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  1. Yes and no. The change in trading led to a steep increase of income. This is good because more people are actually trading = more prey = more hunters in ow. But in the wake of the new trading mechanics everybody is rich now and we see prices in shops rising steeply too: Copper Plating was about 300k before and I have now seen it offered for 2mil, nearly 7fold. Prices are still increasing. Compared to that earning doubloons was left almost unchanged. Cargo missions even dropped by 20% (800 instead of 1000). So, in effect it is much easier now to earn reals than to earn doubloons. This probably is what feels broken on PvE server. It might be fixed on the PvE server, if deemed necessary, by adding a fixed rate of exchange in admirality store. (I remember you stating once that an exchange rate of 1:8 was the goal currently it is 1:450)
  2. Foreman brings 25% more LH per day, so, instead of 1000 at craft level 0 it is 1250 LH per day. But you still only have 1000 available if you miss a day. Overseer allows to keep 25% more LH stored. If you are at craft level 0 you get 1000 per day but it accumulates up to 1250 within 1.25 days. Or in other words: with foreman the LH flow in faster but you can't store more LH. With overseer your storage (wallet) for LH gets bigger but they don't come in quicker. Numbers are just examples to demonstrate how it works.
  3. Ein paar antworten: PvP und PvE Server sind völlig unabhängig voneinander. Du kannst unterschiedliche Nationen wählen. T-Brigs anderer Nationen erkennst du, indem du in der Open world auf sie klickst..Nation und Schiffstyp werden dann angezeigt. der teleport, der doubloons kostet, transportiert nur dich (und deine Kleidung) von outpost zu outpost. Pro Tag kannst du ein Schiff mit leerem Laderaum zu einem outpost schleppen lassen (tow request), das kostet dann reales Ne Lynx als erstes zu versenken ist nicht einfach, die Dinger sind so flach und wendig, das geht am Besten mit Einzelschuss und dann immer noch schlecht. Pickel sind deutlich leichter auszuquetschen ...
  4. I am happily visualising you wife in her latest stage of pregnancy knitting this banner for all the captains of Naval Action. I really like the design. 👍 Do you think you are able to persuade her to complete it as a sweater? I would like it in XL, please. The green background is terrific, but may I ask for some additional cannons on the sleeves? A very merry Xmas to your whole family and enjoy the very first one with the bigger family! BTW thanks for keeping up the dedication and determination for the game after release, really appreciate it!
  5. Barograph An upgrade that allows to save the locations of all gusts which were discovered in OW today even after if ship was in port. Is reset each day at maintenance. Ingredients 1 Royal Naval College graduate 5 seasoned Teak (for casing) 5 copper ingots (for mechanics) Clan Kurlaender
  6. Moin, ich arbeite mal ab: ich empfehle dir, nach vielleicht einer gewissen Eingewöhnung, das tutorial und die exams zu machen. Das bringt Übung, Beförderung, Geld, repairs und zwei Schiffe. Ein einfacher Weg zu reals ist das Trading. Das lohnt sich auch schon für kurze Strecken im Spiel. Kapere dir eine T-Brig oder LGV, das geht auch mit dem basic cutter. Oder kaufe eine T-Snow von der Admirality (ca 5k reals), die in viele Städten angeboten werden. Mit dem Trader Tool kannst du für die trading goods in deinem aktuellen Hafen herausfinden, wo du sie mit gutem Gewinn verkaufen kannst. Dabei kannst du schnell so viel Geld haben, dass du mit zwei T-Brigs fahren kannst und dann transportierst du immerhin schon 37 Lasten. Es gibt für das Segeln keine Abkürzung, die Welt ist groß, dein Schiff langsam, deine Mannschaft kämpft gegen den Skorbut. Das ist so. Sei froh, dass dir rissige Haut, Sonnenbrand und Läusebisse erspart bleiben. Allerdings gibt es seit kurzem Böen auf offener See zu finden, die, wenn du sie nutzt, dein Schiff zwischen 40% und 70% für einige Minuten beschleunigen. mit ein wenig Übung kannst du dich von Böe zu Böe hangeln und so die Reisezeit deutlich verkürzen. In Hauptstädten der einzelnen Nationen und in Shroud Cay gibt es Kill missions für 6th und 7th rate Schiffe. wenn du im basic cutter unterwegs bist, solltest du nur die nehmen oder in den shallows oder rund um deine Hauptstadt kleine Schiffe in der open world angreifen. Es gibt das tow request, damit kannst du dein Schiff von Hafen zu Hafen schicken, wenn du in beiden Häfen einen outpost hast. Der Laderaum muss dafür allerdings leer sein. Einmal pro Tag kannst du towen. Das tow request findest du bei Rechtsklick auf das Schiff in der Schiffsliste. Du persönlich kannst zum Preis einiger Dublonen von Hafen zu Hafen springen, kannst dabei aber nichts mitnehmen. Es gibt für fleets einen perk. Die perks findest du rechts oben in der Ecke im UI im Hafen. Ein Schiff in die fleet schicken zu können ist Standard, für weitere Schiffe musst du einen perk opfern. Weitere Fragen? gern!
  7. Just as the title says: I would like to propose that the privateer fleets around the capitals ignore small trading vessels as long as they are no threat to other players. That would give players the opportunity to do some high-risk/high-profit trade runs around foreign capitals and would give players around their own capital the chance to hunt traders from time to time. Enhancing low-level PvP by this
  8. Can we please have a global chat dedicated to advertising of goods by players? Was probably asked for a dozen times before... Is again nicely asked for, just now
  9. I remember that and I did not like the shouting but I could understand it in a way. When Doubloons were introduced they were exchanged at 1:1 with PvP marks which were very valuable before. Many of the players I knew had some 50 PvP marks after collecting for weeks. So, of course many were shocked at the prospect of paying 10 Doubloons per teleport. I considerably relaxed once you announced that you were aiming at an exchange rate of 1:8 with reals. It's just an idea but maybe giving this goal to the community right from the start could have helped to keep people calm.
  10. While I can follow your arguments to some extent I’m not happy with the attitude they were delivered. We already have lived through several changes of the game and I for one have seen the devs taking back decisions the community was not happy with after a time of testing. Anyone remembering fine woods? They‘re back, in a new cloak, though. What I personally can’t stand is the permanent prediction of the game‘s certain doom in combination with complaints that some players are more special than others, even before the people have played the new patches. To make it absolutely clear: I am so far not happy to see fine woods reintroduced through the back door as I don’t have fond memories of that time but I’m willing to give the idea some credit and see if I can cope. After almost four years of playing Naval Action I came to trust the devs in so far as they really care about the game. Their ideal game might look slightly different than mine, though.
  11. In Old Norwegian it runs like: Bjarkan er laufgrønstr líma; Loki bar flærða tíma. which translates to: Birch has the greenest leaves of any shrub; Loki was fortunate in his deceit. Loki Rune seems to counter the Ship Logbook.
  12. How far away are you when these ships disappear? Do the enemies seem to „freeze“ for a moment before disappearing?
  13. Mo, DIE Kuris sind auf dem War Server und machen PvP. Alter geht ansonsten, wirken noch sehr jung, adere etwas abgeklärter... ;))) Ein feiner Haufen!
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