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  1. Was proposed several times already. Sadly not gonna happen.
  2. You can open the hold of your fleet ship and destroy enough cargo to get it going again. This is no bug. click „f“ and swipe to right to find your fleet ship. Open hold by clicking on it.
  3. Doesn't work for me since last patch. Anybody else or is it just me?
  4. your example shows that you did not understand the new karma mechanic. Please read the initial post by admin and the following explanation before you complain. The mechanic in your example would indeed be garbage. But this is NOT the mechanic announced by admin.
  5. There is no need to defend against Swedish gankers. Sweden is a peaceful nation.
  6. Ist aber nur für Händler brauchbar. Schiffe in deiner Flotte verhalten sich im battle irgendwas zwischen selten dämlich und total bescheuert, sind also nicht wirklich eine Verstärkung. Zusätzlich müssen sie auch noch alle bemannt werden und du musst schon Admiral sein, um 4 Indiamen einigermaßen voll mit Crew zu bekommen (4x380=1.520).
  7. Are you German? Because you didn‘t get the joke?
  8. No, checked that first, mouse is ok, software up to date. But it clearly can‘t be a problem on your side, so, my problem. Thanks for your support.
  9. He will get resurrected over and over... ;))
  10. tried chrome, just the same. So it must be my mouse, I guess?
  11. Ah, come on, that is basically a 1vs1. That‘s no gank.
  12. redii, I remember Capstan just as well, he surely was a loss. I remember him even better than Seeferkel and my aim is to fire a broadside for him just as one for Seeferkel during the event. Maybe it would be nice to have some kind of ceremony established for the players who died during the time of the game. There was a third one only recently, however, I am not sure about his name. But I would really like to emphasize that having a ceremony fore one player in no way diminishes the memory of the others. Additionally, not having had a ceremony for Capstan is no reason for not hav
  13. Where I was raised it is considered exceptionally bad manners to criticise a gift. Don’t know about your background... I use and loose Trincos on a regular basis in PvP. This DLC is the perfect supplement for the new PZ near La Tortue. Thanks admin.
  14. Why don't you employ a proper quartermaster for your fleet to keep the books neat and tidy? I was told in Nassau there are frequently quartermasters looking for employment being found in the tavern next to the old yard.
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