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  1. The issue with the current system is not that it promotes more PB, the PB are against ai since these ports are neutral. So in essence a few large nations will take most ports (RUS and GB), fight ai, set night timers and then everything will stagnate. Is that your intended goal? Allow other nations to join neutral pb if you want content and pb or limit neutral pb for 1st week to 1 per nation.
  2. If there is a wipe, we should limit pb to one per nation for 1st 2 weeks or so to give all a fair chance
  3. I understand the idea behind the DLC, namely for players who do not wish to haul mats or craft, but I believe we have enough DLC ships and at 45$ a ship I do not want to remortgage the house to get access to ships. Also, DLC ships are not fair for other players who sail crafted ships. Unlike my crafted ship, DLC ships cannot be capped. I only have the option to sink whereas with a crafted ship I can cap and use it. Unlike WoW, Naval Action is not a free to join game. I paid for the game and if all the good ships are moved to DLC it beckons the questions, what did I pay for? ATM the Endy is one of the better ships out there and making it DLC will just further move towards a P2W system.
  4. The rare wood allowed to specialise ships. For hunting you would go towards speed and for pb towards live oak and white oak. Oak or fir ships will not be able to compete with rare wood ships be it in terms of tankiness or speed. Restricting the access to the rare woods is detrimental to the game. There is no fun in crafting anymore. I am sitting on quite a few permits which I do not use since I do not have all the rare woods. I still have plenty of ships left but after wipe this will be a major issue and I am debating whether I will continue playing or not. USA use fir and oak ships and they do not last against rare wood ships or either cannot catch them. If one clan or nation controls this, this will lead to frustration and players quitting. Players will look to join that nation and it will lead to a severe imbalance on the server. I do not want to have to cap lgv all day to be able to craft a ship or otherwise sail around hoping for bottles. Also, if this server is to be hardcore, what is the point to give one side a marked advantage over the other. The fun is when you fight equal opponent.
  5. @admin In my opinion, the CM requirements for the ships is still too high. Top level pvp'er are earning 30-40 CM per day. So, you would require 10 days to get 1 ship... You must hope that you do not lose that ship and that is what most will do. Content will suffer. BTW what is the rational to set the bar so high? Also, will we able to cap the DLC ships bought with CM? This change does not address the wood issue. Is there an upcoming fix for that? I want the flexibility to craft ships of different woods not just have oak and fir. Also I want to pvp and not spend all my time looking for that elusive port where I will then need 50k doubloons to get 5k logs and then have to sail these all the way to my shipyard. Lastly, many will do the pve missions to get the permits or CM. The current buff for AI ships is absurd. Playing with a friend who got back in the game. AI 3rd rate shot the entire side and half of structure of a live oak white oak Victory when going side by side. I am using a lo wo Santi with floating battery (max hp) and max reload and I get all shot up against three 3rd rate ships. The AI zoom past you, run away, spin in circles not to mention that they have an insane reload speed. I turn 30 degrees and they spin around. I even had some fire at 90 degrees to standard cannon angle. This is highly unrealistic. I believe many new players will quickly give up and we will be back to where we where pre-wipe. If that is the case, what is the point of the wipe and forcing us to regrind all our xp and restart all over. My friend is giving up on game as there is little content during USA times for pvp and the ai grinding is just insane. I am not far behind BTW.
  6. Hi Texas, yes I do, I think us and our alts made up half the server lol
  7. I simply use my alts to spy on other nations. Would this still be acceptable if I refrain from econ?
  8. You can only get teak at Bridgetown now. 350 plus a log (pre-wipe)
  9. At the moment, it is evident that the devs changed the game to force players to buy the dlc by making all good woods very rare, makings permits tedious to obtain, introducing RNG for the ships I want to sail and making ai very tough so you loose ships. When ai 2nd rates can out dps a full maxed (hp and reload) 1st rate something is very wrong. ATM the current level of ai is absurd and I can only imagine what it would be for a new player or how gaining xp will be after the wipe. Most player will not have ships unless they purchase the dlc. Less players = less content. I do not wish to sail an oak or fir ship and do not want to contend with players that have the rare woods because they bought the dlc. Although I like the added content of dlc players i will not play along or be forced into purchasing dlcs for a game I already paid for. I have never posted a negative steam review but shall be more happy to do so. I used to enjoy this game but ATM my level of frustration with this game and the direction in which it is heading has reached a summit. I have a job and do not wish for a game to become one. There is a total disregard for the part time or casual player ATM. Devs should listen to players and reading from the comments on the forums atm players are very displeased. Steam reviews also confirm this. @admin you should read and pay attention to the player reviews.
  10. Alts are great to make quick $. See point 9 of my previous post. Alts are also great to intercept players as they are about to enter port and for many other things I think hauling could be made into a content aspect and this could be a fun aspect. In any event, even with the DLC you will need to haul to make $ to buy cannons etc.
  11. I welcome any idea that will make rare woods more available. Although I like the suggestion it will not provide more content and this will be exploited by alts such as the current rare wood producing ports now are exploited by alts. We need to remove the rare woods from a specific location and provide a central location for all. This way there is no exploitation by alts, all have access albeit with some risk and it provides content.
  12. I recently returned to the game after 1.5 years away. Here is what I found: 1. Although I understand the frustration with DLC ships the reality is they add content to the game which is quite welcome. I left the game because I would get fed up of sailing around KPR or Ctown and not finding any targets. Now players come out with DLC ships and redeemable and this gives content. I have fun hunting at KPR or CTown now. Players are not scared to lose the DLC and there is not the usual frustration associated with losing the ship. No threats or comments about giving up the game. This is good for the game and player base. 2. I do not understand where the devs want to go with crafting. By making permits and rare woods elusive and hard to obtain players will not risk their crafted ships and this will reduce content and player base. Recommendations: 1. Reduce the permits costs as it is way too high. I can hunt for an evening and get 5-10 CM yet it takes 25 CM for a trinc. This makes no sense. Raise the bar for permits for 3rd rate and up but do not require CM or permits for 4th rates and lower. If 4th rate and lower do not require permits then there is no need for multi dura ships. 2. Make all woods available and at more than one location. It is unfair that a DLC ship can be made of rare woods yet it will be out of reach for 95% or more of players in game. This will only cause frustration and players to leave the game. The last thing we need is one large clan that controls teak, white oak or live oak with out of reach timers. I know I would stop playing if such is the case. Also allowing all crafting to take place at the rare wood port will reduce content since it removes the possibility for hunters to cap rare wood carrying ships. Rare woods should require transport to the crafting port to allow all players a chance to capture a trader carrying them. 3. Make the rare wood available in a neutral port that requires the player to sail there to get it. This port should be placed in an area that requires a bit but not too much sailing but most importantly such port should be in an area that is populated by multiple nations (ie. Bahamas etc.). This will provide a hot zone for hunting as players will sail there to get the wood. Make the wood available to all that go there but limit quantities to like 1000 logs per trip so it will require multiple trips. The price for rare woods would require a mix of doubloons and CM but make this very reasonable not the current 50 000 doubloons for 5k logs (more ships = more content). The rare wood would be a redeemable note for 1k wood that would weight 1k. This removes the possibility of leaving some in warehouse at the rare wood neutral port and using a tlynx to escape capture. Clans would have to work together to form supply missions and sail to these ports with escorts. 4. Remove ship rng bonuses when crafting. Add a note that would ship rank specific to give a particular ship bonuses (see the list above provided by Pit ie. very fast, fast, sturdy etc.). Also add the ai bonuses as well but limit the notes to 1 per ship to avoid stacking. This note can be obtained by RNG when looting ai or players a bit like doubloons. This note can then be used when redeeming a ship (Pandora), DLC or when crafting. 5. Remove the necessity for doubloons for crafting ships. Harder ships generations equates to less ships on the OW and less content. Allow doubloons to be used to purchase perks, rare woods or ships notes as above in 4. 6. Implement a ship market that can be viewed server wide. This list can show all ships available in freeports for sale. This way crafters would find a market for their ships and crafting would be encouraged. Also implement an order form for a ship specifying ship type, wood etc. and provide a mecanism to consign the permit and RNG note. This would be available to all crafters who can build a ship to that specification. This will encourage crafters and reduce the frustration with DLC. This list should be anonymous and also ship delivery should be automated (ie. player who placed order gets the ship at the freeport where he placed the order). 7. Bring back all ships into game such as Santi, renommée, endymion etc. 8. Fix the unbalanced ai ship. Ai grinding is a chore for vets yet many new players need it to make $ and get mods etc. The current level of skill of the ai is not only absurd and frustrating but may cause new players to quit and let's face it, most veteran players hate the ai grinding. 9. Remove the ability for trader lynx or basic cutters to do passenger delivery missions. This is leading to rampant inflation. Also the current system is flawed. I have 4 alts. I can pull the 3 passenger delivery missions with my 1st alt and place them in the hull of my tlynx. I then trade the ship to each of my alts in succession while pulling the missions for each. At the end, I have a tlynx with 12 missions with added weight of 12 and can make almost 500 000 reals with virtually no risk. My tlynx sails at 15.5 and cannot be caught by most ships. Also, it is not worthwhile to hunt tlynx since it pays very few CM. 10. Add a rng when looting ai or players for a DLC ship note. This will be rare but may alleviate some of the frustration with DLC.
  13. If you want Reals, do passenger deliveries. The rewards are much better for a fraction of the risk and effort. Even cargo deliveries pay better with less effort. Just do them in the gulf where it is quieter. I think you would do the grind of the ai for slots or for the mission chests. I grind to get the mods for pvp so for me the grind is a means to an end and looking to do the max in least time to get the chests. Lastly, it is one thing to grind on the PVE server but try same thing on PVP with possibility of having an enemy join the battle or limping to port after with missing armor etc.
  14. I take the hunt and search and destroy missions to get the chests from these missions as well as the CM to craft my ships. I tend to do missions with 3rd rate and up. I will either sink or capture the ai. I do some missions with 4th rate and lower. It seems the problems are mostly with 3rd rate and up. I used to take 5-6 3rd rates with my one 1st rate but that is not feasible atm. Here are my comments and suggestions for each: Sinking: The ai is way to accurate and will single shot you with laser accuracy. Reduce the range and accuracy of the ai. Also, have the ai fire broadsides instead of single shots. Reduce the speed of the ai. Now the ai ships can easily catch you since they are going at absurd speeds. This makes any attempt at pulling away to repair futile. Ai should be affected by crew loss and sail damage. The rate of fire does not seem to be affected by crew loss nor does the ai speed change if you shoot sails. The ai can also fire at extreme angles which is physically not possible unless the cannons would be positioned on turrets. Remove the ai tendency to go for fort as they always get beached and this is no fun. Boarding: Reduce ai speed, sail force, acceleration, turning. I can capture an ai ship if I can board it. Problem is the ai ships accelerates with infinite acceleration, at incredible speeds. The problem is most pronounced when you try to turn the ai into the wind to board it. It is next to impossible unless you literally crash into the ai ship. I had an ai bellona push my lo wo ocean while sailing backwards to get out of irons. Also, for some strange reason, the G key often does not work for boarding. The other problem that needs to be addressed is crew loss. I tend to lose between 100-200 crew in 2-3 minutes it takes to prep boarding and catch the ai as it sails into irons. This is from the ai 1st or 2nd rate firing the top decks with single shot as often I would position myself to board immediately when the battle starts. I would notice that each shot would take between 5 and 10 crew. Combine this with the fact that you cannot push the ai into the wind or if you do, and do not board quickly, it will simply push you back as it sails backwards disregarding physics. Fleets: Add more single and 2-3 ai fleets in game, for 1st and 2nd rates 1-2 ship fleets would be great. 5, 7, 10 and 12 ai fleets are seldom attacked as if you get that sort of group together, might as well do and epic event which rewards you right after it. I find myself and many other players for that matter, simply wait at docks for a right sized fleet while doing other tasks. This gets mundane rather quickly. Overall: I find that with the current damage model removes lots of fun in the game. I can handle 1v1 no problem and the issues is much more with 3rd rate and up ai. I would like to take on 2-3 1st rates with my 1st rate but this is simply impossible. Basically, you are left to farm lower rank ai with a 1st rate. The rate of damage combined with the damage model, ai speed etc. makes it suicidal to take on 2-3 equal rate ships. Also on pvp server an enemy can join your battle. With current ai speed, the enemy simply lets the ai wear you down and has an easy kill. The current ai speed makes it difficult if not impossible to escape the ai to focus on the player that joined. Also, you exit quite damaged from the battle and are easy pickings. Reducing ai speed would even the odds.
  15. The current situation is now absurd in terms of ai buffs. I had a bellona that was pushing my lo wo santi while stuck in irons and backing up. Next week we will be grinding ai cutters with our 1st rates! I am questionning more and more where they want to go with this game. Why wipe all our assets xp etc. to lure new players when most will quit shortly after starting due to difficulty.
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