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  1. Mo, DIE Kuris sind auf dem War Server und machen PvP. Alter geht ansonsten, wirken noch sehr jung, adere etwas abgeklärter... ;))) Ein feiner Haufen!
  2. Moin Schmiddie, Wo du dir das Spiel grad erst gekauft hast, es ist dir bewusst, dass der release zusammen mit einem totalen wipe unmittelbar bevorsteht? Er ist für diese Woche zwischen dem 10. und 14.6. angekündigt. nur dass du dich nicht wunderst, wenn über Nacht alles wieder weg ist.
  3. ...and that is why you have to learn manual sailing in NA. The collision was du to a failed tack.
  4. Maybe the gate is closed now? Admin wrote in patch notes: Fixed the invisible walls that stop players to sail to north or east to places without any chance to return  could be a collateral.
  5. Why should that solve anything? A bunch of afk ships is just as prone to being attacked in front of a port as on high sea. Not that there is anything to be solved, actually, as I cant see any rules violated. But while there is safety against a single attacker there also is a higher risk if they come with br high enough to kill them all.
  6. I‘d like my battle medium-rare, please! Thank you, sir.
  7. It works if the cargo is in the hold of your main ship, it doesn’t work if it is in the hold of a fleet ship. Then it has to be moved to the warehouse. What you describe, rediii, is a bug of the past that was fixed already.
  8. Als Alpha Spieler, der keine Zeit hat, sich mit Quatsch rumzuschlagen, bist du beim HRE wahrscheinlich ziemlich falsch. Quatsch ist ein wesentlicher Teil unseres Spielkonzeptes. Andere Mütter (Nationen) haben auch schöne Töchter (Clans).
  9. Eine der feinsten Truppen, die wir in Schweden haben. Nur die Revolverhelden sind noch ein wenig cooler, jedenfalls 50% von ihnen.
  10. Captain,

    In development of the shipyard bonuses we run across "Hull bonus level 4". This includes "Splinter resistance -0.1". As it happens this is the only negative bonus in all shipyard investments.

    So, we are wondering is this a misprint or is it intended?



  11. you have to got to a port which is capturable. Nor risk no gain. But! with the new port investments you better join a clan and put your shipyard into a port with heavy investment into shipbuilding. I have built 50 T-lynx in a reinforcement zone port and 50 in a port outside reinforcement zone. Inside I had 30 ships plain vanilla, 20 with extra (agile, fast etc.) none in 4/3 or 5/3. Outside I had 23 plain vanilla, 23 with extra, 3 ships in 4/3 and 2 in 5/3. I deemed that difference to be significant.
  12. Regarding port investment there are three things I don’t understand. A) Shipyard ist the most diverse investment as there are five different strands with four steps each to develop. However, you can’t develop one strand to the top and neglect the others. You can’t even choose to invest in crew or mast/rigging as a first step. It has to be gunnery or sailing. This prevents clans to set up highly specialized yards that would serve their needs. Why has the development to be such uniformly? Any port investment done can’t be removed or destroyed anymore. Why is that so? Ports develop needs change over time. I can’t see a reason for not being able to destroy investments. C) In port features one can copse the investments being open to clan only or to clan and friends. While I see that this regulates who can invest (I can’t drop doubloons in sport of a clan who has chosen clan only) I am not sure whether this choice holds for profiting from the investments also. If a clan after the shipyard is fully developed buy all clans on the friends list chooses to change the port feature to clan only are all others exempt from the boni then? Perhaps admin cares to explain?
  13. To be exact: ports within the former reinforcement zone have currently lesser chances at special ships even if they are capturable. As an example: for Sweden these ports are Philipsburg and Marigot. Afaik this has not been changed yet. Maybe with map wipe? @Ink
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