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  1. You are free to remove your „like“ under every posting any time you want to. If the likes admin got for his praise of the Trinco aren‘t removed yet it is probably because people don’t want them removed, I guess.
  2. I recently took a look at the PvE Server. You would probably like the look of their map. 🙂
  3. Da ich redii persönlich kenne, darf und kann ich hiermit feierlichst bescheinigen, dass er alles ist, aber nicht arrogant.
  4. We have windboosts to make long haulings easier to endure. This is a good feature for traders as it considerably reduces the times for the passage. This in turn leads to traders taking longer passages for more profitable trading routes and this again leads to more traders at sea. More prey for hunters.
  5. These are already a lot of useful hints. I'd like to add: Start every PvE battle with chaining down your enemies. In case a Loki joins it is easier to run. It is a proven tactic as a Loki to keep a low profile until you are able to chain the player down as a a nice surprise.
  6. I suppose the guy from HRE was not amused about this?
  7. Additional tax on ports Like many others I think the number of nations is less a problem than so many of the players being part of only one nation. Most players won't like it, actually, but taxes are a proven possibility to steer people's behaviour. So, I propose an additional tax on ports. Tax to be paid by every player in reals Tax is progressive: the more ports a nation owns, the higher the tax per port. Tax is only due on days the player logs in. (So, you don't get broke during vacation.) Just an example with arbitrary numbers: Nation owning 0 ports: no tax for players of that nation Nation owning 1 - 5 ports: 1 real/port and day for each player of that nation 5 - 10 ports: 2 reals 11-20 ports: 4 reals 21-40 ports: 8 reals 41-70 ports: 16 reals 71-110 ports: 32 reals 111-160 ports 64 reals These numbers would mean for Poland: tax oasis, China: 12 reals/day, GB: 80 reals/day, SE: 320 reals/day, and RU: 7.680 reals/day. (RU owning thrice the ports of the second placed nation) cons: players joining the zerg for easy game will probably hate it pros: We have a sink of reals as the tax is lost to players. Should dampen inflation in reals considerably Players get an incentive to join smaller nations. Only ports that matter to a nation will be attacked and defended (is that a pro or a con?). As a countermeasure you could reduce the fee for telportation.
  8. Go to proposal section and gather upvotes for this. 😁
  9. that's not really true in my opinion. Fine woods were removed again. There will come other things to mind, I'm sure.
  10. Keeping gusts visible After once discovered on the map gusts should remain visible on the map until the next maintenance.
  11. Levelling the T-Lynx is actually fun. More than half of it I did in PyP by hunting T-Brigs. Half of them weren’t even armed. The others were levelled by being caught trading.
  12. Tom, I know all that. But that was not the question that op had
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