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  1. A Capital suggestion! (see what I did there??) 10/10 -- would upvote again. Although I think I'd want high-tier wood access to be spread out across the map and regionally restricted along with the upgrade resources, similar to what we have now. Regardless of the finer differences of opinion, this is a good one one Hammy. Nice.
  2. Love it! Some of the guys on this game are wound TIGHT -- good to see some even keels still out there. I just joined up!
  3. Interesting change! Seems much more realistic. That begs the question of overpenetration. "Exit wounds" on the other side of the ship could be a big source of leaks, and very interesting for gameplay. I don't know enough about age of sail naval ballistics to know how common this was, though, in larger-rate ships considering the deck floors, cargo, etc. etc. that a ball would have to get through. @adminIs this something you guys are considering building into the model? Maybe it's already in (I have seen broadsides on one side damage the other sides' armor)? Definitely would be wild to
  4. NPC Open-World AI: NPC combat ships tag low/combat-karma players from other nations, and join open battles on friendly side under a separate BR counter (one for NPCs, and one for players) -- allowing for a maximum home-waters advantage of 200% BR (100% from player BR, and 100% from NPCs) before the fight closes due to BR. Combat ships below 1/2 BR and all trade ships attempt to run from enemy players displaying a warning "enemy encountered" flag/symbol over their head during pursuit, and for another 5 minutes after LoS has been broken. Players in battle are prompted and get a timed
  5. Go Felix Go!!! And if you're feeling super ambitious once you get your hands on those stats, a multiplayer boarding minigame that we could use to practice on each other would be KILLER. 🙏
  6. A standalone multiplayer boarding minigame. Not that the boarding minigame is my favorite, but I would probably spend $5-$10 on something that I could use to practice strategies against real folks in rapid-fire matches. Me and my fellow plebs would be thankful for the practice. I'm awful at boarding, and I'm one of the better boarders I know. lol
  7. Ship Crafting Experimentation System A system where you can increase "risk" and resource cost for higher chances at purple and gold-trimmed ships. A multiplier of probability for fancier trim that scales with resource outlay (2x multiplier = 2x resources | 3x multiplier = 3x resources | with a cap) For the increased probability of fancy trim, add equal chance of getting "shabby", or green/gray trim on the bottom end of the probability scale. For simplicity's sake, let's say rolling a 20 on a 20-sided die would get me a purple/gold (5% chance) -- under this,
  8. Can you guys unfilter the sheet? Was super stoked to see all the variations, and some fool with edit access has it filtered to only show oaks!
  9. Hell yeah! Love it. Since starting the game in August of last year, I've NEVER seen ship sale prices outstrip their Doub cost (at exchange rate) enough for it to make sense to build/sell ships as an income source vs. selling the Doubs straight-up. Doub supply was always too pinched for the exchange rate to settle down -- this is a great change. Good call, devs.
  10. Pretty cool idea -- I like the trading example, and this would be great for running hostilities as well, allowing you to resupply closer to the battle zones. +1
  11. Knocking the weight of commodities down to 1/3 - 1/4 of what it is right now would do the trick. IMO that would fix everything all at once. Can't fit enough stuff on your boat for it to make sense to trade goods, and the wind gusts don't help when you're doing short hop trade runs. Seems like the wind icons + trade barrel nerf is all building up to a return of a profitable commodity trading update though... can't come soon enough.
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