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  1. @admin Sad to see the delay, but good luck working out the kinks in the Karma idea. I hope that you guys continue down the path of national reputations and societal consequences -- but I get that it could go very wrong if not done well. National reputation + NPC open world behavior changes (aggression and evasion) seems like the final piece of the puzzle. Adding that sort of depth would effectively step this game up from an MMO to an MMORPG and would broaden the appeal quite a bit. The game still feels "unfinished" in a way, without this system.
  2. Interesting change! Seems much more realistic. That begs the question of overpenetration. "Exit wounds" on the other side of the ship could be a big source of leaks, and very interesting for gameplay. I don't know enough about age of sail naval ballistics to know how common this was, though, in larger-rate ships considering the deck floors, cargo, etc. etc. that a ball would have to get through. @adminIs this something you guys are considering building into the model? Maybe it's already in (I have seen broadsides on one side damage the other sides' armor)? Definitely would be wild to see balls blowing through the far sides of ships on a big broadside.
  3. NPC Open-World AI: NPC combat ships tag low/combat-karma players from other nations, and join open battles on friendly side under a separate BR counter (one for NPCs, and one for players) -- allowing for a maximum home-waters advantage of 200% BR (100% from player BR, and 100% from NPCs) before the fight closes due to BR. Combat ships below 1/2 BR and all trade ships attempt to run from enemy players displaying a warning "enemy encountered" flag/symbol over their head during pursuit, and for another 5 minutes after LoS has been broken. Players in battle are prompted and get a timed option to "wave off" friendly NPC combat ships trying to join their fight if they so choose. With multiple players, this can done via voting that defaults to allowing the NPC into the fight if not "waved off".
  4. Freedom of choice doesn't seem to be impacted here -- what you're advocating is freedom from consequence. Players in NA have no real mechanism to directly enforce/influence behavior in OW PvP, or national behaviors of NPCs toward players (nor should they be trusted with that power, IMO). A global karma mechanic is a pretty obvious prerequisite for global NPC aggression. Very excited to see us progress toward that. The alternative to zero consequences (what we have now, and what arguably makes this game thinner and less immersive than it should be), would be to put some sort of OW PvP policy enforcement mechanic in the hands of players -- which brings us back to your EVE example. But you're forgetting that EVE also has its own karma system in high sec space, which is policed by NPCs based on bounties and reputations. If you want "low-sec" Naval Action gameplay, just sail in one direction for about 5-10 minutes, and you'll be able to do whatever you want in deep water without consequence. When you get close to a nation's shores, though, the national NPCs should remember when you sunk their traders' brigs for 8 hours straight in your 14-knot connie (oh, sorry -- when you were "PVP"ing). At some point when global NPC aggression/evasion gets flipped on they should try to turn you into a coral reef, or run like hell. Better to simulate all of these consequences through a relatively tame, reasonable, and consistently enforced neutral game mechanic like the one proposed by @admin. This is a huge step in the right direction. I hope they continue to flesh this out (per-nation reputation levels, bounties, and positive benefits like shop/trade good discounts, hire-able escort ships, help/protection from other nations' NPCs in OW, special missions, etc.).
  5. Go Felix Go!!! And if you're feeling super ambitious once you get your hands on those stats, a multiplayer boarding minigame that we could use to practice on each other would be KILLER. 🙏
  6. Love the circle (and was surprised during testing that it wasn't present). Thanks for adding it in -- this would've been messy without that. As for the "make it heavier!" thing, I don't mind having the chase-ey option for fast ships. More chances for little guys to contribute to national defense that way. The initial flag plant for the attack is a scouting mission -- some guy(s) on a quick ship (in a quick fleet) surveying the defenses for tomorrow's battle -- if he (they) return alive with their report, the attack is on. If they fail to report back, then the admirals of the attacking nation delay to gather better intel before committing. Makes sense to me -- get in there with fast chase ships and drag that little guy down so he can't report back! Outside of that immersion bit -- a high-weight item would force two line ship fights per port attack. Too much (if forced) -- and steals thunder from the PB itself. Although you can also always opt to bring a bunch of line ships on your scouting mission and brawl your way through. Might even be a good idea in some cases to intimidate your target the day before a fight. I like having the option to do either.
  7. A standalone multiplayer boarding minigame. Not that the boarding minigame is my favorite, but I would probably spend $5-$10 on something that I could use to practice strategies against real folks in rapid-fire matches. Me and my fellow plebs would be thankful for the practice. I'm awful at boarding, and I'm one of the better boarders I know. lol
  8. Ship Crafting Experimentation System A system where you can increase "risk" and resource cost for higher chances at purple and gold-trimmed ships. A multiplier of probability for fancier trim that scales with resource outlay (2x multiplier = 2x resources | 3x multiplier = 3x resources | with a cap) For the increased probability of fancy trim, add equal chance of getting "shabby", or green/gray trim on the bottom end of the probability scale. For simplicity's sake, let's say rolling a 20 on a 20-sided die would get me a purple/gold (5% chance) -- under this, I could spend 5x the recipe resources to increase my chances of a purp/gold trim to 25%. Rolling a 15-20 would then pop a gold/purple ship, but I would then have to worry about rolling a 1-5, which would result in a green/gray/shabby trim. Pure RNG crafting makes the process a little more passive than it could be. Making a masterpiece in any craft is understandably going to take more tries, longer hours, and extra resources, as you experiment, prototype, throw out, and start over. Compressing the process into a simple risk-based mini-game would save players real-world time, give them more agency in the process, and have more fun -- all without reinventing the wheel with a major crafting overhaul. Labor hour and resource constraints would prevent this from getting gamed, and could create suspense and a climax after you spend all week gathering 5x resources to make that perfect PB ship. Could also give us something to do with our piles of unseasoned wood laying around our warehouses if we could dump them into risky experimental ship builds for better chances at gold/purple trims.
  9. Nice! Learn something new every day :) Thanks
  10. Can you guys unfilter the sheet? Was super stoked to see all the variations, and some fool with edit access has it filtered to only show oaks!
  11. Hell yeah! Love it. Since starting the game in August of last year, I've NEVER seen ship sale prices outstrip their Doub cost (at exchange rate) enough for it to make sense to build/sell ships as an income source vs. selling the Doubs straight-up. Doub supply was always too pinched for the exchange rate to settle down -- this is a great change. Good call, devs.
  12. This change is probably going to get hate from the purists, but I'm most excited about this. PBs are peak Naval Action for me, but with a kid, a job, and a wife, the 3-4 hour commitment from muster to victory/defeat required by the current system makes it difficult for me to participate. P.S. For people worried about this breaking immersion, no navy on earth would attack a port, leave for 24 hours, and then come back when defenders were ready. The game already sacrifices realism to create a competitive (AND FUN) gaming experience. This change swings in that same direction. More competitive PBs++ Less time worrying about getting tagged on the way in++ Less time spent planning an approach to the port++ More time planning for the battle itself++ Hostilities defense is now the new screening action. Get out there and defend your points -- and let the PBs be just that -- battles.
  13. This fix is the shit. You guys hit it out the of park: -Another tier of ships to work toward in the endgame (even if it's a little lame to give the big nations get a head start via port raid drops) -Commodity trading is now a profitable (and FUN!) endgame for trading, and has already renewed the economy and population. I'm more addicted to running goods than I was to gold chest mission grinding -Democratization of port battles so that smaller nations and clans can make an impact without having to beg other nations for help The haters can keep hating. I'll just keep on sailing. Cheers!
  14. The trade bump has made this obsolete. Commodity trading is back in a big way, and it's already breathed new life into the game for me. Thanks Devs! You guys came through big time:
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