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  1. Ach, so wie es ist, „Segel setzen!“ ist doch schon klasse!
  2. Bumse, ich finde es klasse, wie du dich reinhängst! :)) im allerersten Bild bei der Wahl der Server ist was missverständlich: schreib doch: Nur Linienschiffe von Spielern können gekapert werden, dann ist das eindeutig. wenn die offizielle Übersetzung mit dem nächsten Patch schon kommt, dann bist auf jeden Fall du derjenige, der am genauesten und fundiertesten Kritik üben kann.
  3. Suppenkelle

    Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction at the Margins

    Thanks for the effort to actually put together a long and elaborate (first?) post. Some comments from my side: #1 I am reading in the forums for more than three years now. There is one thing which you seem to fundamentally misunderstand: This game is not developed to please customers in any way. The Devs purely and decidedly develop the game THEY want to play. While they listen to customers opinions, they are only prepared to take over ideas that help the game forward in the direction THEY want. Or at least doesn’t hinder the development in their preferred direction. Nothing we could write as customers would fundamentally change the course of the game. You simply have to accept that or leave. Personally I came to like it very much. The Dev’s attitude might seem a bit harsh sometimes, however, they show a level of dedication only found in someone truly interested in what they are doing. #2 I actually like the idea of making purple and golden ships prohibitively expensive but not rng anymore. Like doubling doubloons, labour hours, and xp needed to make a ship “fast”, doubling again for “very fast” and doubling again and again for 4 and 5 slots. It could be tied to additional crafting levels and xp. Something like: you need to be a very experienced yard manager (additional xp needed), need highly trained and expensive workers (additional doubloons), and need more time (additional labour hours) to craft a truly exceptional vessel. But please understand, it is in no way any priority for the Devs. # 3 The chart is a joke, I completely agree. Looks like a map in a fantasy game. Or these things you get handed out for free in a tourist office. Gruesome. Navigation is (will be in a short time) gone from the game, triangulation won’t work anymore when the trader tool is gone, so, it will either be magic GPS or navigating along the shore like the old Greeks. Very sad. But again, this is no priority, better learn to live with it. #4,5,6 I can’t see these being a priority for development in the next months. Better take as given and learn to avoid the situations. #7 not sure you are completely aware of the RoE in open world battles. But this has probably been answered already, as it took a while to write this.
  4. Suppenkelle

    Short story Age of Sail

    Not 100% Naval Action but pretty close related. i like it!
  5. I have the strong feeling that the Devs know exactly what game they want to have in the end, however, they seem to be slightly volatile in their means to get there. There had obviously been quite some unexpected results after changing seemingly minor things. And I loathe the style of the map. That is by no means a naval map. It is a tourist’s map, handed out for free at the next office. Will have to await the sextant perk. If that turns out to be some kind of in game GPS instead of a proper navigational aid, maybe that will seal the coffin. But I dearly love the combat system!
  6. I guess this is partly due to psychological reasons. When pvp marks were changed 1:1 to doubloons everybody expected them to be some rare and valuable stuff. That feeling takes a while to wear away.
  7. The usual loot from traders was 4 danish salted porks, 3 danish pickled herrings and 5 Dutch peanut butter. It was a nice meal for my men but nothing more. So, you say this has improved on average?
  8. Suppenkelle

    Better Ships for All!

    The light ship event is purely 7th rate since a few weeks. No troll queens anymore in these stats. I like that!
  9. Maybe there is a misunderstanding. Most of the people here are for sure able to find their destination without problems. The trader tool is not needed to find a port at all. Finding your destination works just as you (and admin and...) stated. No Problem, thank you very much. However, the trader tool is needed to navigate out of sight of land, to alter courses without the additional orientation that landmarks can provide and to find your destination at the other end of the map without sightings of land beforehand. Some people actually like this kind of getting around the map. Yours truly, for example. I'd actually be a bit disappointed if this feature would go with the trader tool without any additional in-game tool for navigation. It would kill a bit of the thrill if after three or more alterations in course without any sight of land, after two storms and rainy gales, and after two or three real live hours of sailing, you hit your port of destination directly on the head. Trader tool actually helps in finding bottles wrecks out at sea in stormy conditions as well...
  10. Well, not quite. Admin stated that he doesn't understand how trader tool is related to navigation. I explained. I understand that there is no emphasis from dev's side on providing navigational tools helping the immersion. Navigating like the old Greeks by setting a straight course between two landmarks is enough for them. I just would have loved to be able to sail from Brest to Santiago de Chile (or from Puerto de Espana to Penzacola in the game) without the use of any landmark. Like they did in that time.
  11. This has been topic several times already. Using the trader tool you can make rough cross bearings to ports. You sort the ports by distance, let's say Bani is 86k and Sale Trou is 95k away. Inconsequence there are only two places on the map where you actually can be. With a third bearing it narrows down to one place. This helps in navigating out of sight of landmarks. Quite important for a lot of traders. Afaik the trader tool is the only in-game tool to enable such navigation.
  12. Suppenkelle

    War server player stats.

    PPPPS: Also don’t forget Albatros! With 80+ years possibly the oldest player on the server and still in the top 30 PvE players! Chapeau!
  13. Thanks for restricting the light ship event to 7th rates. Really appreciate that! Cheers
  14. Suppenkelle

    Sealed bottles

    Had two bottles now with a weight of 1135 and 1000, one of them purely with trading goods, the other one with 5 royal college graduates, half starved.