more addicted to running goods than I was to gold chest mission grinding -Democratization of port battles so that smaller nations and clans can make an impact without having to beg other nations for help The haters can keep hating. I'll just keep on sailing. Cheers!
  2. The trade bump has made this obsolete. Commodity trading is back in a big way, and it's already breathed new life into the game for me. Thanks Devs! You guys came through big time:
  3. Set commodity weights (sheep, furs, cotton, etc) to 1/4 of what they are currently, and leave everything else the way it is. Barrels can remain a risk-free starter activity, and big-time traders can start taking risks on long hauls with large payloads (using the new wind mechanics as well, leading to ambush points, etc.) At least here in US, it's all short hop barrel trading up the coast, so wind doesn't really help anybody but the gankers. We caught a Russian running gold from the opposite corners of the map last night to apparently make 800k profit in 3 hours (not enough for a sail like that, IMO). A few of our guys ruined their night (sorry man). But grabbing those gold-laden ships and escorting them into port had everybody buzzing and having fun. Commodity trading needs to be compelling and lucrative (mid-to-endgame activity), and can be made as such with a single change to the game's config files. 25lb commodities (vs. current 100lb). There's just no real way currently to get the volume you'd need for a worthwhile profit, even in 4x indiamen. Let us carry more stuff and everything starts to work better. Add in aggressive NPCs later on, with players setting ambushes at wind zones, and you've got yourself a risky, deep, (and most of all, FUN) trading endgame on your hands: -Hiring your buddies as escorts for a cut of your profit -Paying off that pirate/privateer that just tagged you since they can't carry all that cargo back themselves -Clan-wide trade convoys -Regular trade routes -And more hilarious schemes that I haven't cooked up yet
  4. Set the weight of regular trade commodities down to 25 lbs instead of 100 lbs, and voila -- trading endgame. Barrels and passengers can stay exactly as they are. Do it! And do it quickly! The natives are getting restless @admin!!
  5. Pretty cool idea -- I like the trading example, and this would be great for running hostilities as well, allowing you to resupply closer to the battle zones. +1
  6. Knocking the weight of commodities down to 1/3 - 1/4 of what it is right now would do the trick. IMO that would fix everything all at once. Can't fit enough stuff on your boat for it to make sense to trade goods, and the wind gusts don't help when you're doing short hop trade runs. Seems like the wind icons + trade barrel nerf is all building up to a return of a profitable commodity trading update though... can't come soon enough.
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