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  1. I’d still stick with T-Lynxes for leveling a crafting account because there are none AI in the open world and there is a constant demand for them. Haven’t looked into the details yet, maybe tonight. I’m a big fan of number crunching, good job Coco!
  2. Can we have a ranking for traders like for PvP @admin?
  3. A warm welcome to our new neighbours after release! Will we have house warming parties in Hat Island, Ft. Baai, Road Town? Where shall we bring the Beer to?
  4. So, in Solo patrol you receive combat medals even if you loose? That was news tome. Thx, Jodgi!
  5. Loorkon, of course they will. Consider everything gone with release if not earlier. If something is still there after release, pleasant surprise!
  6. i completely agree. It was too easy and quick to make large amounts of money. Glad that that seems to be reduced
  7. Inflation is caused by many, many players having too much money. Simple as that, seen several times happen here.
  8. Making money too easily available only results in hyper-inflation. We had this several times already while in early access. The taxes go to the owners of the port, so they are taken out of the game only in not capturable ports. The owning clan can set the tax level between 0 and 10% as to their liking. Just choose other ports then. Trading is possible under the new system and it yields reasonable profit to risk ratios. Just being a billionaire in a week thankfully isn’t possible anymore.
  9. Never was I ever dragged into PvP battle while on my way to PvE. Do you really think that is risky?
  10. You’re right in that. When we had the basic cutter challenge to take down LGV with BC, I took a T-Lynx. Worked beautifully, took a bit longer than in BC, though.Thing is, as soon as there is decent money to earn with T-Lynxes there will be sufficient numbers in OW. Comes prey, comes hunter. I wasn’t able to catch you in your T-Lynx the other day, though. Bad tag.
  11. Join HRE! We’ll take care of your needs. We’re doing so for quite a bunch of players you’re welcome any time!
  12. If what @admin states is correct, namely that for every 800 sunken AI vessels there is 1 player at the bottom of the sea I seriously doubt that the risk for PvE is 6. Special heroes like @Palatinose exempted. I guess the risk in delivery missions is not much less than in taking PvE missions. And you CAN catch and sink a T-Lynx in OW. Even I managed several times.
  13. Zu b) die Clanmissionen sind den Clans auf der Friends-Liste des Clans, der den Port hält, zugänglich. Wenn dein Clan auf der Liste steht, ist keine weitere Aktion erforderlich als, hinfahren, Doubloons abliefern, warten bis das Holz gefällt ist (ich schätze mal nach der nächsten maintenance), Holz abtransportieren. c) erledigt sich damit d) was meinst du mit „endgültig“? Kleinere Änderungen wird es wahrscheinlich noch länger geben, aber der Grundsatz des tradings ist jetzt klar: cheap goods: bescheidener Gewinn auf kurzen wie auf langen strecken expensive goods: großer Gewinn auf langen Strecken, Verlust auf kurzen Strecken. Du hast die Wahl. Rare Woods sind jeweils so viel, dass es ne ziemliche Zeit selbst für eigenen sehr großen und aktiven Clan dauern wird das abzubauen. Zwischen 5Mio und 15Mio Doubloons müssen dafür bereit gestellt werden. Die Idee ist wohl, dass es sich lohnt, um diese Ports dann zu kämpfen. Bin gespannt, wie sich das entwickelt. Da diese Grundsätze jetzt klar sind und zumindest auf mich auch final wirken, steht einer intensiven Erforschung des Handels nix entgegen, denke ich.
  14. This is a nice summary of the idea behind the trading in game. Thx!
  15. might be prudent to have a complete wipe some time before release to have a test of the game’s dynamics without all players having everything.
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